Woman miraculously survives cliff crash

2011-04-19 10:31

Cape Town – A 28-year-old woman is lucky to be alive after she lost control of her car near Llandudno, drove over a cliff and came to a stop about 70m below the road.

The front end of the car was still stuck between large boulders and the back end was sticking into the air when reporters arrived at the scene.

Camps Bay police spokesperson Constable Ricardo Davids said the woman had lost control of her car near the Oudekraal picnic area on the M6 and veered off the road.

She was travelling from Hout Bay to Camps Bay when the accident happened at about 09:20.

A police official on the scene said the woman crawled out of the back window of the blue Chevrolet Spark and crept up the steep hill to the road.

Metro emergency services spokesperson Keri Davids said the woman sustained scratches and bruises.

She was admitted to Cape Town Medi-Clinic.

A towing company dragged the car wreck back onto the road.


  • Caz - 2011-04-19 10:34

    OMG, She is so very lucky!!!!

  • rob4e - 2011-04-19 10:40

    That A-pillar saved her life!

  • Donovan - 2011-04-19 10:40

    Just goes to show that women can park in tight spaces :-)

      Krush - 2011-04-19 11:08


      Helen - 2011-04-19 13:35

      Haha.... good chirp Donovan...

      Jason Williamson - 2011-04-19 15:27


      Barry - 2011-04-21 14:42

      I`m sure Ha Ha tight?

  • spiral - 2011-04-19 10:45

    "after her car veered off the road"? what was she doing when her car veered?

      Craig - 2011-04-19 10:54

      Her makeup !

      Mswati - 2011-04-19 11:16

      On MXIt

      Shistirrer - 2011-04-19 11:32

      Wanna bet there was a cellphone involved?

      Lydon - 2011-04-19 11:56

      BBM I'd bet

      Robert Bruce - 2011-04-19 12:17

      Cigarette and cell texting in one hand.

      Helen - 2011-04-19 13:36

      Come on guys, women are great at multitasking. Bet she had both hands on the steering wheel and that is why she veered off the road... If only she had been doing her make up ;-)

      Theo - 2011-04-20 17:53

      Cigarette, cell phone & coffee was no problem, the veering happened when she reached for the hairbrush!

      Barry - 2011-04-21 14:44

      Drinking coffee

      Barry - 2011-04-21 14:45


  • TDK1 - 2011-04-19 10:50

    @Donovan. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • Pupuzela - 2011-04-19 10:53

    Did you check the spark(s)?

      barkers - 2011-04-19 12:20

      @Shistirrer, best chirp!!! LOL

  • BigD - 2011-04-19 10:53

    I remember the last time this happened, it was a gErman lux car. They even played it up in advertising. Now a Chev Spark does same. Does go to show the build quality is pretty good

      Phil - 2011-04-19 11:23

      Personally I'd choose the German Luxury sedan.

      Shistirrer - 2011-04-19 11:31

      No, it shows that a Chevvy Spark cannot even fall at speeds greater than 50km/hour.

      brianR - 2011-04-19 13:08

      that was Chapman's Peak and it was Mercedes... Then BMW countering with an add about beating the bends (and staying of the road)

      rimmoah - 2011-04-19 14:46

      this spark collided with a gust of wind moving in the opposite direction

  • BigBrother24 - 2011-04-19 10:54

    This Must be the best stunt of the year! Tom Cruise does his own stunts (most of them) and people pay big money to see the stunts over and over. This aunty knows how to Spark and Park ! This is clear evidence that Women are much better drivers than Men. Stunt of the year .... for mahaala .... from Aunty Cruise ......

      Helen - 2011-04-19 13:38

      Well said BB24.... Viva ...Women ...Viva - heehee

  • Fred Basset - 2011-04-19 10:55

    A great time to re-kindle the advertising wars between Merc, BMW and Land Rover on Chapmans Peak Drive (remember the TV ads about 10-15yrs back?). Now we can add Chevvy Spark to the game as well.

      Pupuzela - 2011-04-19 11:00

      Hi Fred, I think it was actually about 25 years ago, if memory serves me right. How time (and cars) fly?

      Fred Basset - 2011-04-19 11:03

      Don't say that make me feel old ;-)

      Currie_Mafia - 2011-04-19 11:30

      Jeezzz, 25 years !!! /i'm a Ballie !!!

      Flee - 2011-04-19 12:43

      WTF .. Cant we just stick with Fred's time frame... just sounds sooo much better...

  • Henk van Tonder - 2011-04-19 10:57

    Hehe, what an embarrassment to BMW and Mercedes, who flighted competing ads 20 years ago showing their cars siding off the road in the same area and careering off the cliffs, to show their cars are so strong the drivers walked away. And this is a medium priced car made of thin metal and plastic. LOL. I hope the manufacturer makes an ad based on this incident to promote their car.

  • Nick Frost - 2011-04-19 11:10

    Get your Chevrolet Spark from CMH Carshop today. We offer new and used Chevi Sparks at competitive rates, as well as amiable customer support and financing assistance. Contact CMH Carshop and book a test drive in the Chevi Spark today!

      Mswati - 2011-04-19 11:17


      jowza - 2011-04-19 11:21

      with a decent car she would have not left the road

      BigBrother24 - 2011-04-19 11:23

      Kewl .... real Cool ... Bru Does your test drive have a Life Insurance package ?

      harry1 - 2011-04-19 11:44


      Helen - 2011-04-19 13:38

      Er thanks but no thanks Nick....

      phillip.havenga - 2011-04-20 07:08

      I'll never deal with anything to do with CMH. Absolutely appalling service!

  • PinkSparkle - 2011-04-19 11:19

    I drive a gorgeous hot new spark, the model just after this one, and its believable that this woman walked out alive. I feel safer in the Spark i drive now than the Isuzu bakkie I used to drive. GO CHEVROLET!

      Flee - 2011-04-19 12:47

      Let me guess, its pink and you have fluff on the dashboard and a pink daisy flapping off your aerial, and some fluffy toys parking off on the back board.... Cute-Sey-Woot-Sey.... I wouldnt trust one as far as I could throw it..

      Grant - 2011-04-19 14:42

      @Flee - are you suggesting then that you would trust it quite a lot? Those things weigh less than an Under-12 school shotput!

  • 4nic8 - 2011-04-19 11:19

    Talk about been caught in a rock and a hard palce!!!!!

      Jacqui McAllister - 2011-04-20 08:53

      Classic!!! hahahaha!!!

  • 40 Something - 2011-04-19 11:20

    Phew,she had a lucky break! Glad she's okay. I travel that road daily! Gives a new meaning to the term "park and ride". Us women know how to do things properly ;-)

      BigBrother24 - 2011-04-19 11:27

      Not all women are good drivers ! Only 28 yr olds know how to park. Looks at the evidence not the scoreboard.

      Thiboza - 2011-04-19 13:03

      Who then should drive what you ride?

  • Currie_Mafia - 2011-04-19 11:27

    ...good ad for the Chevy Spark....quite an amusing story..

  • Trevor - 2011-04-19 11:27

    Dassies have a new home...

  • Shirley - 2011-04-19 11:34

    Chevrolet CAN be sooooooooooo proud of this!

  • Wagga - 2011-04-19 11:41

    If your wife wants to learn how to drive, Beware, don't stand in her way

  • DeonL - 2011-04-19 12:29

    Lucky girl, her angels was busy.

  • chris.heiberg - 2011-04-19 13:06


  • Helen - 2011-04-19 13:34

    Now if the driver had been a man, shaving and scratching himself at the same time, he would still be in the car screaming ..... Haha.... *ducking all the "men" comments coming my way* ;-)

      Grant - 2011-04-19 14:45

      If it had been a man in the car, shaving and scratching himself, he would probably be at home watching the game, with HIS WIFE's Spark stored safely in the garage! ;)

      Helen - 2011-04-19 15:22

      Oh yes of course he would be Grant... I mean really - how silly of me ;-)

      Grant - 2011-04-19 15:25

      Heh heh!

  • Honeybabe - 2011-04-19 14:24

    Praise Jehova the Almight!! He did it again, He protected her, Haleluya!!

  • rimmoah - 2011-04-19 14:39

    0-200 in 5 seconds,the fastest chevrolet spark ever.expect an advert soon

  • Derek Chapma - 2011-04-19 16:09

    Proof that even the Chevy Spark can beat the "Benz"

  • Barry - 2011-04-21 14:55

    This an amazing story. She then CRAWLS out of the back windown and then CREEPS up a steep hill. WOW and then sustains scatches and bruises. WOW This is the stuff that movies are made from. I wonder were was Bond?

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