Western Cape maths, literacy levels up

2013-01-14 14:27

Cape Town - The Western Cape saw an improvement in its Grade 3, 6 and 9 maths and literacy results in independent testing, the provincial education department said on Monday.

Education MEC Donald Grant said over 250 000 pupils were tested in October last year for their comprehension and understanding of key concepts.

The results were compared with those from 2011, based on a pass requirement of 50%.

He said Grade 3 language had the most notable outcome with a jump in the pass rate from 30.4% in 2011 to 38.9% in 2012.

Grade 6 language results increased from 31.5% to 36.9%, while the pass rate for Grade 9 increased from 44.2% to 48.2%.

For mathematics, the pass rate in Grade 3 increased from 46.6% to 51.5%. Grade 6 pupils had a pass rate of 26.4% for 2012, up from 23.4%.

A total of 13.9% of Grade 9 maths pupils passed the diagnostic test, compared to 10.9% in 2011.

Grant said the increase indicated progress but that a lot still needed to be done.

"We were aware in 2009 that our strategy to improve literacy and numeracy would take time. We in fact stated that it would take 10 years before we would be satisfied with the levels of outcomes in these areas."

Department head Penny Vinjevold said the tests had to be credible in the public eye and had, therefore, been independently administered, tested and marked by external service providers.

She said schools and district staff would analyse the results in the coming weeks, to adapt and improve their learning strategy.

Grant said the key was to improve support to the necessary schools through training and resources.

  • Flippncool - 2013-01-14 14:51

    Maths and literacy will be "up" when the standards have been lowered.

      Flippncool - 2013-01-14 15:34

      WC is tops, but still doesn't change the fact that the ANC has dropped the standard of education to increase pass rates.

      WarrenStylin - 2013-01-15 09:11

      Flip - If you read the article carefully before making a judgement, you would then have noticed "independent testing". This means that the testing done is done outside of the education system.

  • xanavin.vonbuchenroder - 2013-01-14 15:14

    But off coz. That's what happens in a DA runned province.

  • Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2013-01-14 15:27

    How does this data correlate with the ANA's?

      Erna - 2013-01-14 16:28

      I think these are them.

  • phehellos - 2013-01-14 16:12

    find it hard to understand why we are lowering the standards of education, when we are looking to be a first world country.

      alan.jerrold - 2013-01-14 16:46

      Phehellos - the answer is simple. The ANC has horribly botched up the education of Black kids over the last 19 years. They desperately want to look good to the voters. So they simply drop the pass marks. It's absolutely pathetic. The ANC puts politics before the education of its people. The simple result: millions who are basically unemployable because they cannot read, write or do sums properly. And the voters actually BELIEVE the ANC's garbage??? Angie Motshekga needs to be fired forthwith and competent people put in charge of Black education. Maybe Prof Jonathan Jansen would be a good start....

  • Erna - 2013-01-14 16:27

    While there is an improvement these numbers are still very low particularly in maths. And unfortunately they generally get lower in the higher grades.

  • jeremy.forbes.1293 - 2013-01-15 01:47

    These scores would be regarded as completely and absolutely horrendous internationally, in SA sadly we have become accustomed to celebrating mediocrity. In the long run these children will be unemployable within a global economy.

  • neiljvv - 2013-01-15 07:33

    Well done Western Cape. ANC please take note you can learn a thing or two :)

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