Zuma extends condolences to Japan

2011-03-11 13:10

Pretoria - President Jacob Zuma has extended deepest condolences to Japan and its people following an 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit the country's east coast on Friday morning.

"The people of South Africa share the pain and loss of the loved ones, their homes and property, and our thoughts and prayers go to the affected families," Zuma said.

The quake that hit north-eastern Japan generated a tsunami several metres high that struck the coast of Miyagi prefecture, killing dozens.

"The South African government wishes the rescue and recovery teams every success in their efforts... we stand ready to assist in whatever manner possible within our limited resources," he said.

The international relations and co-operation department's Clayson Monyela said consular services were in contact with the South African embassy in Japan to assess whether any assistance was needed by South African citizens that might have been affected.

People with family members in Japan could contact the consular section at 012-3511750, 012-3511751 or 012-3511000.

- Are you there or do you have family there? Send us your eyewitness accounts and photos

  • Alwyn - 2011-03-11 13:25

    This is getting very scary,,,,,,,,

  • brett.macdonald1 - 2011-03-11 13:49

    If only our president could comment just as quickly over Libya...

  • lakhan7 - 2011-03-11 13:54

    ...very well said Mr President.

  • Felix - 2011-03-11 14:15

    JZ, I'm impressed :)...

  • ligte - 2011-03-11 14:26

    Impressed about?

  • Cupra - 2011-03-11 14:31

    Your own people are also affected mr prez.. your own people also lose lives, property, family etc on a daily basis!!!! & this is NOT caused by a natural disaster!!! It's our government disaster!!! you make yourself look like suck a "good oke" but we know who and what you are!!!!

      charliemoek - 2011-03-11 14:53

      News24 has become a political debate platform more than an informative site, even when it’s time to sympathise with others we still choose sing our everyday songs.

      ligte - 2011-03-11 15:18

      @charliemoek.You might be right, but people's lives are loss whether a natural disaster or by the hands of a dictator. What makes this any different. Probably because you cant call a earthquake.

  • Charlton10 - 2011-03-11 14:39

    Very quick comment Mr Bean-Head. Wish we had the same quick response for Libya. You are an A%$-hole.

      kide504 - 2011-03-11 16:22

      A%$ Hole is ur grand mother

  • Bluddy Agent - 2011-03-11 14:39

    Whales revenge!!!

  • davidgrantwood - 2011-03-11 14:53

    Yet not a single word for those suffereing at the hand of your mate hopoctitic prick.

      Alan - 2011-03-11 15:21

      Or with the devastation, daily, in our own country, like murders, rapes and corruption. He truly is a dumb-F&%^ER!

      kide504 - 2011-03-11 16:21

      u Too ALAN

  • amy0aylif - 2011-03-11 15:26

    He is quick to intervene and give assitance to other countries, but he cant do the same for his own. My mother always said: Maak skoon voor jou eie huise voor jy ander mense se huise skoon maak

  • jaycee - 2011-03-11 16:07

    Mr Prez, you can't satisfy everybody with this gesture, but it is decent of you to have done it. Also be as empathic toward our own people.

  • Dirk - 2011-03-13 12:04

    Ja, op die nuus ward daar uit gesaai dat Zuma sy meegevoel betuig en dan word sy gebede vermeld - maar die heiden glo nie in God nie! Sou hy by sy voorvader geeste bid? Kon die vent na al die eeue nog nie insien sy voorvader geeste verhoor nie gebede nie?

  • Dirk - 2011-03-13 12:20

    @kide504, jy kan net een van die swart plunderaars van die ANC wees - dis die enigste spul wat voordeel in 'n Zuma administrasie kan sien en weier om onbekwaamheid, onoselheid, korupte misdadigheid by die naam te noem op die regte tyd! Ek meen, tot die "slim" engelse wat tradisioneel voorstaanders van 'n swart regering is, praat al van 'n "racial awakening"

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