White students threatened at UFS

2008-02-28 10:06

Bloemfontein - Heads of hostels at UFS said in a statement on Wednesday night that white students, as well as minorities in traditionally white hostels, had been assaulted and threatened on Wednesday.

Several white students told Volksblad they feared what could happen during the night.

"They're feeling unsafe on campus and in their residences. The women at two women's hostels were threatened with rape, and told that their hostels would be bombarded with petrol bombs."

"A girl from one hostel had been chased from the agricultural building to where she found refuge in another hostel," the statement reads.

Many students were chased out of lectures amid shouting and swearing.

"The parents of many white students have already removed them from hostels, because the hostels are not safe. Lecturers had to lock students into lecture rooms for their own safety."

Death threats and threats to the effect that white students ought to get off campus were also screamed at students, the statement reads.

The police and their unrest unit were again readied on Wednesday night to act swiftly against any violence.

The statement reads that the student heads of hostels disapproved of the video but found it peculiar that a video that had been shot six months ago was only surfacing now.

"This video does not indicate how all white students feel about integration and cannot be treated as such."

"The video was shot by four Reitz students and the entire hostel cannot be held responsible for what they did."