Zuma sends condolences to Buthelezi

2012-06-22 16:00

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma on Friday extended his condolences to Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi, whose son passed away on Wednesday.

"The pain of losing a child is immense and immeasurable," Zuma said.

"On behalf of myself, Government and the people of South Africa, please accept our deepest condolences, and may his soul rest in peace."

Phumaphesheya Gregory Buthelezi, 49, died at Durban's King George V Hospital after a long illness.

The ANC also sent its sincere condolences to the Buthelezi family and their friends.

"May his soul rest in peace," said the statement, issued by spokesperson Jackson Mthembu.

  • Henri - 2012-06-22 16:12

    Just say aids and get it over with !!!!

      clint.rusford.3 - 2012-06-22 16:32

      Eish i was tinking excatly da same ting nw.. Cant undastand y we being told 2 b open and aware of the h.i.v situation in our society bt yet when it cums 2 media articles such as these we are nt given the stone cold and truthful information.. P.s it has happend more than once that we here this \long illness\ story so this is no speculation guys

      somikazi.pita - 2012-06-22 16:35

      OH WOW!

      Nyiks11 - 2012-06-22 16:41

      aids and get it over with , there I said it

      puse.mabuza - 2012-06-22 17:04

      You must have infected him to know that! Whether it was aids or not hes no more will be buried 6feet under just like any person who died from gun shot,knife,car accident,poison,cancer etc

      Disillusioned Sa - 2013-08-07 21:44

      At 49, isn't that a bit old for Aids? Don't they just fade away at about 25-32? Just asking, don't have any idea of his son or lifestyle.

  • catherineangelique.swarts - 2012-06-22 16:17

    Zuma u idiot, why dont u start sending condolences to the families that have become yet another statistic in the farm murders. The writing is on the wall. even your own ppl want you OUT. you are what the painting of brett murray depicts. a prick.

      bmntwaphi - 2012-06-22 16:39

      Damn white people are hypocrites, this has nothing to do with Zuma but you are attacking him for sending condolences. Hayi suka just get a life.(Sic)

      puse.mabuza - 2012-06-22 16:58

      If he had to send it to the farmers it will have to be everyday which will be tiring. Zuma doeznt hold people 's lives so stop blaming him for everything. Cathrerine go get yourself a glass of vodka and chill its friday!

      Sylvester.Mohloli - 2012-06-22 17:13

      Damn woman, all this anger for a person u dont like?shame

      cremora.dlamini - 2012-06-22 18:02

      F**ck you biiiitttchhhh this is your president wherether you like it or not go get a life

      Pro - 2012-06-22 22:01

      Unluckily for us Zuma cant even read. He slightly understands language but has an illness that causes him only to hear what he likes. Quite interesting. Someone from a deaf community will have to do a ZULU sign language course with him so we can communicate more clearly.

      jerhone - 2013-08-07 17:56

      to Cremora, tough with the talk against women, you watch too much american tv.,why don't you grow a spine and put your address on facebook then you can walk the walk, what did that useless black Hommer Simpson do that she has to respect him as a president? is it because he is a rapist or because he steals money from the taxpayers, or is it that he has no respect for the law? please enlighten us to what good that mampara has done so we can proudly call him president? at the moment to us he is the comanderin' thief of our useless defence force

  • Mshizawamasiniya Ngwanya - 2012-06-22 16:29

    ruthless catherine rubbish and u Henri u got it maybe. Rest in Peace Phesheya

  • christopher.phago - 2012-06-22 16:29

    Hi Zuma r u back from G20'

      jerhone - 2013-08-07 18:02

      I don't think this REPUBLIQUE DE BANANA would qualify even if they had a G200, they should put him Zuma in a G6 CANNON and shoot him over the border right into mad bob's palace

  • somikazi.pita - 2012-06-22 16:32

    Its always a sad day when a person dies...alukuhlanga lingehlanga.

      Pro - 2012-06-22 22:04

      Then I hope you understand all your days from now and onwards will be sad, because, every day one farmer get's killed with his family. Every 10 minutes someone somewhere gets stabbed to death over skin color or maybe just a 10c.

  • Nyiks11 - 2012-06-22 16:36

    time for you to retire Shenge

  • Erna - 2012-06-22 16:42

    And this is news why?

  • louise.minnie - 2012-06-22 18:45

    Shame sorry :(

  • jwarha.balakisa - 2012-06-22 19:42

    Condolences Shenge. Thina singabantu siyahlonipha.

  • patrick.makgeledise - 2012-06-22 20:36

    May his soul rest in peace.

  • Pro - 2012-06-22 21:56

    Death comes for us al. It is just a matter of time before he comes to your door. We, as a race, must understand how precious life is, and how few chances you get to do the right thing. This goes out to M.M.Z.

  • Pro - 2012-06-22 22:07

    The newest strand of aids is going to be worse according to the American Health Department and the CDC. Aids is showing signs of going airborne, just like the flu virus. Many can be infected in a few ours and the viris is stated to be more resistant to the drugs. Nature learns

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