Western Cape varsity in quota battle

2013-03-11 11:35

Cape Town - Former students of the University of Stellenbosch are to debate a contentious new policy next month on admissions to campus residences, it was reported on Monday.

The Cape Times reported that 104 people had submitted their signatures to the university in protest over the policy, saying it "amounts to quotas based on race and/or language".

The university had also received a submission in favour of the proposal from 112 members of convocation.

Those in favour said the early draft of the new policy and subsequent versions, were not only "constitutionally sound but also a positive step to widen access to a resource that has proven to increase academic performance".

According to the report, the 24-page draft recommended that in mixed residences, the racial breakdown should be "35% brown, 20% black, 40% white, 5% Indian".

It also gave a language breakdown as 45% Afrikaans, 40% English and 15% other.

A new version of the policy simply said five factors would be taken into account: citizen or international student, language preference, ethnicity, whether or not a student's parents had studied there, and economic circumstances.

The university's website said the meeting would take place on 11 April.

  • beveley.brown - 2013-03-11 11:41


      jesibelle.krugger - 2013-03-11 12:21

      ... QUOTAS ARE AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION OF SOUTH AFRICA..!!! Why is it even being debated - take the matter straight to the Constitutional Court. If the Constitutional Court does not want to acknowledge this verity (due the ANC's influence over the courts) then, IT IS TIME FOR WAR. ...

      Sean Rethum - 2013-03-11 19:37

      Can't wait to get out of this racist country. Oz here I come. My kids can become whatever they want even if they are white!!! Eiiiiiiissssh!

  • Brian Du Reuck - 2013-03-11 11:44

    is a afrikaans university ... if you want to study in English - go to UCT ....

      PointBlank - 2013-03-11 11:50

      And we still have muppets in this country who think we still exclusive and that there should be breakdowns of groups..

      Matthew - 2013-03-11 14:38

      ^^ Lmao

      Mark Wilkinson - 2013-03-11 14:38

      You can't simply "go to UCT".. It is much easier to get into Stellenbosch than it is to get into UCT.

      tsepo.mdlalose - 2013-03-11 14:51

      @Tums Down. Nice trolling. Where is the tums up account?

      Nicholas Wayne - 2013-03-11 17:28

      Stellenbosch has a ridiculously good system of integrating languages and supporting those who are not fluent in Afrikaans or English. The medical school (Tygerberg)teaches mostly in English though, probably due to a strict quota we have to endure. Not all that bad, many of the people from disadvantaged backgrounds are supported by brilliant Extended Degree Programs which bring them on par to the rest of us who received good educations.

      Marnus Lamprecht - 2013-03-11 21:46

      Nicholas Wayne wait till you get a bit further than 2nd year Resp and Cardio...the day you finish lectures after 4,5 years scan through your class and see how many of the EDP people that is in class with you now, start their SI years with you. Then you might have a realistic opinion about the "brilliant Extended Degree Programs".

      Oom Kosie - 2013-07-25 18:50

      Mr Pointblank why do you suggest are non Afrikaans speaking peopleare so desperate to enroll at a traditional Afrikaans university? Take note I did not bring race into it. Then please tell my why is it needed that non white post 1994 students, from top public and private schools need to be given a "break" to get into hostels instead of simply competing on merit, is it perhaps an acknowledgement of something? Why is it that English students from KZN prefer not to enroll at now "black" UKZN, are they fleeing from the "swart gevaar" and rather prefer to mix with white Afrikaans students. If you can answer my questions I would be delighted!

  • dave.leverton - 2013-03-11 11:47

    Social engineering - just how is this any different to apartheid ? Does forced integration make any more sense than forced segregation ?

  • Sheilan - 2013-03-11 11:51

    Hmm. Fair-enough.

      Jimmy Don - 2013-03-11 15:49

      Hmm, how did you come to that conclusion?

  • Rouen Heiberg - 2013-03-11 11:53

    There are dozens of universities in SA, the majority are English. Stellenbosch is Afrikaans, if you want to have class in another language go somewhere else. Most of the residences have rich history with proud traditions, if you don't like it go live somewhere else.

      Rouen Heiberg - 2013-03-11 13:58

      There are 23 universities in South Africa. If 1 is Afr that is 4%. Around 14% of people in SA are native Afr speakers. In actual fact we have the RIGHT to claim Tukkies and Kovsies as well if you use you argument that demographic should be reflected.

      wendy.webb.980 - 2013-03-11 15:10

      About 53% of the Western Cape population has Afrikaans as first language.

      Nico Bester - 2013-03-11 22:32

      @Gifted&black: As for you being black I dont care about. As for you being gifted, your comment disputes the fact...

      Enoch Zantsi - 2013-03-12 01:32

      @Nico Bester, a disputed FACT remains just that buddy, a FACT!

  • werner.luitingh - 2013-03-11 11:54

    merrit should be the only factor...

      Enoch Zantsi - 2013-03-12 01:51

      Werner, merit is there, when a child overcomes obstacles such as these and enters Stellenbosch or UCT: poor education quality, lack of parental support through the schooling years, inadequate nutrition (huge factor in mental development at younger ages), no culture of encouraging high performance nor any role models to look up to, criminal elements like gangsters and lack of confidence resulting from an uncertain direction or lack of guidance. I know what it means to be the best in these conditions over the years, only to find there's a world of difference in preparation between the haves and have nots, resulting in markingly different levels of performance even between students of comparable acumen. We must not tacitly deny the role years of discriminatory education during Apartheid continues to play in performance differentials. This is a simplistic way of thinking, that whites need to discard to help the country move forward. We need to all acknowledge that the playing field was aggressively distorted in the past, that the government is trying to level it but is currently failing spectacularly and thus it remains skewed in an ugly way, and that the ways we use to try and address this may not be the most effective. The latter statement is self evident. The challenge then, is for ALL of us, white and black, to think of better ways to tackle issues of redress in education. This will create a positive outcome for everyone involved: talented white kids will no longer worry...

      Enoch Zantsi - 2013-03-12 01:55

      ...about being overlooked in favour of black kids in the name of representativity, and talented black kids will in future not need to have their scores adjusted due to the poor quality education they were subjected to, and being undermined by people who deny the role Apartheid played in creating the mess that is SA education.

  • koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2013-03-11 11:57

    At least they still have some hope down there. Up here there is pretty much no hope. Everything is either going down, turning into dirty cesspools or was stolen.

  • John Cryink - 2013-03-11 12:06

    This under apartheid was called racism but today under the cANCer thanks to mandella and his legacy AA, BEE, equity, now all of a sudden it is not racism sorry I dont buy it

  • Trokkie Datsun - 2013-03-11 12:12

    hahaha Western Cape varsity is going to get wrecked real soon just like tswane university. Here come's the strikes!

      Riaan Mostert - 2013-03-11 20:13

      Let them have cake. Look what happened to UJ (a one prestigeous university before social engineering started there).

  • Andre Kulu Cruywagen - 2013-03-11 12:15

    Tokola my friend they are the people that helped to tame this wonderful country you live in. If you don't like them, why do you want to go to their University.... the one they call Maties. By the way ...... no let us leave it there......

  • Alan Yates - 2013-03-11 12:27

    People gaining admission with reduced academic standards will soon forget their lesser results and then claim racism when they fail or when their racial group doesn't get passes equivalent to its percentage of the student body.

  • Amatambo - 2013-03-11 12:28

    @ Thoko Tikinca, I am still a proud Afrikaner who makes a point of NOT anglicising my mother-tongue, and at the same time I also do my best to maintain a good English vocabulary. For your information, Afrikaans is not limited to South Africa - it is spoken in all countries where South Africans have settled since this inept cANCer-mis-government took over and ruined the country. It might also be of interest to you that the University of Moscow also had a Afrikaans faculty (don't know whether it still exists) and many students learned the language there at the time. Afrikaans is also an academic and scientific language which is more than can be said for any of the Black languages - so perhaps you might take another look at it and stop your snide remarks...

  • darkangelBDF - 2013-03-11 12:36

    That's it. I will not let my daughter go there like she initially planned. Pity I can't send her overseas because I'm sure other universities will follow suit. I'm so sick of this crap. I bet her chances of getting into the university, nevermind the residence, is also essentially non-existent.

  • makhaza.magilindane - 2013-03-11 12:55

    These are issues that blade ndzimandi should be addressing we do not need afrikaans univesity.this give a certain race an advantage more than others,will it be ryt to have NNMU a Xhosa varsity,Tswane a sotho / twsan.

      makhaza.magilindane - 2013-03-11 13:26

      The reason for AA we are trying to equalize the equation the reason its not working private Co and WC adhere to the plan as for Bee give us another 20 years

      Rouen Heiberg - 2013-03-11 13:43

      You need to learn some spelling before you can go to university.

      stirrer.stirrer - 2013-03-11 14:04

      Rouen, give Makhaza a break. "Univesity" is a phonetic spelling for him.

      makhaza.magilindane - 2013-03-11 14:21

      The main thing is you did get my message even if I spelled university wrong.I wonder what was the main reason for them to build afrikaans university.

      makhaza.magilindane - 2013-03-11 15:19

      Only eleven sarah. And all our universities are in english why should we have only 1 afrikaans universit, majority of ppl in SA are amaZulu and amaXhosa and we don't have a Zulu or xhosa university and yet in WC we have less than 50% of afrikaans speaking ppl and we have a university

      Antonia Langley - 2013-03-11 15:35

      @johnny @rouen, you guys are seriously petty. Apartheid applied forms of AA to uplift the white man regradless of his education or skill so let's not act as if its some abstract tool. The reality is afrik is fast becoming a redundant language is not widely used in academic fields and so it should not bare for majority at any university its logical, not racist.

      Jimmy Don - 2013-03-11 15:55

      Dear Makhaza , do you talk stupid for a living?

      Dawid P Stoltz - 2013-03-11 16:01

      Zulu and Xhosa is not a scientific language, like all South african indigenous languages , you cant teach at university in those. Afrikaans and English of course is ...

      makhaza.magilindane - 2013-03-11 16:47

      Antonia Langley Well said boss if they don't understand they will never understand.

  • lemohang - 2013-03-11 12:59

    This proposal is just not solid . If you want the the university to look like SA they need to look at those ratio's again as SA does not look like that

  • John Cryink - 2013-03-11 13:08

    The disease called cANCer is just as racist as the aparheid system they struggled against. But they struggle more to govern

  • Pieter Du Toit - 2013-03-11 13:44

    "A new version of the policy simply said five factors would be taken into account: - citizen or international student, - language preference, - ethnicity, - whether or not a student's parents had studied there, and - economic circumstances." Why is skill and ability is no longer a relevant factor? Surely you cannot justifiably deny access to a student with great potential, whatever his/her tongue or creed, purely because he/she did not fit within the quotas regulated

      Sarah - 2013-03-11 15:08

      But in SA u can

      Riaan Mostert - 2013-03-11 20:18

      These bastards left out sexual orientation. I demand that 50% of the residents should be gay.

  • Rouen Heiberg - 2013-03-11 14:00

    There are 23 universities in South Africa. If 1 is Afr that is 4%. Around 14% of people in SA are native Afr speakers. In actual fact we have the RIGHT to claim Tukkies and Kovsies as well if you use you argument that demographic should be reflected.

  • Jabu Jarboo Makhoba - 2013-03-11 14:09


      koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2013-03-11 14:50

      Is the word “integrated” now the politically correct term for “discrimination based on skin color” and “duel standards based on race”? I always wondered why if there is an Afrkaans school the brothers are hell bent on making it “integrated” but Muslim schools for example are left alone. Why is it that some parents will drive past 5 black schools that teach in their own mother tong to drop off their kids at an Afrikaans school and then complain about the language policy and then demand a policy change? Why is that? Then of course when adequate numbers are achieved there are all sorts of “problems” that pop up not to mention strikes, violence, arson and the usual associated things. Why is that?

  • Johann Krige - 2013-03-11 14:59

    Stellenbosch is an Afrikaans University; if you want to receive classes in another language go to another university, simple as that. Afrikaans people don’t go to English speaking universities and then demand to be taught in Afrikaans. This should not even be open for debate. Case in point, the SA medical students in Cuba had to learn Spanish and is receiving tuition in Spanish, no English.... Why should it be any different with Stellenbosch? It is a constitutional right to have an Afrikaans Speaking university; oh I forgot Afrikaans speaking South Africans don’t have rights in the new SA only the uneducated, so called previously disadvantage morons have rights!!!

      wendy.webb.980 - 2013-03-11 15:18

      Makhaza, no-one is talking about Afrikaans only rule. We are talking about an Afrikaans medium university in a province where a liitle over half the population speaks Afrikaans as their home/first language.

      makhaza.magilindane - 2013-03-11 15:25

      By doing so you depriving none afrikaans speaking a chance to go there hence I say u want to bring back afrikaans only rule in a polite manner

      Johann Krige - 2013-03-11 16:10

      @makhaze If you go to an Afrikaans speaking university you accept to be thought in Afrikaans just as you would by going to an English speaking university, you accept to be taught in English, but then I would not expect you to understand the concept because you come from the “previously disadvantage” portion of the population that are “entitled” to everything in life!

      Riaan Mostert - 2013-03-11 20:20

      Oh my, this wonderful 'we' again. Is this now you, yourself and I- the stupid trinity?

      Citizen - 2013-03-14 06:38

      so called previously disadvantaged. really person. so you don't think that people of other races where previously disadvantaged. so the apartheid system was just fine for. nothing wrong with 10% of population using 90% of wealth to build universities for themselves. it's people like you who make change a painful process and when Julius is chatting you don't get why he even has support. move with the times, this is democratic south africa where majority previously disadvantaged rule.

  • Phumelele Biblos Yabo - 2013-03-11 15:23

    The admission of students to residences must be broadly representative of the demographics of the Republic; and take into consideration the dynamics of various faculties of the University.

  • makhaza.magilindane - 2013-03-11 15:36

    I wonder what was the main reason for them to build afrikaans university. Is that raeson still driving them to keep it Afrikaans

      Heidi Pierce - 2013-03-11 15:46

      They built Afrikaans universities because they loved Afrikaans and believed in mother-tongue education. Why did ANC not build Xhoza, Zulu universities?Why should Afrikaans-speaking people be punished because others do not care for mother-tongue?

      koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2013-03-11 15:53

      Maybe it is because it is representative of the region. Maybe it is because it is an institution of excellence. I know why you are upset. You can’t find enough busses to drive in and dump all your cANCer supporters to the Western Cape. But that’s ok. You have all the other provinces to do in what you are so well known for…. Doing that is.

      Jimmy Don - 2013-03-11 15:59

      Dear Makhaza , why dont you ask your govament to build you a university that suits all your academic requirements , lets see how many they have build in the last 20 years , oh yes not a single one, shame .....tool

      Johann Krige - 2013-03-11 16:12

      @ Heidi and Koos You can’t and should not argue with idiots they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!

      Johann Krige - 2013-03-11 16:14

      @Heidi & Koos You can’t and should not argue with idiots they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!

  • makhaza.magilindane - 2013-03-11 15:37

    I wonder what was the main reason for them to build afrikaans university. Is that raeson still driving them to keep it Afrikaans

      Dawid P Stoltz - 2013-03-11 16:10

      One of two options really, English or Afrikaans, Universities needs to use scientific languages. As you know, your native tong is not. Please translate the following then to amazulu; Computer, train, Car, Set theory analyses...

  • Juanne-pierre De Abreu - 2013-03-11 16:38

    "Brown, black, white and Indian" - what is brown? I'm of olive complexion, am I brown? Or is this what Coloureds are being called? If so, are Coloureds even comfortable with this?

  • Solo Mathe - 2013-03-11 16:40

    Wow! I didn't even realise that there is still an afrikaans school in this country. In 2013! How did this happen??? It needs to be sorted out as we all know that english is the teaching language in this country!

      Riaan Mostert - 2013-03-11 20:22

      Really? Since when and why are the government pushing for mother tongue tuition?

  • niki.wessels - 2013-03-11 16:59

    Why the misleading title? I thought it was about the University of the Western Cape! Would they have made it "Gauteng university in quota battle" had Wits been involved?

  • Neil Croeser - 2013-03-14 07:49

    Seems logical to that me the acceptance into Koshuius's should be a reflection of that years admissions... i.e. if 40 per cent of admissions are afrikaans and white, make 40 per cent of the koshuis admissions the same percentage... I studied in Stellies in English, due to my personal preference, but as soon as out of lectures, I predominantly spoke afrikaans, cause the town is afrikaans, and if you cant speak afrikaans on any level, dont go there...

  • Albert Chikadaya - 2013-07-25 16:03

    This is a sensitive issue and needs empathy and a sober approach. Fortunately young people usually adapt to changes quickly and its unfortunate that people that have their own issues to deal with are making decisions on how they should leave at varsity. There is always a solution if people dont bury their heads in the sand like the majority on this forum.

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