Woman attacked by 6 dogs

2012-04-17 14:49

Pretoria - A woman was seriously injured when she was attacked by six dogs at a house in Lyttleton, Centurion on Tuesday, paramedics said.

"The woman had entered the yard while conducting business and was unaware of the presence of the dogs," said Netcare911 spokesperson Jeffrey Wicks.

He said the dogs latched onto the woman and pulled her to the ground.

She suffered multiple bite injuries and was taken to the Tswane district hospital in a serious condition.

  • kayceechick - 2012-04-17 14:53

    I didnt know 'breaking and entering' was now a 'business'?

      Koos - 2012-04-17 14:58

      "breaking and entering" actually is lucrative "business".

      CharlesDumbwin - 2012-04-17 15:20

      How did this 'business-woman', enter the premises? Did she call from the gate and wait to be attended to by the home owner? Or was she climbing the wall ???

      Ronald - 2012-04-17 15:40

      Philemon, if she was the domestic she would have known about the dogs. Read the article and do not assume.

      Tim - 2012-04-17 15:53

      Those dogs are racist and counter revolutionary. Kill them! Amandla! Bloody agents!! ...wonder what business she was conducting on someone else's premise?

      Susan - 2012-04-17 16:04

      Philemon how do you know she was a domestic, where you there??

      Peter-Peter - 2012-04-17 16:13

      GOOD BOYS!!!/GIRLS!!! teach that intruder a lesson!!!

      lydonmcg - 2012-04-17 16:24

      Ehm...maybe she's an estate agent with keys to the property or something of the sort?

      Bruce - 2012-04-17 16:42

      How do you know she was"breaking and entering"?

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 07:43

      Now that the facts are known..... Don't so many of you haters feel like dropkicks?

      Thato - 2012-04-18 09:19

      Bluzulu PLEASE Say that again**** Louder so that these racist Idiots can hear you clearly... NxA!!!

      Farmworker - 2012-04-18 10:08

      Well now that the victim is known to be Tracey Hoeflaken, Was she breaking in? I bet now they will blame the dog owner that he did not put sign. Who is eating humble/rotten pie now?

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 12:01

      This lesson will never been learnt by some, Tis unfortunate.

      Thato - 2012-04-18 13:18

      @ Racist comments:- wanna borrow my gotta chew on something in this situation....oh even better, go eat grass***

  • Koos - 2012-04-17 14:55

    Ag no, now the dogs will be blamed.

      phumlanii - 2012-04-17 15:36

      Who would you blame?

      Ronald - 2012-04-17 15:42

      @Phumlanii.The person that entered the yard that is supposed to have an IQ higher than the dogs.

      Philemon - 2012-04-17 15:50

      The dogs must be put to sleep. The owners must be blamed for lack of controlling them. Who is going to pay for this poor womens medical expenses?

      Sharon - 2012-04-17 15:52

      If I visit people and I am not sure about whether there are dogs on the premises, I stay outside the gate! We have big dogs, and if people want to enter our yard without our consent, then I wash my hands.

      phumlanii - 2012-04-17 16:02

      It was just a question.

      Leo - 2012-04-17 16:12

      Koss, who do you suggest should take bleme??The government? THose dogs should have bullets in their brains by nw b4 more ppl fall victim to their wicked ways.

      Patrick - 2012-04-17 16:28

      @Leo - "b4 more ppl fall victim to their wicked ways" - Yes, sentient dogs with murder on their minds! Lol, my word this made me laugh, thank you for brightening my afternoon, very funny indeed.

      jaco.duplessis2 - 2012-04-17 16:47

      Not the dogs fault - they just protect their property. If no warning signs on the gate/s, it is the owners fault and they should take responsibility. If there were warning signs on gate/s, then it is the person who enter the premises fault.

  • Newsmonger - 2012-04-17 14:56

    She should have been escourted into the property, failing that the dogs did what they where supposed to protect the owner and house.

  • Irene - 2012-04-17 15:01

    Hope the dogs are okay.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-17 15:07

      Typical Irene remark,

      Irene - 2012-04-17 15:12

      bluzulu ~ Thanks, but you can keep your NZ passport. Why have you got one if you're so proudly 'African'.?

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-17 15:20

      @bluzulu. why dont you and Irene hook and date? U are always pretend to be on each other's throat, yet you love each other. PS: I'm available to be the "best man"

      Patrick - 2012-04-17 15:21

      @Bluzulu - I'll claim it!

      Irene - 2012-04-17 15:21

      bluzulu ~ You 'earned' it. Interesting word you use because it shows how much you value it.

      Irene - 2012-04-17 15:31

      bluzulu ~ Calling two countries your home? Two passports? Sounds to me like you've got a foot in the door in a country that isn't your actual home. Wonder why that is? Best you don't tell your bruddahs that because they won't be too happy with your dual citizenship.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-17 15:33

      What it seems to you Irene.....Makes absolutely NO difference at all.....CYA.

      Irene - 2012-04-17 15:41

      bluzulu ~ Did I touch a nerve there? Don't have the guts to BS your way out of that one? I exposed you for the hypocrite you are and then you duck? At least we all know what you're about big mouth.

      Patrick - 2012-04-17 15:46

      So I'm not getting the passport?

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-17 15:51

      @Patrick, stay out of this BLUrene "flirting"

      Philemon - 2012-04-17 15:53

      @Irene; Why wouldn't they be OK? They are not the ones recovering in ICU!

      Desiree - 2012-04-17 16:12

      Wow that is really a nasty thing to say, I bet you are not a South African.

      raegan.mcreed - 2012-04-17 16:17

      desiree can i whisk you off to paris with me?

      bluzulu - 2012-04-17 17:07

      The one outstanding difference between RSA and Artearoa is that the Female component of the Public are Liberal as opposed to RSA as here the Females seem to be the Matriarchal agitators. Not a good look for some RSA females.

      Marion - 2012-04-17 17:31

      @bluzulu - your last comment ... ???

      bluzulu - 2012-04-17 18:00

      OOPS, Some RSA woman...SOME.... The difference between RSA females and Kiwi Females is massive though Marion,

      jaco.duplessis2 - 2012-04-17 18:10

      Irene, you are a complete idiot!

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 06:36

      So many posters here are ankle deep in Doggy DooDoo........ Lesson here;Think before yous post.

  • Marion - 2012-04-17 15:03

    Very traumatic experience. Hope she recovers both physically and psychologically. Can't believe that they are allowed 6 dogs on on one property (unless it is a plot). In Joburg we are allowed a maximum of 2 pets per residential property.

      Blink - 2012-04-17 15:11

      Ag Marion please stop being such a tannie. Why don't you start knitting or collecting stamps?!

      joneethling - 2012-04-17 15:28

      Marion, here is not the place for civilised comments. The Sh1t for brains racists live here with their irrational fears and their 6 dogs.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-17 15:29

      I was attacked by a dog when I was still attending school and still today have an inherent fear of unknown dogs,,,,,Love my dogs.

      Marion - 2012-04-17 15:34

      @Blink. At my age I am a grandma already, not a tannie. Why don't you go sit in the corner and play with a pit bull or two? @bluzulu - Both my sister and I were bitten in the face by dogs when we were little and, as an adult, I had the misfortune of seeing an old woman being attacked by two rottweillers. I love my own dogs but am terrified of any other big dog as a result.

      Desiree - 2012-04-17 16:03

      Maximum 2 dogs per townhouse, 4 dogs per house with a large back yard, and front yard, max 6 dogs per plot. However, they are lenient towards the amount of dogs you have if you are able to look after them properly, as there is a huge crisis in this country with homeless dogs. That's what I saw on a spca show on dstv a while back

      Marion - 2012-04-17 16:19

      Thanks for that info Desiree.

  • Jenny - 2012-04-17 15:04

    I wonder what business this woman was conducting?

      Vastar - 2012-04-17 15:40

      The same business that the six dogs were doing on the grass. That's what got them so upset.

  • johncarlos.biza - 2012-04-17 15:04

    Pitbulls at it again. The world is better off without that breed

      Shirley - 2012-04-17 15:17


      Patrick - 2012-04-17 15:19

      Where did it say pitbulls?

      trixie.stathakis.osterloh - 2012-04-17 15:22

      Where does it state that the dogs were Pit Bulls? Also if you had ANY idea of the breed you would know that they are NOT aggressive dogs but are very LOYAL so they work to please their owners. If the owners raise them to be aggressive towards people then they will be out of obedience. This world is better off without ignorant people.

      Denise - 2012-04-17 16:07

      who said they were pitbulls??

      Mike - 2012-04-17 16:10

      All six were Chihuahuas, they are dangerous in a pack!

      Brendon - 2012-04-17 16:11

      Hi john Pitbulls are actually human friendly , and are dog aggressive! they dont actually attack humans only if agrevated! like all dogs my friend , so stop blaming pitbulls all the time get your facts straight!

      johncarlos.biza - 2012-04-17 18:56

      It's as likely to be pitbulls as a criminal is likely to be male. That breed has earned its reputation. Do not crucify me for it.

  • Carla - 2012-04-17 15:05

    Isn't there a limit on the number of dogs allowed on residential properties? Hope she makes a speedy recovery.

      Carla - 2012-04-17 15:25

      Wow! So many thumbs down for asking a question!!! :) In our area, you're allowed a max of 3 dogs, hence the question. I didn't blame the dogs, didn't blame the lady. The level of negativity on these forums is astounding!

      Marion - 2012-04-17 15:36

      Moi next thing you'll be told to stop being such a tannie and to take up knitting or stamp collecting.

      Carla - 2012-04-17 15:52

      Well, I do knit already, so no problem there! :) Don't know if I fit the age requirement for a tannie though.

      Marion - 2012-04-17 16:20


      Compos - 2012-04-17 16:22

      @ Moi Stop being such a tannie... LOL

      Liz - 2012-04-17 17:08

      Moi I think you got the thumbs down for wishing her a speedy recovery! (That's soft tannie talk ) The negativity astounds me too - but we must all remember (and this is also tannie talk) that what people send out to others usually comes back to them !

  • Olive - 2012-04-17 15:06

    What business was she conducting - surely if it was business the owner would have been aware that she was coming round and let her in . BUT now the poor dogs will be blamed and punished for this woman's stupidity.

      di.heuser - 2012-04-17 17:30

      Olive, that is my sister you are talking about. See my comment below.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-17 20:00

      Sorry for your Sister and the Family, Di. Hopefully a quick and full recovery. I will apologize for some of our fellow South African Citizens.

  • Jozi - 2012-04-17 15:10

    guys some of your comments are bizzare, I understand that we all upset about farm atacks and corruption. A little compasion for this woman is in order. Hope she recover's soon.

      phumlanii - 2012-04-17 15:49

      @ Sobholenyoni, how do you know that she was a thief?

      Wayne - 2012-04-17 15:55

      @phumlanii How did the dogs know she was not a thief?

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-17 15:57

      @Phumlani, leave the old man alone. He's having a bad day.

      Sobholenyoni - 2012-04-17 16:00

      a@Phumlanii. Obviously the owners of the house were not aware of her presence. She had no appointment. She did not even bother to wait to be walked in. So what do you call that? This is not township my friend where you go around conducting business in people's house without permission

  • Wayne - 2012-04-17 15:15

    If she was conducting business at a private residance, then she should have been escorted in by someone from the house. My dogs are fine if I let people in, not so welcoming if people want come in on their own. That's why we have them, for security as well as pets. They are just protecting their domain. It has nothing to do with the breed by the way.

      Sanet - 2012-04-17 16:08

      Agreed! Breed cannot be blamed. My 2 will also take you down if they dont know you. If I go to a house where I am not well known by the animals there is no way that I will go in without the owners either being with me or with them putting their dogs away. Having 2 big ones of my own, I know not the blindly trust another mans dog.

  • Shirley - 2012-04-17 15:16

    Whats the odds the dogs will be put down!!! That was private property,dogs are there to protect it and if she failed to see NOT 1 but 6 large dogs then she has learnt the hard way. In business its the norm to call ahead and make an appointment! Please dont put the dogs down!!!!

  • Charlie - 2012-04-17 15:19

    Sjoe, I wonder if the hateful remarks will remain the same if the follow up on this article reveals that it was an old white lady who was going door to door for donations?

      Charlie - 2012-04-17 15:22

      For the Jacaranda kinderhuis...

      kayceechick - 2012-04-17 15:25

      She still should have knocked!! Trespassing is trespassing no matter who does it!

      Charlie - 2012-04-17 15:28

      kaycee, read the racist undertone with which some of the comments are written. You would swear this is the nuus24 site...

      Jozi - 2012-04-17 15:42

      She should of knocked on the outside gate? Skool is belangrik, a few of you need to go and ask for your school fees back.

      Albert - 2012-04-17 15:43

      You insinuate that all Afrikaans speaking people are racist... Is'nt that a bit prejudiced or are you just totally uninformed and desperately looking for attention?

      Bryan - 2012-04-17 15:53

      Doesnt matter dude... You dont enter someones property without calling ahead... Thats a dumb comment if I ever heard one!!

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-17 16:04

      @Samurai, hahahaha @ nuus24....

      Charlie - 2012-04-17 16:06

      No, BushBoy - I insinuate that the worst of the Afrikaner population come out to play on the Afrikaans site.

  • siyadyosiba - 2012-04-17 15:30

    Poor woman. Hope she recovers quickly. The owner must lock up his gates if he has such dangerous animals around.

      alex.gous - 2012-04-17 16:06

      Perhaps the gate was locked. Perhaps there were signs indicating dangerous dogs. However in a residential area you are not allowed more than four dogs. Wonder what the rest of the story is...

      Susan - 2012-04-17 16:16

      The women entered a property that had dogs, the dogs did not attack the women outside the property... helps to read the story before you comment!!Siya

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-17 16:31

      @Susan, what does being humane mean? Does it bring delight that she entered the property without permission and got severely injured from the dogs bites?

  • HugoMabasa - 2012-04-17 15:31

    what was the nature of the business?

      Jozi - 2012-04-17 15:45

      She was selling broom sticks she made, the bristles were weaved together with straw. R15.99 buddy!

  • sfrancisco2 - 2012-04-17 15:35

    People should not just enter a premises< who the hell walks onto a property that is not theirs and with dogs, oh wait were the dogs hiding. they fail to mention what type of dog

  • phumlanii - 2012-04-17 15:46

    Pity this forum doesn't show those who disapprove of other's comments. I see there are a lot of thumbs down when one feels sorry for the woman. I don't want to generalise now, but I'd think that the dog is more important than a human being.

      Wayne - 2012-04-17 16:12

      Phumlanni I think you are missing the point, I think if the lady was walking in a public area and the same dogs got out and attacked her, then for sure that would be unacceptable and the owner would need to take accountability for the actions and possibly against the dogs. However in this case it seems she entered a private residance and the dogs protected it. Its a pity she has been injured in this situation but surely she sould have know not to just enter someone property. Surely it cannot be the dogs fault for doing what they do naturally and protect their domain.

      di.heuser - 2012-04-17 17:32

      I doubt you would say a dog is more important than a human being if it was your sister in that situation. This woman IS my sister. Read my comment below.

  • Virginia - 2012-04-17 15:47

    Wish to heavens people stopped assuming it's ok to enter a property for whatever reason. Unless invited by the owner - def. breaking and entering! Last time this woman will be so forward! Just hope the dogs are not punished for protecting their property.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-04-17 15:48

    Any person who enters someone else's property without being greeted or announcing their arrival and waiting to be let in deserves what they get. In a country with arguably the worst crime rates in the world, one expects there to be security measures including dogs.

  • Jacqueline - 2012-04-17 15:54

    I usually ignore racist comments and posts on News24 but for once I can say I am seriously taken aback by many comments on this article. Nowhere in the article does it state the ethnicity, occupation(other than business), age or information. Nor does it clarify if it was a wire fence, garden gate or electronic gate/lock. People are automatically assuming she was black, a thief and/or domestic worker. Neither does it state the breed of dogs. Spaniels are know to be quite vicious towards strangers. As are labradors, french poodles, dobermans, rotweilers, weimeraners, alsations, great danes, staffies and pitbulls to name a few!

      DrGonzoSA - 2012-04-17 16:12

      And it doesn't state if the owner was there or not.

      Marion - 2012-04-17 16:23

      Many thumbs up Libratwin.

      freda.coetzee - 2012-04-17 16:25

      Thank you least someone who agree's with me. Poor lady

      Jacqueline - 2012-04-17 16:46

      I totally agree that she should not have entered the premises without the owner being there, which is still not known but to "crucify" the woman this way is ridiculous and makes me think of a "mob" mentality.

      jaco.duplessis2 - 2012-04-17 18:25

      There is not much hope for this country if the comments on this article represents the mentality of the average white person in SA

  • marga.goss - 2012-04-17 15:58

    Conducting what business ?

  • bnnyoni - 2012-04-17 15:59

    she is a white woman and she was selling fat cakes.

      raegan.mcreed - 2012-04-17 16:04

      you mean black women selling ma -dom -balls, vetkoek and magwinya's....

      Jayson - 2012-04-17 16:12

      And you are racist SOB. Irrespective of her color. She was hurt. Wtf.

  • Pieter - 2012-04-17 16:07

    what business did she conduct,glad she didn't get shot.!!

  • Mart - 2012-04-17 16:07

    If she entered onto or into the property without the express consent of the tenant then....her arse....she got what she deserved. Everyone should have a 'Right of Admission Reserved' clearly displayed on their front entrance/gate door. This sign is not a negotiation or invitation, it is an instruction..... that you are not welcome unless you have been welcomed. It's not furkin rocket science, are idiots getting thicker by the day ?

      Sharon - 2012-04-17 16:13

      We have a board on our gate, it says: Buggar the dog, beware of the owner!

  • Leo - 2012-04-17 16:09

    i bet the owner of the dogz is a white person.

      Mike - 2012-04-17 16:15

      And so?

      Irene - 2012-04-17 16:16

      And this is a problem?

      Shirley - 2012-04-17 16:57

      The owner of the dogs didnt do the biting!

  • Kitz.WT - 2012-04-17 16:10

    All these comments about having the dogs put down... WHY should the dogs be put down when all they were doing is protecting their owner? I truly hope this poor lady makes a full recovery, but in all honesty, you shouldnt be walking onto someone else's property like that, no matter what "business" you may or may not be conducting.

  • agueorguiev - 2012-04-17 16:11

    Poor woman,can only imagine the pain she's in :( Did the property not have a warning sign? It should have if there were such fierce dogs guarding it..and, if it's not a law or a city by-law yet, it should be! She might have thought twice before entering,then.

      Wayne - 2012-04-17 16:19

      It amazes me how common logic has changed in the world. Why should their need to a be sign warning people not to come onto MY property uninvited. So if she came into the property uninvited and fell in the swimming pool and drowned should there have been a sign warning people I have a pool.

      agueorguiev - 2012-04-17 16:53

      Comparing apples with pears makes no sense, Wayne. If you had an acid pool that could kill people, then obviously you should have a sign. When there are such fierce dogs on the loose, there should be a sign...unless the owner has ulterior motives. Having a fierce dog or 6 of them, is not having a pet. The article does not state that the woman attacked the owner, so what protection did he require from his "pets"?

      Shirley - 2012-04-17 17:01

      Dont know where you live-most people keep dogs for protection and pets. A well trained dog is still a pet. If you are dumb enough to enter private property-take the consequences! Police dogs will do serious damge when attacking a criminal,yet the same dogs go home to the policemans home and family. You obviously kbow very little about dogs,entering private property and common sense!

      Wayne - 2012-04-17 17:07

      The pool does not have to have accid in to drown, the article says she was bitten on the leg, maybe there where six poodles, you missing the point I should not have to worry about it on my own property. If there where on the loose as you say I would agree with you but they where not. So what you are saying is that if someone comes into my house uninvited there should be a sign warning them I have dogs, maybe snakes, maybe a gun, maybe a tazer, maybe a crossbow and if by mistake, because they are uninvited they get hurt it will be my fault. Whether its my property or inside my house it belongs to me and the environement I create for my family and myself has nothing to do with anyone else if it does not bother my neighbors and other people respect my property like decent society should. Even if there where no dogs are you saying it should be okay for a stranger to enter your property. By the way dogs will protect your property whether you are there or not.

      Wayne - 2012-04-17 17:16

      @agueorguiev Correction it was not her leg it says they latched onto her and pulled her to the ground.

      jaco.duplessis2 - 2012-04-17 18:35

      Wayne, if you know your dogs are dangerous it just makes sense to put a warning on your gates (like I did) because you don't want your dogs to attack somebody who might enter your premises. Why do you feel that that is too much of an effort to save a life? A child (without common logic) who kicked his ball into this person's yard and tried to recover it might have been attached - would you also be OK with it?

      Wayne - 2012-04-18 08:16

      @jaco, I do have a sign and my gates are always locked, to protect the property and my dogs are not dangerous, we have people at our house often with children playing with the dogs. The point is I would not want my dogs to bite anyone but if a person enters the property without permission the dogs will do what instictly do and that is protect their domain, it cannot be the owners fault. The same point with the pool, if the child jumped over my wall and drowned in the pool, I would be devastated,I think society has lost respect for the basic things in life like respecting other peoples property and space. When they break those basic rules and are impacted people point fingers instead of looking at the action that caused the incident. It seems maybe this lady new the people but not the dogs.

      meredith.r.pollock - 2012-04-18 21:39

      Well if you want to call chihuahuas fierce, ok then LOL... Regardless whether there is a sign or not no one has the right to just enter someone's property, apparently she was there to pick up her car, maybe if she had actually arranged a specific time with the owners & called out to them when she arrived this all could have been avoided - common sense, but sadly today common sense is possessed by few & is like a supernatural power...

  • zaakiro - 2012-04-17 16:19

    This article doesn't make mention as to what business she was conductiong, nor does it say if she was a domestic. This article doesn't even stipulate whether it was a black/coloured/white/indian/chinese already everyone is coming with their racist remarks.... What happens if it's a white women, what happens to all those anti-black remarks? What if its a black women who isn't a domestic and was conducting legal business, what happens to those remarks? What if it was a domestic who is black, and was just entering the premises where she works, what wrong has she done, what happens to those remarks? Why are we so quick to judge with only a portion of the facts, actually this story only tells us it was a women, 6 dogs and she was conducting business....which are not much to work on. The problem with South Africa, is not the blacks, the whites, the indians...its all of us and our attitude towards one another. People need to grow out of that racial bubble and accept each other, otherwise you will live a sad life.

      raegan.mcreed - 2012-04-17 16:29

      take a chill pill bra zaaks!

      jaco.duplessis2 - 2012-04-17 18:39

      Raegan.mcreed, Zaakirinho is only as worried as myself at the level of intelligence and racism of the majority of people on this News24 site!

      goldwright - 2012-04-17 22:15

      raegan, zaakirhino is asking some legitimate questions which have nothing to do with him needing to take a chill pill. Maybe you have taken too many chill pills - is that what your sunglasses are hiding?

      raegan.mcreed - 2012-04-18 06:11

      @akaRags ... when (A) and (B) are posting comments i suppose you should (C) your self out of the equation , 'numskull''

  • freda.coetzee - 2012-04-17 16:20

    Can I ask...who said the lady was black.Stop the Racist sh**t. Does not matter who it is it i very sad.

  • Denis - 2012-04-17 16:21

    Too many questions left unanswered...was this woman alone when she was bitten or was she in the company of a resident to the property? What business was she conducting there? Who had openned for her or told her to enter through the gate (maybe she rung the intercom and someone openned for her).

  • Jacky - 2012-04-17 16:27

    Irene/Bluzulu you have lost the plot this was about you but about the lady the was bitten????

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-17 16:33

      those two need a room to take care of themselves.

  • Annelize - 2012-04-17 16:33

    Who is allowed to have 6 dogs anyway?

  • Elkieta - 2012-04-17 16:34

    She must have seen them but still entered.What is wrong with her

  • di.heuser - 2012-04-17 17:17

    You idiots need to get all the facts before you judge. That woman is my sister and she is badly hurt. She did NOT break in the house. The gate was open so she went in. She came to fetch her car. How would you feel if it was one of your family members? Diana Heuser

      Marion - 2012-04-17 17:35

      Di, I hope that your sister recovers fully from this terrible ordeal. To the idiot who gave you a thumbs down all I can say is that he/she is a sorry excuse for a human being and I hope his/her mother is extremely proud of her offspring.

      Mike - 2012-04-17 17:52

      Di please give us a few more facts. When you say the gate was open, was it physically open or unlocked? Was she aware that there were dogs present when she entered the premises and if so, did she see them before entering? You mention she came to fetch her car so was she familiar with the property? As a matter of interest what dogs were they? Hope she recovers well!

      di.heuser - 2012-04-17 17:56

      Thank you Marion, Just reading all the foul comments on this site (with the few exceptions) makes me realise what a sad, pathetic world we live in when there is no compassion for people who have got hurt regardless of their skin colour. I am quite sure that if it was their family they would have reacted differently. What you sow, so shall you reap. To the others that showed compassion, you are the people that will make this country great.

      Marion - 2012-04-17 18:04

      @DanielDennett - you are totally out of line. Think you're clever don't you with your 'six chihuahua's' comment. No one owes you any facts.

      johncarlos.biza - 2012-04-17 21:35

      News24 is a sick is where the scum asylum. I doubt the average man on the street would react this way to your tragedy. Watch them give well-meaning comments a thumbs down. Well wishes.

      kensong.ben - 2012-04-17 21:38

      Honnestly do the morons , half baked idiots hiding behind the keyboard even rub 2 brain cells together before posting such outrageous comments ? For god sake this poor woman didn,t look for it..hv compassion or just shove it where it belong..gezzz

      kensong.ben - 2012-04-17 21:40

      Honnestly do the morons , half baked idiots hiding behind the keyboard even rub 2 brain cells together before posting such outrageous comments ? For god sake this poor woman didn,t look for it..hv compassion or just shove it where it belong..gezzz

  • thozamile - 2012-04-17 17:20

    OMG, I wish her a speed recovery!

  • gillian.sanderson - 2012-04-17 17:35

    OMG! I have never read such a load of sh*t! Seriously guys, if you dont have anything constructive or at least semi-decent to say - then why bother at all? So much hatred - so little time = very sad indeed :(

  • Msika - 2012-04-17 18:04

    ARREST the careless owner and TAKE these dogs away. If u have 6 dangerous dogs, why leave the gate opened/unlocked.

  • meredith.r.pollock - 2012-04-17 18:09

    Get the message - STAY OUT - you have lost nothing on our premises... She was on the property so the dogs were within their rights, no need for any action to be taken against the dogs.. Well Done dogs, that's what you are there for, hope your owners rewarded you with nice big juicy bones!!! @Philemon - Go back to school & learn how to read!!! Read the damn article before commenting!!!

  • anish.nirta - 2012-04-17 18:18

    So what?????

  • manluckysm - 2012-04-17 18:39

    Thats enough guys STOP being judgemental.Lets put ourselves in her shoes

  • manluckysm - 2012-04-17 18:39

    Thats enough guys STOP being judgemental.Lets put ourselves in her shoes

  • manluckysm - 2012-04-17 18:43

    Thats enough guys STOP being judgemental.Lets put ourselves in her shoes

  • Leandrie De Souza - 2012-04-17 18:48

    I work in the pharmacy where we helped her while waiting for the ambulance and I had to see her wounds. No normal dog would attack a person like that. You have no right to judge her. Why is there 6 dogs when you are only allowed to own 3?

  • meredith.r.pollock - 2012-04-17 19:00

    Whilst i do have some sympathy for this woman, i am sorry but i don't care if you black, white, pink or purple, if you set foot on my property without my knowledge & my dogs attack you, they are doing their job, even if the gates were open, if she was fetching her car she should have known there were dogs there from when she dropped off her car.. If there are dogs make sure the owner meets you outside its as simple as that, so Di get off your high horse, your sister was in the wrong, why put the blame on the dogs for human stupidity!!! I'm sorry but i am so sick of animals always having to take the blame for human stupidity!!!

      di.heuser - 2012-04-17 19:30

      Don't you READ Meredith? She went to fetch her car. There was no warning sign on the gate and the gate was unlocked. I am not blaming the dogs. I am blaming the owner.

      meredith.r.pollock - 2012-04-17 20:39

      Well Di I am blaming your sister, if you are going to a strange property just use your brain and think, if you don't know if there are dogs or you see dogs stay outside and get the owners attention from outside.. There are no pills for stupid, your sister made a stupid mistake by entering a strange property unattended by the owner!!! If I have to pick up my car at a home I am sure as hell not going to just enter the property, I will prearrange with the owner to be there at a certain time and then I will get their attention from outside so that they can escort me onto there property... You know, no one has died from using their brain yet.. How can you blame the owner, it was your sister who didn't think for herself.. A hard lesson to learn, use your brain it won't kill you!!!!

      meredith.r.pollock - 2012-04-17 22:29

      Well Janine, sorry that you can't see common sense in what i've said, pity you obviously fall among the majority to whom common sense is not so common but keep trying, i'm sure you'll eventually get there!!!

      chantelle.joubertdreyer - 2012-04-18 04:08

      I agree 100% with Meredith. I'm not even going to comment further. The situation speaks for itself. I just wish people would acknowledge their own daftness when its called for and send their video clips in to 'What was I thinking', 'Why did it happen to me', 'Destroyed in seconds' and 'I was bitten'. Ggggg.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 06:38

      Meredith; You are clearly in the wrong here, apologize and move on.

      meredith.r.pollock - 2012-04-18 09:10

      @Chantelle, thank you, someone with common sense and a brain, as for you Bluzulu, what the hell are you smoking?????? Common sense speaks for itself here, why is it that always the owner or the dogs get blamed in cases like this but never the idiots who didn't use their brains?????? This woman was at fault, next time she will hopefully think for herself!! Come on grow a brain dude... This is always the case, the actual person at fault always tries to put the blame on someone or something else, take responsibility for your own actions!!!! FFS are you all that thick that you can't actually see that this woman made an error in judgement and is now paying for it, except that her sister is now trying to lay the blame everywhere else except where it belongs - with her own sister!!! Wake up, seriously you can't all be that dof!!!

  • di.heuser - 2012-04-17 20:12

    I am stunned by the complete lack of humanity by some people on this comment thread so I will leave you with this thought "What people write on the internet for others to see really is more an indication of the tpe of person they are than the type of person you are." To those of you who have no compassion I truly hope that it does not happen to you or one of your family members, because if it does, you WILL remember this moment.

      Liz - 2012-04-17 20:55

      @di. I am so sorry you had to read all (and answer some) of the vitriole spewed out here about this incident. I have come to the conclusion that there are numbers of borderline or not so borderline psychopaths who frequent this forum - maybe it gives them some sort of kick to flaunt their complete lack of compassion or understanding at every opportunity. I hope your sister recovers from her physical injuries and also from the trauma of the experience. Strength to you both!

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 06:40

      Unfortunately Di; This is how some interact with other Citizens. Fortunately these fanatics are a minor % of the public.

  • goldwright - 2012-04-17 20:40

    Unfortunately what with the circumstances in this country, and with the high crime rate and people not feeling safe in their own homes, they feel they are justified to keep dogs, and a pack of six dogs is always going to be somewhat dangerous, especially to outsiders & even to their owners, if they are not looked after properly. As tragic as it is for the lady who was attacked, the pack of six dog was obviously protecting their turf, - at the end of the day, dogs will ALWAYS have that WILD instinct in them, more so in a pack. However, dog owners DO have that responsibility, as well though, to ensure their dogs do not harm innocent people - surely you are asking for trouble having your gate open with six dogs around? Until the crime rate is lower though, in this country, people WILL keep dogs as "security systems". If it was a criminal climbing over gates and walls & up to no good, I would say good riddance, but in this case, this lady is an unfortunate victim and I hope she recovers from her injuries.

  • bluzulu - 2012-04-18 06:36

    So many posters here are ankle deep in Doggy DooDoo........ Lesson here;Think before yous post.

  • Lorain - 2012-04-18 07:27

    LMAO i love the comments on here, all of you commented in this manner because you assumed that the woman was black,when it trnaspires that she's actually white the silence will be deafening.

  • Liko - 2012-04-18 10:04

    why not make an appointment - i thought whites work like that! di mojele hee dintja tsa mmate wa hae

  • Yolandi - 2012-04-18 10:10

    Why can't people be civilized on online forums? You shouldn't be making jokes or blaming anybody (dogs or the woman). This news story doesn't say much at all, so stop making your own assumptions if you don't know the details. Wait for the full story to come out. O, and those that click on the "thumbs down" icon for my comment are the kind of people I just mentioned. Negative people that think they know everything without knowing all the facts.