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2012-03-30 14:11

Cape Town - As most News24 users know, ours is a pretty interactive platform. And largely thanks to you. We try to be as responsive and attentive as possible. But every now and then, we receive queries, comments, vote ideas and pictures that leave us scratching our heads a bit.

So instead of trying to flummox you with an April Fool’s joke, we decided to share some of the more odd requests and suggestions we’ve received in the past.

While we do appreciate the faith shown in our abilities to access information, be an archive of information on a range of topics, fix appliances and predict the weather, we really are just a newsdesk...our focus being, well, the news – and to the best of our ability.

And we kid you not - these are all genuine.

“Good day, I want to know if it is at all possible that I can get a copy of the original "Die Burger" of 2 dates. I would really appreciate your help as it is for something very special. The 2 dates is 16 April 1962 and 4 March 1976. Just the front page or the whole paper, whatever is possible.”

“She was my fan even now i'm still love her,REST IN PEASE (sic).” - This was in response to the death of Whitney Houston.

“Hie (sic) there may you please explain to me how aircon works;like today temp its 15 an our aircon is set on 22 making it difficult for me to work as lm so stiff an cold.its blowing right under my head.please”

“another word for all-consuming infatuation....UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  I worship the ground my other half walks on....every minute of everyday...and its returned.  The fairytale of love as shown in this movie does exist....TO ALL THOSE WHO HONOUR  THEIR VOWS!!!!!  Its the broken ones who look at this movie with distain! The fairy-tale version does exist....I know because I LIVE IT EVERY SINGLE DAY! “ - Guess we’ve all been there then?

“Can you not update your news more frequent please. You update once a day?” - That one floored us a little…

“Good day
I am referring to your article on February 2nd in the entertainment section about Jersey Shore star Snooki being pregnant. From a well renowned online news company such as yourself I'd expect the journalists or online writers to do extensive research before publishing. Yesterday Snooki herself confirmed these Rumours are nonsense and she herself gave a a statement it is false and only gossip. Go read the news article on MTV news and make sure the writers do the full story and proper research before printing a story.” – ….. Our research indeed confirmed the validity of this all-important bit of news, that very obviously riled this Jersey Shore fan.

“Porn is like choosing a car from the dealer, and I think everyone in the whole world knows that there is SEX in the pretense (sic) of Love or some other things!”

“Advising on the out of order traffic lights are great! However, is it possible to add the date the faulty light was registered the first time. It will be very interesting to note how long it took to have it repaired. This info can then be submitted to the Traffic dept to indicate how long it takes to have faulty lights repaired! Awaiting your positive response.” – Could work as a suggestion, to the right authorities though maybe?

“Good day. I would like to see and obtain photos that were taken of me sharing the stage with Sir Richard Branson and Dr. Richard Maponya that I believe Lerato Maduna could have taken at Virgin Active Soweto next to Maponya Mall this past Saturday, 10 December 2012. I cannot seen to find any of her details. I would appreciate it if you could put me in contact with her or anyone that can help me to obtain the photos.Thanks and regards” – Lerato, we’re not sure if you did see this…or will be there, on 10 December 2012...

Weather requests are always a surprise...still...Here are some vintage ones...and they come up, again and again...and again...

“Is it possible that you can send me the % of Rain from 15 February 2011 to 15 February 2012.”

“I'd like to the average rainfall for Cape Town for the last 5 years please.”

“Good morning, can you please send me the weather and wind forecast of Westlake, Sea point, Cape town on the 2 Feb 2012 around 11 am please.”

“I need to know when there was electrical storms in January 2012 in the Rietvleidam and Grootfontein area (near Garsfontein).”

“Can you tell me why, for the morning weather, when there is a presenter, we are only told about that day's forecast and nothing about the next day: when there is no presenter, we are given a temperature map, but no rainfall forecast for that day, but temperature and rainfall forecasts for the next couple of day's. I need to know the temps and rainfall forecasts for that day and the next. So it would seem a mixture of the two styles of forecast is required please.”

“Hi, my baby was born on the 24th of October 2011. I am looking for the weather results of that day (in Witbank). Can you please help me!!!!???” - I am due to go off on maternity leave soon, and have made sure my colleagues document this information for me. It may come in handy some day!

And then one also gets statements that just leave you wondering why? And what the hell? What exactly are you saying?

"1.beware of black and white police men who steal other peoples cellphones in the johannesburg and surrounding area.
beware of black and white men who work as security who steal other peoples cellphones in johannesburg and surrounding area.
beware of black and white men who steal other peoples cellphones when they sleep in johannesburg and surrounding area."

We also do project management and research, for students and schoolchildren...and we don’t even charge!

“Hay (sic) Im busy with a Life Orientaion porject (sic) about mass media. I have a few questions to ask as I cant find the information.
1. Three roles of media
2. Three responsibilities of media
3. Three organizations that control and regulate media in RSA.
If you could please help me to answer these three question for me. Thank you.

Vote suggestions also sometimes odd – we’ll spare you some of the really odd ones...

“Would you consider not allowing Asians to travel to South Africa, as they are very enemious (sic) to Westerners.
No.1: No
No.2: Yes”

And that’s just scratching the surface. Plenty, plenty more where that came from! We'd add some images, but as we've been told countless times, we are after all, a family publication...yes, they are that risqué.


  • emile.marais - 2012-03-30 14:54

    Lol! You poor guys at News24 - thanks for sharing some of the craziness you guys have to deal with :)

  • Shirley - 2012-03-30 15:11

    I geuss it takes all kinds to make the world! Thanks for the giggle.

  • Erika - 2012-03-30 16:12

    Haha, that's sooo funny! Made my day... I can like to be glad not to be working at News 24... lol

  • Tinabtlr - 2012-03-30 17:09

    The funniest I read in the letter column of a local newspaper (anonymous) recently - from a reader in a very upmarket suburb in the city:"Can the municipality or the police please take serious action against the owners of the guinea-fowls (tarentale) nesting in the blue-gum trees across the road. They make such a noise at night that I cannot sleep. I cannot understand how the owners can not take responsibility for their birds." I kid you not.

  • Georg - 2012-03-30 19:14

    Well, the ones re Die Burger and the average rainfall for Cape Town could have easily been pointed in the right direction. One of the best I've come across lately was in the Cape Argus SMS column. This person was upset about the noise emanating from Newlands on Saturday afternoons during nap time: "Why don't they play early in the morning, like in Australia and New Zealand?"

  • Jill - 2012-04-02 08:24

    Did anybody watch the "our dna is from aliens" piece from Carte Blance last night?? Maybe that explains why I have green eyes?!?

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