Woman killed after church kidnap

2012-06-10 14:01

Port Elizabeth - A kidnapped woman was found dead in the back of her bakkie in Ntabankulu in the Eastern Cape, police said on Sunday.

Captain Mlungisi Matidane said the woman was kidnapped by two men on Saturday night, around 22:00, when she was on her home from church.

"The two men approached her while she was opening the gate of the church and forced her into her bakkie," he said.

The two men drove in the direction of Mount Ayliff. A search was launched and the bakkie was found abounded around midnight.

Her body was dumped in the back of the bakkie with several stab wounds.

No arrest had been made. A case of hijacking, kidnapping and murder was opened.

  • Squeegee - 2012-06-10 14:09

    Savages. Eastern Cape again.

      jomardl - 2012-06-10 21:46

      Shut the - up Rob. So sick of idiots like you clouding every singly issue with your hateful comments.

  • Rob - 2012-06-10 14:19

    No doubt, poverty is the reason for this.

      Rob - 2012-06-10 14:32

      Chris, chris, chris....Read between the lines boet. Of course this is not the result of poverty. Poor people may be forced to steal, but they are not forced to kill. No. This is just pure evil, as we hear about day in & day out.

      obakeng.mmathapelo - 2012-06-10 14:33

      @Rob really twice today about poverty. Why? And what cause death?

      Rob - 2012-06-10 14:55

      @ mattwerk. Thank you. Yes I was, but forgot it was Sunday !

      stanton.clarke - 2012-06-10 15:42

      Peeps, Rob was being sarcastic when he mentioned poverty, copped it immediately.

  • delish7564 - 2012-06-10 14:23

    Humans make me sick :(. They cause sooooo much destruction to themselves and everything around them. Perhaps we will be the next species to become extinct, we certainly don't seem to be capable of evolving any further!! My thoughts are with this lady's family and friends. R.I.P.

  • monde.sibisi - 2012-06-10 14:28

    What has this country come to.....first a man gets murdered in a hijacking outside a Durban mosque, now an innocent person is abducted outside yet another holy place!!! This is getting scary

      JohanMaree - 2012-06-10 15:00

      I hear that! Scary! I'm gonna become a recluse... and only communicate to people over

      Tony Lapson - 2012-06-10 15:28

      Haha Johan.

      christof.coetzee - 2012-06-10 22:17

      demons!!, no spiritual or even self consciousness, no respect for self or anyone else, no respect for life.

  • keith.ngobeni - 2012-06-10 15:35

    Eish jaa-ne life is something else in south Africa really don't know what to say God bless the poor innocent soul taken by those evil devils.

  • Henry - 2012-06-10 16:28

    There's no other way. The perpetrators should be found and brought to book. Calling for a death sentence, that's not for me to say. My condolences to her family.

  • Sagin - 2012-06-10 17:02

    The perpertrators were friends of toy gun mk gattalker and sibusiwe. its a mind set that needs to change, but i wont hold my breath.

  • gailcarolynhayes - 2012-06-11 10:38

    Please use more than just PC editing News24. Words may be correctly speled but completely incorrect as in abounded instead of abandoned. Grammar too is appalling and tere is no excuse for that as the computer would highlight it unless you are copying and pasting everything. If this was handed in to me as a paragraph marked out of 10 I would fail the exercise and give it only 3 out of 10.

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