Xenophobic attacks will go on - ACDP

2010-07-21 17:08

Johannesburg - The ACDP warned on Wednesday that xenophobic attacks would continue until the government found a solution to poverty and unemployment.

"The ACDP condemns the xenophobic violence and intimidation that has occurred in Kya Sands since Sunday night, but welcomes the strong police presence there," said African Christian Democratic Party Gauteng leader Lydia Meshoe in a statement.

"Nevertheless, xenophobia will continue to resurface in our province unless and until government finds long-term solutions to this very serious problem which seems to be a result of some of the poor, the desperate and the unemployed taking matters of government into their own hands."

She said it appeared that protesters had "given up burning tyres and toyi-toyiing for better service delivery and have instead decided to drive out foreigners so that they can take their houses, the contents of their shops and their jobs".

Sixteen people, mostly foreign nationals, were attacked at Kya Sands informal settlement, north of Johannesburg, in the past few days.

The police and army were deployed in the area to quell the violence, which seemed to have quietened down by Wednesday.

The Zimbabwean government said on Monday it had been forced to set up temporary shelters for Zimbabweans leaving South Africa following threats of attacks on foreign nationals.

A wave of xenophobic mob attacks hit South Africa two years ago. More than 60 people were killed and thousands displaced.