Workers flee racist rampage

2012-04-18 12:01

Pietermaritzburg - A KwaZulu-Natal man is in trouble after allegedly firing at workers with a paintball gun after hurling racial abuse at them.

The workers had been busy with tiling work on a property in Oak Park when the incident happened on Sunday afternoon.

He is believed to be from the property next door.

“When he approached us, he swore at us and told us we were making a noise,” Thabiso Mosebo, 30, one of the victims, told The Witness.

“He then started calling us monkeys and baboons’.


“He disappeared for a while, and came out carrying what looked like a gun, which is when we scattered and hid inside our employer’s home,” said Mosebo.

He said that after they had been fired at, they discovered that the man had been using a paintball rifle.

Mosebo said they contacted their employer and the police.

“When the police arrived, they advised our boss we should take this matter further and lay a charge, which we did on the same day.”

A case was opened at the Town Hill police station.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Joey Jeevan confirmed that charges of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, intimidation, crimen injuria and malicious damage to property had been laid.

“Police are investigating the incident,” said Jeevan, adding that the man had yet to be arrested.

It is understood the attacker may be away.

  • Den - 2012-04-18 12:10


      Trudy - 2012-04-18 12:25

      Rob. Racist nincompoop

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 12:30

      @ Rob I think you were the guy on this article,save yourself trouble and hand yourself in.

      Rob - 2012-04-18 12:36

      Give that man a Bells ! Trudy........Sigh ! And just how many of us have not reached breaking point with the noise levels of people who shout @ each other, when standing less then a metre apart & felt like " breaking some heads. " And.........Curses to the NATS for not teaching us an indigenous language @ school, who knows what racial abuse has been hurled @ us in the native language ? I'm sure it happens !

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 12:41

      @ AntoniodaCruz LOL, good one.

      Rob - 2012-04-18 12:56

      I wonder what the headline would have read if the roles had been reversed. " Racist workers cause neighbour to go on rampage ! "

      Peter-Peter - 2012-04-18 13:09

      What i find that News24 ONLY publishes one side of the story...i want to hear what the workers did to the guy, in order for him to get so worked up. Its a well known fact, that these guys (brick layers etc), have got VERY bad mouths on them...i wouldn't be surprised if they were JUST as bad as the assailant...I don't condone just correcting News24's lopsided racial mentality

      phumlanii - 2012-04-18 13:22

      Rob who are you to dictate people whether the distance between them to make noise is okay or not? If you can be a president of the country black people will live a hard life.

      phumlanii - 2012-04-18 13:27

      @ Peter-Peter, I was in Pietermaritzburg and these guys were cleaning the yard using a lawnmower. The neighbour(white lady) came out shouting at these guys saying they are making the noise. What were the poor guys suppose to do? If they don't do their duty the baas will be crossed with them, if they continue the madam will be crossed with them. To me this was not respecting another human being, they were being treated like trash because of their level.

      Rob - 2012-04-18 13:33

      Irene...Agreed 100%. Phumlanii. See news 24 highlighted your comment. Well done. HOWEVER I am not dictating the distance between black people & the volume of noise when " speaking " to each other, merely stating that I and many others find it completely irritating & unneccessary behaviour. No fear of me becoming President in this lifetime. Who in their right mind would want to rule this country after the damage caused by the cANCer.

      Peter-Peter - 2012-04-18 13:36

      @phumlanii: "To me this was not respecting another human being, they were being treated like trash because of their level." Do you mind if i copy and paste that in Wikipedia? under 'Victim Mentality'? There are ways around verbal abuse...and if the owner wasn't at the house, then common sense is to respect residents demands, and adhere to them...when the 'baas' comes back, let HIM and the neighbor deal with it. Sundays are meant to be the day of rest. For all we know, this woman was going through something emotional/important...its pure arrogance, that the workers didn't respect her, as a resident.

      Sharon - 2012-04-19 08:26

      Is it possible that the fellow had just come home from working nightshift? Maybe he was trying to sleep - I lived in a block of flats where people worked nights, and we tried really hard to keep the noise levels down during daytime so that they could sleep. Lack of sleep can make you act irrationally.

  • Garth - 2012-04-18 12:12

    Just pathetic..

      Junebugg - 2012-04-18 13:04

      If these people want to do a racist rant rather go where they will find whole lotta black people ..At the Taxi Rank and Good luck to them...

      Rob - 2012-04-18 13:39

      Coming soon to a taxi rank near you !

  • bluzulu - 2012-04-18 12:14

    Here we go again, Another stressed deranged idiot who's lost the plot.

      Rob - 2012-04-18 12:52

      Lorain...LOL. Even I gave you a " thumbs up. "

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 12:53

      @ Rob thanks mate,Í'll treasure it.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 14:43

      Just like yesterday's dog bite victim some of the posters here hang themselves with their own HATRED.

      Rob - 2012-04-18 14:49

      It would be great to see the REAL haters, those responsible for murder and rape hanging from the end of a noose. But then again dead people cant vote ( well anythings possible in sa ) can they ?

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 15:04

      @ bluzulu i found that quite amusing (the dog bite victim). Again they made assumptions and ended up with egg on their face.

  • Aubrey - 2012-04-18 12:15

    Is it really necessary to air such nonsense.

      david.lebethe - 2012-04-18 12:30

      Very much so. It goes to show all is not well in this country.

      J-Man - 2012-04-18 12:39

      Yup and with a headline like "Workers flee racist rampage" its News 24 at its "best" again....

      Greg - 2012-04-18 13:23

      Yes @David, because this is so much more hectic and important than someone being murdered, which is happening as we read this story ...

  • Harold - 2012-04-18 12:15

    How is this a racist rampage when Making a noise on a Sunday and the man asked you to not make so much noise. Thabiso Masebo who was one of the perpetrators who were disturbing the peace decided to continue breaking the law. Now the victim is the criminal and a racist and Thabiso and his pals are such nice people but yet they have turned someone into a criminal and news24 has made him a racist. Silly white he should have just let them carry on afterall they are free to do as they please.

      Andre - 2012-04-18 12:19

      I suppose the language you use would be an indication ... don't you think?

      steve.dupreez - 2012-04-18 12:20

      Harold a) He hurled racial abuse at them b) He came out with a weapon and shot the paint balls at them. Have you ever been hit by one of those? Stop defending your rascist pal and look at the real fact!

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 12:21

      When the alledged victim started firing a weapon at people.....Yeah almost got it..........HE BECOMES THE CRIMINAL...... Sorry no points for you in that round Harold.

      Merven - 2012-04-18 12:28

      A weapon???? Bwhahaaha, next time I'm playing at the local paintball club, I'm going to sue the next bastard that shoot me with a paintball gun!

      Thato - 2012-04-18 12:37

      Merven....I give up.

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 12:39

      @ Merven yes do sue if some random individual starts shooting at you with a paintball gun while you are trying to work,but if you go there with your buddies with the intention by all parties to partake in the game i doubt your case will hold much water.

      Vaaldonkie - 2012-04-18 12:57

      I've been shot at with real weapons. Trust me, you'll know the difference when it happens to you.

      Carla - 2012-04-18 13:09

      It's not like they were having a party, they were working! Do you think they're there by choice? They're trying to earn a living. Rather getting out the paintball gun, could he not have gotten the number for the employer from the workers and sorted something out with him??

      Philip - 2012-04-18 13:15

      Can these people not work fast enough to complete their work during the week?

      phumlanii - 2012-04-18 13:29

      @Harold, and you know this how?

      npretorius2 - 2012-04-18 13:43

      @Phillip, It is a toy, but can be dangerous. Wouldn't be fun to get a ball in the eye without protective gear would it?

      Justine - 2012-04-18 13:51

      I dont recall Phumlanii saying it was a Sunday that this happened that the neighbour came out and complained!!! Why has it become a Sunday now. Geez I got annoyed with my white friends white neighbour last sunday morning at 07:30 am for using his weedeater whilst we were trying to sleep!!!! really people get over yourselves its enough now

      Merven - 2012-04-18 14:26

      To all the idiots out there: Weapon noun a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage. If paint ball guns were made to inflict bodily harm the paint ball wouldn't shatter but penetrate.

      Philip - 2012-04-18 14:39

      @npretorius2 ... yes, yes ... but most markers falloff distance is about 25 meters, so chances are very slim. And yes I have taken a shot in the back at about 3 meters ... rather unpleasant experience it was. The intent was to force them to quiet down ... not to take an eye out. @Justine ... Please read again ..."The workers had been busy with tiling work on a property in Oak Park when the incident happened on Sunday afternoon". And by law you are not allowed to make noise to disturbing levels before 10am ... well it use to be 10am.

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 14:43

      @ Merven. Merven, Merven ,Merven Have you ever gone paint balling? Did you not come back with bruises? unless of cource you're made of steel. If you voluntarily participate in something that causes you some sort of harm not matter how minor then it's your perogative however if you do not wish to be insulted and bruised then the party inflicting that is guilty of a crime, do you get it now?

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 14:47

      So the correct format here is call the Police as the Law is on your side and let your tax money work on your behalf....NOT lose the plot and play Judge and Jury.....This is a pre-1994 behaviour.

      Merven - 2012-04-18 15:03

      Yes Lorain, I've been doing paintballing plenty of times, but what irks me is the fact that the forumites call a toy a weapon. That is like calling a toothpick a sword.

      dylanwyndhamjones - 2012-04-18 16:21

      @Philip I too have my own paintball marker (gun) and if Im not mistaken, it usually says in big bold letters that this is not a toy! People like you are going to be the reason that we will need a license to buy in the future. Cause like any hobby like this, if you dont use it correctly what its intended for, someone's going to get hurt. Most cases, loose an eye.

      Philip - 2012-04-19 15:49

      @dylanwyndhamjones ... please read comment bellow ... yes you have to scroll down a long way.

  • npretorius2 - 2012-04-18 12:17

    There is no place in our society for people who physically/emotionally/verbally abuse other people based on the colour of their skin. Hope he is severely reprimanded

      Warmonger - 2012-04-18 12:39

      bla bla bla bla bla blah

      Thato - 2012-04-18 12:40

      Thumbs up... more than 15 times****

      malcolm.molver - 2012-04-18 12:45

      Really surprised about all the thumbs down. Calling people such names and firing any weapon at them simply because they made a noise is inexcusable. It simply cannot be justified.

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 12:52

      @ Malcolm86 "Surprised by the thumbs down" I guess it's people like you that Chris Rock talks about when he says,what irritates him more than a racist is a black person expressing shock that any white person would do or say something racist,where the F are you from!!? Surprised,well now I've heard it all.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-18 12:54

      thumbs down? i love news24 people. true reflection of how our society is.

      Keith - 2012-04-18 13:19

      Where does it state this man was white?

      Keith - 2012-04-18 13:21

      Where does it state this man was white?

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-18 13:30

      @Keith, average IQ level deduces that from the article.

      Mike - 2012-04-18 14:15

      im not condoning the incident at all, but lets look at news24 history of reporting here, and lets let at this article. i can almost garuantee the ' suspect' was not white as news24 would have reported ' white racist' which they havent. And also, theres only half a story here, theres two sides to everything.

      Merven - 2012-04-18 14:33

      Malcolm. A paint ball gun is not a weapon. I repeat: Weapon noun a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage. If paint ball guns were made to inflict bodily harm the paint ball wouldn't shatter but penetrate.

      Steve - 2012-04-18 16:08

      @ Merven.....Wow with reasoning like that you make Juju's rambling seem intelligent(even though there are sometime poignant truths, if you can sift through all the rhetoric). The reason one wears a face mask when you are at a paintball arena is if you get hit in the eyes you stand the chance to damage your sight or in severe case loose it completely. Seeing that these workers weren't wearing mask/goggles when they were shot at there was potential for bodily harm. A bruise is bodily harm by the way, it only forms when something has hit your body hard enough to burst blood vessels under the skin.

      Aaron - 2012-04-18 16:15

      @siyadyosiba - um, no. Keith is quite correct, there is nothing in the article to indicate that the man was "white". And News24 has OFTEN tried to create the wrong impression about race in order to stir people up. Remember the case last year where some "evil employers" beat up their staff in the Cape, and only after some days did it come out that the perpetrators were not even white, despite News24 giving the definite impression that they were?

      Merven - 2012-04-19 14:41

      @Steve, it still don't make it a weapon idiot.

  • barend.wasserman - 2012-04-18 12:20

    My question is: What did they say to him to drive him that mad? Of course they won't tell. Something had to set this guy off after he complained to them....

      Jacqui - 2012-04-18 12:59

      Reading the remarks here I wonder where we are going. No one has the right to disturb his neighbour and no one has the right t call people names and shoot at them with what ever. Why the hell do you all start drooling racism every second of the day?. Get a life.

      phumlanii - 2012-04-18 13:34

      @ Barend, noise alone.

      barend.wasserman - 2012-04-18 13:41

      Let me also add then... What he did was wrong and he caused trouble for himself. But my question remain... What did they tell him when he confronted them about the noise?

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-18 13:48

      @Barend, 'When he approached us, he swore at us and told us we were making a noise,” Thabiso Mosebo, 30, one of the victims, told The Witness. Then what do you tell someone who approaches and swear at you and telling you, you are making a noise? Me think, you become speechless out of shock. I bet they said nothing to this man.

      brytzishiri - 2012-04-18 14:05

      Barend why is it hard for you to just accept that there are people (white & black) who are just plain uncivilised barbarians and don't kno how to go about with a grievance ?

      Steve - 2012-04-18 16:20

      The actual question is not what anyone said to one another but why didn't this guy follow the correct procedures when dealing with public disturbances. The police should have been contacted first, then if they were unwilling to help then the guy in question should have contacted the owner of the property directly (However having the police called in on a few of the house parties I have attended they are usually quite good with that sort of thing). This behaviour sets a dangerous precedent in South African society if it is not dealt with accordingly. What happens next, you shot your neighbours dog or children because they are making to much noise in their gardens.

  • siyadyosiba - 2012-04-18 12:21

    He is an idiot. He clearly doesnt read news and get to know how seriously condemned racism is in this country, if he does, he probably wants his time of fame as a " proven racist". Pathetic.

      Bob - 2012-04-18 12:58

      It is difficult to agree with you about how seriously racism is condemned in this country when the governing body of the country practices it every day with their BEE policies, these policies discriminate against white born Africans, in my book that is racism.

      Trudy - 2012-04-18 13:20

      Before 1994 we had 'job reservation'. What we have now is far from ideal, but just maybe it would help us move forward if whites would just acknowledge the pain caused by apartheid. The white supremacist attitude is helping no one.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-18 13:25

      @Bob, if you are for real and honest, you will agree when I say apartheid brought severe economic inequity between blacks and whites in this country. You would also agree that the inequity is unfair to the disadvantaged group, blacks. You would lastly agree that BEE and AA are fair methods to curb the imbalances.

      Philip - 2012-04-18 15:32

      "You would lastly agree that BEE and AA are fair methods to curb the imbalances." --- FAIR??? Where the majority needs to protect themselves from the minority with racist policies. Perhaps you should rather look at the education system, that's how you sort out poverty. That is how you restore balance. Because the company that was once running perfectly now closed down because the boss needs to be a AA or BEE one and he has no damn clue what he is doing because he has no education. Well done for that useless statement, sounds exactly like our idiot government. I think I'll nominate you for "Village Idiot" of the week.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-18 16:42

      @Phillip, your misconception is running wild in your tiny mind. BEE and AA never contained a clause where is syas appoint/hire uneducated people. It simply says, unlike previously in apartheid, now first preference should be given to individuals from previously disadvantaged groups.

      Philip - 2012-04-19 08:16

      Thus being a racist policy ... thank you ... bye bye now. Small mind ... that's funny, with an IQ over 170, I think not. Joys of being a MENSA member ... if you know what that is.

  • Clive - 2012-04-18 12:22

    What a joke, but to be fair if they were building on a sunday afternnon by me i would also have told them to stop or make less noise. dont see how it is racist.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 12:25

      Don't you read the article ....He berated the workers with Racial derogatory terms before opening fire.

      somikazi.pita - 2012-04-18 12:35

      It started being racist when he called them names and fired at them (read the article), any sane person would have approached the owner and not the workers.

      Dewald - 2012-04-18 12:36

      The article SAYS that the workers SAY that.... Somehow, for some people, that makes it a FACT???

      Philip - 2012-04-18 12:41

      Yes so they say ... doesn't mean it is true.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-18 13:00

      @dewald, i like your openminded and objective seeming view of this, i hope u maintain that same view in every article.

      Clive - 2012-04-18 13:08

      To Bluzulu and Somikazi still ask how racist, or was it being disrespectful to the animals. why have we become so soft that calling a person a name should be grounds to call him a racist. Shooting them with paint was over the top but also ask yourself what transpired to make him that mad to go inside and get his paint ball gun knowing the fall out!

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 18:46

      AAAAHHHHAAAAA.............Animals Animals eat from the same Plains, Animals sleep under the same trees, Animals drink from the same pool of water, Animals don't disenfranchise other animals within their herd cos' they have different colour Furs. Animals protect each other in a pride no matter what it's status in the hierarchy, Animals work together to grow the group's health and social wealth. Animals , we can learn so much from these fantastic creatures of Mother Nature.

      Marion - 2012-04-19 08:52

      @Clive - Possibly the reason they were working on a Sunday afternoon is because their employer does not want them to work during the week when the family isn't home / the work cannot be supervised. Can't see why their 'noise' should have been any more irritating than the sounds from a neighbour's property when there is a Sunday braai and booze going on next door. Although I think there used to be an unwritten (written?) law governing the level of noise between 2 and 4 on a Sunday when old folks want to have their afternoon 'nap'. Or maybe that was just in our house 'cos my folks did that.

  • Jean - 2012-04-18 12:22

    So news24 has discovered racism sells and now every fricken article is about it... Again bad journalism cos it is easy to lay a complaint at the police about racism (paintball another story) why not first get all the info before publishing sensation seeking articles that will only create friction between black and white folk.

  • Sda - 2012-04-18 12:24

    the truth is that the guy is not racist,he asked the guys to be quiet and they undrmined him.its just an unfortunate scenerio.but the contractors must appologise cause they know the truth

      Rob - 2012-04-18 12:48

      Yep, its this arrogant anti white attitude we are subjected to each day.

  • anthro45 - 2012-04-18 12:28

    How can calling someone an animal name be racist?

  • winston.mullany - 2012-04-18 12:34

    Paintball stings like s*&^!!!! :-)

  • Chez - 2012-04-18 12:37

    It's good to see how many white people in this comment section are sticking up for the black victims. I was really expecting to see more racist comments. perhaps we are getting somewhere afterall! (Except for Rob of course)

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 13:44

      @ Chez I can still handle Rob, have you ever senn Irene's comments?

  • Philip - 2012-04-18 12:39

    It's a Sunday, respect other peoples quiet time. If you can not finish in the week ... then something is wrong with your pace of work. grievous bodily harm --> what? With a paintball marker ... maybe at less than 5 meters. I know, I shot myself on the foot once by accident, nothing more than a bit of bleeding under the skin. malicious damage to property --> really? It's a water based paint that washes off. The simple use of a hose pipe will do wonders. This is now somebody that wants to make a fuss about nothing. Shame. They can be glad he didn't have rubber balls in that gun .. those really hurt, and if you are smart enough you could cast your own lead balls, and that would be intent to cause bodily harm. Very amusing indeed.

      Philip - 2012-04-18 12:59

      Nah ... I have music on all the time at home so things like that wouldn't bother me at all. But we forget they were working on a Sunday and "DISTURBING THE PEACE" that is a crime in itself.

  • Clive - 2012-04-18 12:41

    This is so funny, can think of quite a few people I'd want to shoot with a paintball gun and all of them are not black. Would I still be a racist then or just sommer plain gatvol!

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 14:47

      @ Clive well it depends what sort of insults you hurl at them before you shoot them with the paintball MAKER (for Mervens sake).

  • William Hewitt - 2012-04-18 12:42

    Next on News24 "Workers flee racist rampage shot by a water pistol"

      Merven - 2012-04-18 15:07

      Wait for Lorain to tell you how dangerous a water pistol is. After all it contains the word 'pistol' which is much more descriptive than the word 'gun' so it must be more dangerous.

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 15:21

      @ Merven it can be dangerous actually, if you are standing a few metrres away from me and you point it at me and i cannot making out if it's real or not then as far as I'm concerned i'm in danger.

      Marion - 2012-04-19 08:56

      @Merven - I've never played paintball myself, but my son is turning 16 in May and I am thinking of taking him and his mates for a session. Would they have to wear protective gear?

      Merven - 2012-04-19 14:45

      Depends if they play with paintball guns or weapons. If it is weapons I'll suggest buy him a bullet proof west otherwise glasses will do.

  • Brett - 2012-04-18 12:44

    Well, we've only heard the workers side of the story so far...

  • Ashley - 2012-04-18 12:46

    Skiet die donners, for making a noise on a Sunday......was the thought running through this man's head!

  • Vaaldonkie - 2012-04-18 12:54

    It's not a "paintball rifle". Their barrels are smooth. Also, only a complete idiot would mistake a paintball gun for the real thing.

      Philip - 2012-04-18 13:10

      That is a valid point Kensong.

      Vaaldonkie - 2012-04-18 13:16

      I am sure most of them have watched TV, even if it was in a tavern.

      Mike - 2012-04-18 14:24

      even so, if somebody comes out a house and aims at you, are you going to parade around and try catch the paint balls or try run for cover?

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 14:48

      @ mike exactly, these days I wont stick aroud to find out if it's a water pistol, you aim anything at me I run and call the cops.

  • Carla - 2012-04-18 13:00

    What an idiot! Glad the workers laid charges!

      Philip - 2012-04-18 13:11

      Yes, just as he should lay a charge of "Disturbing the Peace" against them.

      Carla - 2012-04-18 14:45

      Again, they were working! They were not having a party! Does no one see the difference in that? And regardless of whether you see it as disturbing the peace or not, it does not give him the right to fire a paintball gun at them.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 15:17

      Philip will never get it cos' he never had it...

      Philip - 2012-04-18 15:23

      I talk to the trees, that's why they put me away .....

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 15:26

      don't forget ....smokin the trees as well.

      Philip - 2012-04-18 15:35

      oh no bluzulu ... I did not come out of a wealthy family ... I worked damn hard to get where I am .... doing almost the exact same work as these oaks only with wood. I know what it is to have nothing, and work your behind off for a little something.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 17:22

      So do I Philip, I left the country to make my money....So I know exactly how hard it is to get ahead in life.

      Marion - 2012-04-19 08:59

      @Philip - ever use your woodworking equipment on a Sunday afternoon, or in the evening?

      Philip - 2012-04-19 15:47

      No never, we were bound to week days and the odd job over a weekend that normally would have been in indoor job. The majority of work that would have been done over weekends would be for places that's only open during the week or a residential client that would only give us access over a weekend. The only job I ever had to do on a Sunday was at Monsoon Lagoon when they still had a wood floor, I believe they have now tiled it. A school stage took us 3 days, with a team of 4. We could lay 4-6 squash courts floors in a day with the glass seated. We hardly ever did weekend work, my boss refused ... always said something in the line of ... lazy people need to work over weekends.

  • William Hewitt - 2012-04-18 13:02

    Just so btw.. It's called a paintball marker not a gun, huge diffrence, a gun kills someone a market not.

      Merven - 2012-04-18 15:14

      How dare you take the 'gun' out of the equation?

  • sakhikhaya.dlala - 2012-04-18 13:11

    I dont recall seeing any part in this article claiming the accused to be a white man!! Im not defending anyone, it could have been a black man, indian or even coloured for that matter. So the fact that the victims were in a surbub automaticly means that it was a white person's neighbourhood, people need to stop thinking along racial stereotypes!

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-18 14:02

      @Sakhikhaya, the victim is black and the article reports a case of racism. Can people of same race practice racism against each other?

      Mike - 2012-04-18 14:26

      siye, thats a big YES. Im English and have been discriminated against by afrikaners.

      Merven - 2012-04-18 15:15

      Yes Mike but your neck is red ;-)

  • deon.dussing - 2012-04-18 13:15

    The sad part is that this is not really newsworthy. I think journalists lack the ability to "sniff" out proper stories these days. Politics, corruption and that all we have that is newsworthy in this Country?

      Merven - 2012-04-18 15:16

      There is two things that sell on N24, racism and Malema.

  • Manu - 2012-04-18 13:15

    What causes a man to act so disproportionately to a provocation? Imagine if this was say a western country and your neighbours were having a party. Would you take your paintball gun and shoot at your neighbours for making noises?

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 17:23

      The people in the gun sights makes a difference , Manu.

  • Keith - 2012-04-18 13:19

    Where does it say this man was white????

      Jim - 2012-04-18 13:46

      @keith please think beyond colour man.wrong is wrong.

      Keith - 2012-04-18 14:13

      @Jim sorry man have you read all the comments above and all the assumptions that the man was white? Seems the only time racism occurs its white on black #justsaying. I never said his acts were right and he was right in what he did. we all know what assumptions are......

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 14:17

      @ Keith It's common sense Keith black people have real problems to contend with dude ,they dont have time for that crap. For example having to deal with the kind of fool mentioned in this article while trying to work to feed your family,that's how we know that this idiot is white. Do you know that alot of white teenage boys (rob and Irene were probably part of the crew), used to go around at night beating up black people with baseball bats ,just for the fun of it?

      Keith - 2012-04-18 14:45

      @Lorain it is so easy for you to use generalisations to try get a point across.I could make just as many generalisations to point out flaws in all races but i am not that sort of person.You're argument is flawed and no proof is given just assumptions. We all have problems trying to feed, educate and sustain our families and it is unfortunate that this person resorted to childish and stupid behavior. So you hear a story about some white kids running around assaulting black people and you have to generalise about all white kids. I heard a story about so and so who did this and that so i generlise and post it on the net, get my point? I am so tired of people saying racism is only white on black thing and every time there is a mention of rcism it is always White on Black never Indian on Black, Coloured on Black, Black on Indian, Black on white or even Indian on coloured.

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 14:51

      @ Keith "So you hear a story about some white kids running around assaulting black people and you have to generalise about all white kids". It's not a story these things actually happend. I did not generalize if you read what I wrote you will notice that I said "alot"not "all".

      Merven - 2012-04-18 15:17

      @Lorain, face the facts, you're a racist, you just refuse to admit it.

      Simthandile Mpondo - 2012-04-18 17:29

      No black man in their right mind would should people with a paintball gun. This guy has too much time on his hands.

      Brett - 2012-04-18 19:04

      Lorain how do you manage to live with that giant chip on your shoulder?

      Keith - 2012-04-19 10:24

      @Lorain so apparently your brothers friends granny's next door neighbour told them that some white kids beat up some homeless guys, this means 'allot' of white kids do this. Once again no proof to back up your statement. All races have their bad elements and criminals so your point is invalid. We can go backwards and forwards saying a white kid did this a black man did that but where would that get us. I wish News 24 would report properly stating all the facts, if they did this though you wouldn't have anything to comment about??

  • Christopher - 2012-04-18 13:34

    I wonder what colour paintballs he had?

      Philip - 2012-04-18 13:37

      I hope it was Yellow All-Stars ... the pro paintballers choice. Well it use to be.

  • christian.denyschen - 2012-04-18 13:39

    news24 I've posted my comment 5 times and you delete them all. WHY??? is the truth to much to handle?

      christian.denyschen - 2012-04-18 13:55

      fck me even my reply to my own comment. come on news24 get your act together, as i sit here i wish the government pass the secrecy bill but then that's even worse.

      Mike - 2012-04-18 14:36

      ive had my neutral comments deleted aswell

  • Ben - 2012-04-18 13:44

    That when you overrun him and kick the crap out of him. Barrel up the ass and pull the electric trigger till it goes click. lol. What a moron.

      Philip - 2012-04-18 14:41

      Electric hoppers suck and they jam, rather have a gas feed hopper.

  • ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-04-18 13:45

    What is this country without racial abuse?

      Brett - 2012-04-18 19:00

      Farm murders are the most extreme form of racial abuse.

  • JJ - 2012-04-18 13:45

    Has news24 banned me? Why are all my comments deleted? I'm dyign to have a go at Rob!!

      Rob - 2012-04-18 13:48

      Oh in that case if you are banned, expect to be unbanned now.

      christian.denyschen - 2012-04-18 14:00

      same story here but i agree with Rob

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 17:25

      90% of my compliant posts are removed. Soon these guys will be reported to the Ombudsman.

  • Justine - 2012-04-18 14:02

    I dont recall Phumlanii saying anything about "Sunday"!!! Geez people, are we not tired yet on complaining...... I was very cheesed off with my friends white neighbour for deciding to use his weedeater at 07:30 am on a Sunday morning, but hey, what do you do??? I beleive we all need to learn a little tolerance and compromise. But thats just my opinion

  • barry.dogg.fritz - 2012-04-18 14:28

    this guy did it the wrong way , he should have contacted the police regarding these guys making a noise and disturbing the peace on a sunday, there are rules and regulations in the bylaws

      Philip - 2012-04-18 14:45

      Wouldn't have helped ... if he were white he would have been racist. We had neighbors that held a 40th birthday party, at 2am when we called the police due to the noise, we were told "It's because he's black". So who is the racist at the end of the day, the person wanting a good nights sleep, or the under educated police officer?

  • Michael - 2012-04-18 15:26

    WHAT is newsworthy about this story? Is the story about the paintball gun or about rasism? How many hi-jacks occurred last night: with real guns? #justasking.

      Lorain - 2012-04-18 15:34

      @ Michael alot clearly, have you seen the amount of comments? one of which is yours.

      goodman.segage - 2012-04-18 17:26

      @Micheal, oh now what is newsworthy! Bcoz, its from 1of your own.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 17:27

      Nice 1 , Lorain

  • Tory - 2012-04-18 16:08

    @ Rob perhaps this will inspire you to learn one of those 'native' languages you talk about.

  • Proudly - 2012-04-18 16:31

    Bloody pink skinned pig, if there's too much noise for him, he must ship out of our country and go to the countrysides of Europe.

  • Nomcebo - 2012-04-18 17:18

    people are easy to defend this guy. the problem with racial abuse is that the person attacks you about something you did not ask for and cannot change (WILL NOT LIKE TO CHANGE). anyform of abuse must not be tolarated. if anybody has a problem with the black people, they are living in a wrong continent.

  • phathuchicos - 2012-04-18 17:39

    Lmfao...some people need to master something called "life" and how to move on from last dynasty. its either he's jealous of his neighbour's property or just didn't get it all that morning. I don't mind anyone calling with a "K" or "N" word as I am a frequent user of "D" or "R" with my friends...its kinda fun when we do it but sounds horrific to other people who are still stuck in yesterday

  • Sub.Zero.SB - 2012-04-18 21:27

    Damn, Philip... for a former paintball player, you sure seem to have lost all touch with reality! I cannot believe that you boast about shooting guys with your paintball marker, while they are urinating against a tree, or whatever it was. You of all people should know that a paintball can cause horrific injuries, even at 50 meters away... it's a little thing we call trajectory. Also, with your paintball experience, you should also know the ballistic qualities of a round object.... they don't hit what you're going for all the time, and often go horribly off course... making an innocent leg-shot turn into an eye-removing head shot. Seriously, grow a brain man...... people like you are the reason why the sport gets a bad name. You think you're being funny by shooting people with a paintball marker in public, but you're actually committing a crime, and by posting it on, via your facebook link, you could be charged. So, on behalf of the entire paintball playing community, I would like to thank you and the other idiot for ruining the reputation of our sport further. Just on a side note, there is a clear warning on Tippmann markers, which you obviously once had... it reads: "Warning: This is not a toy. Misuse can cause serious injury or DEATH." Just in case you missed it first time around.

      Philip - 2012-04-19 09:15

      yes yes .. so is urinating in public. Like I said, chances of me actually hitting the person is slim to none. Yes, I'm well aware that the Tippmanns have that notice on, I never owned one of those, had a Angel. And I have grown up in the mean time ... so don't stress, people do stupid things when they are young. Only have a pistol now for self-defence ... loaded with 2 rubber balls and 7 pepper balls.

      Merven - 2012-04-19 14:54

      Please Sub Zero, post some stats on how many people have been killed by a paintball gun.

  • Damien - 2012-04-19 16:50

    Well Merven The only two deaths from paintball that I am aware of have come from CO2 tanks where the valve was improperly installed and the CO2 tanks ended up shooting like a rocket and hitting someone in the head. Modern valves contain safety bleed valves so that any chance of this happening with modern equipment is basically nonexistent.But there is the possibility of damaging the eye, rupturing the ear drum etc

      Sub.Zero.SB - 2012-04-19 21:37

      Actually, there was a reported case where some drunken fools at an office party took some paintball markers and played a game without any eye protection. One guy took a direct hit in the eye, which caused the eyeball to explode. The hydroshock did major damage to his brain, and he died. There have been numerous concussions from paintball hits to the head with standard paintballs too. I have seen this happen twice, with markers set to a relatively low velocity of only 260 feet per second. That velocity is easilly still on a paintball while in flight, fired from a marker shooting over 300 feet per second. Using CO2 as a propellant can cause fluctuations in the ball speed... smetimes causing spikes well over 30 feet per second more than the expected speed. Now, if a relatively soft item like a paintball can knock someone out at 260 fps, what could a solid ball do at 350 or 450 fps? It can break bones and even kill if it hits the right(or wrong) area. This is why as paintball players, we never consider using our paintball guns for anything other than recreational use, and in the very extreme, possible home defense.... but even that is not recommended. Now Philip, since you have stated that urinating in public is also a crime, you are 100% correct. The difference is that urinating in public cannot inflict painfull and possible lethal injuries to someone, so please don't even consider comparing them. Merven, you can google stats if it will make you feel better.

      Philip - 2012-04-20 08:16

      I was not comparing, I was stating a fact, just as you did. But I figure that from my last comment you have not noticed that I don't do it anymore.

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