Woman's body covered with bin bag

2012-11-07 18:22

Johannesburg - A 61-year-old woman was found murdered in Potchefstroom, North West police said on Wednesday.

Spokesperson Pelonomi Makau said the decomposing body of Maria Catherine Maree had been found on Tuesday, placed under a bed and covered with a black plastic bag.

"The victim's neighbour reported her missing on 30 October and after a thorough police search, the body was found at her house with head injuries."

Her three dogs were also found dead, covered with black plastic bags, inside the house.

There were no marks on the dogs.

"The woman's cellphone and her car were missing.

"Investigations are continuing," Makau said.

  • malcolm.williams.144 - 2012-11-07 18:31

    After a thorough police search her body was found at home 7 DAYS LATER!

      BulletProof. - 2012-11-07 19:56

      They are very clever aren't they and this is with hard crime , when this happens with soft crime like fraude, they don't even look at it, I CAN PROVE.

  • rudi.wet.5 - 2012-11-07 18:35

    With so many rapes and murders taking place in South Africa each day, why is this case singled out for reporting? Just asking...

      Jaap - 2012-11-07 19:00

      why not?

      SharonE - 2012-11-07 19:21

      If News24 had to report on each and every murder, we would not be able to keep up!! I wish there were none to report on...

      BulletProof. - 2012-11-07 19:57

      If was your family I am sure you didn't do a coment like that.

      karen.seeger.564 - 2012-11-07 21:48

      Because its representative of all the others!

  • carolyn.dewrance - 2012-11-07 18:39

    How the hell can this carry on, Where is judgement day for the parasites that did this. I can just imagine the hell this poor woman went through. Zuma I hold you and your cronies responsible for this terrible murder, and you should stand trial for all the murders of elderly women in South Africa.

  • Erna - 2012-11-07 18:47

    It took them 7 days to find her in her own house!

      richard.madhopershad - 2012-11-07 19:31

      y so suprised?

  • milano.deejay.7 - 2012-11-07 19:40

    not my home town no man!! F**** whats happening

  • fred.booysen1 - 2012-11-07 19:57

    does our PRESIDENT ever read these comments ?/??????????????

      taylorbequest - 2012-11-07 20:09

      He cant read.

      willem.wulfse - 2012-11-07 20:19

      Taylor, that is the first thought that came to mind after Fred's comment.

      karen.seeger.564 - 2012-11-07 21:46

      Can he read?!

  • fred.booysen1 - 2012-11-07 19:59


      miandra.vanzyl - 2012-11-07 21:27

      Noo he is too busy making babies, traveling and visiting all his wives and girl friends! Disgrace!

  • motleleng - 2012-11-07 20:04

    This is too much, we need CHANGE, we can't live like this anymore...\r\nNo one is safe in this beautiful country...\r\nWe REALLY need CHANGE...

  • profesas1 - 2012-11-07 20:24

    Death sentence shud be brought back, maybe these m“^%€f**kers would be scared to jus kill. Therz more than 10,000 life sentences that were handed since january 2011, which could have been converted to lethal injection n now some1 who lost a relative is paying tax to feed the culprit,,,sh**t!

  • annelise.vanderschyff - 2012-11-07 21:54

    Death penalty !!!!!!!!!I agree does zuma ever see or read comments!!!!!

  • olebogeng.mosiapoa.1 - 2012-11-08 08:52

    does dogs they derseve to die. potch police they must work harder now potch is a bad place they need more cops or more t.r.t

  • melinda.botha.75 - 2012-12-13 15:31


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