Women get own 'Mighty Men'

2009-07-16 09:50

 Pretoria - First there were the Mighty Men conferences for men. Now women will have their very own Worthy Women Conference.

Gretha Wiid of Pretoria, who established a marriage ministry along with her husband Francois, will be presenting this conference.

Her aim is to fill the vacuum left by the fact that Angus Buchan speaks to men at his Mighty Men Conferences, while there is no one to deliver the complementary message to women.

And yes, this means she will be talking to women about subservience. And no, according to Wiid, subservience has nothing to do with being subordinate or being a doormat.

Women’s worth

It was often thought that being subservient was the same as being insignificant. Her conference would focus precisely on women's worth.
"Mighty men should have worthy women," she said.

She explained that when the Bible said a woman was her husband's helper, it actually meant she was his warrior. She was the stronger one in times of crises; she was his protector.

Wiid said subservience to a man only worked if the man's relationship with God was right. A woman's subservience and the man's capacity as head of the family could be damaging if it wasn’t practiced in the context of a relationship with God.

The issue of subservience, with its spiritual meaning which she wanted to explain, was only part of the conference.

Anointing your husband

There will also be other elements, such as teaching the women to anoint their husbands. The women will receive a specially blended ointment for this purpose.

Wiid will visit Buchan in Greytown on Friday to discuss her conference and to ensure that their visions correspond 100%.

The Worthy Women Conference will take place on August 8, the day before National Women's Day, in the NG Moreleta Park congregation's Woodlands church building, east of Pretoria.

More details are available at

The plan is to make the conference and annual event