Woman arrested for scamming jobseekers

2012-02-26 13:51

Polokwane - A 53-year-old woman was arrested in Lebowakgomo in connection with defrauding job seekers, Limpopo police said on Sunday.

"The victims were made to pay R1000 in order to be employed as a clerk, receptionist or a driver in the department of agriculture [in] Lebowakgomo," said lieutenant colonel Mohale Ramatseba.

The woman was arrested by the Hawks on Saturday.

She had tricked 11 people since November last year while pretending to work for the department of agriculture, said Ramatseba.

The woman was expected to appear in the Thabamoopo Magistrate's Court in Lebowakgomo soon.

  • Mantsho - 2012-02-26 14:21

    Crime does not pay.

  • Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2012-02-26 14:24

    My Province, cry my beloved province.

      Joseph - 2012-02-26 14:52

      Nothing good ever comes out of that God forsaken province

  • Joseph - 2012-02-26 14:38

    is she nigerian? since we blame them for every crime in mzansi

  • Larry - 2012-02-26 14:48

    Typical, stealing from those who can afford it the least. This woman should get a very long Jail sentence, if found guilty.

  • danamalan - 2012-02-26 15:25

    The so-called "victims" should be arrested and charged as well, for attempted bribery. Where do they get off thinking they can "buy" a government job? Scum!

  • Bluemast - 2012-02-26 17:03

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn............................ What's new in SA?

  • Yolandè Rwaai - 2012-02-26 17:39

    There's plenty of them here in Jhb. Always putting up phony advertisements in newspapers & people are actually dumb/desperate enough to fall for it.

  • Brad.Kopping - 2012-02-26 19:05

    you've got to be really stupid to pay that amount of get a job!! o___O

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