Widow in court for killing priest

2012-09-05 16:00

East London - A man and woman accused of murdering a Butterworth priest appeared in the Butterworth Magistrate's Court on Wednesday, Eastern Cape police said.

Captain Jackson Manatha said Reverend Ongama Hlubi Xuba's widow Lungiswa Xuba and Vuyo Mehlo were not asked to plead.

Their case was postponed until next Wednesday, when they would apply for bail.

"The court was full, being attended by family members, church members and reverends," Manatha said.

The priest was found stabbed to death at his home at St Peter's Anglican Church in Butterworth on August 3. The two were arrested on August 24.

  • thulani.pityana - 2012-09-05 16:29

    I wonder what was the reason? Where is the world coming to?

  • zaatheist - 2012-09-05 17:54

    More proof that peddling and believing in a loving useless god is pointless. I often wonder what good is this god for. He never does anything and never protects or forewarns his self-appointed Earthly representatives.

      arvin.hooseria.9 - 2012-09-05 20:33

      Agreed. This god couldve prevented this murder by teaching the diciples (wife & accomplice) some good values.apart from the fact that they should be doing "gods" work.

      Intelligent Choice - 2012-09-05 20:36

      Sorry should read "disciples"

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