Farmer loses appeal against SA govt

2011-04-04 15:05

Johannesburg - The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) on Monday ruled against Free State businessman Crawford von Abo, who wanted the South African government to compensate him for farms he lost in Zimbabwe.

SABC radio news reported that the SCA set aside a judgment by a High Court that ordered the government to pay him compensation for the property he lost during the land redistribution programme in Zimbabwe.

This was because the South African government failed to respond to his request for diplomatic protection.

The SCA held on Monday that even though South Africa's response to Von Abo was inappropriate, it did not give him legal rights to financial compensation.

Von Abo built up a large farming enterprise over 50 years in Zimbabwe, but was left penniless after his 14 farms were virtually destroyed by land invasions.

He had, since 2008, tried to get the South African government to take diplomatic steps to address the violation of his rights in Zimbabwe.

In February 2010, the South Gauteng High Court found that the South African government had a constitutional obligation to provide diplomatic protection and ordered that it had 60 days to take all necessary steps to have Von Abo's violation of rights by Zimbabwe remedied.

  • Steen - 2011-04-04 15:20

    was his farms benefiting South Africa?

      Blah-blah - 2011-04-04 15:33

      I suppose it was, if the farmer was pouring tax money into the endless dark pits of the SA coffers...

      Steen - 2011-04-04 16:02

      @Blah-blah yes blah blah, the name suits you.

      Simon Goodman - 2011-04-04 16:49

      You are missing the point; he is just saying that South Africa did nothing to protect his properties and he is asking to be compensated for that. All they needed to do, (at the time), was ask Mugabe not to take those farms, as a citizen of South Africa he is allowed to ask his country to speak on his behalf. In reality, I am not sure if he really expected compensations, maybe he wanted everyone here to see that the South African government is/was doing nothing to protect him. He is basically saying, when something hits the fan don’t expect you country to help you.

      mhaga.sabe - 2011-04-10 15:16

      Pravin, is it true that all SA citizens who left the country at the dawn of democracy, and are now in Australia and New Zealand are paying tax in SA? Does this "excellent" SA constitution give them rights to claim financial compensation from the SA Govt should things go wrong for them, which they often do? In this case the learned judge said all this is nonsense and the farmer lost.

  • JohnnyBB - 2011-04-04 15:24

    ....only in Zimrobwe... ...."destruction", ...Africa style.....

  • Gorilla - 2011-04-04 15:25

    Like this was ever going to happen?

  • K@K Praat? - 2011-04-04 15:25

    Poor Guy...They are currently spending your compensation on luxury... Your ambition outweighed your understaning of how SA government works unfortunately.

  • The-man-who - 2011-04-04 15:42

    this guy is out of his mind. Putting all your eggs in one basket is just plain dom and now you want our government to compensate you. Regardless of you being a taxpayer like everybody else who is a tax paying citizen, our government has nothing to do with Zimbabweans taking your 14 farms and after all it's their land that they rightfully own.

      Paul van der schyff - 2011-04-10 15:12


  • Tsundzuka - 2011-04-04 15:43

    He probably got those farms for free, easy come, easy go. What is one man doin witt 14 farms while people struggle to find land.

      K@K Praat? - 2011-04-04 15:58

      I see you also support REVERSE GEAR MENTALITY!

      gardz - 2011-04-04 15:58

      um...making money, jobs and feeding the nation...doing all the good things that farmers are supposed to do..

      Smaal - 2011-04-04 16:00

      You know Zim was the bread basked of Africa don’t you? He was feeding them, making Zim prosperous, giving jobs, looking after the Zimbabwean people and now they starve or take your job in SA.

      WhiteEagle - 2011-04-04 16:41

      I suppose one can understand only if you got a brain which you like others of your kind don't have,Eish. Moron!

      Roasty - 2011-04-04 16:46

      Listen ASS WIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people build something up through hard work, not just by getting everything for free and pulling it through their asses like those guys who took the bloody farm , think before you speak you!!!you make yourself sound like a idiot!!!

      youcantrunyoucanthide - 2011-04-04 17:03

      "Von Abo built up a large farming enterprise over 50 years in Zimbabwe, but was left penniless after his 14 farms were virtually destroyed by land invasions.". This means he delved everything he had into those farms... his time, his money, everything! Those farms were productive, provided food - and a source of income - to the community. By now, there's probably nothing left of it. But, hey, as long as there are idiots like you around, there won't be a shortage of misery. You reap what you sow, and your own stupidity will bread your own misery. Cheers to that!

      Anon - 2011-04-04 18:03

      Yes, maybe he did but not used as subsistance farming! and to do what with the land, slash and burn to plant for when? How many productive farmers are providing food. and not living on subsistance methods?

      David Bapela - 2011-04-05 13:59

      spot-on TSUNDZ

      Paul van der schyff - 2011-04-10 15:13

      You are also a dumb, stupid prick.

      Paul van der schyff - 2011-04-10 15:14

      He was feeding the population, you dumb, stupid prick.

      William Steven Pearson - 2014-09-17 11:14

      OMG, how can you be as thick as your face???? I guess I should breath, you are probably from a long and guaranteed line of poor people. Go eat your mielie meal from the white farmer!!!

  • symbiosis1981 - 2011-04-04 15:44

    the guy was in Zim for 50 years, why must SA compensate him?

      K@K Praat? - 2011-04-04 16:02

      Like it would change anything if he had farms here in SA..

      Roasty - 2011-04-04 16:47

      He lives in SA pay SA tax on tthe money he made there, and hes a SA citizen. His country should have at least tried to protect his intrests.

      Warren - 2011-04-04 20:06

      @ symbiosis1781: "The Guy" is a farmer from Bothaville. Just to help you a little more, Bothaville is the maize capital of SOUTH AFRICA. A little more Google & a little less ignorance please!

      David Bapela - 2011-04-05 14:05

      His parents were in Holland 100 years ago,why not Holland?

      mhaga.sabe - 2011-04-10 15:10

      He was 50yrs late! the then SA govt would have helped other whites who were an extension of their racist govt.

      Paul van der schyff - 2011-04-10 15:16

      Another dumb, stupid prick. This is becoming a habit.

      William Steven Pearson - 2014-09-17 11:16

      I know this may be hard for symbiosis, but try your best and challenge yourself to read a whole article, I promise you it will help...

  • Mini-Mo - 2011-04-04 16:04

    ...and it's all Black peoples' fault, that's what most white bloggers probably thinking. bhla blha blha...who died and made you haters Gods.

      K@K Praat? - 2011-04-04 16:09

      You are quite right Mini-brain.

      etemhoff - 2011-04-04 16:18

      so whose line is it anyway..of course its blacks fault...everything is blacks fault in africa... you let the whitey in...they showed you a few took power...back after a gazzilion years..whose fault is all of this..blacks...this is it..its as good as its going to i love you guys...who viva!!

      Roasty - 2011-04-04 16:49

      PLEASE DO EXPLAINE!!!! So you say you support what happend in Zim and support the effect that it has had on the country everscince? PLEASE DO EXPLAINE!!!!

      Paul van der schyff - 2011-04-10 15:17

      You dumb, ignorant prick.

      William Steven Pearson - 2014-09-17 11:17

      I agree, it is your fault. You are killing the white man, do you think it is ok?

  • Refilwemu - 2011-04-04 16:21

    He 's one of those stupid farmers, and he's continuing his stupidity in SA

      Roasty - 2011-04-04 16:49

      WHY SO?

      Warren - 2011-04-04 20:18

      @ Refilwemu: You are absolutely correct, he is continuing his stupidity in SA. And as long as he continues this, you will be buying his stupidity in your local spaza shop, at rediculosly low prices! My, what a freaking special chop you are, but my guess is you will never quite understand why!

      Paul van der schyff - 2011-04-10 15:18

      You dumb, ignorant prick...easy...simple.

      William Steven Pearson - 2014-09-17 11:19

      Ye because your mother and father are smarter Refilwe? ask them what they did for a living.... I can assure it was not providing for millions, but utterly just cleaning a house. So F off and go mock your own kind as look at the world sister it is only your people who seriously F up things-this is not a news flash!!!

  • Mini-Mo - 2011-04-04 16:28

    @etemhoff...aren't you tired of uttering the word Black. relax live your life,be glad you'nt one of us. you'll have your turn again. if it doesn't come soon, leave SA find a diffrent race to blame...just line on.

      K@K Praat? - 2011-04-04 16:52

      Ahh !!! Am I mistaken or did you (Mini-mo) pulled out the race card here first. Howcome?

      youcantrunyoucanthide - 2011-04-04 17:05

      Me thinks you should get of the wacky tabaccy!

      etemhoff - 2011-04-04 18:09

      i am black dude....i love south have a sense of are black it is a fact and black it will be..we lost we won we are africa and yes its our get a sense of humour and chill dude!

      Paul van der schyff - 2011-04-10 15:19

      Mini-mo = mini-brain.

  • Anon - 2011-04-04 17:47

    And to add insult to injury ( iaw-to rub salt in the wounds): From Bread basket, feeding the masses.... to Begging basket to Feed the masses!!

  • motsokwane - 2011-04-04 18:09

    What is going to cure this idiots? Doesn't he know where zim and mugabe are? I bet he's been smoking zimtobacco mixing it with papsak.

  • Pacaltsdorp - 2011-04-05 08:22

    South Africans are getting dumber each year. All these comments lack understanding.

  • Mich - 2011-04-05 09:26

    I think many have missed a very important sentence in this story... I'll repeat it: "Von Abo built up a large farming enterprise over 50 years in Zimbabwe".... after 50 years in another country, you can't exactly turn around and say you're still South African. Not only that, if the S.A government had lost the case and had to pay up, we all know who would really be paying the compensation - the economically active, employed S.A citizen

      Warren - 2011-04-05 12:00

      @ Mich: For the last time... HE LIVES IN BOTHAVILLE... WHICH IS IN SOUTH AFRICA... F.F.S.!!!!!!!!!!! Google is on the same internet that you used to post your dumbass comment.

  • Mich - 2011-04-05 13:39

    @ Warren - this particular article only refers to him being a Free state farmer. It does not state any facts about how long he has farmed in S.A, for all we know he could have moved back to S.A AFTER all the land invasions which would lead a person to think that he has farmed in Zim most of his life and has moved back to S.A out of necessity rather than want. Perhaps I'm wrong and these are not the facts but if you have time to google more information on this article and analyse the story in depth, then perhaps you need more work to do. You completely missed my point anyway, perhaps you should go back and read it a few times and then tell me whether you truly believe that if he had to win his compensation case, the money that S.A would fork out would come from the pockets of every working S.A citizen. Oh....and easy on the aggression and abuse little man, there's really no need for it and it only reveals the type of person you really are.

  • David Bapela - 2011-04-05 14:13

    south africa do not comp tobaco farmers,smoking cause cancer.

      William Steven Pearson - 2014-09-17 11:22

      Just shut up David, we are educated people here... you are a cancer. There is a Zulu section on News 24. please stick to your own low level mindless convo.

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