Zille: Spy tapes ruling important for democracy

2014-08-28 10:52

Bloemfontein - DA leader Helen Zille on Thursday lauded the Supreme Court of Appeal order that the so-called "spy tapes" be released, after opposition by President Jacob Zuma.

"This is one of the most important days in the history of our democracy," Zille said on the steps of the SCA in Bloemfontein after the order was made on Thursday.

Within five days, the National Prosecuting Authority must comply with a previous court order, in an application brought by the Democratic Alliance, to release the tapes.

The actual recordings, internal memoranda, reports and minutes of meetings dealing with the contents of the recordings must be provided.

Conversations on the recordings were cited as a reason to drop fraud and corruption charges against Zuma, shortly before he was sworn in as president in 2009.

At the time, acting NPA boss Mokotedi Mpshe said they showed there was a political conspiracy against Zuma and so the case could not continue.

The DA applied for access to the tapes and in spite of winning previous court cases could not obtain them.

  • Phalo Yem Yem Togu - 2014-08-28 10:55

    Now what from here?

      Rabble Rouser - 2014-08-28 10:58

      If the charges get re-instated and the presecution secures a conviction, Zuma may not be able to enjoy his Nkandla palace. Instead he will be enjoying the hospitality of Correctional Services in a jail cell.

      Beaulah Fortuin - 2014-08-28 11:01

      If Shabir and Jackie didn't get to spend time in jail, how long do you think will ANC allow Zuma to spend in jail?

      Andrew Mackie - 2014-08-28 11:03

      Only time will tell !! Will these tapes open a can of worms or prove to be worthless and used as a political ploy in advancing JZ to the presidency?

      Jaco De Villiers - 2014-08-28 11:15

      Not very bright are you Freddie. Oh wait, am I now a racist too for pointing out the obvious?

      Honourable Mzamo Booysen - 2014-08-28 11:16

      Freddy you are a disgrace to the black comunity....Being a black man myself is sort of embarassing reading all that nonsense...#Pathetic

      Jonathan Woods - 2014-08-28 11:16

      The noose is tightening and they don't know how to escape. And as she says this will be a great day in the history of our democracy or DEMO CRAZY. Just how far are they prepared to go and ultimately who will be sacrificed for their ultimate survival ?

      blackmarlene - 2014-08-28 11:18

      But what about his wedding????

      Jonathan Woods - 2014-08-28 11:23

      Shame Freddy, probably scared of your own shadow ! But yes with the idiotic logic of the zanc and its supporters the worst that will happen to zuma will be a talking too then forced retirement and a nice pension, still at the expense of the people of this country. When are you fools going to wake up to the fact that your current leaders are screwing over their own people worse that apartheid ever did and you are praising them for doing it. No wonder it is so easy for them to steal from you !

      Scrotie McBoogerballs McBoogerballs - 2014-08-28 11:26

      It's a pity ANC and Zuma have no regard for the law. They will obfuscate till Jesus comes.

      Scrotie McBoogerballs McBoogerballs - 2014-08-28 11:26

      ...or bribes will be paid to make the problem go away.

      Tshaga Tetelo - 2014-08-28 12:08

      Now DA will garner some vote and rule

  • CraigJoseph - 2014-08-28 10:55

    Getting rid of Jacob Zuma is also good for democracy. Well done DA!

  • Akhenaten C.T. - 2014-08-28 10:56

    Definitely is. The day that this man is found guilty and sentenced will be even more important and a great relief.

  • Jurgen Hartmann - 2014-08-28 11:00

    This saga, together with the backstabbing of his old ally Malema, shows just what kind of lowlife Showerhead is. Ignore court orders, back stab your closest supporters, steal tax money for your chicken run, pervert the organs of justice, it's all in a day's work for Mr Butterbean Head.

  • Kamohelo Moshodi - 2014-08-28 11:01

    Zille you are fighting a lossing battle dear boooma is above the law he is the one who make an break them.I support who ever is against zanc and booma

      Jonathan Woods - 2014-08-28 11:27

      The sad fact is that on his own he could never have done these things. The ones truly to blame are the ones who put him where he is and support him no matter how badly he screws them over !

      themba.nsele.71 - 2014-08-28 12:21

      No norther plans beside Zuma and Nkandla

  • Richard - 2014-08-28 11:03

    Zille has been very quite recently. Glad to hear from her.

      Tersia Louw - 2014-08-28 11:10

      As she said from the steps of the SCA, work in a democracy doesn't get done by theatrics or grandstanding, but by effort employed while obeying the law and staying within the legal system.

  • Danie Nel - 2014-08-28 11:03

    Die kans dat daar nie met die "tapes" gepeuter is nie is absoluut zero.

  • Venicia Williams - 2014-08-28 11:05

    Should be send to forensics first, to detect any interferences...we want the TRUTH to be revealed and the end of zuma's rule...

  • Lima - 2014-08-28 11:06

    Super criminal will evade jail

  • Skosana Mafika - 2014-08-28 11:06

    Ayaye shower man.

  • Lums Zindela - 2014-08-28 11:07

    well done Helen, and thank you DA for fighting to uphold our democracy against the corrupt

  • Mthandazo Mk Nkiwane - 2014-08-28 11:10

    it is a history to Da nt damocrasy.

  • Japie Van Loggerenberg - 2014-08-28 11:11

    What new illness are going to find its way to infect our shower head commander in chief! from E- goalie to Ebola to Labola to E-depression to E-criminal to E-diabetic to E-tol

  • Dorino Kalamaras - 2014-08-28 11:15

    Zoooma had all the time in the world to doctor them..

  • David Clive Horne - 2014-08-28 11:17


      Tshepo Korogo - 2014-08-28 11:33

      Yes that's the last stop he'll probably consider.

  • Amelia Louw - 2014-08-28 11:18

    Words of caution - Be careful what you wish for you might just get it. I applaud the success of the DA in this matter, but still want to caution, while everybody has been focussing on Malema failing woodwork and generally making a fool of himself everytime he opened his mouth, while being laughed at rejected by the ANC - Mr fool and failed woodworker is exactly where he aimed to be - an MP the 6% that voted him in there is no longer 6% his antics in parliament ensured that. Mugabe was a youth - started a revulotion / rebel movement taking farms (illegally) and became president ...need I say more?

  • Jason Worrall - 2014-08-28 11:18

    Zuma is a very sly and devious man. I would not be surprised if the tapes have suddenly 'disappeared' or damaged or tampered. However, I wish all goes well and the original tapes are given as requested so that every South Africans will know the truth.

  • blackmarlene - 2014-08-28 11:21

    If the tapes contain vital evidence against Zuma, how is it that they still exist?

  • Michael Freeman - 2014-08-28 11:24

    Great. Let the games begin. Zuma we are going to get you. Your end is near.

  • Oppie Koppie - 2014-08-28 11:25

    Careful. That bastard slippery eel isnt in the net as yet. Im doubting anytime soon either. Waiting for spitting dirty mouth gwede mantashe to spray salivar all over reporters in defence of no 1 @rsehole JZ. Mac Maharaj seems to have just given up hope recently.

  • Dan Danukdhari - 2014-08-28 11:30

    Finally this dictating tyrant will be made to answer for his crimes; thank you Helen zille you are a true leader in South Africa

  • Delano Els - 2014-08-28 11:32

    RabbleRouser...Zuma won't ever go to jail...his boeties will make sure of it...and that's a huge biggest concern is that once Zuma is out...Malema will most definitely work his way in and eventually become the MC of the circus we know as SA...this country will most definitely follow in the footsteps of all other African countries...civil wars, rebel groups and mass murders...I would also like to think we will never reach that point...but the again...why would SA be any different from the may call it being negative...I however prefer to look at it as being reasonably since history has proven it time and time again

  • Joel Mabeke - 2014-08-28 11:33

    I wonder what will they do when they try to play them and they hear izingane zomma singing muyekeleni uZuma.

  • Ceba Mlandu - 2014-08-28 11:35

    Spy tapes for who?

  • Lums Zindela - 2014-08-28 11:37

    zuma : sorry but I can't find the tapes. zille: What do you mean you can't find the tapes? zuma: I mean, there's a possibility that someone took them, or duduzane had to use then to overwright some news on his new tv channel, you know the ANN7. lol, you can run but can't hide.

  • Nukki Green068 - 2014-08-28 11:42

    Hope Zille and Breytenback can make a "good story" out of this

  • Bloody Agent - 2014-08-28 11:44

    Go DA!! Give the crooks stick!!

  • Teboho Nteo - 2014-08-28 11:51

    let the law takes its course.justice delayed =justice denied.

  • Nin Ja Kitty - 2014-08-28 11:55

    Absolutely Helen. Now all we need is to be sure these tapes etc are around and have not miraculously been lost, like so many things in this country. Hopefully, it will not take until Zumpies end of term in office to have this resolved. This needs to be worked on quickly and he needs to be put aside and our country given the opportunity to rebuild itself after all this scandalous behaviour.

  • Queen Mfulwane - 2014-08-28 11:56

    Viva democracy viva!!!!!!!!!

  • Reagan Titus - 2014-08-28 12:10

    Round 1 SA Citizens now let's hear what's on that tapes

  • Rakesh Panday - 2014-08-28 12:13

    Spy tapes can't be handed over because the dog, he eat it this morning

  • Andre James - 2014-08-28 12:14

    Forget the spy tapes Zille, why is your party accepting money from Nathan Kirsh, a known billionaire Zionist supporter whose companies helped build the Apartheid wall in Israel? No wonder the DA is always silent on the human rights atrocities committed in the Gaza wars. I'm not saying that the ANC led by Zuma is not responsible for the corruption... but like the parable goes... Let he without sin cast the first stone.

      John832 - 2014-08-28 12:32

      Why not climb in a plane over to Palestian and go support your peace loving brethren??

      Andre James - 2014-08-28 15:17

      John832. I wish I could but there's no airport, Israel bombed the hell out of it in the previous wars and refuses to allow it to be rebuilt. Anyways even there was any airport, I would need Israeli Defence Force clearance to land any aircraft in Palestine. I cant even EFT any funds to assist the wounded civilians. You see apartheid siege mentality Israel uses to further its expansion and ensure its dominance over the Palestinians. All this illegal activity is funded and supported by Zionists like Nathan Kirsh and the DA willfully accepts money from this thrash. Not sure who is worse Nathan Kirsh or the Gupta's

  • Khuliso Mutsha - 2014-08-28 12:23

    Zille get excitment very easilly, its taking DA long time to understand that they cant being Zuma down.

  • Jay Moodley - 2014-08-28 12:23

    Cant wait to see what excuse Zuma and the A N C come up with now not to release the tapes! ! !

  • Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg - 2014-08-28 12:48

    If we had a democracy, you would have had the tapes the first time you asked for them. This is not a democracy, it's a circus.

  • Utopian Indigent - 2014-08-28 13:30

    ANC does not understand democracy. The principle here and in the SANRAL secrecy case also lost by gov today, is the same: Government is subject to the people and for the people. You cannot hide what you are doing and, more importantly, you should not want to hide it if you are ethical. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that based on case after case the ANC does not understand this yet. A government that does not understand democracy and the Constitution it is sworn to uphold, should not be in government. Blame ignorant voters, who obviously also do not understand, for this error. HOWEVER there is no chance that the evidence in the Zuma dossier, originally stopped by firing the head of the NPA and claiming these Zuma tapes, is untainted. The DA failed to make that point: after a decade of mishandling this evidence there is NO chance that the evidence is stil reliable. The ANC and Zuma should be sued for that, on behalf of the people, those people who DO understand the law, as rightly pointed out by the EFF earlier.

  • Rui Obed Muchenga - 2014-08-28 14:26

    U the 1, trou it first.

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