Zuma: Nothing seriously wrong with Mandela

2012-02-26 15:45

Johannesburg - Former president Nelson Mandela was discharged from hospital on Sunday as he was in "good health" and he had got a "good night's rest", the presidency said.

"The doctors have decided to send him home as the diagnostic procedure he underwent did not indicate anything seriously wrong with him," it said in a statement.

President Jacob Zuma said he was making good progress.

"He is surrounded by his family and is relaxed and comfortable.The doctors are happy with the progress he is making."

Zuma thanked all South Africans for their love and support of Madiba.

"We also thank all for affording Madiba and his family privacy and dignity.’’

He said the 93-year-old Nobel Peace prize winner had undergone a diagnostic procedure on Saturday to determine the cause of his longstanding abdominal complaint.

“The doctors have assured us that there is nothing to worry about and that Madiba is in good health."

Photographer briefly detained

By mid-morning on Saturday, news broke that Mandela had been admitted to an undisclosed hospital with a stomach ailment.

This resulted in journalists and photographers rushing from hospital to hospital in Tshwane and Johannesburg trying to locate him.

In Tshwane, Beeld photographer Theana Breugem, who had taken pictures of the One Military hospital building, was made to delete the pictures after being briefly detained. Such buildings are assumed to be military key points, with pictures not allowed.

In Johannesburg, journalists were told to vacate the premises of Milpark hospital - where Mandela was treated for a respiratory infection last year.

On Sunday, Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said there was "nothing wrong" with Madiba and that he was admitted to undergo a laparoscopy.

"The reason why we took him to hospital is because he did have a discomfort, an ongoing discomfort," she told a media briefing in Parliament.


...the only way we could finally get to the bottom of this was by taking him to hospital and having a number of tests to find out, if in fact, what was prescribed, what we were giving him, was working, and if we could not make it any better."

Asked whether Mandela had undergone actual surgery, as speculated in the media, she said: "He had a laparoscopy... an investigative laparoscopy."

"It is not the kind of surgery you are thinking about, it's non-invasive, but nonetheless investigative."

A laparoscopy is also known as minimally invasive surgery (MIS), or keyhole surgery.

  • Penny-wise - 2012-02-26 15:56

    But there is something seriously wrong with the ANC and your disfunctional Youth League ...

      nkosiab - 2012-02-27 09:36

      Penny - is that related to the illness of Madiba? be specific. whats your point?

  • Lavida Koekemoer - 2012-02-26 16:14

    Your leadership skills r questionable....

  • Anita Mququ - 2012-02-26 16:18

    "Underwent'???? News24

      Ben - 2012-02-26 17:33

      Past tense of undergo.

  • Steyn - 2012-02-26 16:33

    Seriously? ... :-)

  • Mantsho - 2012-02-26 17:03

    I dont like the way they treated the journalist, it is not good, this people need to do their job and there is no respect for them, and we need them because ANC doesn't know how to give information.

  • pisciotta - 2012-02-26 17:04

    I am certain that much of Mandela's pain and suffering is the result of the failure of the ANC to live out the hopes he had for the party. The ANC is an embarrisment not only of SA but of the world. It belongs along side of other regeims that violate the most basic of human rights. It should be destroyed. But unfortunately the uneducated majority vote based upon colour, not by their intelligence.

  • Grant - 2012-02-26 20:37

    The treatment of Beeld photographer Theana Breugem was nothing short of outragious. Detained and forced to delete photos taken of a hospital??? Sounds like the sort of thing that would have been done in Stalinist USSR. My take on the incident is that the media rights that SABC bought from Mandela's grandson (with our money) are being protected. Come on DA, ask some hard hitting questions such as how could the security of SA be compromised by photos being taken of a hospital. Zuma has said there is nothing seriously wrong with Mandela - he's 90 odd so his body is packing in. Doctors should be now only keeping him free of pain and let him go peacefully.

  • Yolanda - 2012-02-27 07:22

    Not be be disrespectful but Madiba is 93 years old! what's up with the diagnostic procedure??? He's old and his body and health is not as it used to be. Why are still trying to diagnose stuff?? How will that help???

  • timothy.mubayi - 2012-02-27 18:50


  • timothy.mubayi - 2012-02-27 18:53


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