Wesselton protest suspended

2011-02-17 11:30

Ermelo - The protest at the Mpumalanga township of Wesselton in Ermelo has been suspended, a "community leader" said on Thursday.

"We feel the message has been sent out, national leaders now know that there is a crisis in Ermelo," said Dumisani Mahaye.

A community meeting is scheduled for Monday where they expect to receive a report back from senior leaders of the ANC.

"We are waiting for their response and we will take another action on Monday depending on the response from the leaders."

He said the community was not happy about the state of service delivery in the area, unemployment and the manner in which candidates for the forthcoming municipal elections were selected.

"In ward five the community feels the screening process is not transparent because their preferred candidate is placed down on the list, automatically ruling him out of the race."

The situation was calm and police maintained a high visibility.

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  • William Baker - 2011-02-17 11:43

    how about choosing a community leader with an education. or maybe just maybe, the ANC isnt the right party to vote for after all.

  • Paul - 2011-02-17 11:45

    - Nothing left to burn and destroy, we done here.

  • Baboon - 2011-02-17 12:00

    I guess this plague will never understand that you get services by working for them. They will always believe that you get what you want by protesting.

      GBES - 2011-02-17 12:17

      Burning seems to work.The arrogant anc only respond when the walls are crumbling in.Tax money is for development,not big cars and massive salaries.

  • Danie - 2011-02-17 12:00

    The photos of police men shooting tend to always show white men with rifles aiming at running young people - are these photos deliberately taken to reinforce the belief that whites still rule and are the strikes arranged to create the opportunity to take these photos. Reminds you of the nineteen sixties and seventees - now 2011 - what is new? Are we seeing a revolution being fired up?

  • BigMoose - 2011-02-17 12:01

    Crisis? What crisis?

  • GBES - 2011-02-17 12:14

    The great national leaders has listened? Crap! They do not care.Words do not count for anything.These anc cats are arrogant,and do not care when valid advice are given.Please vote for these same idiots,if you want to live in sewage and poverty.Don`t these folks get it????Please my peeps,do not vote for these useless councillors again.Remember if you vote for their party,you vote for them.Stuff loyalty comrades,our kids deserve better.

  • Deon - 2011-02-17 13:37

    "We feel the message has been sent out, national leaders now know that there is a crisis in Ermelo," And ??? Do you really think they care about your issues ?

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