Winnie accuses Mandela of land fraud - report

2014-10-19 12:42

Johannesburg - ANC stalwart Winnie Madikizela-Mandela claims her former husband Nelson Mandela may have committed land fraud when he registered a plot of land in Qunu, Eastern Cape, in his own name, the City Press reported on Sunday.

She is challenging the State Land Disposal Act, which the former president allegedly used to acquire the property.

Madikizela-Mandela claims that abaThembu king Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo gave her the land when Mandela was imprisoned and that it is rightfully hers.

"The president cannot use the Act relied upon for his own personal benefit, and to allow that would be contrary to the provisions of the Act and the provisions of the Constitution for the Republic of South Africa," she said in court papers.

"The deed of grant was irregularly obtained, and obviously there was misrepresentation or fraud since the property was obtained by me and not Mr Mandela."

On Tuesday last week, Madikizela-Mandela's attorney Mvuzo Notyesi told Sapa she filed papers in the Eastern Cape High Court in Mthatha challenging Mandela's estate, seeking the rights to his Qunu home.

Madikizela-Mandela, 78, who was Mandela's second wife for 38 years, was left out of his will, it emerged following his death in December last year.

She says the registration of the house under Madiba's name was unlawful and should be set aside.

  • Thingahangwi Nengovhela - 2014-10-19 12:48

    The last kicks of a dying horse are always vicious!

  • Mark Smith - 2014-10-19 12:49

    Anthony Fuda your

      Thingahangwi Nengovhela - 2014-10-19 12:52

      Mark, who is Anthony Fuda?

      John Greystoke - 2014-10-19 13:17

      Anthony is the guy with his head up his butt. Look at his washing line, all his shirts have brown collars.

  • Mark Smith - 2014-10-19 12:50

    Anthony Fuda your comments please.

  • Mvelo Sihle - 2014-10-19 12:50

    dont touch that woman she is a hell of a mess pasop

  • lacrimosewolf - 2014-10-19 12:53

    Took her 20 years to figure this out?

      kmw13047 - 2014-10-20 05:38

      Laugh, yes it did...

  • John Greystoke - 2014-10-19 12:53

    Sour grapes?

  • Kay Booi - 2014-10-19 12:53

    Mama Winnie .You've got no dignity, no doubt.

  • Xolisani Dyosiba - 2014-10-19 12:54

    Winnie just put da "shut" to da "up". Y ddnt she say all these things when Mandela was alive?

  • mica gogome - 2014-10-19 12:55

    But the devorce was finalised many years ago.Desputing properties so late,without the respondent.Gold digger trying to dig gold.

      John R Potter - 2014-10-24 19:47

      The Boss has said land reclaim is open again ,Go for it Winnie and stir it up..

  • Rollingstone Brown - 2014-10-19 12:55

    things fall apart

  • Tracy Mammba - 2014-10-19 12:58

    This woman is pathetic. yooo. She has NO case; Y did she wait for 20 years to pull out dis stunt? Nonsese; She's a desgrace to human kind.

      JL Joubert - 2014-10-19 13:02

      At 78 you do funny things? She has always been a wild card...

  • bignews.bloodyagentmafking - 2014-10-19 13:01

    Why only bring it up now? Was she not aware of this registration all along??

      Johan Arno Cilliers - 2014-10-19 13:10

      Money money money..that's why

  • lloyd.venske - 2014-10-19 13:02

    This woman is pure evil.

  • Craig Thomas Brooke - 2014-10-19 13:04

    Has this woman no dignity or grace whatsoever?

      John Greystoke - 2014-10-19 13:18

      No, not a grain.

  • Don Tandy - 2014-10-19 13:05

    Like she (the evil one) has a clean slate????

  • John Greystoke - 2014-10-19 13:09

    Winnie my love, Stompie sends his regards, he is waiting for you on the other side!

  • Brian Bucs - 2014-10-19 13:13

    Money..the root of ALL evil.

      Nico van der Merwe - 2014-10-19 13:52

      Money is ok.. it is the power that it brings that really corrupts..

      sthembize.zulu - 2014-10-19 14:11

      Well, not money but the love of money, to be precise...

  • Dirk Engelbrecht - 2014-10-19 13:19

    Sour grapes because Madiba left her with nothing...

  • Lawrence Sefolo - 2014-10-19 13:20

    Stupid Winnie

  • Johan du Toit - 2014-10-19 13:20

    Gee, and she wants the proceeds of the fraud.

  • Neels Minnaar - 2014-10-19 13:20

    Nothing like some tribalism getting the better of a hypocrite

  • Limon Hasani Chauke - 2014-10-19 13:23

    But why didn't she deal with this while he was still alive? She is bitter because she was expecting a slice of the will but realised she has been left out.

  • Sikhumbuzo Touch Thabede - 2014-10-19 13:25

    The media is realy misleading and the people reading believe it as facts. Sad.

      Lucy Williamson - 2014-10-20 06:32

      Sikhumbuzo - the media does this all the time. They run the world! Very scary...

  • Nkosinathi Mapalala - 2014-10-19 13:27

    Let the courts decide. I don't have time to judge Mandela issues but you cant help to notice the old man has created some very angry people.

  • Francois Corrie - 2014-10-19 13:30

    As if your so innocent winnie???

  • Sakhile Goodman Sokhela - 2014-10-19 13:37

    I think there is more to come about the nobel mandela from winnie.I can't wait.

  • Nino Diana - 2014-10-19 13:37

    Mrs. Mandela your late, great ex - husband left nothing for you in his will, now all you are doing is looking for the left over crumbs like the ants do in my kitchen, SHAME ON YOU ...

  • Asanda Mtsolong Qoboshiyana - 2014-10-19 13:38

    If that site belongs to Winnie Why Madiba put it on his will? They both corrupt maan she is going to court nw bcz she was nt aware the will wil take her out of her home she must take it to court of laws to take decission also Dicree wil help them

  • Tshepo Kobane - 2014-10-19 13:40

    She might have a case, but her actions, regard being had to her timing,leaves me with no option but to question her integrity stance. To call an international icon a fraudster after his death,knowingly he can't defend himself from the grave is but an insult to such honoured grave. I hold this should have been raised during divorce settlement,alternatively sometime thereafter prior to the death of this mighty soul. Otherwise I feel justified to characterise her actions as evil, irrespective of the validity of her case

      Chris May - 2014-10-19 18:38

      It's like we're becoming a buttocks nation - sitting on them, defending people with them or, in this case, squeezing them together in embarrassment.

  • Stanley Manganye - 2014-10-19 13:41

    can't this old lady move on with her life for heaven sake !!!

      Ben Spreeth - 2014-10-19 15:02

      She will be good if life moves out of her.

  • princepieter - 2014-10-19 13:41

    Sour Grapes, losing out on inheritance money, now doing her best to discredit MADIBA.

  • Neo Monama - 2014-10-19 13:42

    Winnie must stop fighting caus she's the one who betray madiba back 2 apartheid regime,is that is why she's nt bn exluded 2 madiba will!why she's decide 2 fight nw!she was supposd 2 fihgt when he was alive!go hell winnie u wil lose in court u waist ur time magogo!

  • Thembani Cekiso Akahlulwa - 2014-10-19 13:45

    I alwys knew dat de so called God of Africa has had his bad side n darkness secrets hw cm he put Winnie out of her home cz she build dat house

      Kay Booi - 2014-10-19 13:55

      Maybe because she had cheated on him?

  • JP Wallace - 2014-10-19 13:46

    Winnie will do anything to get her hands on other people's assets after she lived out her fortune. Shame on you!!!!

  • Sibulele Mac-Ngqay Nongqayi - 2014-10-19 13:49

    she's really gone too far dis tym around

  • Muji Saaj Padia - 2014-10-19 13:51

    Winnie is greedy and loves fame. Tata put up with her but didn't leave anything for her.c'mon she's the EX-wife!

  • Anton Reece Nina - 2014-10-19 13:52

    Killing the poor mans legacy. When his not around to answer

  • Mbengelwa Ngwenya - 2014-10-19 13:58

    People seem to forget that Mandela was human too.He made mistakes we are not aware of,what surprises me is the gleeful gloating when these things are revealed,as if people are glad that the mud flung on his name brings him to their level.Mandela did not set out to be famous,he set out to right things that did not sit right with him(and millions of others),the way he did it is what brought all that attention to him.Winnie must have got a settlement when she got divorced,why did she not fight for the house at that time? Why wait until the only person who knew what they agreed about the house is dead? Even if she has a case it cast a really bad light on her the way she is going about it.

      Chris May - 2014-10-19 18:43

      You're right, Mbengelwa. Squeezing in a light-hearted something: Zsa Zsa Gabor (famous actress) claimed to be an "excellent housekeeper" - every time she got divorced, she kept the house. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone.

  • Tiyani P Ngobeni - 2014-10-19 14:03

    If he did something wrong it must be proven ahhw.. It doesn't matter an icon or Air corn the right allow this woman

  • Makhosonke Mqikela - 2014-10-19 14:03

    A family matter that is not for public consumption. It has to be treated as such.

  • Phalo Yem Yem Togu - 2014-10-19 14:04

    I think you and Buyelekhaya Dalinyhebo have lost it long time. Is it age perhaps?

  • TX - 2014-10-19 14:06

    Winnie No, really?!

  • Just Me - 2014-10-19 14:07

    She ust stop all the court battles as she has no claim and have been left out of the will. This is utter sour grapes as they would say and it does not help she challenges the late Mr mMandela's will

  • Theuns G Strydom - 2014-10-19 14:08

    So someone with doubtful past ie Stompie, necklacings,affairs, is now trying to tarnish South Afica's greatest icon...the mind boggles

  • Martin Pearce - 2014-10-19 14:10

    Winnie Madikizela, note the absence of 'MANDELA', you are one sorry embittered excuse for humanity. Stop expropriating oxygen that could be useful for someone else.

  • Theuns G Strydom - 2014-10-19 14:10

    So someone with a doubtful past ie Stompie,necklacing,affairs is now trying to tarnish SouthAfrica's greatest icons image... guttertrash remains guttertrash

  • Bertus Pretorius - 2014-10-19 14:10

    Mamma Africa, you just can't hide your true colors.

  • Del Pearson - 2014-10-19 14:11

    Oh Winnie why stir things up - you are divorced plain and simple.

  • C'ya Khubone - 2014-10-19 14:14

    Why wait such a long time to make these claims? Such a pathetic old bitter woman mxm!

  • Bhutini KaMsushwana Shiba - 2014-10-19 14:14

    She's haunted.