Zuma silent on sex workers' issues - Sweat

2014-06-19 18:19

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation address failed to address sex worker issues, the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (Sweat) said on Thursday.

The omission was despite Zuma acknowledging that crimes against women, children and marginalised groups remained high, Sweat director Sally-Jean Shackleton said in a letter addressed to Zuma and Minister of Women in the Presidency Susan Shabangu.

This was even though such crimes had decreased in the last five years, according to police statistics.

"The commitment to improving workers' rights is applauded but excluded a recognition of the fact that sex workers have limited labour law protection due to the criminalised status of sex work," Shackleton said.

Steps that would reduce assault, rape, harassment, and intimidation of sex workers by police were needed.

Shackleton said sex workers were mistreated and discriminated against at public healthcare facilities, and by the courts.

Zuma's silence on sex work undermined the safety and well-being of sex workers, whose human rights were compromised under the current legal dispensation.

This was despite sex workers having rights which the Constitution purported to respect and protect.

She said no progress had been made regarding the SA Law Reform Commission's project 107, on adult prostitution, a situation that had remained the same for the last 13 years.

This was despite Zuma, in replying to a parliamentary question in October 2013, stating seven commissioners had been appointed to deal with the matter.

Shackleton said a recent study by the Women's Legal Centre showed that 30% of sex workers in South Africa's five biggest cities experienced abuse by police officers.

"Criminalisation accordingly drives sex workers even further to the margins of our society," she said.

She called on Zuma to prioritise addressing human rights violations against sex workers, via a law-reform process that would decriminalise adult, consensual sex work.

  • Vezi Talyn - 2014-06-19 18:22

    Thts a non issue, get married & stay @ home.

      Lolo James - 2014-06-19 18:29

      @vezi. Some think marriage is society-sanctioned prostitution. The best bidder gets the most beautiful and prettiest woman

      Kevin Marsh - 2014-06-19 18:32

      They must not take this lying down

      Tarbo Letshego Hmn - 2014-06-19 18:47

      If he said anything bout sex,dey wouldve said here he goes again

      JJ Terblanche - 2014-06-19 19:18

      Zuma will not say anything cause he pays them in taxi fair and breakfast

      fredpotgieter - 2014-06-20 08:16

      Married to 20 women like our president if you're not satisfied with one? Prostitution will never go away. Ever. Legalize it and get it over with. You can stay at home if you want. You can't tell others what to do.

  • David Brits - 2014-06-19 18:31

    No the stastistics are wrong they have not decteased in five years .....the police are supplying false information to lie to the public......this is rsa it has proberly increased by 800%........

  • Leigh-anne Baaliah - 2014-06-19 18:45

    Zums make a plan. You loosing out on money which you could steal. Make these b@tches pay tax. I actually work and have to pay so can they.

      Lolo James - 2014-06-19 18:48

      @leigh. What about the married ones? They too don't pay tax

      Leigh-anne Baaliah - 2014-06-19 18:57

      Lolo I would suggest they pay perks tax lol.

  • Fortunate Mbizi - 2014-06-19 18:48

    You better go on strike.

  • Sandy Cohen - 2014-06-19 18:52

    He is an uneducated son of a gun. Pls forgive him. He has limited education

      Sisipho Mjodo - 2014-06-19 19:33

      How is that of any relevance I'm starting to question your intellectuality

      Mbuti Manopole - 2014-06-19 21:10

      He was too quick to judge

  • themba.nsele.71 - 2014-06-19 19:02

    But out of all issues that we have in the country, why is thick a storey to the reporters. Just so that they can corrupt the readers to think Zuma is in agreement with this crap.

      Naas Du Plessis - 2014-06-19 19:26

      But he is in agreement with a lot of other negative things.

      Sisipho Mjodo - 2014-06-19 19:31

      @Naas duplesis is this one of them

      themba.nsele.71 - 2014-06-19 19:34

      Sure Nass, he may be in agreement or maybe not , it's just that we are being saturated by the media biased, negative, monopoly based reportings

  • Mbuti Manopole - 2014-06-19 19:05

    News24 cleary cannot go a day without littering zuma's Anc rubbish unto the public domain . Scheeuw -_- aikhona

  • Madodandile Alie Jokazi - 2014-06-19 19:10

    If he promote sex worker, why he doesn't in drag dealer n' rapist etc'

  • Sihle Zondie - 2014-06-19 19:11

    Holla at a pimp. Them hoes aint going nowhere

  • Sisipho Mjodo - 2014-06-19 19:18

    OMG jesus take the wheel..are this b* serious

  • Tina Butler - 2014-06-19 19:25

    Zuma is not your moral compass. Unfortunately some things need to be done by yourself, not by the government. It's called maturity.

  • Sthe Ephraim - 2014-06-19 19:36

    She crying to Zuma legalise sex worker she,s working for divel this country is under devil's hand they want all negative things to be legally

  • Archie Dempster - 2014-06-19 19:38

    He knows all about sex workers so I

  • Archie Dempster - 2014-06-19 19:39

    I don't know why he needed a task force

  • Sthe Ephraim - 2014-06-19 19:39

    If Zuma say yes on this no more kitchen girl bonke bazoyodayisa I NGQE

      Izack Madisa - 2014-06-19 20:40

      3o rand cheap

  • Stefan Van Rensburg - 2014-06-19 19:42

    Asof die prez nie genoeg nkandlas het nie. Dit nou ook nog.

  • Rofhiwa Ronald - 2014-06-19 20:12

    Its non fundamental issue n not worthy to talk about prostitution on presidential state of the nation .

  • Sarel Sousmonster - 2014-06-19 20:43

    Damn right! I demand they be able to paid via credit or debit card! When I'm p_ssed, I rarely have any cash left

  • Izack Madisa - 2014-06-19 20:47

    arrest those man who bought

  • Lawrie Sathekge - 2014-06-19 21:28

    i cant believe these woman for president to adress this useless issue there are many importand issues not these in state of the nation

      Izack Madisa - 2014-06-19 21:35

      ba lazy

  • ToldYouSo - 2014-06-19 22:12

    He enjoys his Zanc'y-Panky too much.

  • Catherine Theron - 2014-06-19 22:25

    a sick country. A sick society. Take them from the streets. Give them a better life.

  • Hensley Andrews - 2014-06-20 07:09

    What the hell is this nonesense what about e-toll and the scrapping there off when will real issues be tackled unemployment,health care,corruption in government why should we be subjected to mediocre speeches when what we need is information and truths about these issues not be subjected to listen to stupid un-important topics

  • Tawanda Murimirwa - 2014-06-20 09:28

    I think the prostitutes need to open up.

  • Hedron Charles Ndlovu - 2014-06-20 11:35

    zuma should learn from president like robert mugabe,despite everything, i try to do everything by the book called bible, no gays, no prostitution, no crime. no porn etc, etc etc

  • Tumisho Hlakudi - 2014-06-20 11:37

    for a change i will be on his side, screw the sex workers man, wat on earth? respect urself & get a decent job jeeeees

  • Sonnyboy Mathebula - 2014-06-20 12:35

    just get married to many wifes u can and stop bringing nosess here~!!!

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