Woman crushed to death by cement truck

2012-05-28 07:25

Johannesburg - A woman was killed and four others injured on Sunday when the car they were travelling in was crushed by a cement truck in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, paramedics said.

"A cement truck was travelling down New Greytown Road in Pietermaritzburg when the driver is believed to have lost control and the truck then crossed the centre median of the road," said ER24 spokesperson Vanessa Jackson.

The truck then hit the car and rolled on top of it, with four occupants inside. A fifth person was ejected from the car, before the cement truck rolled, and suffered moderate injuries.

"Fire and Rescue workers immediately began the process of cutting through the metal in order for paramedics to free the trapped patients," said Jackson.

The woman had been sitting in the back of the car and was declared dead on the scene.

Her husband, sitting next to her, was critically injured. The two people sitting in the front, believed to be a brother and sister, suffered moderate injuries and were in stable conditions.

The four injured were taken to hospitals in the area for further care, said Jackson.

The driver of the cement truck was not found on the scene. The accident occurred around 18:30.
Police were investigating.

  • Janice - 2012-05-28 07:38

    Shame man, how awful, a family on an outing that ended in such tragedy, and where is the driver of the cement truck!!!???

      Martin - 2012-05-28 08:29

      Truck driver ran away ?...find him, charge with murder send him away for life. Truck driver was obviously drunk or stoned so he was afraid and ran away. Automatic murder charge, throw away the key. Done. Time to stop effing about !

      Ec - 2012-05-28 12:04

      "lost control" ..... opposed to "had control". Carefully rething this statement - what an absolute oxymoron - pardon the pun.

  • thechrisberryshow - 2012-05-28 07:40

    I feel sick reading about these accidents that happen because some moron, who is put in control of a multi ton truck, without the skill or intelligence required to operate it - Condolence's to all involved (except the driver - who deserves nothing but a fat slap and a lifelong prison sentence)

  • Thadelphukem - 2012-05-28 07:49

    The roads are becoming a one way trip to the morgue and its the innocent ones who suffer the most!!! Whats unbelievable is that the drive fled the scene... May the families involved try find peace in this traumatic time... My thoughts and prayers are with you all...

  • Jamie - 2012-05-28 07:52

    Cement truck, or Ready Mixed Concrete truck - significant difference ?

      Janice - 2012-05-28 09:28

      Intelligent comment - NOT!!!

  • Dooie - 2012-05-28 07:53

    How fast was this ass driving then? They always "seem to have lost control" over the vehicle!

  • John - 2012-05-28 07:57

    It is time that mandatory charges of murder are laid against the driver whenever someone is killed in an accident. That taxi driver who crossed the train level-crossing is a great example. Furhermore, if the driver is found to be incompetent or uncapapable to legaly drive the vehicle then the same charges should be laid against the directors of the company.

  • Abdul - 2012-05-28 08:04

    Just another statistic.....unfortunately. Our road deaths have reached epic proportions with the NDoT reporting that we now looking at 16000 a year, up from 14000. WHen do we take action...and the correct action. Driver edcuation is key. A privately funded and managed website wwwfatalmovesdotcom is taking driver edcuation to new heights. take a look at upadted site wwwfatalmovesdotcom

  • Michele - 2012-05-28 08:26

    Someone was telling me that the standards required for getting a code 10 have dropped so significantly that ordinary non-truck driving people are doing that test instead of the normal motor vehicle test. This goes to show. Job creation by lowering safety standards?

  • Faatima - 2012-05-28 08:27

    ...and the driver is missing, says alot !!! What does the cement truck Company have to say ??? My thoughts & prayers to the families.

  • patricia.maxion - 2012-05-28 12:23


  • stampalex - 2012-05-28 12:57

    ...And true to the culture of the driver (note I do not know what race he is nor do I care at all), being unable to face what he is responsible for - he runs away.PoS!!

  • Susan - 2012-05-28 12:58

    I know the area very well, construction is going on for over a year, there is not much space for vehicles, can't they get done already...

  • Irene - 2012-05-28 13:05

    This morning on my way to work, I once again had to deal with tragedy. A woman rolled her car and fell from her car - only to be hit by an on comming vehicle. Her body parts all over the road... Seat Belt would have, could have saved her life. People PLEASE!!! drive carefully and do not take chances.

  • Dianne - 2012-05-28 13:56

    Tragic.......sad loss of life. RIP

  • bmaestro - 2012-05-28 15:19


  • rose.govender.7 - 2012-06-13 22:13

    FYI.... The husband passed away later on that night. Those poor kids lost both parents. The company is to blame as well for putting an incompetent fool behind the wheel!!!

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