Zuma: Poverty levels still too high

2011-01-08 16:42

Polokwane - 2011 would be a year of job creation as the ANC government was committed to addressing continuing poverty and unemployment, President Jacob Zuma said on Saturday.

In his address at party's 99th anniversary celebration in Polokwane, he said the country's unemployment and poverty levels were still unacceptable.

State-owned enterprises were crucial to economic growth but the way it had been managed so far would need to change and become more efficient, he said.

"We need a social partnership between government, business and labour."

To rousing applause at the Peter Mokaba stadium, Zuma announced that government hoped to introduce a scheme that would benefit students who passed their final year of studies.

The scheme entailed having their student loans converted into bursaries that would not need to be repaid.

He said the country needed media that was "independent of economic and political control" and that the ANC would continue to fight for media independence.

"We will also continue to fight for fair and balanced reporting."

Problem councillors

On local government, Zuma said the majority of municipal councillors were doing a sterling job but found that there were problems.

"We acknowledge that in certain municipalities there are problems.

The African National Congress was convinced that elected councillors should not hold senior positions in political parties, he said.

Referring to the upcoming local government election expected in May or June, he urged the party to improve its results in municipalities it controlled and in those it did not control.

He said the party supported the tripartite alliance but that its other members, the SA Communist Party and the Congress of SA Trade Unions, also had to defend the alliance.

"We must not allow ourselves to introduce tendencies that are foreign," said Zuma, highlighting the need for alliance partners to resolve their differences and not publicise them.

Discipline 'non-negotiable'

At the beginning of his speech, he drew supporters' attention to the resolution on discipline taken at the party's National General Council held in Durban last September.

"Discipline is non-negotiable. It must be enforced without fear or favour," he said as the skies opened with a downpour.

Sitting behind Zuma, ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema looked on during the president's address.

Moments earlier Malema said the only way to free the country from poverty was to implement a programme of nationalisation.

"Nationalisation is the solution to the problems we are facing," he said.

He took aim at big business, especially white business owners.

"We cannot accept the economy being in the control of white males," said Malema.

Bus, taxi loads of people arrive

Zuma received a rousing welcome earlier in the day from supporters wearing yellow ANC t-shirts and blowing vuvuzelas.

Bus and taxi loads of people were seen arriving at the stadium amid a high police presence.

As distinguished guests and well-known performers began arriving they received a rapturous applause and blast of vuvuzelas.

Zuma's annual statement is traditionally the start of the political year, where the president is expected to detail what he expects the party to achieve.

Zuma and dignitaries cut a green, yellow and black cake that had been brought in by Umkhonto we Sizwe veterans.

Loud music, cheering and the sound of vuvuzelas filled the stadium after Zuma left.

  • GhengisKhan - 2011-01-08 17:13

    Job creation is not a Government function - Government should create the economical climate in which private sector can create jobs. This is done by sensible labour laws, solid economical policies, non direct interference in market laws and movement, minimum red tape, business tax incentives, free market principles and all the other factors that Std 3 qualified presidents and matric woodwork graduates know f@ckall about

      Stryder - 2011-01-08 18:05

      @GhengisKhan VIVA VIVA VIVA VIVA VIVA. But instead they will "patie" and blame the white males for the economic situation. Wish somebody had a tin of doom with them!

      Martin - 2011-01-08 18:52

      Ghengiskhan for president!

      Altus - 2011-01-08 19:07

      true, very true. it lies within the economy. a better telecommunications infrastructure(cost), cheaper electricity, less tax. And make it easier for people to start small businesses.

      Virginia - 2011-07-27 11:27

      Altus are you crazy, wher will the bonuses come from, hey cannot come down on their standard of living like we have to, like most of our black commentors maintain the ANC are the government and they are entitled to what they have and take.

  • duncan - 2011-01-08 17:14

    What about a commission to find out what causes poverty?

      Jakkals911 - 2011-01-08 18:57

      It doesn't need a commission to find that out - they must just stop breeding like flies - the less they breed, the more they will be able to feed, but unfortunately these morons will never get the message... Zuma himself sets a bad example by having five wives and fathering around 30 children by his own wives and other men's wives, and no doubt he'll continue doing so and expecting the YT's to continue paying tax to support him and his ilk, so of course the poverty levels will remain high... 2+2=4!!!

  • Bloedrivier - 2011-01-08 18:03

    Same promises, year after year without actually delivering on them.......and the masses still follow. It's like watching the daily activities of a certain primate clan on Discovery Channel. Last year Zuma promised a million jobs, yet the country lost a million jobs, but then again, its almost elections, so it's promise time again and the crowd will follow the tune of the "Pied Piper" to the water. Free shirts, food and bus rides, that's how they get them there, gullible!!!!

  • Shorts1 - 2011-01-08 18:30

    When will this JZ guy realise that until such time that the ANC stop filling most government positions with PDI's[Presently Dysfunctional Incumbents], such that this country eventually has totally capable people in key positions, as well as taking the strongest possible action legally available against those of their cadre comrades and those others of their affirmative action / BEEEEEEEEE corporate crooks thriving on corruption and being paid excessive remuneration for pathetice service delivery, his words are as meaningful as those of Mugabe's closest clone Male Enema. It is not as if the Guvinmunt does not have enough money available to deliver on what needs to be done. It is largely a case of those in power being in positions that they are totally incapable of constructively handling other than looking after their own, and their enlarged families (same father & different mother, or the other way around), self-indulgence interests, all in the name of 'freedom from years of apartheid rule' The ANC should all be made to read, if they can, Animal Farm by George Orwell, although it will probably be far too complicated for most of them to appreciate & understand!!!!

      GhengisKhan - 2011-01-08 18:39

      No need to read - You can watch the movie

  • Shorts1 - 2011-01-08 18:37

    As I am sure that even most highly respected Zulu's will understand, a 'hollow drum makes the most noise'!!!!

  • k1dbl4ck - 2011-01-08 18:50

    We could adjust the official classification of poverty from Rxx.xx / month to Ryy.yy / month and then less people will be poor! SOLVED!

  • kjac - 2011-01-08 18:51

    it's so easy to tell the people what they want to hear and you know this Mr. President. You will be telling them the same story next year and the year thereafter and thereafter, knowing they will continue to believe in the drivel that you feed them, cause that's how they will continue to vote for you. The day is however coming when they will sit up and realise all your promises were empty and then I hope you will be around to see the sh1t hit the fan

  • HowardX - 2011-01-08 18:51

    What a liar. He talks about poverty and unemployment yet pursues policies that make it harder for businesses to employ people. He talks about part discipline yet allows Malema to run riot, he talks about media independence, and yet the media faces greater threats to press freedom than ever. Most concerning is the phrase "We must not allow ourselves to introduce tendencies that are foreign" which seems to be a verbatim quote from Julius Malema and has nothing to do with the tripartite alliance but is actually thinly veiled racism. It's very telling that he spoke shortly after Malema's pronouncements on nationalization, yet did not mention it. Clearly, he is just a puppet of the Marxist populist faction within the ANC, and equally clearly, he just says whatever people want to here. Liar.

  • Martin - 2011-01-08 18:56

    How about filling all those vacant governmental positions with the applicants? Geezz the ARC is almost at standstill because of a lack of research staff!

  • SEMATSATSA - 2011-01-08 19:05

    Leave Africans to do their own thing in their house,you forgetting that you just tenants in Africa.Yes I am one of them and am upholding what they are saying.In fact while your backside is still sore with anger, we are part of the BRICS despite your bitter,spiteful comments and while you are still concentrating on negativism we are moving forward big time.ALUTA KONTINUA AZANIA.

      nonamejv - 2011-01-08 19:45

      That is your problem, you talk about moving forward. Are you sure your direction is right? You know where is forward and where is backward? Read what is happening in South Africa and maybe you will realise that your forward is actually backward. To see this, you don`t have to be rockets scientist. You just must use common sense, if you know what that means. And what is so amazing to be part of PRICKS sorry BRICKS. You will kill your own market with Chinese rubish and you will have to fight Chinese cheap labour. Wake up.

      Serias - 2011-01-08 20:12

      Holy shit my really have low standards....remember if you take out the "tenants" in Africa, you take out the money that you Africans are quick to beg for. We are trying to let you Africans do your own thing in Africa, but it is destroying the continent exactly like a sickness consumes healthy cells. Anyway, where is the paper that says YOU own are mere remnants of bird droppings left on the continent thousands of years ago that evolved into mindless locusts devouring everything in it's path. And when all is finished, you look to the west and beg, and claim stupidity and innocence...!!! You cannot even eat an apple when given an apple, because you will claim it is actually a berry, poisoned by colonialists!!! You are not moving forward my friend, you are actually moving backwards BIGTIME at a rate of knots and the world is leaving you to do it because they want AFRICA to capitulate!!! Nothing better for the FIRST WORLD countries to do but wait for the Africans to destroy Africa, and then move in and claim the resources! World Economics 101 my friend. You think you are clever and know it all, yet you are just a bird dropping!!! ALUTA KONTINUA BIRD DROPPINGS!!!!

      gemini76 - 2011-01-08 20:20

      SEMATSATSA : You are so funny "we are moving forward big time. ALUTA KONTINUA AZANIA". Please look at what is happening to the Hospitals, Schools, ESKOM, Water Affairs, Municipalities, Roads and that the tip. Billions were spent on defence weapons that are just standing now because of lack money for upkeep. Please also explain where the money for free Tertiary education will come from then? Again from the WHITE Business Owners, sorry you don’t want them anymore. You want everything for free!!!!! Wake up and smell the Coffee this Country is going one way and that is BACKWARD

      exocist - 2011-03-24 19:59


      Virginia - 2011-07-27 11:32

      Sematsatsa, sorry but you like the rest are idiots, we are not tenants in SA maybe you are, and belong to upper AFrica like most of these people.If it was not for us tenants, you and you leaders would not have a country to fight over, you would still be living in you hut in the bush, with your woman doing all the hardwork, African style. Its about time you people crept out of that hole you are living in and saw that there is a civilization out there, unforunately you do not know what moving forward is all about, and remember BRICS did not want you in their organizatin, Zuma begged like normal.

      sxp - 2013-12-16 10:38

      You are also an idiot, that is clear.

  • sangoma69 - 2011-01-08 19:07

    JZ are you ever going to mention birth control? i suppose you can't taken your views on monagamy. You can have a big familiy at the expense of the taxpayer, but the man in the street cannot afford it. I know the ANC does not care too much for history unless it involves 'heroes" but do your self a favour and read or get someone to explain Robert Malthus theories to you and you may see the flawed path that the ANC and every African state has followed are not workable. A people without a history are a people without a future - denying the past and trying to rewrite it will only create chaos; i suppose africa thrives on chaos as nothing is measurable in a chaotic state - thus your cadres are doing a good job - nothing is measureable. And Julius, what you know about economics most Gr 4's have forgotten - but then again that is the level of intellect you are relying on for the vote! Viva poepol! Viva

      Virginia - 2011-07-27 11:37

      No sangoma69 it will spoil all his fun with haveing more wives, you know they do not say or do anything in this country that migh affect their lives in the future, that is why they will continue to be uneducated in a proper manner. The Leaders of this country do not have the educated means to pass on good behaviour to their voters because they do not have high morals themselves.

  • Macho Mike - 2011-01-08 19:08

    Typical ANC drivel that stirs the emotions of those that have had no decent education to understand what this bald headed, underachieving idiot had just promised. In life you reap what you sow......and SA will continue to reap nothing with such tripe leading the country.

      Virginia - 2011-07-27 11:38

      And Macho Mike you will be told that you are jealous because you are just a 'Tenant" in Africa.

  • waynet59 - 2011-01-08 19:09

    Same lies as last year and we are still waiting for the last 500 000 jobs you promised.Every time you open your mouth it is to appease the poor uneducated masses,nothing you say or do has any substance to it.Sort out corruption,graft,crime,and spend money on education and infrastructure.Do not give our money away to Cuba,or spend it on youth meetings/pissups,and do not use our money to enrich the chosen cronies of the anc.Remember the famous last words 'let them eat cake'.

      Serias - 2011-01-08 20:15

      These people vote for a t-shirt, a sandwich and a cheap bus ride.....must tell you something about their mentality!!!!

  • Nam - 2011-01-08 20:49

    Zuma, I can quarantee you and your youth president, Malema, that you can nationalize all the businesses and mines in the entire South Africa, but you will never solve the poverty problem permanently. By nationalisation you will enrich the disadvanged for a short period only before everthing will be consumed and then poverty will set in permanently. First start to educate people before you tackle poverty.

      Kobus - 2011-01-09 17:39

      ......and the poor will keep on voting ANC.....and next year the ANC will celebrate 100 years. Shame.

      sxp - 2013-12-16 10:39

      Not to mention, civil war will come sooner than most people expect.

  • asteve - 2011-01-08 22:12

    Poverty still too high? Poverty is worse. Any fool can see this! I wonder why Zuma cant?

  • mpanzame - 2011-01-08 23:51

    Please take another listen to JZ drivel. He did in fact mention BLACK poor as opposed to poor people in general. Koos Zooma is still of the opinion that whites cant be poor - although he has seen and promised action for poor whites (that promise was broken as are most of his promises).

  • Christopher - 2011-01-12 15:36

    For any country to run smoothly you need to redo the whole country. Imagine buying a house that needs to be retouched with paint and cement, but you only buy small amounts of material to fix the problems. instead of buying one big bucket of paint and repainting the house, you will struggle by using small amounts over time. We still have people living in poverty simply because they have lost hope or simply can't afford to live better lives. How would you feel if you worked 12hour shifts 6days a week and got R3000pm for all your hard work. Educating won't help, pumping money into these situations won't help. We need to make life worth living. I earn an okay'ish salary, but I take the train to work, I rent a room from someone and buy my own food. After paying for everything I have no money left. Let these high heads live on the streets for a week and you'll see how quickly they fix this poverty situation.

  • exocist - 2011-03-24 19:55

    stop stealing and taking overinflated salaries home and invest in your people (ask not what your people can do for you but what can you do for your people)you ANC sheep

  • pabnel.nel - 2011-03-25 06:38

    It is those white oweners that keeps SA intact you baboon. Your ANC aint doing it, instead they steal the money. Those white males know more than you and the whole of ANC will ever know you dumb F*ck.

  • Virginia - 2011-07-27 11:24

    Mr Zuma every year has been a job creation years every budget so many millions are put aside for this, what is going to happen in 2012. People like you amd Julius Malema are the cause of the poor, because you are to busy blaming it on apartheid and the white nation instead of looking at the root cause, government. We pay you and the likes of you a salary to look after our country and its people, but all you do is feather you own nests and those of your fanily for the future, tell us Mr President, how many average workers, ones that do not have a great education, in the last twenty years have received good jobs in this country. Some have been employed in government departments, and the majority have been employed by small adn medium business people who were retrenched from those government jobs to make way for AA. In this country the poor helps the poor, and thats how it will be for ever.

  • sefeddt - 2011-11-17 07:56

    Well Zuma, your family certainly don't appear to be struggling, one has even got so fat on the good life he can't attend court dates.

  • sxp - 2013-12-16 10:37

    Zoomer and Malema, criminals who should be removed from society, once and for all. I am sure there are better uses for Robben-island, than what it is used for now.

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