Zuma: Standardise traditional medicine

2011-10-20 19:16

Pretoria - The SA Bureau of Standards (SABS) should be engaged to speed up the standardisation of traditional medicine, President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday.

Opening a new SABS laboratory complex in Groenkloof, Pretoria, Zuma said the country needed to establish national standards in traditional medicine.

"Studies have shown that 70% of our total population depends on traditional medicine for primary health."

Zuma said the government was committed to bringing traditional medicine into the mainstream of health care in an appropriate manner.

SABS chief executive Bonakele Mehlomakulu agreed that a lack of standardisation in the traditional medicine sector should be rectified.

"We are enthusiastic about this sector. There is need for standards from harvesting, storage, production to processing of the products and medicine," she said.

"Right now we are having consultations with other stakeholders in countries like Brazil, India and China to forge co-operation in the (traditional medicines) sector."

The new state-of-the-art laboratories provide testing, inspection and certification services for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, clothing and footwear products.

Zuma said standards were not only beneficial to commerce and trade, but also created a safer consumer market.

"In this regard, the newly formulated Consumer Protection Act will increase the need for our manufacturers to demonstrate compliance to national standards."

The testing facility, valued at R165m, comprises nine laboratories designed to help South African manufacturers meet local and international quality and safety requirements.

  • Bruce - 2011-10-20 19:40

    well then maybe 70% of the country should move on with the rest of us...

      Servaas - 2011-10-20 22:54

      Mike: Lol.. The thing I actually need to learn is to calm down, because the stupidity Malema and Zuma utters at stages can send my temper flying. They are leaders, yet they make me ashamed, outside SA saying I am from SA. I work abroad, been across Africa and it is annoying that I am categorized with those 2 idiots because I am south African and South Africans are like Laurel and Hardy slapstick comedy, thanks to a president with a peanut for a brain and Malema, well the name says it all.

      Mike - 2011-10-20 23:05

      I understand where you are coming from and I have been saying lately how the political rhetoric in SA is causing a meltdown in people's perceptions. We are seriously being affected as a society by the total lack of sensitivity emanating from our leaders. We have to show a certain amount of restraint otherwise everything is down the chute

      Grant - 2011-10-21 10:24

      There's nothing wrong with traditional medicine... and regulating it might do wonders. For example, educated people like Zuma already know that you need at least 100 holes in a shower-head to wash off AIDS. Some poor uneducated fellows might be using shower-heads with only 50 holes, so his AIDS isn't going away! Shower-heads should have to have the SABS stamp of approval so that people dont waste their money on the ones that wont help!!

  • Brainbow - 2011-10-20 19:41

    Yes, and please have them give you something for all that water on the brain, old chap....

  • Jacques - 2011-10-20 19:43

    SUUUURE, muti killings are just BOUND to stop then! Phew. The relief. The appreciation of a superior intellect. The sarcasm!

  • brendansan - 2011-10-20 19:43

    "We are enthusiastic about this sector. There is need for standards from harvesting, storage, production to processing of the products and medicine," So.. whats the shelf life of a human head?

      Guy - 2011-10-21 07:58

      That's exactly the type the thing that SABS is 'being engaged' to find out. (what a joke)

      Herman de Waal - 2014-05-25 21:11

      hahahaha, yeah good one,

  • zaatheist - 2011-10-20 19:49

    Well the SABS is such a useless self-serving organisation funded by big business fatcats that falsely holds itself out as protecting consumers. By legitimising voodoo it is simply showing its true colours. While they are about it they might as well confirm the efficacy of faith healing as well.

      Mike - 2011-10-20 20:42

      Don't forget homeopathy and prayer all part of the the magic and voodoo

      Guy - 2011-10-21 08:04

      Don't put SABS down. There are some highly respected scientists and engineers there. The problem is not SABS but the people that they report to and are "engaged" by.

  • humbzo - 2011-10-20 20:01

    Tshilongamulenzhe Humbulani Ronald I am quiet impressed by what our president is implementing, because it gives opportunities to the scientist who are developing drugs such as anticancer drug to have chances for their discoveries to be taken further.I was personally touched by the way traditional healer are been treated by some scientist who go and ask for the sources of their medicines, so that they can do some scientific identification and purification about them, but they don't acknowledge the founder of such plant from which drug was derived......MYSELF, I AM DEVELOPING ANTICANCER DRUG,just wait cancer will be a history.....

      Mike - 2011-10-20 21:26

      If you can find a cure for cancer which passes scientific trials and peer review .......Nobel prize and eternal fame good luck!

      Servaas - 2011-10-20 21:31

      @Mike: Spot on!

      Servaas - 2011-10-20 21:50

      Leonard: it's a sin making fun of stupid people, but damn it's so much fun! Ironically we have an idiot for a president, how sad is that?? LOL!

      Frikkie - 2011-10-20 22:54

      Do you actually know what cancer is? It's not something you can cure with a showa!

      Mary - 2011-10-21 06:57

      More and more people condemn the pharmaceutical firms as moneygrabbers and rather go the herbal route. It is believed by many that a cure for cancer (for instance) is not in those companies' best interest because it might (yes, it might) come from a simple herb in nature which cannot be patented and which would stop the flow of cancer research funding which amounts to billions and for which they can show? Nada, zilch, nothing.

      sachasea - 2011-10-21 09:28

      Yes Mary. It is obvious that Big Pharma are only in it for the tidy profits. They want to manage people's conditions not cure them. That's how they get customers for LIFE. And humbzo a very effective anti-cancer treatment already exists and governments have known about it since the 70's. Cannabis (dagga) oil when concentrated is a potent anti-cancer treatment. Two cannabinoids implicated in melanoma tumour reduction while leaving healthy cells alone are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Why isn't cannabis acknowledged for it's proven health benefits. The main reason is that the Big Pharma companies' stocks and profits would take a hell of a knock if it was legalised. (video about a 2 year old child cured of brain cancer after using cannabis oil, very touching)

  • Mark - 2011-10-20 20:09

    "Studies have shown that 70% of our total population depends on traditional medicine for primary health." Zuma is happy that 70% of our poor people are wasting their money

      nspaynter - 2011-10-20 20:20

      Actually if traditional medicines were standardized and controlled it would cut down on poor people wasting hard earned money on traditional medicines that simply do not work.

      arina.pothas - 2011-10-20 20:46

      @nspaynter ... by giving them the traditional medicines that simply do not work for free?

  • karl.moller - 2011-10-20 20:16

    The correct term should be "non-evidence based medicine".

      Servaas - 2011-10-20 20:56

      This idiot giving everyone a thumbs down must be a sangoma or witch doctor.

      zaatheist - 2011-10-21 04:37


      raath - 2011-10-21 09:26

      And trying to find said evidence in this form of "medicine" will be a colossal waste of time and money, and using the resources which could have been spent on fighting HIV or at least standardise the building of new roads (and boy do we need that). But hey, give a child 1 Million Rand and he will just waste it on sweets and toys.

      Van - 2011-10-21 10:04

      Rhino horn is also part of tradition. :)

  • nitesh.khoosal - 2011-10-20 20:22

    will taking a shower after having sex with a person that has hiv be part of that???????? wow, we are truly moving sa....

      raath - 2011-10-21 09:38

      Yes, that is a very important part of the study. The exact water temperature, and the efficacy of the garlic and beetroot soap (vom) you must use afterwards haha

  • Frikkie - 2011-10-20 20:29

    Does this oke not know the boundaries of his own stupidity? And this is the "leaders" the world see. He should rather just stay in the showa.

  • Andrew - 2011-10-20 21:11

    Crushed rhinoceros horn is a prized ingredient in traditional medicine, where it is used to treat fever, high blood pressure and cancer. Yes lets "bring traditional medicine into the mainstream" Hurry up SABS.

  • braamc - 2011-10-20 21:33

    Add the shower on list of traditional meds to cure you in the event of. He is as tired and useless as Juju, eish

  • andreas.sorensen - 2011-10-20 21:48

    Is the SABS going to test and classify astrology, acupuncture, prayer healing, homoeopathy etc. as well? Why not just make sure they don't classify it as MEDICINE (subject to medicines control council) like all the other woo-woo, investigate if anyone gets sick and leave it at that? SABS certification should be restricted to products with a SCIENTIFIC basis.

  • marina.poniatowska - 2011-10-20 23:23

    Makes me wonder why the big push for NHI if it is npt going to be used in anyway?

  • Oboa - 2011-10-20 23:27

    Do you think garlic will be cheaper at the pharmacy than in a grocery store???

  • Pawel - 2011-10-21 00:28

    why do we all need the NHI then???

  • Diaan - 2011-10-21 01:16

    Ok lemme seee ... so you are going to standardise how the presedent should shower after raping an HIV woman ??? Is the taxi fare that he should give her afterwards also standardised ????

  • sachasea - 2011-10-21 02:26

    Dagga is a traditional medicine. Hopefully it will be standardised too.

      Herman de Waal - 2014-05-25 21:23

      One of the best! It's not extreme witchdoctor stuff they are considering...?

  • homemissionary - 2011-10-21 06:05

    What's the definition of traditional? Do they mean herbs and proper nutrition(which many Westerners use too?) or does he mean 'traditional' as in used by witchdoctors? If he means that 70% of our population visits witchdoctors,then I see no hope for South Africa :-(

      Herman de Waal - 2014-05-25 21:28

      if 70% of our nation turns to nature,so what? Use herb, spice and oils and so on, many of these things are real cures and treatments, stay away from muti and witch doctors, that's just looking for trouble. Never make coctails, never buy them. you might be very sorry you did one day.

  • Peter - 2011-10-21 08:06

    Ok now we legalise Muti killings. I respect traditions of others , but the type of traditional medicins that are practiced only leads to keeping the people in the dark ages. No progression would be encouraged and the mentality will stagnate.

  • raath - 2011-10-21 09:41

    Wouldn't it be better to provide the 70% with proper nutrition and proper education, rather than spend the money on futile research and have said 70% rely on traditional hocus-pocus?

  • jomardl - 2011-10-21 09:52

    Just like Mao did in the 50's in China, our government is encouraging the poor to traditional medicines because it cannot afford proper healthcare and, just as Mao, these politicians will make use of modern medical treatment when they themselves are ill. Sad.

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