Women, child abuse a concern - govt

2010-11-23 16:04

Cape Town - The number of contact crimes committed against women and children remains of grave concern, Women, Children, and Persons with Disabilities Minister Lulu Xingwana said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the media launch of the annual 16 days of activism campaign on no violence against women and children, she said much more had to be done to reverse the problem of violence against women and children.

The annual SA Police Service crime statistics showed increases in attempted murder, murder, and sexual offences against children between 2008 and 2009 and 2009 and 2010.

Attempted murder against children rose from 782 to 1 113 and murder from 843 to 965.

Child welfare organisations were also reporting an increase in the number of abandoned children, some of them simply dumped in dump sites and toilets.

"We appreciate the decrease of 4.4% in the total number of sexual offences - from 70 514 to 68 332," Xingwana said.


"However, we are concerned that a significant number of women continue to be victims of various forms of emotional, psychological, and physical abuses, including domestic violence, murder, and rape."

In the past financial year, there were 198 000 contact crimes committed against women.

Most of these were common assault, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, followed by sexual offences, with attempted murder at 2 450 and murder at 3 000.

"All of these challenges require that we approach the 16 days of activism campaign on no violence against women and children with a greater resolve and determination to mobilise all the people of our country to act against abuse.

"A society that does not respect its women and children is a dysfunctional society, and as South Africans, let us declare that we do not, and refuse to be a part of such a society.

"It is incumbent upon all of us not to look away, but to act against abuse of women and children," Xingwana said.

The annual campaign takes place from November 25 to December 10.

  • MontyC - 2010-11-23 17:31

    While these statistics are frightening and I sincerely hope we can bring this down through awareness and good social citizenship. In the same breath however, what about males? Are we not considered victims of crime and abuse? why is there not a ministry for men? I assume I will now be attacked for being chauvenist and am willing to take the punch but please consider the response whenever there is anything that promotes or protects males - it always branded chauvenist and treated with contempt.

      Snoopy88 - 2010-11-23 22:17

      Yes Monty.. men are victims of crime and abuse... by other males in most cases! Really now... this is about those who are physically weaker, who suffer abuse or look the other way because they are reliant on the men in their lives, unspeakable things being done to innocent children. Its their 16 days dude..! And because there aren't 68 332 sexual offences against men every year! Many rapists were abused and raped as children.. We have to stop the cycle of violence. Oh and its not only men who commit child abuse. So when you guys experience that level of crime and abuse then you can also have a special week ok?

  • James - 2010-11-23 18:25

    I wonder if what is deemed abuse is actual abuse. The statics are really alarming but I wonder if there is a possible to compile info on the number of divorces today, street kids that run away from parents because they're too much of themselves, teenage pregnancy, in reference to youth to youth. What we are lacking as a country are moral values that is destroying our society. what is happening is an abuse of the so-called children rights, that is why today even the ruling party is failing to restore order to its youth league. I doubt the figures, every man marries a woman and have children out of love and therefore I dont see why one would have the two to abuse. Abuse is not a hobby but at times it's deem abuse when in actual fact we would be trying to restore order in our homes.

      Snoopy88 - 2010-11-23 22:30

      James, get your head out of the sand and stop looking to make sense of it or excuses for it. These aren't just drummed up statistics.. These are real children and women from all walks of life suffering awful brutality. Not small domestic tiffs or family fights. There is no sugar-coating it. The real figures are probably much higher. And only one in every ten women will report the rape... Your sexist, patriarchal attitude is part of the problem. Treating women and children as if they're second class citizens, as if you own them. If men and women were of equal physical strength - do you think there would be so much rape? Men in this country need to start standing up to each other about abuse instead of looking the other way. You probably think rape isn't a real crime either? I don't know why I'm even bothering to... You, your attitude - this is why our society is in such deep, deep trouble!

      maseratifitt - 2011-03-08 23:45

      A bit of an overreaction,Snoopy. James just seemed to comment on the bigger picture.

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