Zuma to remit jail sentences, move angers

2012-04-27 22:02

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma announced on Friday that his administration would grant a special remission of sentence to specific categories of sentenced offenders, probationers and parolees.

He said there would be a six months' blanket special remission of sentence for all sentenced offenders, probationers and parolees.

An additional 12 months' special remission of sentence would be made for all sentenced inmates, probationers and parolees, excluding those sentenced for aggressive, sexual, firearm and drug-related offences.

The remission would also not apply to inmates who had been declared dangerous criminals.

It is the first special remission of sentences he has granted since taking office.

Zuma was speaking during at a Freedom Day celebration in Pretoria where said the remission was in keeping with the spirit of the celebration of the country's 18 years of freedom and in line with established international practice.

He said previous remissions had also been granted to coincide with key national days.

Slap in the face

There was a remission when former president Nelson Mandela was inaugurated on 10 May 10 1994; the first Freedom Day on 27 April 1995; Mandela's 80th birthday on 18 July 1998; and to mark the first year of former president Thabo Mbeki's second term in office on 30 May 2005.

Zuma said the ministers of the justice, crime prevention and security cluster would provide the details and specific circumstances of those who would benefit from the latest reduction.

He said the categories and lengths of remission were based on a Cabinet decision made in relation to the special remission of 2005.

The move angered the Democratic Alliance.

The remission of sentences announced by President Jacob Zuma on Freedom Day is a slap in the face for crime victims and their families, the DA said in a statement.

"In addition, it diminishes the deterrent effect of sentences," said DA correctional services spokesperson James Selfe.

Selfe said there was overcrowding in prisons and corrective measures were needed, but there were more imaginative ways the problem could be addressed.

Community-based sentencing would enable perpetrators to give back to the community, he said.

  • Lynda - 2012-04-27 22:15

    Why the hell bother with a judicial system at all.........let's do everything the true African way and let the people deal with criminals in the way they feel fit

      Jerry - 2012-04-27 22:23

      Prisons are not called Correctional Service for nothing. Why keep people who have been rehabilitated for long in prison? I know of many guys who made mistakes in life and turn out to be the most hardworking and honest people around. Thumbs up to the President.

      Alf - 2012-04-27 22:35

      Don't worry Lynda - uncle Jeff Radebe is busy dismantling the justice system with the full support of Zuma. Why bother with remissions. Ciminals walk out of court and prison cells at will. It seems to be part of the new jusstice system that perps ar given keys to their cells.

      Rob - 2012-04-27 23:04

      Jerry: Rehabilitated.....? Show me some proof! Show me exactly how this is done? Show me anything that will give me confidencs that the very few crimnals that are caught and eventually get into prison will not do crime again.

      valcooperRSA - 2012-04-27 23:35

      Well cultural roots come to mind so do it the cultural way....

      Denise - 2012-04-28 11:52

      A serious cause for concern is the draft legislation of the Seventeenth Amendment of the Constitution & Superior Courts Bill which is similar to and in line with judicial powers of the former Oberste Gericht in the GDR. Goodbye democracy! Hello Totalitarianism of the worst kind. What South Africans now have to look forward to is a socialist regime, as it existed in the former GDR, based on the East German socialist system, where East Germans lived under an authoritarian government, which controlled the judiciary and ruined the economy with nationalisations that prevented technological development and wealth creation.

      Herman - 2012-04-28 14:43

      Yes, Jerry and far more who resumed their life of crime and destruction with often disastrous consequences for their victims. Perhaps you will change your mind once you or your dearest have fallen victim to a criminal who should have been in jail at the time .......

      Gestoffle - 2012-04-28 20:16

      me thinks Jerry knows how to give himself endless that you shabir sheik?

  • Grace - 2012-04-27 22:16

    Zuma why don't you rather FREE some of your honest reliable hardworking citizens of some of their debt? WTF!!! This is criminal! I hope to GOD that the rest of the world re-instates their sanctions. Zuma ALL you doing is encouraging crime!!! Every freedom day or presidents birthday you let CONVICTED criminals FREE in celebration! What ARE you celebrating I ask from the bottom of my heart

      Mark - 2012-04-27 22:19

      Zuma doesn't want his buddies to go to jail...!!!

      Grace - 2012-04-27 22:24

      Mark lol... If he was wise he'd keep them there!

      Fred - 2012-04-28 12:17

      @Grace ... We are celebrating our freedom to be robbed, raped and murdered, while the perpetrators have the freedomto get away with it with the blessing of the ANC.

      flyswat - 2012-04-29 23:17

      "The remission would also not apply to inmates who had been declared dangerous criminals." OK, Great!! So nobody gets out!

  • Lacrimose - 2012-04-27 22:18

    Just a friendly reminder to both govt. and the public. The last time prisoners were released early, the State ended up paying damages claims in at least 2 cases, due to re-offending. So thanks JZ for reminding us today about our freedom and our rights and then immediately taking them away by letting criminals out early.

      Grace - 2012-04-27 22:22

      Spot on Lacrimose! This is nauseating!!! I hope these criminals head straight for his 'tribal village' and pillage it!!!

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 02:41

      When was that? Was it a presidential remittal or not?

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-28 03:02

      @Salee - 2006. Presidential Remission, 18 000 inmates throughout the country were released. Approx 5000 in error due to clerical/admin mistakes.

      berni.venter - 2012-04-28 11:29

      Lacrimose - and the 5000 'clerical errors' were obviously supported by a few pieces of silver. Did any 'official/s' ever investigated or face a hearing and/or fired for their 'error'? Stinks to high heaven of another opportunity for civil servants to fill their pockets with bribes as there are obviously no checks and balances in the process.

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 11:47

      We don't want that to happen again!

  • Africanism - 2012-04-27 22:28

    ViVa ANC ViVa this is what we call democracy for everyone inmate or not black or green.another reason to continue voting the ANC.DA fix racism in cape town and your leaders start to address the issue of racism people might just vote for you.

      Hadebe - 2012-04-27 22:35


      Kobus - 2012-04-27 22:42

      Viva not being held accountable for your actions, viva.

      msnagdee - 2012-04-27 22:44

      Another generally corrupt relationshhip correcting the injustice of the past. Thank you JZ

      Johan - 2012-04-27 22:46

      I realy,realy hope that someone in your family is murdered soon,brutaly, and the guy walks free. Or maybe you are the guy walking free it sounds like.

      pws69 - 2012-04-27 22:47

      Why am I not surprised by your comment. Criminal scum supporting criminal scum. Very ANC of you.

      Adam - 2012-04-27 22:57

      Africanism he must be making space for all the corrupt sanral and government employers.

      Xavier7034 - 2012-04-28 08:22

      As usual @Africanism - your Avatar suits your inane comments. The boot is actually on the other foot - get the moat out of your myopic ANC eyes.

      malcolm.molver - 2012-04-28 09:02

      Troll Alert

      Sharon - 2012-04-28 10:50

      is your mother in prison?

      berni.venter - 2012-04-28 11:33

      Oh dear... You didn't hear? DA won Grabouw last week. And that was after the posturing and blubbering of the ANC post the terrrible travesty of the DA leader calling students fleeing the Eastern Cape in search of an education refugees. And pray tell good sir how on earth does a criminals rights supersede those of their victims?

      Herman - 2012-04-28 14:55

      This is exactly what happens when criminals are released form jail or in the case of our essentially corrupt President not even prosecuted! Not only do you end up with a thug and a buffoon but he chooses the empower like-minded savages. Perhaps none of this would have happened if JZ went to jail with Shabir, but then again the ANC has no shortage of JZ's......

  • SA - 2012-04-27 22:30


  • msnagdee - 2012-04-27 22:31

    Is this culture ?

      msnagdee - 2012-04-27 22:35

      Crime does Pay in this country..

      Gladstone - 2012-04-27 22:56

      @ msnagdee, our leaders here had just forgoten what we were fighting for. This is not in our culture.

      sally.lewitt - 2012-04-28 01:02

      More like Culture SHOCK!

      George - 2012-04-29 11:01

      Not really. Shaka Zulu had an entirely different approach to criminality. Obviously our Zulu brother has lost his way. The ancestors are not happy and the tokolosh will visit.

  • Sharon - 2012-04-27 22:31

    While he was reading this bit of his phonetically written speech, I was waiting for the punchline - a pardon for his buddy Shaik. Luckily that didn't come!

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-27 22:45

      Oh just wait! Here are the Ts&Cs. Shaik et al will fall into the qualifying' group: The following categories will apply:  Six months blanket special remission of sentence to all sentenced offenders, probationers and parolees, and an additional 12 months special remission of sentence for all sentenced inmates, probationers and parolees excluding sentenced offenders, probationers and parolees who have been sentenced for aggressive, sexual, firearm and drug related offences.  People who are declared dangerous criminals in terms of section 286A of the Criminal Procedure Act of 1957.

      Gladstone - 2012-04-27 22:50

      Sharon read between the lines, this Shaik guy and our president's buddies will be out as in Now.

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-28 03:44

      In 2006, 18 000 prisoners were released on the same conditions of remand. If we are really conservative and assume the exact same amount, 18 000, are released over the next year, who will employ them? It was estimated in 2006 that at least 5000 were released "in error" of which (to my knowledge) TWO were reincacerated. Again, assuming the same number, that's another 5000 stalking us. "South Africa is Safe"

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 10:14

      Sharon, pardons have the effect of reversing a person's convictions. Remittals have the effect of shortening a person's sentence. No one is getting pardoned. People are getting their sentences shortened. Shaik is a parolee. It looks like he will qualify for the 1. blanket 6 months remittal; and 2. the additional 12 months. Total = 18 moths knocked off.

      Alf - 2012-04-29 11:27

      I like your comment regarding the phonetically written speech. Is it me or do we actually have a president and a few (the majority) ministers, that make spelling mistakes even when they speak? THEY WALK AMONG US!

  • BobM6389 - 2012-04-27 22:32

    Think of all the extra votes Zuma and the ANC will get from those released early. One way of buying power.

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-27 23:10

      It's a smokescreen to get specific people out and to reduce chronic over-crowding - we have so many naughty people. Our next vote is in 2014 so it's unlikely it's purely a vote ploy

  • sibusiso.u.msimango - 2012-04-27 22:37

    if that he see's it then he must do it

  • sibusiso.u.msimango - 2012-04-27 22:38

    if that he see's it then he must do it

      Herman - 2012-04-28 14:57

      From this gibberish I deduce that you are in favour and illiterate. Is this coincidence?

  • andrew.worrall.5 - 2012-04-27 22:38

    Freedom for the prisoner but not for the. Victims and law abiding citizens. Viva South Africa

  • sibusiso.u.msimango - 2012-04-27 22:38

    if that he see's it then he must do it

      Xavier7034 - 2012-04-28 08:28

      @sibusiso - in Psychology we have got a name for what you are doing here....OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Also, in communistic theory, they tell you that the more you repeat a lie, the more people will believe it. Actually, the Hitler regime's Nazi Propagandist Goebbels also did it did he not?

      Jenny - 2012-04-28 14:18

      Xavier - Surprising you know what Sibusiso is saying, cause sure as hell, I don't have a clue. Translate please?

  • Sipho - 2012-04-27 22:41

    Forgive n forget, de inmates r eatn our money anyway, i min how do u deal wit sum1 hu steals frm u n u stil hv to feed him/her

      Sean - 2012-04-27 23:47

      No mentality !!!

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-28 02:25

      Sure Sipho, let us rather have them here living alongside us eating our freedom, terrorising our communities, raping and murdering our families and loved ones, robbing the banks, heisting cash-in-transits, bombing ATMS, dealing drugs and running guns. So very much cheaper to have them out here even if they do not, and should not, have a place in normal society

      Keith - 2012-04-28 04:31

      Lacrimose, Nit picking only. Are families different from that dreaded American term 'Loved Ones'?

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 11:50

      @Lacrimose - the article says violent criminals will not benefit.

  • Sipho - 2012-04-27 22:42

    Forgive n forget, de inmates r eatn our money anyway, i min how do u deal wit sum1 hu steals frm u n u stil hv to feed him/her

  • Vandross - 2012-04-27 22:48

    You guys are still surprised at such statements coming from zooma ppsshhh come on. You must be kidding me now

  • Johan - 2012-04-27 23:08

    Remember Jz is also a criminal(yeah yeah he was not legaly found guilty). Just looking out for his buddies. Malema would find this intresting

      darryl.schoeman - 2012-04-27 23:18

      Malema's not convicted yet. JZ's making space for him.

      Keith - 2012-04-28 04:33

      Malema's not that fat...yet.

  • Grace - 2012-04-27 23:23

    Hadebe... There MANY versions to the Bible. Yours is obviously the ANC version. Please if you gonna quote the bible quote IN CONTEXT!!! We not ALL stupid like you. And if you really wanna get religious about this whole thing... 1. The bible is anti abortion 2. The Bible does not condone polygamy. 3. Read the 10 commandments.... BASIC stuff!!! ALL this is condoned by the ANC! Hell they. Even reward criminals with a 'get out of jail FREE card

      Hadebe - 2012-04-27 23:27

      If u were any clever u wouldnt have said that, guess dat make da two of us huh?

      Grace - 2012-04-27 23:42

      Hadebe I say what ï feel and what I mean. I HAVE moral standards which are basic human rights (excluding in SA). Letting criminals out of jail to celebrate FREEDOM day iS NOT one of my ethics

      Mhlonitjhwa Sikhosana - 2012-04-28 00:11

      @Grace you are blinded by that colonial book which deteriorate your stupidity.........grow up and see the better side of this world lady..........

      sven.gohre - 2012-04-28 07:36

      Grace, you are so very wrong. The Bible in fact allows polygamy, just look at King Solomon, he had 600 wives and 400 concubines. In fact the Bible even has instructions how to create sex slaves. Please do not say that it is in the Old Testament, as Jesus said, according to Mathew. • Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfil them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke or a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law [the Old Testament] until everything is accomplished. (Matthew 5:17-18)

      sven.gohre - 2012-04-28 07:37

      • Polygamy is a norm in the Old Testament and accepted in the New has pages dedicated to 40 biblical figures each of whom had multiple wives. The list includes patriarchs like Abraham and Isaac. King David, the first king of Israel may have limited himself to eight wives, but his son Solomon, reputed to be the wisest man who ever lived had 700 wives and 300 concubines! (1 Kings 11) • Concubines are sex slaves, and the Bible gives instructions on acquisition of several types of sex slaves, although the line between biblical marriage and sexual slavery is blurry. A Hebrew man might, for example, sell his daughter to another Hebrew, who then has certain obligations to her once she is used. For example, he can’t then sell her to a foreigner. Alternately a man might see a virgin war captive that he wants for himself. • In the book of Numbers (31:18) God’s servant commands the Israelites to kill all of the used Midianite women who have been captured in war, and all of the boy children, but to keep all of the virgin girls for themselves. The Law of Moses spells out a purification ritual to prepare a captive virgin for life as a concubine. It requires her owner to shave her head and trim her nails and give her a month to mourn her parents before the first sex act (Deuteronomy 21:10-14). A Hebrew girl who is raped can be sold to her rapist for 50 shekels, or about $580 (Deuteronomy 22:28-29). He must then keep her as one of his wives for her lifetime.

      Marion - 2012-04-28 08:15

      @Grace - If you want to quote the bible, don't forget that the Lord's prayer also says : Forgive us our debts (trespasses) as we forgive our debtors (those who trespass against us).

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 10:29

      Grace, if you are going to call others stupid, then take care that your arguments are "tight". Other than what everyone else has said in response, your statement: "I HAVE moral standards which are basic human rights" is utter nonsense, I am afraid. Basic human rights, as contained in the constitution have nothing to do with individual interpretations of morality. This is why it is possible to have abortions in this country (in terms of the Choice on the Termination of Pregnancy Act), while others are morally opposed to it - as an example. Please, Grace. I worry foreigners who visit this website will think all South Africans think like you do, hence this urge within me to respond to you.

  • valcooperRSA - 2012-04-27 23:33

    Looks like they making way for those who dont pay e-toll fees......what honor there is among thieves

      Balan - 2012-04-28 03:23

      Mhlonitjhwa Sikhosana you Stupid maadhir chute, you are the one thats blind can't you see the criminals destroying the better side of the world.

      Keith - 2012-04-28 04:36

      Good on you, Val.

  • Mbasa - 2012-04-27 23:35

    isn't the president advised regarding critical issue as this?? our gvnt is failing us as ppl of SA.maybe its about time to search for a new potential gvnmt,tht will b able to lead this country in the correct the current leadershp is failling

      phatudi.nathaniel - 2012-04-27 23:58

      Who is not a criminal in the cANCer.and we can still try DA

  • charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-04-27 23:37

    Can some one from the Department Of Education Give This President of Our Country, Some Real Education "ON BUSINESS AGAINST CRIME", I thank you in advance for your support on behalf of all the victims of crime amongst human beings in this World, which belongs to God. Perhaps some one will pay me to educate President Zuma via "Literacy For All Human Beings C.C." Business Against Crime, world wide.

      Keith - 2012-04-28 04:41

      It does strike me as a touch bizarre that with so many crises our president can devote time to sending more people on to the unemployment parade.

  • Mhlonitjhwa Sikhosana - 2012-04-27 23:38

    good 1 my President......let the haters bark as usual, who cares 'coz they are just a bunch of minority who wish to see ''their'' apartheid goverment wins the majority votes to run this wealthies African country we fought for with Zille as their leader......mxm!!!!!!

      Muffin_man_can - 2012-04-27 23:46

      U and ur idiotic leader's days are numbered!

      bbooyse - 2012-04-27 23:48

      I'm trying to understand why you feel this way -- surely you realise criminals rob, rape and murder indiscriminately? Would you feel the same if some of those sentences were child rapists or murderers?

      pieter.kunz - 2012-04-27 23:48

      why do you think minority wants to bring back apartheid? Do you think all whites supported apartheid? Jeez this is getting old. I am not happy with any criminal being released from jail when you know of people close to your that got murdered, raped and brutily attacked. Not a race thing. I don't care if the person who is behind bars wears a white, black, pink or brown skin.. convicted criminals belong behind bars

      Grace - 2012-04-27 23:49

      How old are you? Lol... OMG have you any SAVVY at all?

      phatudi.nathaniel - 2012-04-27 23:53

      Your a coward and you dnt know nothing,why are we still having high rate of crime and unemployment because of creatures like make me sick

      miandra.vanzyl - 2012-04-28 00:13

      I think you are one of the idiots in prison, hoping that his president will release him. Are you out of your mind. The whole world is looking at disgrace at South Africa crime rate. Its only China smiling as they see opportunities of investing and taking over this country and bringing their over populated country people here to stay and work in their factories and businesses. We have the highest murder and rape rate in the world and soon it will be even higher with all these criminals back in society

      sally.lewitt - 2012-04-28 00:49

      Mhlonitjhwa.. Get your head out of the sand!

      Balan - 2012-04-28 03:25

      Sikhosana, you must be a criminal

      Keith - 2012-04-28 04:47

      This 'wealthiest' African country was 'wealthiest' when it was handed to the ANC on a plate, but it may not, unfortunately, be the wealthiest much longer. I only hope, for my sake at least, that I'm wrong, but the way things are going the future doesn't look promising.

      Trevor - 2012-04-28 07:05

      im sorry,what excactly is a "wealthies country?"

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 10:35

      Pieter, I am not sure about your argument. The article says people convicted of violent acts will not benefit. Dangerous criminals will not benefit. Further, people eventually do get released from prison. You say you aren't happy with anyone being released from prison. Must everyone be sentenced to life? That would make you happy? If not, then please explain why 18 months make such a big difference?

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 10:51

      @ Keith and @ Elizabeth Lee - That's not true. Here are the numbers to show the both of you up: This is a chart of the trend of South Africa's gross domestic product at market prices estimated by the International Monetary Fund: Year GDP, USD bln US Dollar Exchange in early January 1980 80.547 0.8267 Rand 1985 57.273 2.0052 Rand 1990 111.998 2.5419 Rand 1995 151.117 3.5486 Rand[ 2000 132.964 6.1188 Rand 2005 246.956 5.6497 Rand 2010 363.655 7.462 Rand 2015 (f'cast) 510.937 –

  • Muffin_man_can - 2012-04-27 23:42

    Seems like zuma is looking after his own kind (criminals). Once again a decision made by our government that defies all logic..

  • phatudi.nathaniel - 2012-04-27 23:42

    Results of having more than a stupid president..and only idiots will vote for him.are we still having hitmen in the country?ot of work must be done

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 10:01

      Of all the comments, this is the most ill informed. I have said it before, until you have listed and critiqued ALL the reasons why people vote for one party/person or the other, you cannot call, them stupid - just because they have a preference different to yours. That makes you sound intellectually lazy. It makes you appear to be content with making mental shortcuts and making statements without testing the validity of your assumptions. Perhaps Zuma voters aren't judging him based on the same things you are judging him on. The question is, have you asked yourself what those criteria are? Have you worked out why your criteria are much better, as you seem to imply? Have you even thought about what your criteria are? Simplistic arguments are usually stupid and one-dimentional. Don't be a mental simpleton :-) This South African brand of politics of always playing the man or the group, instead of the ball is the main reason why attention is diverted from the real issues. People are always trying to discredit one another. Look at this website. The comments are kindergarten half the time. If this is the best that we can do as a society of thinkers, then we have much to be ashamed of. Perhaps you are right, a lot of works still needs to be done. There isn't a single comment on here that seeks to enquire or educate on the topic of sentence remittals. Everyone is on a sheep-like mission to appear "clever".

      Jenny - 2012-04-29 14:40

      Trying to be clever? Speak for yourself Sal.

  • Khetha Hlophe - 2012-04-27 23:43

    Give Mr president a Bells

      Stewart - 2012-04-28 00:41

      More like kick him in the bells

      George - 2012-04-28 02:58

      Sure, great way to make more babies and increase the burden in the taxpayers!

      Balan - 2012-04-28 03:27

      Ya , give your president wedding bells thats all his good for

      Mike - 2012-04-28 18:01

      ...because your family is finally coming home Kheta?

  • Koketso - 2012-04-27 23:54

    how much is a plane ticket to Canada again?

      Balan - 2012-04-28 03:36


      Saleé - 2012-04-28 09:31

      The y do have presidential remittals there, too.

      Mike - 2012-04-28 18:02

      Not for murderers and rapists they don't

  • Dolph Dee Moliko - 2012-04-28 00:24

    Ooh God nd Im still waiting for my firearm licence 2yrs later nd dis!!! It looks lyk someone is trying to win some votes here, nd wth our lives we worked harder for. Out of all everything he can do this...!?! Im scared, no terrified.

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 09:30

      Isn't every politician always trying to win some votes? Just asking.

  • Dolph Dee Moliko - 2012-04-28 00:25

    @muffin Right on point

  • felican - 2012-04-28 00:28

    No wonder there is such a freaking mess up in this country at the moment. Kofi, when you and I spoke so long ago when Tata was released, your words were hardly 'cold' and they now have really come true. "If a country is run by criminals - It will soon become overrun by criminals." Oh Boy... Now those released have no where to go - what now pray tell, I ask..

  • EricksonTL - 2012-04-28 00:32

    No death sentence = prisons that are too full ANC thievery = no budget for more prisons In that context, makes perfect sense.

  • Dolph Dee Moliko - 2012-04-28 00:43

    Whats wrong with having us the law abiding citizens to vote on matters that concerns us most??? We r the ones who are forced to live with people who chose not to live with us in the first place, people who robbed us; killed us; defrauded us; assaulted us; raped us; stolen from us; and everything they did to us. I dont believe in second chances. You have once try to do this mess it and live with the consequences. Law experts must look into this and bring the president to book. Nxa

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 09:28

      I think the nation of south Africa is one big "second chance". Believe.

  • Steven - 2012-04-28 00:56

    Firstly, SA is NOT a Black mans' country; belongs to the Coloureds. Importantly, ANC governance of SA has UHURU written all over it.

      olerilwe.mosiane - 2012-04-28 01:58

      where did u get dat crap that rsa doesn't belong to blacks?what is a coloured steve boy?let me tell you something ma boy,your forefathers jan van reebeck and his cronies when they come in dis country they didn't have wives with them,they rape our mothers and stole our land,and that's how we got coloureds in rsa boy.and dat filthy language of their's originate in here,and whites are part of history that need to b erased because of the brutality they did to us.more and more people even 2day we don't know where they are due 2 stop talking crap that might awake the sleeping tigers in our black hearts.moron

      Balan - 2012-04-28 03:34

      olerilwe. mosiane you are a BIG RETARDED MORON.

      olerilwe.mosiane - 2012-04-28 06:07

      and you're the cleverest of the all balan?idiot blinded by colour

      malcolm.molver - 2012-04-28 09:08

      Olerilwe, let me educate you. Before there were whites and blacks in this screwed up country, there were the Khoi. They were here first, until blacks came along and decimated their numbers. That's what Steven was implying!

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 11:00

      Malcolm86, let ME educate you. Before there were the Khoi in this country, there was Mrs Ples. We made our way up the continent into Europe and Asia, and we made our way back. We all belong here. Enough with the crap. The question is: why have we treated each other over the years?

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 11:27

      Educating Malcolm86: Archaeological evidence shows that the Khoikhoi entered South Africa from Botswana through two distinct routes – traveling west, skirting the Kalahari to the west coast, then down to the Cape, and travelling south-east out into the Highveld and then southwards to the south coast.[4] Most of the Khoikhoi have largely disappeared as a group, except for the largest group, the Namas. The Khoi initially came into contact with European explorers and merchants in approximately AD 1500. The ongoing encounters were often violent. Local population dropped when the Khoi were exposed to smallpox by Europeans. Active warfare between the groups flared when the Dutch East India Company enclosed traditional grazing land for farms. Over the following century the Khoi were steadily driven off their land, which effectively ended traditional Khoikhoi life. We all belong here. We originated here (Mrs Ples); and we are foreigners here (migrated here). All of us. Enough with the pseudo-science and pseudo-history meant to justify racism.

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 11:39

      @Olerilwe. Race as a concept cannot be justified on scientific or biological grounds. There is one human species. The so-called racial differences do not make for different species of man, in the same way that the differences between zebras do not make for different species of zebra. Race is just a social construct. Problem is...a lot of people have bought into the hype of racial classification, including you and others.

  • olerilwe.mosiane - 2012-04-28 01:38

    what's wrong with the white minorities?pres zuma can't say or do anything good in their eyez.y do u always have 2 label da man as a criminal or rapist?was he ever fine guilty in the court of law?most of u(whites)got what u got from underpaying and abusing blacks,but you always call yourself the law abiding 1's.the man's hiv n aids policies is saving lots of lifes.geez man!!!get a life 4 heaven's sake

      Pieter - 2012-04-28 07:03

      You have it wrong ,nobody could have stolen your land, your race were living in the bushes.

      Trevor - 2012-04-28 07:14

      im sorry,where you trying to make a point somewhere in that? and who told you whites got what they got from abusing blacks? my father employed many blacks in his life and treated them with all with respect,and paid them fairly!dont you dare compare all whites to the apartheid govt!thats like me saying all blacks are evil! your uneducated statements make you the worst kind of racist! learn to love your fellow south africans or you will never grow as a man,but remain a bitter child for the rest of your life!

      olerilwe.mosiane - 2012-04-28 07:17

      pieter where were those bushes?in heaven?of course the bushes are on land you idiot

      olerilwe.mosiane - 2012-04-28 17:35

      @saleè how much do u charge 4 da piece of education?lol!!we can outsmart each other but the fact remains we want the equation 2 be balance between blacks and whites,we have 2 share the wealth of this country,economic freedom is the starter and believe me when this thing doesn't get adress we might see arms being use to dissolve this.itz never too late to change

  • olerilwe.mosiane - 2012-04-28 01:38

    what's wrong with the white minorities?pres zuma can't say or do anything good in their eyez.y do u always have 2 label da man as a criminal or rapist?was he ever fine guilty in the court of law?most of u(whites)got what u got from underpaying and abusing blacks,but you always call yourself the law abiding 1's.the man's hiv n aids policies is saving lots of lifes.geez man!!!get a life 4 heaven's sake

      Wayne Hambides - 2012-04-28 04:07

      And this is why i cannot wait to get out of this once lovely country.....Say what u want ANC are a bunch of idiots......OH and yes i am white ( so guess i am racist then...according to 90% of these forum readers)

      olerilwe.mosiane - 2012-04-28 05:51

      @wayne when you say the 1's lovely country,do u mean the oppression that we blacks xpecirence,or the group area's act,or they way u used 2 kick our as%

      Trevor - 2012-04-28 07:19

      dear olerilwe,STOP LIVING IN THE PAST! how old are you anyway? i bet you where a child in 94. your govt has been in charge for TWENTY YEARS! how has your standard of living improved since then? do you drive a X5 or merc like most ministers?

      Gloria - 2012-04-28 09:19

      @ Olerilwe. I am sure yor white boss at DHL will be pleased to know what you think of him. The white man works for what he wants, he does not demand demand demand! And yes, us whites have every right in the world to be pissed off with an excuse for a president. We are being robbed, killed, hijacked, have to keep on forking out money for things that does not even benefit any of us, we are paying tax for what??? The roads is a mess, the parks is a mess, you cannot walk to the cafe on the corner anymore without fear of being robbed or raped. We live behind bars, we fear for our childrens future, our rhinos are being killed, our farmers are being killed, people living in poverty. But no, the best the president can come up with is let the criminals free! WHY!!! Off course we are pissed!! Don't tell us to be greatfull ffs! Most off us whites are overpaying our black employees! Not because we are forced to but because we have hearts and we feel sorry for them! Your last sentence of get a life? We can't have a life in this country, we are not allowed to!!!

  • ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-04-28 01:48

    All ths critics said about th president won't get us no where, DA may jst have to back off in ths one as they did in 1995 whn thy were former ruling opression party. There will be special precedures that will be taken, didn't thse DA clowns hear the president yestrday afternoon? Damn man ths country also belongs to prisoners like it did with racists prior 1994.

      Keith - 2012-04-28 04:55

      Huh! Say that again, a little more slowly, so that we can savour and absorb those lofty sentiments.

      malcolm.molver - 2012-04-28 09:10

      Let me educate you you stupid moron. The DA fought AGAINST apartheid and oppression. They are the old Progressive Party, not the racist Nats you imbecile. You just feed on the lies your corrupt masters feed you.

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 14:31

      Malcolm86 - your history is selective: The earliest ancestor of the modern day Democratic Alliance is the South African Party, which won the first general election in the Union of South Africa in 1910. The party lasted until 1934, when the National Party and the South African Party entered into a coalition, which led to the creation of a merged United Party (UP). This party included both liberal and conservative elements. The United Party continued to exist after 1959 and was the source of several breakaway groups which merged with later ancestor parties. Then the progressive party came. Even then, the story is not as simple as you make it out to be. If you are going to accuse people of being imbeciles, the least you could do is tell the truth and cover facts accurately.

  • duduetsangm - 2012-04-28 01:53

    When peopele who are so ill informed have the most to say.. Do you lack literacy skills or what? The conditions and terms of the Remission are going to be conved to the public at a later stage. Also I love how you are all blaming the ANC for this and their government do you not know that parliament is not only made up of people from the ANC? Pls inform yourselves before making stupid uneducated comment here its embarassing!!

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-28 02:08

      The Conditions and Terms are already public and quoted in this article. This is not a Parliamentary issue, this is a PRESIDENTIAL DECREE. No Parliament or cabinet involved. "So please inform yourself before making stupid uneducated comment here its embarassing!!" !!

      Keith - 2012-04-28 04:57

      Since when did parliament have ANY say in the ruining of this country? - 2012-04-28 05:02

      Well said,and whatever the cabinet has decided that's it,white people shud be strong....we cannot all agree to the cabinet's decision

      duduetsangm - 2012-04-28 10:16

      Lacrimose ( sp ) how old are you? Clearly you are not aware of the procedure that takes place before anything is changed in this country we live in a Constitutional country which I hope you are well aware of Zuma cannot just one day wake up and decide on this there arec certain procedures in place that he needs to follow which are stipulated in the Constitution , and other non Anc member have had ample time to speak up about this why only now this remission concept was proposed in 2005. This is my problem with the DA they only decide to speak up and contest something when its too late . so I'll excuse ur lil comment up top.You think you can quote big words that have been used in the paper and then come copy and paste them here and state your case that's not how politics works in this country do your research!

  • George - 2012-04-28 02:45

    The ancestors are not happy indeed. Another wave of criminality descends on the long suffering public through the courtesy of their government. The tokolosh will visit. No mention ever of the countless victims of crime, their loss, their suffering. Hopefully the electorate will have a longer memory at the next election and the IEC remains honest. This has to end. Bring back the death penalty, now.

  • Konanani - 2012-04-28 02:46

    whites always against Jzee .no complement for mr President Jzee their comments always insult him why ?if mr Jzee is wrong lets say your wrong if he is right Let say he is right not always opposing him that mean he never b right nd he will never according to u whites

      Balan - 2012-04-28 03:32

      how can he be right if he is a rapist, polygamist and corrupt you bloody fool

      Trevor - 2012-04-28 07:23

      please konanani,stop making general statements and answer me this, name ONE THING the govt has done in the last year that is for the good of the country and not just him and his family! ONE THING! THINK LONG AND HARD BEFORE YOU ANSWER!

      Marion - 2012-04-28 08:35

      @Balan - He was found 'not guilty' of rape. As much as I disapprove of the taxpayer carrying and additional financial burden of his polygamous relationships, polygamy is accepted, and practised, by many on the grounds of religion and culture worldwide. His corruption still has to be proven in a court of law.

      Marion - 2012-04-28 09:19

      mmmmm a thumbs down just for stating fact and not fiction.

  • Barefoot - 2012-04-28 03:01

    South Africa is not a knowledge rich country or all forms of intelligence are lost once a topic is about the government, yes the government makes many mistakes or rather things we don't like, which government doesn't? when you have people who's only source of news is news24 you get comments like those you see. just check what the king of Thailand did on his birthday

      Trevor - 2012-04-28 07:27

      im sorry,since when is news 24 the only news source,have you not heard of sabc 1,2,3,etv,mnet,dstv,daily news,mercury,star,sowetan,radio?,isolezwe? what country you live in that has one news source?

      Barefoot - 2012-04-28 09:35

      Read for understanding before commenting -yes south Africa has many mediums of information- i am talking about people who only read news24 and think it's the only source of news, they do not bother to read other news sources, do you think i would be as naive as to insinuate that news24 is the only source? hell you can even buy time magazine, read new york times daily, bbc, cnn, fox, cnbs, al jazeera etc all from the comfort of your home some only choose to read news24 hence they don't know common practices in the world- pardoning is done worldwide even in the u.s. by the way the Thailand king pardoned drug offenders yes even mules one came back to s.a after many years in jail

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 12:02

      Oh, @Barefoot. My thoughts exactly. News24 comments are pretty embarrassing most of the time. Good to read as an indicator of our level of intelligence as a nation. Think one of the most unfortunate thing about apartheid is that it restricted a lot of South Africans within the mental confines of the country. People cannot even do simple "bench-marking" research on google before they comment here. A lot of South Africans aren't a "worldly" people, judging by the comments. Quite close-minded, I must say.

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 12:03

      Totally supporting @Barefoot. Totally!

      Trevor - 2012-04-28 14:11

      you say they only read news24? when did you conduct your survey? also what demographic did you question? or did you just thumbsuck your statement?

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 14:45

      Well, @Trevor - if they read anything else, their comments would be more informed. I think it is simple.

  • George - 2012-04-28 03:12

    South Africans are for the most part self reliant. Now they must become more vigilant as in vigilantism. No other way, with leadership like this. Poor township residents. Hopefully you will learn to vote correctly next time.

  • Faizie - 2012-04-28 03:31

    How does this alter Mr Shaiks parol???????????????

      phinahr - 2012-04-28 06:00

      When JZ he is going to jail for fraud

  • ptmakgato - 2012-04-28 03:37

    Is this the best u can do with our tax monies Mr President? We work hard for this money to be just given to people who make our lives a living hell!!!

  • lhfick - 2012-04-28 03:55

    The old system worked well, their labour was used to upgrade and and maintain courts, police stations and that is just a few things. They were also taught life skills, welding, mettle work, gardening, maintenance, carpentry, some even became builders and chefs. One could see that they took pride in what they did and that they saw it as a privilege. It was like a day pass for them due to good behaviour while in jail. Today they must just sit and rot in over crowed jails. These duty`s were not forced upon them. I feel and know that the way those who is incarcerated are handled and done now is not right. I am not saying we must make slaves of them, but prisoners need positive goals and most of them need the skills to survive upon their release. Their are two sets of rules out there; the one off the gangster and the ones we must all follow. Upon release they would be better off with positive skills than, none that would force them back to crime and leading them back to being incarcerated. Now it is just a cycle that repeats itself over and over again. It is a fact that most of the passes in Cape Town was build with the help of labour provided by incarcerated men. By men I mean men of all colour, creeds and religion. I feel that we made a some mistakes when we wrote our own bible and called it the constitution. I am not against the constitution, but it is not my Bible.

      kensong.ben - 2012-04-28 08:19

      Make sense ...trough hard or mild labor ,they came out skilled..

  • Peter - 2012-04-28 04:01

    Each time there is a celebration the criminals get a bonus and the people that strive to build the country have to suffer more by criminal action,. Could it be that the government wants to help their pals?

  • Phiwe - 2012-04-28 04:03

    Who actually will get these remissions? Probably the many people who are simply in jail because they could not afford to buy a traffick ticket and cannot afford bail! I'd rather our prisons are filled with exactly the kinds of people excluded from these remissions, people responsible of serious crimes than to have a bunch of petty offenders locked up in there taking up space in an already overcrowded prison system. As expected most of the numb skulls on this forum just disagree with Zuma and the ANC for the sake of doing so without actually thinking that there might be reason or rhyme to what they propose. Much like the DA I guess!!

      Phiwe - 2012-04-28 04:05

      pay for a traffic ticket rather*

      Phiwe - 2012-04-28 04:16

      Here we have a case of - the prisons are crowded in South Africa, the DA and their whingers whinge! The president proposes that he'll lessen overcrowding by giving remissions to petty offenders who probably should not be in there with serious offenders and DA & co-whingers whinge some more! Whinging for the sake of whinging!!

      Keith - 2012-04-28 05:01

      Why not whinge? We've got nothing to celebrate.

      Marion - 2012-04-28 08:39

      I agree VOR.

      shaylene.stenger - 2012-04-28 09:26

      Okay so if there is over crowding why not build more prisons? Using in mates? Secondly our prisons wouldn't be so full if we had a proper judicional system in place and tougher sentencing, ooh not to mention a proper goverment. Maybe then people would abide by the law and not land there buts up in jail.

      Phiwe - 2012-04-28 11:13

      @ Shaylene - your entire post is stupid! Firstly, building prisons is not exactly cheap! And it is a shame that you are so vengeful as to rather have billions more spent just house petty criminals instead of just saying the most cost effective way to deal with overcrowding is not lock up people for petty crimes! I bet if you go to any jail you'll find hundreds of people in there because they dont have money to pay for fines and their families are so poor they cant afford bail. It's a shame! Now to reduce overcrowding you can either do what Zuma proposes or just kills a few thousand just to make more room, which is something i reckon you advocate. Unless you are saying our judicial system should lock up more people to lessen overcrowding, which is stupid. I'm sure you can appreciate. What you want is a death penaly? Of course! Just deal with the fact that we dont execute people, there's not a single piece of evidence that suggests that the death penalty actually deters crime. Therefore, advocates of the death penalty are purely vengeful, hateful people and just think people should be killed. As for the government, what do you propose they do? they have no control about whether people choose to do crime or not that is entirely an individual choice influenced by socio-economic hardship! What you seem to want is something very close to complete communism and that's not something the government is very much interested in.

      Manu - 2012-04-28 11:31

      Well said VOR I shall be blunt here and say it, if any person is in doubt that the political engagement of many whites is informed by subconcious racism and dishonesty they need look no further than the comments to this story. Those who want to accuse of racism please go ahead and do so, but first take the time to read the comments. It's common practice around the world to give the head of state the right to commute the sentences of prisoners. JZ for the first time has done so in commuting the sentences of minor offenders appraoching the end of their sentences. But many here (except for Marion) read the headline and quickly arrived at the conclusion that JZ is releasing criminals to beef up the ranks of the anc electorate, and that crimes such as murder and rape will rise. This is a complete lack of honest engagement with the story. I am not surprised that many blacks in this country still do not trust whites. Why should they when the generality of whites choose to act on their prejudices rather than the realit of the day.

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 14:49

      I think we give racists too much respect. Racism is one of the most stupid things a person could hold on to. Firstly, if you are racist and prejudiced, you lose out on the opportunity to enrich your own life by interacting with people from different backgrounds, who may think differently to you. The great civilizations of the world benefited significantly from interaction with other nations. They learnt. They grew. The same can happen at an individual level.Racists are the most mentally unstimulated people. They stick with their own fellow sheep, down a desolate abyss of ignorance. Don't mind racists. It's their loss, largely. Just keep racial domination out of politics and business. Secondly, there is no scientific basis for race as a concept (I have made this comment elsewhere). Race and racial classification are social constructs, devised for a number of reasons, the most common one being racial domination of one so-called race" by another.There is the apartheid racial classification system, which we all know of. "Racial" domination was the motivating factor. When we got rid of apartheid, the racial classifications were retained for census purposes and I suppose for the purposes of redress. The point however is that it is pretty stupid and uneducated to hold on to racism; when it is just pseudo-science. There is a contradiction of sorts in a person who thinks their "race" is better and more intelligent than others, while using an ill-informed and uneducated concept.

      maseratifittipaldi - 2012-04-29 20:31

      Wise words, Salee.

  • Lazarus - 2012-04-28 04:58

    Our president should never be allowed to use discretionary powers unsupervised.He is putting a burden on our police and the courts,but importantly on society.Sheer Incompetence!!We all know JZ has limitations.

      Saleé - 2012-04-28 14:07

      He never uses discretionary powers unsupervised. The law supervises him.

  • Blip - 2012-04-28 04:58

    Jails too full? Too much crime? Just set them free... (And pretend you're "governing"...) Typical Zuma.

  • Lazarus - 2012-04-28 05:11

    Even an 8 year old will get very scare to hear that the rapists is coming back to the streets.This government is a loughing stock.

      Alaina - 2012-04-28 07:35

      Rapists are excluded from this \gift\ from the ANC. Petty criminals only.

      lskosana3 - 2012-04-28 08:49

      Read sir, rapists are NOT getting out!

      Phiwe - 2012-04-28 11:17

      Stupid stronzo! Cant even read and yet quick to comment!

  • Louis - 2012-04-28 05:22

    So now you either get out on bail or you wait for a special day every 2 or 3 years...crime is crime, you should be punished accordingly!

  • Chris - 2012-04-28 05:29

    A country for criminals led by criminals...

      Raymond - 2012-04-28 08:06

      ABSOLUTELY Only Someone with a Township MENTALITY can make a decision like this.South Africa and Nigeria are the two top countries in Africa for Fraud.

  • Bongani - 2012-04-28 06:17

    Everything the ANC Government is doing it is wrong for DA. they dont see anything that is right that is why they won't get my vote

      nicola.killops - 2012-04-28 06:32

      How can you possibly see this as being right. Maybe the DA have a point.

      Douglas Read - 2012-04-28 06:36

      Bongani the function of an opposition party is to oppose the governing party. in this instance they are spot on. long may they continue doing a fine job.

      Leonard - 2012-04-28 07:03

      So what have they done for you in 18 years of voting Bongani? Ja neh, just keep voting for your party! Another brainwashed anc puppet...

      Gregory - 2012-04-28 07:08

      It's just a shame the 90% of the ruling party are corrupt money grabbing thieves , besides that they doing a sterling Job.

      shaylene.stenger - 2012-04-28 09:19

      Well then Bongani don't ever complain about the high crime rate, the corruption, the poor service delivery, e tolls, unemployment , the education system (not having schools and stuff) or the goverment hospitals.... Because that is the doing of your party.

      Zahir - 2012-04-28 12:08

      There is almost nothing the anc does get right please enlighten us what they have done in past 18 years I would like to know?