Winnie bashes 'illiterate' Equality Court

2011-04-18 22:50

Johannesburg - The court in which ANC Youth League president Julius Malema is facing a hate speech trial is "illiterate", ANC MP Winnie Madikizela-Mandela told supporters on Monday.

"[ANC Secretary general Gwede Mantashe] is here to educate this illiterate court," Madikizela-Mandela said after thanking supporters for braving the cold, outside the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg.

She said Malema was there not just as youth league leader, but as the ANC's representative.

Malema thanked the crowd and said he could not speak about what was said in court as it was "used inside".

He urged the crowd to remain disciplined "so we don't give enemies anything to talk about". Unlike last week, on Monday his supporters were unruly outside the court.

Malema's bodyguards, some carrying guns, pushed the crowd back as they tried to get a glimpse of him, and shoved aside photographers, cameramen and journalists.

Country's heritage

Several ANC bigwigs were also at the court to help defend the ANCYL leader.

Party secretary general Gwede Mantashe, Minister in the Presidency Collins Chabane, poet and struggle veteran Mongane Wally Serote, and Deputy Science and Technology Minister Derek Hanekom sat through proceedings, which entered their second week.

Mantashe echoed Malema's words, saying evidence still needed to be given under oath and witnesses were being cross-examined. He said the trial was not just about Malema, but about the ANC's and the country's heritage.

"All these songs played a role in the struggle," Mantashe said.

Still paying the price

Hanekom left the stand on Monday, to give way to Serote. He said people were still paying the price for apartheid today.

"Alexandra as it stands is a direct legacy of apartheid." He added many struggle songs were composed at training during the armed struggle, and based on events in the country at the time.

"It is African culture to sing," Serote said, adding that Bantu education "de-educated" people.

"We came together, understood something and sang together... you won't find a composer... you are guided by everybody."
Serote agreed with the view expressed by Hanekom last week, that a "national dialogue" on the matter was needed.

Hanekom said the song "was not a call to violence, but a reference to a period or a system where people took up arms".

Serote said he believed the song was not linked to any farm killings.

Under cross-examination by Afriforum lawyer Martin Brassey, Serote said Malema was an ANC cadre who would abide by ANC policies because he had no choice.

Needs to be preserved

Serote told lawyer for farmers' organisation Tau-SA, Roelof du Plessis, in his second cross-examination, that like the Voortrekker Monument, certain things, such as the song, needed to be preserved.

Du Plessis asked Serote why the ANC did not make any attempt to speak to people offended by the song.

"Why has it taken a high-profile court case to bring the ANC to say there must be dialogue?"

Serote said the ANC had done what it could.

The trial continues on Tuesday.

  • Rev. H-Cubed - 2011-04-18 23:01

    Minister Hanekom "suggested a national dialogue on the matter". Well, there IS a national dialogue, and in spite of it raging on every available media format, the honourable Minister cannot see it. This would explain why he cannot see how angry and hateful the dialogue is. Perhaps he meant "national monologue", at least that would gel with the current ANC stance.

      edvermaak - 2011-04-18 23:21

      Spot on

      Frungy - 2011-04-19 02:48

      I agree H-Cubed. We're seeing the ANC showing their true colours as bullies and despots, for example, "shoved aside photographers, cameramen and journalists.". Last time I checked shoving someone aside (unless they shoved you first) was common assault. What gives these guys the right to assault regular citizens. What takes the cake for me though is, "Serote said he believed the song was not linked to any farm killings.". This man strikes me as the sort who could stand in the middle of a thunderstorm and declare, `I believe it is sunny!`. That he believes the farm killings aren't linked to the song just clearly shows how pointless any dialogue with this guy would be.

      Blue - 2011-04-19 05:26

      Rev.H-Cubed...HEAR HEAR!! I couldn't have said it better... rendiergouws...I would have liked to give you 300 x 'likes' but unfortunately only one per viewer!!

      vee - 2011-04-19 06:24

      @lekomonisi. Pot .... kettle ...... black. Oops ..... guess I'm being racist.

      ruadrauflessa - 2011-04-19 06:50

      @lekomonisi: Let me be first to congratulate you on brining the word Racism into the conversation. As the facts stands you are the first one here to have any racial thoughts and you clearly portray hate with your statement. I feel sorry for you. May you bask in ignorance for the rest of your puny little existence. Furthermore to get back to the topic. If Winnie really wanted to help the country she would not have been the fore runner of forcing people to drink petrol (her own people to boot) and light tires around their necks in a display of cruelty towards a fellow human being. It does not matter what you are fighting for... it does not matter what someone did to you or your people... actions like those she displayed in the late 1980's are inexcusable and she should have never seen the light of day to begin with. You are probably too young to remember what your own people did to themselves. I can distinctly remember my dad watching over buses of your people being driven from their homes to work and back because they were the ones being targeted by their own people. True apartheid ended well before 1994 if you would only open your eyes to history and talk to the people who actually lived at that time rather than listen to propaganda generated by your cadres. You are probably an ANCYL cadre and had personally nothing to do with any freedom struggle. So please before you open your mouth again for heaven's sake please think what you are saying first.

      engwi2009 - 2011-04-19 06:56

      ruadrauflessa makes an excellent statement - well done - cant wait to see lekomonisi's reply - if any....

      mike - 2011-04-19 07:04

      I wonder what her good friend Ted Kennedy will say in his grave. May some regret!

      Renny - 2011-04-19 07:09

      She reminds me of the devil.

      lean - 2011-04-19 08:47

      Cruella De Vil and the other 101 "dalmation" you know...

      Ozymandios - 2011-04-19 08:47

      Well done Rev more than spot on. I just read this and wondered - is Winnie expecting to lose this case, so is now already preparing the masses for this loss declaring the Judge as an Illiterate? Of course should they win are we going to then have the "Mob" told how quickly the Judge learnt about "democracy" and "became Literate: in a few short weeks? Me thinks the ......(the word is actually 'Lady' but with her I can't use that word)'girl' protests too much. I just feel that when all these Anti Colonialists who are also Anti White Brigade totally reject all that Colonialism brought to these shores and reject their embracing of the benefits of Colonialism like their wealth they have now accumulated, theircars, clothes, electronic appliances,double storey houses, just anything the "whitey" brought here to Africa, even the legal system too, then I will truely believe they are genuine about their crusade to bringing hope and a level playing field to the world and to their fellow black brothers and sisters But I can't see one of these so called Freedom Fighters giving any of that up. So lets bash the system because it is Colonialists and Settlers who have brought this to bare on us poor downtrodden Blacks, but we sure will live off the fat of the land and enjoy the benefits that htese Settlers introduced to us ( for which we have made no effort to even try and emmulate ever)as long as it suits us. So let's see what excuse Winnie comes up with next. Its easy to brainwash this Mob.

      CraigColinRoyMcLeod - 2011-04-19 09:33

      Why is it whenever the ANC want to do something that no civilised country would do, such as nationalisation, they always say we should engage in national dialogue or debate, its not up for debate, these things are intolerable.

      Jo - 2011-04-19 09:34

      Who is in charge of Johannesburg and Sandton? Whoever that is, why haven't they sorted out Alexandria yet? Perhaps they could take a break from singing and show the public what their plans for Alex are. Or does Alex get preserved in it's present state, like the songs, to prove a point?

      CraigColinRoyMcLeod - 2011-04-19 09:36

      @lekomonisi - You mean the same Winnie that molested and murdered Stompie Moeketsi a child, yeah I think in the civilised world we don't tolerate that sort of behavior. - 2011-04-19 09:42

      Soothsayer, who is this 'We' you speak of? The overwhelming majority in this country do not share your beliefs. You are almost on your own, along with those who refuse to move forward, scared that they will not have anything or anyone to fight and this being the only thing they know, will no longer be significant without a struggle.

      ruadrauflessa - 2011-04-19 09:48

      @SOOTHSAYER: and you think your current ANC led government is not lying to you..... Oh ignorance surely is bliss. Pity once you opened your eyes to something you can not close it again.... Something seen can not be unseen.

      Thangy - 2011-04-19 10:06

      @Frungy I'm not trying to stir the pot, however, let it be noted that no farm attack can be directly proved as a direct result of the song being sung.

      Thangy - 2011-04-19 10:09

      @lekomonisi Her sacriface for this country SHOULD NOT grand her a licence to kill. MURDER IS MURDER regardless who commits the deed. There are two sets of laws for ppl in this country, laws for ANC cadres (no laws) and the rest of us. If you or any of us killed someone we would be sitting on papas lap right now.

      Thangy - 2011-04-19 10:22

      @ruadrauflessa I find myself agreeing with most of what you have mentioned in reference to your response to @lekomonisi, however, your view of apartheid is relatively narrow in the sense that your observation of events during apartheid are merely limited to the surface of what was actually happening. Yes we (black ppl) were literally killing each other in the townships, buses, homes, businesses were burned down, ppl were murdered in barbaric ways, however have you ever questioned why all of this was happening? if you paid close attention to the trials during the TRC, you would've learned that the then government had a direct hand in causing all of this. The government sent eg. hit squads posing as IFP members into ANC strongholds and visa versa. The old devide and conquer trick which the ANC have now successfully adopted into their current strategy which now has has us fighting one another, while, behind the scenes they just get richer and richer. We should all ask ourselves, Now that the ANC has all of us fully fixated on this , my opinion, stupid trial on the one hand, what are they conjuring up in the other?? Magicians use the same trick during acts, keep the audience focused on the hat while the dove is stuffed into the jacket, WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

      Shistirrer - 2011-04-19 11:22

      Winnie the Poo (note no last "h"). Nobody can believe what she and her cronies Julius the Turd and Derek the Drol say.

      Rugged - 2011-04-19 12:24

      @rendiergouws - I can't agree more. She is a cunning woman that got away with murder. Obviously lekomonisi is as illiterate as she.

      CrabSpotter - 2011-04-19 12:39

      @SOOTHSAYER The struggle did not set you free, a change of heart of your opponents did. It seems like you come out of the struggle, but the struggle is not out of you yet. How much longer the bitterness and hatred in your heart?

      ruadrauflessa - 2011-04-19 12:39

      @Thangy: Don't get me wrong. I know why they did it it is the manner in which it is done which is appalling to me. If you need to execute someone to make a statement a simple bullet to the head will suffice. And no I don't agree that the end justifies the means. Hence I don't have an issue with the reason but the manner.

      Thangy - 2011-04-19 13:55

      @ruadrauflessa I share your sentiments

  • beicime - 2011-04-18 23:06

    The ANC has been in power for over a decade with 60% and more of votes, yet when things don't go the way the ANC and ANCYL wants, racism is brought forward. Why?

      thinker - 2011-04-18 23:27

      That's how they fool their supporters.

      Blue - 2011-04-19 05:29

      What else CAN they every sphere that they fail, they look for some damned excuse and the racist card is the only one they know works amongst their literate and illiterate!!

      Tc - 2011-04-19 07:04

      @Michael, ..agreed 30-, or even 17 years cannot undo apartheid's bad side, however, one would have deeply liked to see the ANC make a start! When will they start? Things are only getting worse, and we only see much worse (like Zim) in the future!

      Shadoz - 2011-04-19 07:30

      Micheal you are the weakest link in ur racial chain. Yes racism will always be around as long as we bring idiots like malema and winnie to the book who keep shoving it in our faces. Perhaps if your government had to educate it's people i wouldn't think i am more superior than a brainless idiot that steals and murders to support themselves. I dont have any respect for these people and they actually are less than subhuman and should be treated like Hitler treated the soviets.

      Zee - 2011-04-19 07:53

      @Michael - if anything, black majority rule has only increased racism in SA. Since Mbeki took over, followed by Zuma, racism has flourished. There is no denying it. Racism works both ways - white on black and black on white. It seems the majority sees only the former and not the latter however. The ANC is a one eyed snake.

      PikeLee - 2011-04-19 09:18

      Because Africans are a blaming nation. It is to easy to blame, and to difficult to accept responsibility for their own actions. Africa as a whole has been free from "oppression" for a very long time, and yet it has gotten Progressively worse. Africa has the most dictators than all other continents combined. Africa, sorry to say was better off colonized, as this continent has the most natural resources than any other, yet it is the poorest. It is a begger continent. Quick to ask the west for help, even quicker to blame the west for it's problems. Get a life Africans, you are we you are because of your own attitudes. Stop blaming white people. The more you blame us, the poorer you become. The faster you realize that your future is in your hands, the faster you can look forward and contribute to society, instead of just being consumers!

      Cheq - 2011-04-19 09:34

      To all the millions of comrades, let alone the over literate Winnie and genius Malema, I always wondered why the African National Congress always address themselves as ANC and very rarely as African National Congress, it's because: A$$holes Never Can.... Please people, do complete the rest....

      Meanleader - 2011-04-19 09:40

      You said it Michael .... sub what ?

  • CC - 2011-04-18 23:07

    If Malema considers someone his enemy, than Malema must be that person’s enemy too. Or can it come from only one side? If not, does it come from both sides simultaneously? Or would it necessarily come from the one side first? I just wonder who and what was first in this case and how far back in history should we go to remedy the things of the past - maybe the big-bang would be the best place - but than again you need more than just woodwork to understand the physics behind all of that.

  • CC - 2011-04-18 23:08

    If Malema considers someone his enemy, than Malema must be that person’s enemy too. Or can it come from only one side? If not, does it come from both sides simultaneously? Or would it necessarily come from the one side first? I just wonder who and what was first in this case and how far back in history should we go to remedy the things of the past - maybe the big-bang would be the best place - but than again you need more than just woodwork to understand the physics behind all of that.

  • Grant - 2011-04-18 23:11

    Winnie may not understand the word 'illiterate' but she is damn good at providing a practical demonstration. Rev, you have pretty much nailed it. There is none so deaf as he who will not hear.

      Gen - 2011-04-19 01:08

      Boy you sharp... 10 out 10

  • CeeCee - 2011-04-18 23:22

    Malema calling people with different views and perceptions the Enemy? Perhaps he should be sent to Ruanda, to the museum of over a million human sculls, and see what happens when people on a public platform refer to others as COCKCROACHES, THE ENEMY. It has consequinces far reaching than his foul mouth spewing things like ENEMY, MICKEY MOUSE, REVOLUTION. Even a guy that failed his first language at school should understand the consequicnes when you belittle others and make them irrelevent. Its cheap and dangerous politics - is it worth votes??

      Meg - 2011-04-19 01:58

      Here here! It is a sad and sorry state of affairs that political discourse in SA has become nothing more than mud-slinging and name calling - kindergarten stuff! All this fuss and drama is just an attempt to divert attention from the real issues.

  • Leon - 2011-04-18 23:39

    we often hear of the desire for a "United SA", which is only possible if everybody strives toward harmony in kindness. With the current debate and heavy support to protect songs such as "Kill the Boer", is this the best contribution they can make towards a spirit of KINDNESS amongst fellow South Africans? The evidence indicates it is their best!!!!. regards Pro South-African

      David - 2011-04-19 08:09

      Kindness is a weakness in the eyes of black people, look at how they treat their own?

  • Macho Mike - 2011-04-18 23:45

    You just "tyre" me out Mrs Ex Madela, eish i mean Mrs Dunlop.

      Gen - 2011-04-19 01:13

      Tread softly, it will not deflate the mind set.

      pop101 - 2011-04-19 13:50

      Burning rubber

  • Bill Xhosa - 2011-04-18 23:51

    So last week Malema said "These judges are our judges, whether you like it or not, they work for the government... the government which is us, the ANC" This week Winnie says they are illiterate. So why does the ANC deploy illiterate judges???

      Stox - 2011-04-19 00:06

      Hahaha! They can't think that far.

      Gen - 2011-04-19 01:16

      It's the ANC who can't read the writing on the wall.

      peace_piece - 2011-04-19 02:08

      They are treating their supporters like children.

      Gatvol - 2011-04-19 02:56

      Because Malema/ANC thought it might be easier to pull the wool over the eyes of an illiterate judge. Nice to know that Malema believes that the judiciary in this country should be in the ANC's pocket.

      Badballie - 2011-04-19 07:03

      which just goes to prove how corrupt the cANCer party really is.

      Sally Fryer - 2011-04-19 09:19

      Brilliant! Possibly because she (Winnie) thinks they will lose the case or maybe it's just because, together with Malema, their combined IQ's just fall into the 3-digit range. Sally.

      Rugged - 2011-04-19 12:32

      Hahahaha - spot on Bill Xhosa - spot on

      SSRat - 2011-04-19 13:05

      That is so sharp man, brilliant!

      KnysnaSha - 2011-04-19 13:28

      And if the courts are illiterate then surely this has something to do with the shoddy education system that the ANC has in place? Half of the children in cheap township schools are not getting the education they require-AT ALL.

      KnysnaSha - 2011-04-19 13:28

      And if the courts are illiterate then surely this has something to do with the shoddy education system that the ANC has in place? Half of the children in cheap township schools are not getting the education they require-AT ALL.

  • OMBUD - 2011-04-18 23:59

    Mother Winnie raises a very interesting point: Does a court of law have the capacity to learn? What should the mechanics and rules be for such learning? Does it constitute a conflict between the law and context of the case before the judge? What should a court of law make of evidence lead that regards grey areas such as cultural and heritage context? Very interesting!

      peace_piece - 2011-04-19 02:10

      The court upholds the law. The law (or constitution) is the final word, there is nothing to be learned.

      Gatvol - 2011-04-19 03:05

      Well the judges in the legal system aren't stupid. The learn from previous trials, and actually uses past rulings/ things learned from the past to help them arrive at a judgement. The judge knows how to do his job and he doesn't need B!#ch Winnie taking advantage of the Mandela name in order to tell him what to do.

      Badballie - 2011-04-19 07:12

      The courts and indeed the law are subject to change the same as everything else, as accepted norm change so does the laws surrounding those changes. The entire legal system is in fact based on a learning curve which allows for the creation of new laws to cover new crimes as technology changes, To my knowledge the only laws that remain constant are the so called common laws which date back hundreds of years and cover the most basic of human transgressions. the question here is, if I say kill the boer, can that in any way be construed to mean anything other than kill the boer? The only constant here being, could any reasonable person hear or read the repeated lines of this chant and make an educated and reasonable assumption that they are anything other then a call to arms and a call for violence?

      Shadoz - 2011-04-19 07:33

      you have to have a culture in order to think about this statement fool.

      lean - 2011-04-19 08:56

      Shadoz - 1 hour ago you have to have a culture/// You have to haveintelligence and IQ above 100 at least...

      Stella - 2011-04-19 09:50

      Mother Winnie? Is she the same mother who was part of killing an innocent child and who knows what else? Mr Mandela does not even want part of Winnie Mandela and he got rid of her very quickly. She is a brainless dimwit.

      Yvette Wiid - 2011-04-19 12:48

      Pretty easy to see you know nothing about the law. Judges have multiple degrees - so I;m thinking they have a rather well-developed capacity to learn. The whole point of taking things to court is to make the 'grey' areas clearer! And how on earth do you set rules for learning? Halfwit.

  • maseratifitt - 2011-04-19 00:03

    "It is African culture to sing". Viva! And what beautifully melodious voices most Africans have! The question, however, is the choice of a song. If we are sad, we sing sad songs, if we are happy, we sing happy songs. Sometimes inspirational-about love, ambition ,contentment,affirmation,challenges etc. But about shooting and killing your countrymen? This is what the ANC chooses to do. To sing about hate. To crehate an enemy where none exists, in order to mobilise a group against another to retain power. This is all what it is about. Arrogance, Nepotism and Corruption is not enough for the ANC. Now they also defile the African culture of singing by causing division and resentment.

      birdman - 2011-04-19 00:34

      The ANC will push us just so far......... Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

      WIZZ - 2011-04-19 01:25

      Right on .Great voices but watch your mouth and the filth that comes out of those songs!

      Mike - 2011-04-19 06:11

      @ birdman if i remember right " Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" was or is still on the Lohatla (Army Battle School)badge & means " If you want peace , prepare for war"

      gizzy - 2011-04-19 08:44

      blaq, you've just stooped to gutter level. Your racism knows no bounds. I would never defend any form of racism whether from you or so called "white bitches".

      Stella - 2011-04-19 09:55

      Blaq - you are the WORST type to walk the earth. Go do your research before you open your stupid mouth and utter garbage. It is actually the other way around as to who killed more - but why do I bother your type can not be educated because you just dont want to move forward!!

      Kenno - 2011-04-19 10:03

      @Blaq Your ignotance knows no bounds. If you really have the need to spew your racism, have the decency to at least learn how to type, spell and get your grammar correct....Otherwise stay off these sites. All you have proved today is your ignorance and the fact that you are a racist

      Kpt_Keyboard - 2011-04-19 11:02

      weird thing... all the anc supporters cant spell + bad grammer, and after u get past that, what lies ahead is a brainless uneducated comment!!! Not all the ppl in the anc r totally retarded, some of them know that there supporters r mostly under educated... and the funny part is that u idiots still believe the crap that they tell u. The DA will do much more for black ppl than the anc could ever think of, but as long as u fools stay narrow minded u will suffer under ur own clown party!!!

      steve - 2011-04-19 13:30

      Agree 100% and with absolutely zero foresight, the wheel keeps turning and I have a feeling this might come back to haunt them.

      TonyRSA - 2011-04-19 14:11

      Well said maseratifitt. Listening to all the above I wonder, if this case is won by Malemmer if I could sing my own song in peace in accordance with the precedent so created......."Shoot the K..."? (to the music of ba ba that previously disadvantaged sheep). Ridiculous is it not?

  • TP - 2011-04-19 00:04

    I don't find Winnie's comment surprising, taking in to consideration that on 24 April 2003, she was found guilty on 43 counts of fraud and 25 of theft. She endorsed the practice of necklacing during apartheid and let's not forget the Stompie Moeketsi saga. I wouldn't take up her opinion of the legal system up too seriously. I don't think she understands it.

      leftyrsa - 2011-04-19 02:36

      Yep I agree, my post.

      Gatvol - 2011-04-19 03:08

      I don't know who might actually give a damn about her opinions

      WCD - 2011-04-19 08:07


      lean - 2011-04-19 08:58

      While she is in court, take her and jail here...LoL

  • ? - 2011-04-19 00:08

    Ladies and gentlemen,girls and boys - dont be surprised if nothing happens to Malema. Its a sad state of affairs that: *This racist song be allowed *The struggle is over,and the struggle mentality still exists *Blacks dont focus on the NEW struggle,viz: their own corrupt politicians who deprive them of basic necessities such as clean water and electricity.

      leftyrsa - 2011-04-19 02:36

      Thats what I just said,..............he will wlak away scott free.

      Gatvol - 2011-04-19 03:09

      ....and a hero

      ? - 2011-04-19 06:39

      @lekomonisi, But why are whites racist? Inherent? Raised that way? Or are they racist because of the way blacks mismanage the country? Im not white by the way,Im a Khoisan person.

      anna - 2011-04-19 06:51

      @lekomonisi.......please define racism. The fact that you are incompetent and this is pointed out to you does not mean 'racism'. It is time that you and your inferior buds get a grip....really......

      Tc - 2011-04-19 07:13

      @lekomonisi, please visit the private sector company that I used to work for till recently. It was openly declared to be a 'flagship' for ANC BEE policies. Visit this company and you will see Black on Non-Black racism and what it does to a company!

      jds - 2011-04-19 09:13

      @blaq-Can't you see that everyone that responded to No Name is being civilised with rationalised comments based on intellect??And here you come with your "all the whites are racists" mentality making such comments that even a primary child will be ashamed of!

      ? - 2011-04-19 09:27

      @jds, Blacks have alot of anger built up inside of them,but its interesting to also notice that the blacks who experienced apartheid when it was at its worst,have less hatred towards whites. Its all these new kids on the block with their fake white accents and AA jobs that have attitude.

      jds - 2011-04-19 11:11

      @No Name-You are spot on...

      jds - 2011-04-19 11:15

      @No Name-A quick question: don't you think that it is the leadership, or lack thereof,of the ANC that is influencing these young blacks to have such an attitude??Looks to me like the old ANC(mandela) had a good influence of on blacks vs whites. Whereas the current anc(zuma,malema etc.) is basically achieving the opposite!!

      KnysnaSha - 2011-04-19 13:32

      How can all whites be racist when there are so many interracial relationships going on? I have so many friends in mixed relationships (including myself) so I don't know where lekomonisi is coming from.

      KnysnaSha - 2011-04-19 13:33

      How can all whites be racist when there are so many interracial relationships going on? I have so many friends in mixed relationships (including myself) so I don't know where lekomonisi is coming from.

  • Optimus - 2011-04-19 00:18

    Winnie,firstly those dumb kids you were addressing do not even know the meaning of illiterate,thats how illiterate they are. Secondly, the court is as illiterate as the goverment it serves.

  • maseratifitt - 2011-04-19 00:30

    What an utterly useless woman. Has she apologized to Jannie Odendaal and his colleague yet?

  • birdman - 2011-04-19 00:31

    "A Nation of Sheep will beget a Goverment of Wolves" Edward R Murrow

      Badballie - 2011-04-19 07:15

      and all that is required for evil to thrive is that good men do nothing.

      WCD - 2011-04-19 08:10

      Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions. Edward R. Murrow

  • saliem - 2011-04-19 00:39

    Read Winnie the $h1t's new book on literacy... now, for the first time, tough words like tyre, necklace, liberate, boer (and many more tough words) are explained. This will be on the essential reading list for Judges and other members of the high court... so go out and get it now bois and gals while stocks last. But wait, that's not all - if you get one now you will get a free framed and autographed portrait of Winnie and Malemmer :P

      WIZZ - 2011-04-19 01:28

      let's give Winnie a gift for her wonderful understanding of the law? How about a nice necklace?

      Gatvol - 2011-04-19 03:10

      I will supply the petrol

      one-way - 2011-04-19 09:47

      No , No ,No. We Has Progressed in the new ANC. We give the enemy "Brandfort Bling " to wear. Burning Bridgestones

  • Brent - 2011-04-19 00:58

    I suppose stompie was the enemy too

  • WIZZ - 2011-04-19 01:18

    The Voortrekker monument is a reminder of the Afrikaner's leaving the British Cape colony. It doesn't sing songs referiing to a struggle to take up arms but is a silent reminder of the past. It doesn't have an "in your face" arrogance and attitude that the Kill the boer song implies and suggests.Or is that an illeterate interpretation of the situation?

      Gatvol - 2011-04-19 03:14

      It makes sense what you are saying until you try and look at it through their strange, bizarre and very distorted sort of paradigm.

      Mike - 2011-04-19 06:17

      If im not mistaken the voortrekker monument is a reminder of blood river, the day of the vow, when the zulu's had their asses handed to them.

  • Marc-Andre - 2011-04-19 01:55

    So by the same logic they use, Afrikaners could sing their 'De La Rey' song and consider it to be part of their struggle fro freedom from oppression by the Brits, and no one should take offence...?

      TamaraSays - 2011-04-19 02:11

      We don't take offence... but then no one is threatening or instructing the listener to kill us. That's slightly different, wouldn't you say?

      Jakalas - 2011-04-19 06:42

      If I recall correctly, the words of "De La Rey" are a call for a leader to unite and lead the Afrikaner people. No mention is made of killing, despite the fact that the Afrikaner probably has more reason to hate the English than the likes of Malema has to hate the whites of this country.

      Henry - 2011-04-19 12:02

      It is not just the boere that was freed from the brits it was the other races also

  • TamaraSays - 2011-04-19 02:09

    Does she even know what illiterate means? Eish. The very best our government has to offer in terms of spokespeople? I rest my case.

  • vapourtrail - 2011-04-19 02:15

    I can see where the argument of the struggle song comes from. It may have been sung in those days to reflect what happened and is sung now as a reminder of the past and history of the country - fair enough. That should not invoke any form of violence or killing. HOWEVER, when you entice the crowd and go on like a banshee and sing only ONE struggle song (out of many) in a way that supports the enticement and make gestures indicating guns and shooting people (read white people) that struggle song in particular takes on a whole different meaning and it is not the meaning of what the song stands for. Taken in context like this it clearly promotes violence as the crowd singing the song only have one thing on their mind - "whites are bad" You can't deny history but you can use it to manipulate the crowd and take on a whole different meaning.

      leftyrsa - 2011-04-19 02:34

      So true

      Isabel Jones - 2011-04-19 08:41

      Add to that the gormless (illiterate??) JZ singing "bring me my machine gun..." Eish...

      Rugged - 2011-04-19 12:38

      JZ would probably want to play Russian Roulette if got his machine gun. He already does it with his d*ck...

  • aquinas - 2011-04-19 02:31

    This discredited old hag will do and say anything for a bit of publicity!

      Blue - 2011-04-19 05:57

      aquinas...I've said it many times on this platform but I wish I could say it to her face, SHE IS A BLOODY DISGRACE, SHE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO MORALS, DOESN'T CARE A FLYING SH$% WHAT YOU AND ME THINK OF HER..she just carries on as she pleases because she KNOWS there is no penalty for her actions. (which is the same mentality of most of our heads of state). I can just imagine how Mandela must cringe when he sees her face on the telly, thinking quietly to himself " What the hell has she done now? ".. Ha ha it's actually quite a joke, as much as we despise her...we still spend time writing about her!! D A M I T!!

  • leftyrsa - 2011-04-19 02:32

    If the Judges work for the government and the government is run by the ANC.......tells me the government is Illiterate, and so is the ANC. So Winnie, even though you were responsible for a murder a few years ago(remember)you are correct when you say what you did. One thing you forgot to mention, someone else you're rooting for is a murderer.......or is the song just a song with no meaning. It is almost midnight in SA....and I guarantee you Malema will walk away scott free......mark my words.

  • Digger - 2011-04-19 02:38

    If these people honestly think that songs like these don’t negatively influence the public, then why do they bother going around speaking at gatherings when campaigning? Why not just do their job, say nothing and see what happens at the vote? I guess what I am trying to say is that their argument is bull crap. Of course as a leader you influence and incite people by everything you do and say, to a point naturally and depending on the intellect of an individual. Yes at home or with your family and friends you should feel free to sing whatever you like, but as a public leader you have a responsibility. All public leaders should be trying to bring South Africans together in uniting us against racism, discrimination, crime, unemployment, poverty and the list goes on and on. Yet all this idiot can do is cause more conflict between us and the worst is the whole ANC government backs him? In my opinion the Malema’s and Terre’Blanche’s have no place in South African politics’.

  • HA B - 2011-04-19 02:39

    Winnie is past her sell by date and will do anything to warrant her position as an MP, besides attending to her duties in parliament. Amazing how she collect the young ones. First Stompie, now Dompie.

  • Andrew - 2011-04-19 02:48

    Here are some interesting facts about Comrade Winnie the child killer.

      Gatvol - 2011-04-19 03:23

      Very interesting reading. Shame she must be using the struggle as an excuse, and that earned her the right to be a MP in our parliament. Disgusting......

      Outop - 2011-04-19 05:25

      The laws in Canada prohibits anybody with a ciminal record to enter the country legally. Even nelson was refused.

      Samuisun - 2011-04-19 05:41

      This type of information should feature more in the public domain since it confirms what evil creature she really also highlights the inherent corrupt setup in the SAPS and the justice system....One thing is for sure - she is dangerous and extremely subversive and in all likelihood the main driver behind Malema, since she then controls the youth and the unemployed

  • Cronje - 2011-04-19 03:50

    Gatvol, I actually do 'give a damn' about her and Juju's and other of their sort's opinion as one can almost say: our lives depend on it(giving a damn). I don't see myself as a 'boer' but I am Afrikaans and I am white - everytime I hear them refer to, or singing that song it sends a chill down my spine - as if I've walked over my own grave. Then again I might be standing on it, because these sort of people may very well one day turn this country into another Ruanda and therefore one big mass grave. You go right ahead not giving a damn...

      Gatvol - 2011-04-19 06:56

      Cronje I share your sentiment, but I cant stomach their arrogance.

      nn.prv - 2011-04-19 08:30

      Get a life and realise that noone gives a damn about your fears and insecurities.It is your fear so deal with it and and stop telling us about yo unfounded prophecies .

  • slg - 2011-04-19 04:14

    Like she knows. She's a murderer of children and a megolomaniac.

  • Kevin Rack - 2011-04-19 04:44

    Nothing like a few tv cameras to bring out the clowns. The struggle is over, stop looking for enemies and playing victim and do your job. The ANC have lost the plot. They still think there is was instead of trying to, as by all thge protests, create jobs. Reminds me of burning Rome.

      Razzo Corporation - 2011-04-19 07:32

      'The struggle is over, stop looking for enemies and playing victim and do your job'!!!! Kev, that is the best I've heard in a while, brilliant stuff - send it to Helen as a campaign slogan! Pity the ANC masses are all 'illiterate' and won't e-understand...

  • dooadrian - 2011-04-19 04:50

    "..that racist music is considered an effective recruiting tool for the modern neo-Nazi and white supremacy movements, and a breeding ground for domestic terrorism in the United States?" Quote from Wikipedia. The problem is the illiterate and impressionable masses - they don't have the power of reason, so it's pointless questioning intelligent people in court about it - go question the masses how the song, or rhetoric or behavior from supposed leaders affects or influences them...

  • Outop - 2011-04-19 05:20

    She spends more time in court than she does in parlament

  • Father-Time - 2011-04-19 05:59

    Winnie is a child killer who got away with it, and these stupid sheep se her as a role model? The only illiterate fools on this country are the anc supporters.

  • Father-Time - 2011-04-19 06:00

    The struggle is over you racists, feed your people.

  • craig.thom1 - 2011-04-19 06:22

    So for example,the ANC wins in court does this mean that a song can be created (Shoot the township folk)which can be sung at rugby matches after the national anthem as part of nation building..silly really

  • advurt - 2011-04-19 06:31

    Winnie - just shut up - your stupidity becomes even more evident the moment you open your mouth. Once you're done there at the court and limelight, you can come wash my kitchen floors again - it's the only thing you're good for.

  • Thami Fraser - 2011-04-19 06:40

    The justifications offered by some ANC politicians to continue singing the “kill the boer” song at this time is very unfortunate and short sighted. Just given the general level of violent crime, and the high murder rate in our Country, none of us should be singing about killing. One understands that there was a time and a context for singing that song. But now is not the time to be singing that song. Now is a time for singing of Healing, Reconciliation and Nation building. Now is a time for singing of Hammering Swords into Plough Shears. Words are not as innocent and innocuous as some among us would have us believe. Words are powerful beyond imagination. Words have the power to speak Life, or death Let us speak words of Life. Words have the power to Build, or destroy Let us speak words that Build. Words have the power to Heal, or hurt Let us speak words that Heal. Words have the power to Bless, or curse Let us speak words that Bless.

      Badballie - 2011-04-19 07:17

      I wish more people had your attitude and perspective it would save a lot of pain and suffering in our country.

      maseratifitt - 2011-04-19 10:47

      Thami. Beautiful. Most individuals will heartily agree with you. The problem is politics. Politics is like a snake thrown into a group of people. They will scatter. They will be divided. Some will want to kill and burn the snake, some will want to use it for muti and some will want to save it to return it to the wild. In the meantime the snake will strike the people with its venom. South African politics is toxic and the snake is the ANC. Only one way to freedom: Depoliticize society and scrap archaic Party system.

      Rugged - 2011-04-19 12:41

      Thami - now YOU should be sitting in a parliamentry seat - perhaps even the president's chair.

  • daaivark - 2011-04-19 06:44

    Yada bloody yada.

  • mhlebe - 2011-04-19 06:47

    The anc is most probably very thanfull for the positive exposure this court case is giving them just before the elections.What a silly thing to do by the afri guys.they a most probably only realising it now.Could have told them the effect long before the time.silly people

      gizzy - 2011-04-19 08:54

      It's opening many people's eyes to the hypocracy of the ANC. People are also taking note of what this court case is costing. Most people I speak to (black and white) are gobsmacked that the ANC would waste so much money defending such a stupid song. A survey lately confirms what I am saying. 68% of the South African population don't like or want that song sung and believe it is hate speech. Take your ANC blinkers off for just one day, if at all possible.

      Together - 2011-04-19 12:24

      It IS great exposure - the voters get to see exactly what the ANC's priorities are, and they aren't houses, water, education or accountable governance. It is pure politics and power certainly don't translate down the ladder at all. Voters only exist to put them in the power seat and then they are forgotten or robbed of delivery.

  • ben petzer - 2011-04-19 07:08

    This is a total waste of tax payers money. The timing of this court case is being used to the ANC benefit ie. the run up to the elections. Throw it out of court to stop the waste and free political marketing.

  • JR - 2011-04-19 07:12

    Nou hoe nou. Dog die ou Regime het nie toegelaat dat JY literate raak nie. Wat weet jy van literacy?

  • sessisie - 2011-04-19 07:13

    With dialogue the ANC means they talk you listen!

  • Bilal - 2011-04-19 07:20

    It should be said, can she spell the words she speaks or does she learn it from Generations

  • citizen36M1 - 2011-04-19 07:20

    Winnie, Julius told the world that the Judges were ANC appointed and therefore he had nothing to fear. Now you are calling his Judges illiterate. What gives - so, the ANC deliberately appoints illiterate juducial staff why? So that they can control the courts? Thanks for exposing this to the world.

  • Slapper - 2011-04-19 07:23

    With a friend like Malema, she would know the meaning of illiterate!

  • Zion - 2011-04-19 07:38

    Would it ever be possible to teach Julius Malema the expression "used Inside" is Sub judice? And then comes Auntie Winnie and tells us the court is illiterate. The bottom feeders can never know there is a world of "know" strictly entrenched above them and that world they will never know because they only know the murky bottom of the pond. Reminds me of a poem written which describes a chicken in the egg. That egg is the entire universe to the chicken.

  • Louis Nel - 2011-04-19 07:39

    You have got to at least believe that a court is illiterate if you want to stand a chance of reinventing the meanings of words such as "boer" and "shoot".

  • Zee - 2011-04-19 07:39

    Eish wena Winnie, you cannot even pronounce the word "ILLITERATE" properly...

  • phillip.havenga - 2011-04-19 07:39

    To call the court illiterate in a derogatory fashion, which Winnie has done here shows that she has no respect for the laws of this country, which is very alarming seeing as she is part of the Government. I sincerely hope this isn't reflective of the ANC's values on a whole because if it is then we are all screwed black/white/Indian etc

      Zion - 2011-04-19 09:35

      And it is the struggle and revolution that re-invented the concept of court and justice. Like shooting yourself in the foot.

  • 360Jason - 2011-04-19 07:41

    "so we don't give enemies anything to talk about" What enemies? Does he mean opposition or haters? You cant have enemies in your own democratic republic unless its a terrorist splinter cell from another country or the like. This man either cant use the right words or he has some deep seated racial issues.

      Sally Fryer - 2011-04-19 09:42

      Actually 360Jason, both.