Woman held for attempted murder

2011-09-11 16:32

Johannesburg - A North West restaurant owner faces a charge of attempted murder after 18 customers were treated for suspected poisoning, police said on Sunday.

"Police swiftly responded to a call [on Saturday] when 18 victims passed out as a result of eating food they bought from a restaurant at the Rustenburg taxi rank," said Constable Provia Tseke in a statement.

"All eighteen victims were taken to the Job Shimanke Tabane Hospital in Rustenburg in a serious but stable condition."

The 18 were discharged from hospital at 15:00, three hours after eating the food.

Rustenburg police have opened a case against a 38-year-old woman following the incident.

"A sample of the food has been taken to be tested," said Tseke.

  • BOFFINBOB_UNBANNED - 2011-09-11 16:51

    Why would she want to poisen all of them ???

      Phaedioux - 2011-09-11 17:09

      Probably a noisy unruly lot?

  • Agent - 2011-09-11 17:22

    So now a tent on the side of a pavement is called a restaurant??????

      PinkAndProud - 2011-09-11 17:42

      Like a brolly and a hair clipper on the pavement is called a barber.

      AloninSA - 2011-09-11 21:57

      That's her restaurant dude... her business. The money from that little tent feeds her kids, and sends them to school. She came up with the idea and works hard every day to sustain the business and keep making money. She wakes up early every morning to be there in time for rush hour, and goes home later than everyone else at the end of the day. To her its a restaurant. As regards the poisoning she probably used an ingredient that was dodgy/expired but didn't want to waste. Restaurants must be professional in terms of what ingredients they chuck out! Gordon Ramsey could show her a thing or two!

      PinkAndProud - 2011-09-12 00:51

      AloninSA ~ "She wakes up early every morning to be there in time for rush hour, and goes home later than everyone else at the end of the day" ..... As we all do, BUT does she pay tax? Does she pay rent for her 'restaurant'? Does she pay VAT? Enough of the pity party already!

      The Observer - 2011-09-12 08:25

      alonin, put a sock in it. it is not a restaurant and not even legal. and agent was refering to the bad reporting, she can think it is a spaceship for all that I care but when educated journos call this a restaurant?????

      The Observer - 2011-09-12 08:27

      alonin, her lack of health and food knowladge nearly killed people. That is why you get audited and have a licence, so other people don't die of your actions. Vrot hoender is gevaarlik.

  • MedicC - 2011-09-11 19:04

    Sometime.... and that is so unfortunately, making money to some people are more important that peoples lives

  • Pieter - 2011-09-11 19:41

    It is a cultural way, eat anything,prepared anywhere.

  • DesertCactus - 2011-09-11 22:41

    Hmmm. Any Pakistani cooks in America?

  • The Observer - 2011-09-12 08:23

    restaurant owner my backside. Bad reporting, shocking. a cooka at the taxi rank is not a restaurant. Is her restaurant registered, does she get health audited? No, it is an illegal caravan take away not a farking restaurant. Did you lot journous even study????

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