Zuma slams ANCYL

2011-08-14 10:25

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma on Saturday tore into ANC Youth League (ANCYL) president Julius Malema over his calls for a regime change in Botswana – hours before the league abruptly withdrew its statement on that country.

The league said it felt the “leadership of the ANC took serious exception to the statement and classified that statement as a transgression of the ANC’s Constitution and policies”.

In an exclusive interview with City Press in Durban on Saturday, Zuma for the first time spoke out against Malema’s calls for regime change in Botswana.

In a ­pre-emptive strike before publication, the league apologised and promised to “whenever expected, be available to listen to political and organisational guidance from the leadership”.

Zuma told City Press that the youth league’s comments on Botswana were “not in keeping with our policies, whether on a government or ANC level”.

Not like the apartheid government

“We are not going to be like the apartheid government and interfere with our neighbours. We promote good neighbourliness and we don’t interfere in the internal affairs of other people,” Zuma said.

He said that while Malema’s earlier utterances on Zimbabwe and Libya had been “talked through politically”, the Botswana comments “went far beyond that in every respect”.

“If you start talking about sending a command or unit to go in and engage in political activity to change the government of a country, that is a very serious statement. You therefore need a different kind of intervention to ordinary political discussion,” he said.

Zuma said Malema’s comments suggested that the youth league saw the Botswana government as illegitimate.

“The ANCYL looks at Botswana as if the government was not elected by the people of Botswana. If you are a democrat, you have to understand democracy. In Botswana, there are regular elections and this government was elected by the people of Botswana.”

Humble pie

In a rare case of eating humble pie, the league promised to “never define itself outside the policy confines and directives of the ANC”.

ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said the damage done to Zuma’s image, and to the ANC and the government, “will not be changed with an apology”, indicating the ANC will not drop the matter.

“The matter is now beyond the youth league. The ANC will now weigh this up, apology or no apology,” Mthembu said.

Zuma said he was sure Botswana understood these were not the views of the ANC or government, but of the youth league “thinking in its own way”.

Zuma also promised action against those who were fingered in the public protector’s report about dodgy police leases, saying he was “almost at the end’’ of examining it and would “certainly have to take action”.

Fighting corruption

Zuma defended his administration’s approach to fighting corruption.

“I personally have signed off on at least 18 investigations. You cannot say that this current administration has done less than what happened before.

“I think we are doing our best to fight corruption. In fact, we are even talking about changing tender procedures
to tighten the rules and limit the possibilities for corruption, something that has never been discussed before,” he said.

Some of the ANC’s allies are unhappy with the apparent lack of speed in dealing with National Police Commissioner Bheki Cele and Minister of Public Works Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde.

Cosatu’s Patrick Craven said Cosatu was unhappy that the president seemed to be stalling.


“There is an element of indecisiveness that we of course would prefer not to have. Of course he has time to look into issues, particularly in respect of the police leases, but it is taking too long.”

ANC Veterans’ League president Sandi Sejake said Zuma was “indulging the enemy” by dragging his feet in acting against those fingered in Madonsela’s report.

“If you engage in corruption, you are part of the enemy. If you take so long to act, you are indulging the enemy. Zuma must show that he agrees with the Public Protector, especially because she has been threatened about these things.”

On Malema’s Botswana threats
“There are certain things that have been said that are verging on disciplinary action. The officials (of the ANC) have been discussing the matter and must have decided what needs to be done, but I don’t think they want to say that publicly now.’’

On Swaziland
"There has been an unfortunate kind of sentiment that Zuma is giving his friend a favour. This is not true. This is a loan, not a grant, which is clearly spelled out when it comes to how it is going to be paid back.”

On the Public Protector’s report
“I am almost towards the end of my process and once that comes, we will almost certainly have to take action. I don’t think people should be in a hurry. We are acting against corruption, but we can’t act outside the procedure."

  • Phlegm - 2011-08-14 10:34

    “I personally have signed off on at least 18 investigations" Every time allegations pop-up an investigation is launched but we never seem to hear the outcome of the investigations, seems like launching "investigations" is becoming the second most popular hobby of the ANC, with corruption still being firmly in the no 1 position of course...........

      Francois - 2011-08-14 10:41

      Investigations are "legitimate" actions to squander more tax money on meetings, lunches and buffets...

      Kevin - 2011-08-14 11:07

      We want jail time = maximum possible jail sentences for people stealing from corruption. The money belongs to the 50 million population of S.A. Let the corrupt get a sentence that reflects the severity of the problem and that is when we will win the war against the thugs in government.

      ZotBot - 2011-08-14 11:08

      This is ANC window-dressing and damage control. The organisation and their rogue undisciplined Youth League are falling apart. There will be no scolding, no disciplinary action, no anything. The ANC have no balls and they are now ruled by the uneducated Youth League. HAHAHAHA, the ANC is useless !!!

      ZotBot - 2011-08-14 11:10

      If the ANC elders are clever, they will expel both Malema and Floyd from the ANC. Cause those two only use the ANC badge and brand name, to further their agendas. Malema and Floyd need the ANC, the ANC does not need them !!!

      Grant - 2011-08-14 11:12

      Is the arms deal one of the "signed off investigations"? One suspects that the concept of "signed off" to the single brain cell that zooma does not use for procreation equates to being 'swept under the carpet and ignored any further'.

      frangelico - 2011-08-14 11:31

      Phlegm,don't you think it's too little too late,I fear it may also be window dressing,mal-enema has been out of control now for some years why has Zuma changed his tune?A leapord never changes it's spots.Unless he feels his little freind faces the death penalty should he put foot in Botswana again,backlashes from foreign countries.

      cliffarc - 2011-08-14 11:32

      - Zuma is pussy-footing again. Words without decisive action are meaningless. - Same goes for for his handling of corruption - All talk, no action. Weak, spineless, fearful leader.

      legens - 2011-08-14 11:48

      mr zmuza please send mr malema to me and i`ll show you the real meaning of the word "SLAM"

      alicia - 2011-08-14 13:05

      Bwahahahahaha......another slap of little Julius's wrist.

      Neil - 2011-08-14 13:26

      Zuma Slam? LOL, oh give me a break. Old shower head will do nothing, just have a little word on the matter and the ANCYL will not listen, they will be quiet for 2 weeks max and then the verbal diarrhea will start again. Gee News24, my comments removed although nothing regarding race or vulgar language was in it. BTW, can you use another word except Slam. The ANC has slammed everything imaginable in your articles except doors. This perhaps another word we can add to the parrot dictionary? Comrade, imperialist, task team and now slam.. Staring to sound just like the ANC.

      Henk - 2011-08-14 15:34

      "Dont worry about singing Killing the Boer Songs, just dont touch my Diamonds in Botswana!"

      BigD - 2011-08-14 19:29

      You will never charge a friend that is guilty of corruption. You know that and I know that.You have to as the head of SA do something to stop this corruption and crime in SA. If you dont want to do the right thing then resign and give the job to someone who is capable and will to do the work to make SA a better place, you get paid enough to do this job. Zuma it is about time to change the max age of the ANCYL to 25. You cannot inspire the youth of South Africa with over weight, middle aged under achivers that are in charge of the ANCYL at present.

      Raymond - 2011-08-14 20:53

      Investigations-It has become ONE of the ANC'S greatest past time activity,among other things.The Jokers of the World.

      embargo - 2011-08-15 10:19

      In the old business days, 'insubordination' was immediate dismissal without warning. Clearly the politicians are not bound to business codes... hmmm???

      Colin - 2011-08-15 12:43

      Makes no difference. Zuma is still malemas little B1TCH.

  • Michael - 2011-08-14 10:36

    Just jabber, no real actions. Get off your chair and live up to your presidential expectations bestowed upon you by the people!

      czovczov - 2011-08-14 12:28

      Well, thanks to the brave citizens of South Africa who continue to make noise and point out the ills, shortcomings and injustices of our society and its leaders. It is our noise which makes these leaders take notice and act according to the mandate we gave them. It is our noise which prevents scandals from being swept under the carpet. Call us enemies of the state, call us fools, call us troublemakers for daring to question and point out blaring instances of corruption, mismanagement and other injustices; we shall not be silenced or ignored, we shall continue to point out the corrupt and the filth among us. Pointing our a wrong does not make me a terrorist, it just means I care enough about this country to want it addressed and corrected. Lets hold these leaders accountable for their actions, they owe their positions, livelihood and even lifestyles to us. All we want in return is excellent and transparent leadership. They must always be reminded that its us the people who elected them and we can also kick them out if they fail to uphold their duties and responsibilities. Matters of national interest and importance such as fight against corruption, transparency and accountability must be protected by every citizen, black or white. No one shall be allowed to pull the race card or stir up racial disharmony in order to save their own hides and evade justice and accountability.

      Geo Farmer - 2011-08-14 12:40

      Rightly so Mike!!! cZOvcov, Exactly as you say, the only pity is that not enough people make a noise.

      czovczov - 2011-08-14 13:06

      @Geo Farmer, on the contrary my friend, enough people are making noise, but the problem is that its isolated noise, not unified noise. And we must also get rid of the discord in our noise, emanating mostly from the extremists and fundamentalists.

      frangelico - 2011-08-14 16:14

      czovczov,sadly none of you speak of are wiilling to go quietly,they continue to cause problems where there should be none.

      Big-D - 2011-08-14 21:17

      He's too lazy to get off his high chair. Scared he may upset one of his comrades!!Better just to shut up and stay abroad? Where the heck is he anyway?? Mind you best he stays out of sight!!

  • Grant - 2011-08-14 10:39

    Oh Blah, Blah, Blah...we will believe it when we actually see something done.

      ZotBot - 2011-08-14 11:10

      If the ANC elders are clever, they will expel both Malema and Floyd from the ANC. Cause those two only use the ANC badge and brand name, to further their agendas. Malema and Floyd need the ANC, the ANC does not need them !!!

  • Duncan Druck - 2011-08-14 10:40

    Talk, talk, talk. When will Zuma show some backbone instead of acting like a scared puppy in the presence of Malema?

      Prince - 2011-08-14 19:30

      He is a puppy on a leash being guided by ANCYL.

  • Boxxer - 2011-08-14 10:41

    More ping pong talk. How about DOING something about it for a change instead of everyone exchanging words all the time.

      Kevin - 2011-08-14 14:35

      Suggestions please!

  • el_namibian - 2011-08-14 10:43

    seems malema is a total joke and a fool bad for Africa's image

      roboman1 - 2011-08-14 10:55

      If only Malema was a joke, he is a real problem with a big following. Not unlike Mugabe, who is a despot, but not a joke, again unfortunately! No, Malema needs to be viewed as a serious threat to democracy and non racism. Zuma though, with his Standard 4 education does not appear to have the intellectual capacity to manage Malema

      RobinHood - 2011-08-14 11:21

      @Roboman1 - JZ does not have the political clout to manage Kiddi Amin. He cashed in on too many favours in order to become prez.

      el_namibian - 2011-08-14 11:51

      @roboman1 am not into RSA politics .. but this fool is mendling in other countries affairs .. by the support he seems to be having from the ANCYL am concern and see that south africa economy is close to Namibian economy if this idiot becomes president of RSA its frightening

      ex-pat - 2011-08-14 15:25

      Keep UP, el_namibian!

  • Harambe - 2011-08-14 10:48

    Seems as if Msholozi is all bark and no bite at all. Any leader intolerant of corruption, SA image and foreign relations would have long acted on the corrupt high ranking officials and the troublesome, bully kids.

  • ian.d.samson - 2011-08-14 10:55

    Give Juli-ass sufficient rope and he will hang himself. Looks like he's just done that. It's time to silence that idiot permanently, not just politically!

      BnQE - 2011-08-14 11:22

      Personally I think you have more chance falling pregnant by wind pollination. This guy is so entrenched he is taking ROPE and with it a huge following - don't be fooled ...

  • refilwe mashigo - 2011-08-14 10:55

    So like are you gonna take action against Malema this time or are you just singing a song?

      darkwing - 2011-08-14 10:57

      Good question. Time will tell.

      ZotBot - 2011-08-14 11:09

      Just singing a song, the ANC have not balls left, the Youth League now control the party

  • Kevin - 2011-08-14 10:58

    Zoomer , peopele do not want to hear about signing off .We want to see the corrupt good for nothing scum in jail. The transgressions by people like fat boy mean he should have be waiting for sentencing, not busy getting more corrupt money. get your slack government moving.

  • td5guy - 2011-08-14 11:02

    Quick!!, pass him the toilet paper to wipe his mouth with.!!

  • Doug - 2011-08-14 11:03

    Has zuma learnt 2 stand on his hind legs at last? Just do the job u were elected 2 do instead of enriching yourself and your cronies.

      So What If.. - 2011-08-14 12:03

      You are giving zuma way too much credit!

  • Vince York - 2011-08-14 11:05

    TOO LITTLE and FAR TOO LATE. Cut off the purse and apron strings and make them all feel it where it hurts them the most (if they don't threaten to cut off the fuzzy viagra stream). Go take lessons from Mamphela Ramphele possibly.

      ZotBot - 2011-08-14 11:10

      If the ANC elders are clever, they will expel both Malema and Floyd from the ANC. Cause those two only use the ANC badge and brand name, to further their agendas. Malema and Floyd need the ANC, the ANC does not need them !!!

  • BnQE - 2011-08-14 11:09

    And it will make NO DIFFERENCE - Zuma is on his way out - it's just that he doesn't know it yet ... The young Cadres are waiting in the corridors - younger, fitter, feistier and no more respect for anything, not even their elders ...

  • kilo39 - 2011-08-14 11:10

    Aren't we all a bit tired of this rhetoric. We must demand real action from this government and it's leaders. Following procedure is one thing, but the procrastination and inability to control itself from within by government and especially the ANC should be a warning that something is very seriously wrong with this democracy. I still cannot help but think that there is a hidden agenda that is slowly but surely bubbling to the surface. Someone somewhere is going to 'blow the whistle'....perhaps a wife of a security minister ???

      flummoxed - 2011-08-14 12:40

      Now that you mention it 'kilo39,' why did that Cwele bird have to be out of 'klink' awaiting the result of whether Hibiscus should pay her or not? Her cohort's serving his time and so should she.. blow any wages due to her which should be forteited anyway.

  • Ho - 2011-08-14 11:17

    Is this clown still around..? He only seems to appear at the 11th hour before the proverbial hits the fan...perhaps he is too busy showering...and who is reading the reports to him..?

  • braamc - 2011-08-14 11:22

    Juju is killing the ANC, digging there own grave, carry on, we love it

  • Deeteem - 2011-08-14 11:32

    More very hot air from a herd boy on his way out !!

      Shermon Malefane - 2011-08-14 16:26

      That herd boy is a president and you are not. Who's smarter?

      Wilnetweet - 2011-08-14 18:19

      HAHA So if people vote for you that makes you smart?? Just too bad you dont need a degree to become president of annything.. Would be nicer if smart people were up there running things..

      umhlopo - 2011-08-14 20:20

      SHERMON - look at the mentality and intelligence level of what voted the goat shagger into power of the ancyl

  • jockvanwyk - 2011-08-14 11:38

    the corruption in our country is so bad even the commissions investigating it are corrupt

  • tiotudg - 2011-08-14 12:01

    WAt 'n massiewe oe"-verblindery - as jy glo dis eg, dan is y erg nai"ef

  • george60 - 2011-08-14 12:03

    Malema and the youth are running the ANC, the old cadres are just toothless puppets. Zuma will not act again the current financial rot, because he is just as guilty. Remember some judge saved his butt from having his day in court, so how can he allow these ministers to be prosecuted?

      nic - 2011-08-15 14:01

      exactly. That is why nothing is happening and nothing will. If he starts coming down on other people for all the wrongs they do, his comrades are gonna turn on him and his skeletons are going to come out. As will those of probably 90% of this corruption that we "have to" call a government. Comrades are only comrades if all can rob and plunder together

  • Lyndatjie - 2011-08-14 12:04

    Why are indulgent parents always sooooooo surprised when their precious little angels show their true colours... Sorry Zuma - this little boy is the product of the ANC turning a blind eye. Now please take responsibility and sort the mess out.. :(

      fconnection - 2011-08-14 23:50

      simplify your comment please he would not undersand product of anything like ju ju maths was not his strongpoint , if it was he would not have married so many woman

  • beicime - 2011-08-14 12:15

    Malema is the ANC strongman never mind what Zuma says.

  • Harambe - 2011-08-14 12:15

    Give that man a Boot.

  • Ampers - 2011-08-14 12:22

    I read the following with interest: "In a rare case of eating humble pie, the league promised to “never define itself outside the policy confines and directives of the ANC”." So, from now on, everything any member of the ANCYL or its president Julius Malema says is in line with the ANC and the South African's blessing? This may prove to be very interesting. Commenters, copy the first paragraph for future use :-) Ampers

  • adrien.mcguire - 2011-08-14 12:30

    Why is Zuma signing off investigations. This says to me that only some incidents will be allowed to be investigated. Every incident should be investigated..... without fear or favour including Zuma's role in the arms deal.... PERIOD !!

  • flummoxed - 2011-08-14 12:31

    Ja, ja, ja - same old story. "Sorry!" Panacea for all ills - corruption, political disharmony, racist comments and now political interference in the running of a country beyond our border. Will the 'Mother Ship' severely reprimand and chastise as is required or continue along its passive path. Think we can all answer that question...The old brigade have lost it.

  • Just Someone - 2011-08-14 12:39

    1. He is busy with terrorist training camps in Zimbabwe (youths) 2. He admitted the farm murders is racial recently 3. ANC does nothing against him. So, it is easy to see the ANC stands with Malema, and they enjoy the killing of white people, and plan to do more by having a terrorist group of youths on standby in Zim. People, we need outside help, or we need to start PROTESTING in the streets while we can still be heard by other countries.

  • redeye - 2011-08-14 12:47

    Come-on folks, It's clear to me that if Zuma acts against his corrupt colleagues they will in turn expose him. Isn't it obvious that they have a hold over him?????????

  • Nick - 2011-08-14 13:15

    "If you are a democrat, you have to understand democracy". Well said Zuma, now please act on your words. And would someone please fetch a muzzle for Malema??

  • letsee - 2011-08-14 13:30

    The ANCYL is the ANC of tomorrow and Botswana knows what to expect. And more, the ANCYL' J.Malema is already bossing the ANC around. He doesn't care about Zuma's opinion, is an independent man and the ANC needs him. No one in the ANC has got the guts to oppose Malema, lots of talk and talk but Malema is and will be there. Therefore I'm from now onwards supporting Malema to improve my lving standards.

  • MJ - 2011-08-14 13:42

    What is wrong with Malema? If it were not for his constant negative comments we as South Africans could have cashed in on the current bad world economy, specially USA. Nobody wants to invest in a destable country as SA and he alone with Vavi`s constant strikes cost this country a lot of job opportunities.Can nobody see this????

  • sikile - 2011-08-14 13:47

    Looks like pinkie and the brain not satisfied with South Africa, THEY WANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

  • JCTF - 2011-08-14 14:06

    It's easy. Just make Julius look up "democracy" in a dictionary. He clearly never has. There is no way anyone can tell me he ever has.

  • hvklein - 2011-08-14 14:08

    IT IS NOT GOVERNMENT OR ANC POLICY! We hear the same about nationalisation and it still has not been outright rejected by government/uncle Jacob! Maybe this so-called rejection of Moolius Jalema's statement on Botswana is just a smoke screen to pacify a few people. Or it is out of fear that Botswana might take action. The matter should actually be discussed by the AU as well as the UN! Unfortunately both those organisations are about as effective and useful as a horde of one-legged hunting centipedes! I agree with Phlegm: any meeting/discussion between the ANC Leadership and Mampara Malema and his Merry Morons is an excuse to get pissed at tax-payers' expense, followed by a hung-over internal investigation which then miraculously disappears into thin air! Of all the "internal investigations" not one has actually produced a result, except an increase in Johnny Walker Blue Label, not because they are whisky connoisseurs, but because it is expensive! Final outcome: another bunch of brain cells killed - something most of our polictians can ill afford!

  • william.botha - 2011-08-14 14:18

    There goes JZ's chances at the polls...

  • Sheddon - 2011-08-14 14:26

    When are the Scorpions returning?

      umhlopo - 2011-08-14 20:22

      these clowns will keep quiet about the scorpions and hope the story goes away

  • grant9 - 2011-08-14 14:51

    >>In an exclusive interview with City Press in Durban on Saturday, Zuma for the first time spoke out against Malema’s calls for regime change in Botswana.<< Everybody seems to missed the significance of this : Zuma only made this statement at a newspaper interveiw. I doubt he would have made a statement on his own accord. Lets face it, Malema got Zuma into power. If Zuma tries to get tough, the cry of "We will kill for Zuma" could change to "We will kill Zuma".

  • EuropeanAfrican - 2011-08-14 15:16

    Below is an article written by Dr. Marc Faber. I had to post it in sections for it is a bit long winded. Some say it is racist and believe it to be the truth. Judge for yourself....

  • EuropeanAfrican - 2011-08-14 15:16

    (1) Dr Marc Faber, an Internationally respected Investment Analyst tells it how it is....... (This was published in a UK paper). Let us hope he has it wrong - it’s pretty heavy. South Africa – The Future I expect, like me, you are aware that there has never been a prosperous black-led country, but perhaps it’s just because of “bad luck”, or whatever, for that incontrovertible fact. Take Haiti as an example: Before the black slaves revolted and killed all the whites and half castes Haiti had a GNP greater than most of what is now the USA . It supplied 60% of all the sugar used in Europe. Today it is a wasteland. Apparently if you Google Earth the place you see is a sere, brown coloured landscape compared to the neighbouring Dominican Republic which is green and verdant. Twice the USA has occupied Haiti , building roads, ports, hospitals and schools while putting in a functional society. The moment the Americans left they reverted to dictatorship, voodoo, witchcraft, corruption and barbarism. They did not stagnate, they regressed to the primitive savagery of their forefathers

  • EuropeanAfrican - 2011-08-14 15:17

    (2) Since the 1960s, when the Congo expelled the Belgians this has been a mirror of African regression, moving steadily southwards until the example of Zimbabwe . Once a prosperous, well educated exporter of food the population now eat rats to survive. Will SA go the same way? There are those optimists who say “No, we have such a strong economy, such sophisticated infrastructure, such a talent pool, that we can never sink”. My belief is that they have not considered the root cause of Africa’s failure. A cause that is not spoken about as it is fearfully politically incorrect, and probably illegal to speak about. That cause is the deficiencies of the black ”mentality”, for want of a better word. Are there differences between races, or is race just a meaningless social construct? Until recently, I believed all races were the same under the skin variations, and that perceived differences were only the result of cultural differences. I believed in a common and equal humanity.

  • EuropeanAfrican - 2011-08-14 15:17

    (3) But things did not always ring true, observable anomalies were inexplicable if all men are the same. Why, under apartheid, did the Indians prosper, become doctors, scientists, educators, merchants and professionals while the vast majority of the equally oppressed black Africans remained hewers of wood? Why can black Africans run, jump and throw better than honkies, but why, out of a billion of them, have they never invented a single thing of any worth? Why have they, collectively, contributed absolutely nothing to the advancement of humanity. Well the physical thing, the running, throwing bit is easily and uncontroversial answered. Simple, people of African descent (especially the Jamaicans) are genetically better equipped in this regard. Their muscle fibres are different and the typically have 15% more free testosterone than other peoples. Acknowledging this is regarded as racism. Unfortunately, racist or not, that is proven and a fact. Google it and you will find that for over 70 years, in test after test, done by dozens of university professors and Nobel laureates plus USA government studies, most people of African descent trail other races by a wide margin.

  • EuropeanAfrican - 2011-08-14 15:17

    (4) Of course I.Q. tests have been attacked, especially by those who perform badly at them, as one might expect them to do. Detractors claim cultural bias, dysfunctional families, past oppression, poor schooling and a host of other reasons for poor black performance, but the professors defend their contention that I.Q. is largely an inherited trait; that differences are inherent, built into a person’s inherited DNA. For every argument attacking the validity of these tests they have a host of results confirming their accuracy and typicality. Fascinating stuff if you are interested in reading up on it. The effect of high/low I.Q. has also been studied in depth, with fairly predictable results. Low I.Q. individuals performed badly in social class, family stability, income, educational levels, illegitimate pregnancy, single parent families, rate of prison incarceration, rape, violent crime etc. etc. etc.

  • EuropeanAfrican - 2011-08-14 15:18

    (5) I.Q. measurement measures different facets of intelligence and mental competence. Sadly it is in the absolutely vital sphere of cognitive ability that blacks score worst. This means they score abysmally in things like forward planning and anticipating the consequences of their actions. It is this I.Q. (and testosterone) disparity that is blamed for the fact that African Americans are 5 times more likely to be imprisoned than white (including Hispanic) Americans, 9 times more likely than Americans of Asiatic descent. All in line with I.Q. distributions. Once imprisonment for violent crimes are computed the numbers become stratospheric. These are American government collated statistics, so pretty accurate. Our government in SA do not, for obvious reasons, publish similar stats, but a pound to a pinch of salt they are even more astounding

  • EuropeanAfrican - 2011-08-14 15:18

    (6) So why the lecture on I.Q.? Well for a start you must understand that our ruling party are voted into power by a largely moronic plebiscite. I choose the word moronic intentionally. If the cut off point for moronic is an I.Q. of 70, half the voting population would be classified as such. Only one in 40 black South Africans achieves the average I.Q. of his white fellow citizens. One in a hundred have the I.Q. to achieve university entrance requirements. That is why only one in ten blacks pass our dumbed down Matric (with a pass percentage of 30% in many cases). One in 6000 black grade one learners will pass Matric with both Maths and Science. Simply put, they are bloody stupid, and they rule us. Furthermore Zoooooma says they will rule us until the second coming. I believe him.

  • EuropeanAfrican - 2011-08-14 15:18

    (7) This explains why the ANC have such idiots in their positions of power and influence, the likes of Zuma, Malema, Khomphela and Cele. They are, unfortunately, the best they have! Well, they are the best blacks they have. All the critical positions in government are held by Indians, coloureds or whites, something I am grateful for but which pisses Malema off big time . Will this last? I doubt it. The black/white polarisation is growing and the rhetoric is becoming more extreme. Listen to the pub or workplace chatter, read the blogs and comments sections of the newspapers and it becomes obvious. Whites are gatvol at the waste, corruption and stupidity of the black elite. Blacks are demanding, as their right, the wealth of the whites by means of redistribution of assets. No matter that they have not worked for those assets, they claim them as the spoils of war. Just in the past week the Mayor of Pretoria, Malema, a minister and Winnie have gone on record as blaming whites for sabotaging redistribution and exploiting blacks. Malema calls out “Kill the boers for they are rapists” to thunderous applause by university students Four influential ANC opinion makers who are echoing the groundswell of mutterings in the ghettoes. The natives are getting restless. KAK KOM! Mark my words.

  • EuropeanAfrican - 2011-08-14 15:19

    (9) Things are not going to improve. They cannot, there is no reason to believe our slow slide into a failed state can be reversed with our current regime, and there is no prospect whatsoever of there being a change to governance based on meritocracy. Anyone who believes otherwise, or that the ANC can mend their ways, is living in LaLa land. They do not have the intellect. Like the proverbial frog in the slowly heating pot we have become inured to the slow collapse of our hospitals, schools, courts, water supplies, roads, civil service and service levels. They will become totally dysfunctional shortly. Inevitably so. Those in charge do not have the mental capacity to organise things. Our economy and Rand is reliant on short term “hot” funds from overseas that can flee at the touch of a computer button, and probably will if our Rand weakens. Conversely we need a weaker Rand to encourage exports.

  • EuropeanAfrican - 2011-08-14 15:19

    (10) 6 million taxpayers support 12 million recipients of social grants, and that figure is set to rise this year. The National Health Insurance scheme will happen, no matter how unaffordable. That will push our social grant costs up to Four Hundred Billion Rand. Four hundred billion Rand which produces absolutely no product. Inflation is set to stay and worsen. The consequence of being the biggest socialist state on earth. I do not believe the ANC has the intellect to conceptualise how big a billion is, let alone 400 billion, or what effect this will have on the economy. You do not believe Malema’s call to nationalise the mines? This guy articulates what the hoi polloi are thinking, but the ANC leadership will not say yet. The tactic is to set the bar high, then lower it and the victims will sigh with relief and say it could have been worse. So perhaps it will not be total nationalisation but rather 51%, a’ la Zim. Just look north for revelation, Zuma does.

  • EuropeanAfrican - 2011-08-14 15:19

    (11) Who would have believed that this country would ever be headed by an unschooled, rape accused, adulterous, corrupt, sex-obsessed bigot like Zuma. Anything is possible with the ANC. Summary. You have few years left to enjoy what is left of the glorious SA lifestyle, especially in the Cape , but understand it is not permanent. The end could be sudden as the tipping point is reached, just as it was sudden for those Zim, Zambian, Mozambican or Angolans whites. It could, conceivably, be as bloody as the Hutu/Tutsi uprising when primitive tribal bloodlust overcomes a thin veneer of inculcated civilisation. Enjoy it while you can, and enjoy it in the Cape where the population mix is more favourable, but be aware that change is inevitable. Your children must get a world class education, because they will not be adults in SA. Get assets stashed offshore, you and your children will need them there. THIS IS A WAKE-UP CALL SOUTH AFRICA - GET YOUR HEAD OUT THE SAND ! Dr Marc Faber was born in Switzerland on 28 February 1946 and educated at the University of Zurich. BLATANTLY RACIST AND ALARMIST OR REALISTIC? CERTAINLY NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT. JUDGE FOR YOURSELF.

      dogue - 2011-08-14 16:09

      This was most likely NOT written by Marc Faber. It's all over the Internet but not linked to Marc Faber. Why make up stories to add credibility when it will only discredit it once the fraud is discovered? I can't find the origin of this, but it's most likely some anonymous full of inspiration. Why don't you just post the link to it EuropeanAfrican?

      LUTHULIHOUSE - 2011-08-15 11:25

      I wish the so called Dr. Faber would help the USA and stiop commenting on matters he knows nothing about.

  • ex-pat - 2011-08-14 15:23

    Zooma, did you not know that to zoom means to go FAST? Keep up with the rest of us, why dontcha?