Western Cape roads claim 16 lives

2012-12-09 10:22

Cape Town - At least 16 people have died on Western Cape roads in the past four days, it was reported on Sunday.

The Weekend Argus reported that two people died and 24 were injured when a Toyota Venture overturned on the N1 near Laingsburg on Saturday morning.

"A truck driver stopped to help, but a minibus taxi hit the truck," provincial traffic chief Kenny Africa said.

On Friday night, two people died and two were injured when a Chevrolet Spark veered off the West Coast road.

A few hours before that, a man and woman died in an accident on Sir Lowry's Pass near Grabouw.

According to the report, a truck driver from Namibia died when he lost control of his vehicle, and a motorcyclist died near Gordon's Bay when he drove into a wall. Two pedestrians died at De Doorns and near Somerset West.

On Thursday, six people died in a crash near Laingsburg.

  • siphiwo.maurice - 2012-12-09 10:33

    That is sad and hoping the authorities concerned, will look at this and do something. If all is due to neglegence and or abuse of alcohol, then the law, must get firm. To those who have passed on, may their families, find comfort in God and get a closure.

  • ozzie.oz1 - 2012-12-09 10:35

    The students in Langebaan on the West Coast are a bunch of hooligans.....please parents, check on your kids before the locals throw them out of Langebaan!

  • sthembiso.jali.50 - 2012-12-09 10:57

    Potholes in the next 60 km !

  • Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-12-09 10:59

    We are just a week into December and the fatalities are already piling up countrywide. I urge everybody to refrain from drinking and driving. It's one of the most irresponsible things that a person may do.

  • dragonfire47 - 2012-12-09 11:02

    "A truck driver stopped to help, but a minibus taxi hit the truck," provincial traffic chief Kenny Africa said. Are we surprised

  • mawandewonderman.mkuba - 2012-12-09 11:23

    Incompetent governance of the WC.

      dragonfire47 - 2012-12-09 11:44

      oh i see a taxi lunatic drivers behaviour on the roads is now the DA'S fault, you really are as thick as mud

      mc.segal.5 - 2012-12-09 11:47

      Wouldnt agree totally Mawande but if laws were strictly enforced at all times and people respected other people on the roads there wuld be less carnage. We need people to be afraid very afraid of traffic officers for the right reasons. Law enforce should mean ENFORCEment.

      gerald.parker.3956 - 2012-12-10 07:27

      mkuba thank you for admitting that you cannot "govern" your own toilet (WC)

  • jaap.kotze - 2012-12-09 11:45

    Silly season in full flight? Lots more to come!

  • danny.holando - 2012-12-09 12:31

    Should an individual who 'chooses' to drink over the limit be branded a murderer if they then drive on the roads and cause an accident in which an innocent victim is killed????

  • hartzenberg.karl - 2012-12-09 12:37

    That is sad the festive season didnt start yet and we got 16 people dead

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