Woman killed in third attack

2010-09-03 07:49

Nelspruit  - A 64-year-old woman, who refused to move from her smallholding near Nelspruit because her parents' ashes were strewn there, was murdered in her dilapidated house on Thursday morning.

Elizabeth Dorey's hands were tied behind her back, a piece of cloth was stuffed in her mouth and she was strangled with an electrical cable.

It was the third time in seven years that Dorey was attacked in her house on her Hilltop smallholding.

Apparently the murderers attacked Dorey in the neglected house early on Wednesday night.

The attackers were able to get into the house by breaking a window near the front stoep and completely removing the frame.


A worker arrived at the house at about 07:00 and became suspicious when he noticed the broken window.

He went to fetch help from neighbours about 300m away.

They found her body in the hallway of her house.

"She was a delicately built and vulnerable lady, and it appears she was badly assaulted by her murderers before they killed her," said Gerrie Agenbag, commanding officer of the Nelspruit police's detective branch.

Dorey had several severe bruises on her body and her face.

The previous time she was attacked was on Christmas day 2007, and Agenbag had been the investigating officer in that case as well.