Woman rescued by health MEC dies

2011-01-05 14:44

Durban - The woman whom KwaZulu-Natal health MEC Sibongiseni Dhlomo stopped his convoy to help after she was found badly wounded, has died, the health department said on Wednesday.

On Monday, Dhlomo - who is also a medical doctor - stopped his convoy to help the woman who was found next to a stream in Mpumazi in Eshowe.

The convoy with Dhlomo and the province's traditional affairs MEC Nomusa Dube was headed for Mpumazi in Eshowe to visit the families of seven people killed by lightning.

Community members had rescued the woman when they heard her cries coming from the stream.

Dhlomo assisted a paramedic who was helping the woman.

Shot in cheek and chest

The woman was in her 30s and had been shot in her cheek and chest.

Dhlomo said it was clear that the woman had been shot at close range. She was rushed to eShowe hospital.

“Doctors and nurses at the hospital tried to save her life and she died two hours later. At the time of her death she had not been identified,” said Dhlomo.

He said he hoped police would be able to identify the woman and be able to contact her family.

“We also hope that the people she had visited would come forward. Our thoughts and prayers are with the grieving at this sad time," said Dhlomo.

  • Tshifhiwa - 2011-01-05 14:51

    shocking, why would one shoot a woman?? they are defenseless and are generally peace loving people. Only death peanalty will put a stop to these killings.

      freak90909 - 2011-01-06 08:05

      I agree 100% Tshifhiwa... It's just too easy in this beautiful country to rape and murder. BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY!!!

  • Zinhle - 2011-01-05 15:01

    Very sad to hear this but now the police must do their job and find the people who did this.

      Dave - 2011-01-05 15:15

      Hopefully with the media attention that this has received, this will be the case. Its a very sad end to a story that showed that there are people out there that do care, very sad

  • AjaxFiko - 2011-01-05 15:17

    Been searching but just can't find the ever so symphathetic NEWS24 users. . .rest in peace unknown woman, no one deserves what you went through!

  • Jack - 2011-01-05 15:28

    once again all I can say is there is no respect for life amongst the majority of South Africans. Crime of this nature has nothing to do with poverty or apartheid it has all to do with culture.

  • Jack - 2011-01-05 15:30

    the only reason that this made the news is because a MEC was involved. In any civilised country an incident like this would be headline news for weeks!

  • Dan-the-Man - 2011-01-05 15:34

    Well done MEC Sibongiseni Dhlomo, although she didnt survive, you tried to help at least. Most South Africans would turn a blind eye. Hope they catch the bastard that shot this poor woman.

  • keng - 2011-01-05 16:11

    Dhlomo must be commended for his act of humanity pity we don't have more of his kind in this god forsaken country

  • abdurahman.solomon - 2011-01-06 02:59

    :( another victim of the system, i hope the next generation will be better. as this one is clear lost, drugs ,crime ,unemployment . when i look at my father and the generation before me i notice they were all hard working people no matter the race or religion they did things in a certain way... The Right kids have cellphones and disrespect elders. what happened to the days of playing with lego's and marbles :( .

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