Wife found in a pool of blood

2010-06-29 10:05

Johannesburg - Attackers first tried to smother the slightly-built wife of a DA councillor from Standerton with a towel, then they tried to strangle her with a hairdryer cord before stabbing her in the neck with scissors.

The blade almost hit Monica de Ville's main artery, said her husband, Advocate Rosier de Ville on Monday.

"If they had hit the artery, she would have died."

The attack happened shortly before 10:00 on Friday at their double storey house in Leyd Street. Monica, 72, was about to call a friend to invite her for tea.

Broke through window

An attacker came into the house by breaking into a tiny window - the only one in the house that had no burglar bars. More attackers then entered the house.

"We took every possible safety measure to protect ourselves in the house.

"There are walls, barbed wire and burglar bars in front of the windows. The only little window that is not protected is the one they used to come in," said De Ville.

The attackers used the same towel and scissors that he had used in the bathroom that morning when he shaved and trimmed his moustache.

His wife, who weighs a mere 65kg, was able to press the panic button before she lost consciousness.

"When I arrived at the house, my dear wife lay passed out in a pool of blood on the floor in the bedroom. I thought she was dead.

"Her tongue and lips were blue and swollen when I found her on the floor."

She was admitted to hospital and discharged on Monday afternoon.


The De Villes, who have been married for almost 50 years, have decided to sell the house.

"Monica is now petrified of the house and the doctors have also recommended that I don't take her back there.

"She is still coping with the shock of the attack, and to see the house could have a bad effect on her."

They are staying with friends.

Over the past five weeks, there had been two burglaries at the home.

Advocate De Ville said they are considering moving to Cape Town. He has a house there from his days as a CP MP.

"But it is a very difficult decision. All of our friends are in Standerton. Our roots are here," he said.