Zuma's time 'running out' - Zille

2015-02-11 15:09

Cape Town - The Democratic Alliance will not disrupt the state-of-the-nation address because it plans to hold President Jacob Zuma to account in court, party leader Helen Zille said on Wednesday.

Addressing around 300 blue-clad supporters outside Parliament, she said Zuma's time was being eaten up by the "big, blue dog" of the DA.

He thought he could run away from prosecution by paying lawyers from public funds, she said.

"We raise money but we are winning. And on the 16th of March we will see you in court because you will answer to the 700 charges of corruption, money-laundering, and racketeering. We won't let you hide."

Spy tapes

Supporters cheered in the scorching sun, while workers prepared the parliamentary precinct nearby for Zuma's annual speech on Thursday.

Zille was referring to a legal application to review the National Prosecuting Authority's (NPA) decision to drop charges against Zuma.

The NPA recently informed the DA it would oppose the application, which had been set down for next month on the unopposed court roll of the High Court in Pretoria.

Opposing the application meant the matter had to be removed from the roll and set down on a date agreed upon by both parties.

The opposition party was handed the so-called Zuma spy tapes last year after the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled the NPA had to comply with a previous order to release the tapes. Zuma had opposed the move.

The recordings, internal memoranda, reports and minutes of meetings dealing with the contents of the recordings had to be provided.

The tapes, containing recorded phone conversations, allegedly reveal collusion between the former head of the Directorate of Special Operations (the now defunct Scorpions) Leonard McCarthy, and the NPA's former head Bulelani Ngcuka, to manipulate the prosecutorial process before the African National Congress's Polokwane conference in 2007.

Questions of accountability

Zuma was elected ANC president at the conference. Former president Thabo Mbeki had been a contender for another term.

The charges were dropped shortly before Zuma was sworn in as president in 2009. The then acting National Director of Public Prosecutions, Mokotedi Mpshe, said the tapes showed there was a political conspiracy against Zuma and so the case against him could not continue.

Zille said the DA would uphold the rules of Parliament on Thursday, in reference to the Economic Freedom Fighters' intention to ask Zuma questions while he was addressing the nation.

The EFF did not believe Zuma would be held accountable in Parliament.

"When you play by the rules it may take longer but you win in the end. And when you do win, you have institutions that still work," Zille said.

  • Mike 881 - 2015-02-11 15:14

    Can't wait for the Big Fight tomorrow night. Sure to be a slug fest! Just hope that the SABC doesn't censor the proceedings as per usual.

      Brad Herbert - 2015-02-11 15:17

      that's if Eskom don't cut the power first.

      Leroy Reynolds - 2015-02-11 15:17

      I won't expect anything but barbaric actions and insults flung left, right and center!

      Leigh-Rose Jenkins - 2015-02-11 15:18

      Popcorn is ready!

      Made Inthe-South - 2015-02-11 15:20

      Who payed for LazyJZ's 5 private houses built at Nkandla since 2009?Knowing LazyJZ he did not pay for those private houses himself.He said to the PP that he does not have a bond.She asked him how did he finance the private houses,LazyJZ REFUSED TO ANSWER.Moneymine,LazyJZ's personal builder quoted R20 Million only for the first 3 houses,meaning the 5 houses probably cost around R30 Million. Was the money for the 5 private houses obtained from the R246 Million?

      Johan Arno Cilliers - 2015-02-11 15:20

      We need the ANC destroyed and Zuma and all his corrupt buddies in prison..That's the only way people in SA will ever learn..Will it ever happen? I very much doubt it,because this is Africa.

      Anton Bischoff - 2015-02-11 15:23

      Popcorn, Smarties and a large Coke. funniest movie ever. Bennie Boekwurm will try and make more money than Schuster

      robespear - 2015-02-11 15:24

      That is 783 charges against #J783!!

      Murray Graham - 2015-02-11 15:25

      Oh ffs Made, you really are annoying with your cut n paste stuff. Enough already!

      Andre - 2015-02-11 15:26

      I wish all the corrupt ANC poephols eat huge amounts of castor beans!!

      Andrew Terr - 2015-02-11 15:26

      Zuma's time 'running out'. The clinic told him that a while back.

      Made Inthe-South - 2015-02-11 15:30

      Madam Mbete # Pay back the Gold Fields bribe

      Rudi De Jager - 2015-02-11 15:37

      I think it might be the first time I watch the sona, i must say the eff make things interesting.

      Johan Arno Cilliers - 2015-02-11 15:37

      Ndivhonwa..Your 'sideways' profile pic says it all..

      Akhenaten C.T. - 2015-02-11 15:40

      Ndivhonwa, racists are not welcome to comment on this site.

      Theo Martinez - 2015-02-11 15:41

      SABC is his master's voice so..... (same goes for Parliament TV). Eskom will be under very clear orders to keep the lights on as Number ! wants to spread his spinning gospel across the nation.

      George Anderson - 2015-02-11 15:44

      State of the nation address in in 4 words, : eisch she is broken"

      Jaapie Bopape - 2015-02-11 16:13

      Ndivhonwa Munzhelele you are right we wont destroy it The ANC will destroy its self we just need enough pop-corn

      Jaapie Bopape - 2015-02-11 18:12

      Charlie body like an elephant brain as big as a pea

      Babalaas Witblitz - 2015-02-11 19:23

      Dear fellow South African. On 12th February at 19h00, Jacob Zuma will tell parliament that he has a good story to tell. Undoubtably he will not be mentioning when he intends to pay back the money (246 million spent on his private residence) or thank the country for treating his very good and generous friends, the Guptas, so well when they wanted to show off how much power money can by. I dont think he will mention how so many South Africans peacefully protest against his e-toll scam. I doubt he will explain to the country why their electric bill will be going up by a massive 25% as from the 1st April (Nersa approved tariff increase as well as raising money for the diesel Eskom needs to pay for, Nor will he talk about the trillion odd rands he wants to pay Russia to build nuclear power stations in SA. He will not tell the country how government intends to get the money given to ANC owned Hitachi back. ALL SOUTH AFRICANS are asked to switch on all electrical appliances in their homes and businesses from 18:30 to 20h00 on 12th February to force Eskom to load shed through out the country. This is in protest to Jacob Zuma as president, Nkandla and other corrupt deals, e-tolls, high electricity tarriffs, state of education, in fact every and anything that you as a South African is unhappy with. If you dont protest this Thursday, dont ever complain again.

      Pierre Nortje - 2015-02-11 20:15

      Ndivhonwa Munzhelele If you cannot spell don't post - you sound like an idiot with your uss spelhs hegn betf hydgg ft bla-bla-bla-bla

      Eric Southland - 2015-02-12 07:26

      I would support the D.A if they denounce their support of the BEE and AA /EE project publicly like they did when they said they support it fully. Else they are just as racist as the anc.

  • Jannie Koekemoer - 2015-02-11 15:15

    elke hond kry sy dag en sekeres sal hul dag kry ten spyte van cronies en omkoopgeld ....

      Made Nza - 2015-02-11 15:17

      Sometimes you are a statue, and sometimes you are a pigeon. Let's hope Zuma gets some pigeon sh@t in his face soon

      Made Inthe-South - 2015-02-11 15:31

      Let us hope tomorrow is Judgement Day

      Zip Reeper - 2015-02-11 15:33

      when do the cops arrest zuma as per the charges. a corrupt judiciary will void the charges. if bad luck does not visit the complainants first

      Jaapie Bopape - 2015-02-11 18:14

      He who laughs last laughs the longest and the loudest, and Charlie the last laugh is coming, and it will not be about a contested municipality or a general election.

      Jaapie Bopape - 2015-02-12 12:46

      Oh Charlie chip on the shoulder aka Anthony you are living proof that the majority of the population in South Africa is threatened by less than 9% of our population. Your reply smacks of an inferiority complex and that you are feeling so insecure, that you have to remind me that you are part of a big over bred, unemployed, uneducated mass of minions. Shame. I was referring in fact to a pending outcome of a judicial process that will put the country straight.The very topic of this forum. For your edification here in case you missed it: Zuma's time 'running out' - Zille" Have a good day further, and I hope your adrenaline rush has now ceased.

  • John Skead - 2015-02-11 15:17

    The Democratic Alliance will not disrupt the state-of-the-nation address because.... the EFF will do it for them...

      Made Inthe-South - 2015-02-11 15:34

      Go EFF.Create a circus.I know you are the other side of the same coin as ZANC,but go right ahead.Our country can not possibly be a bigger circus anyway.Spoil that Drona

      Zip Reeper - 2015-02-11 15:34

      you have to get rid of the idiotic electorate who elect these crooks

  • Made Inthe-South - 2015-02-11 15:20

    Who payed for LazyJZ's 5 private houses built at Nkandla since 2009?Knowing LazyJZ he did not pay for those private houses himself.He said to the PP that he does not have a bond.She asked him how did he finance the private houses,LazyJZ REFUSED TO ANSWER.Moneymine,LazyJZ's personal builder quoted R20 Million only for the first 3 houses,meaning the 5 houses probably cost around R30 Million. Was the money for the 5 private houses obtained from the R246 Million?

      Murray Graham - 2015-02-11 15:25


      Made Inthe-South - 2015-02-11 15:35


      Jonathan Woods - 2015-02-11 15:41

      Murray in a society with the attention span of a flea and about as much brains, these questions need to be repeated ad infinitum until they are answered. Otherwise useless dweebs like you would forget and simply let them slide ! Annoying ? Yes. But still VERY necessary, just like the Blue Bulldogs from the Western Cape !

      Murray Graham - 2015-02-11 15:58

      Jonathan, "useless dweeb "? That's your level? I agree that the wrongs need to be brought to light often, but Made over does it. E.V.E.R.Y. Single post it a cut n paste. And Jonathan, I guarantee you, that you'd think twice about your insult, if you were standing within arms' reach.

      Ani MalFarm - 2015-02-11 16:14

      Trading threats for insults, woderful. I think that Jonathan is correct - even though these repetitive comments seem a bit irritation for those who follow constantly - there are plenty others (incl. the sixty-two percenterners) which need all this to be knocked deep into their skulls, preferably on multiple ocassions. Bet many of them still have no idea! And it is because of them that we are here today!

      Murray Graham - 2015-02-11 16:35

      You're right Ani. Not usually my style but this troll bit on a day I couldn't contain myself. Apologies.

      dewet.duplessis.90 - 2015-02-11 16:50

      For what its worth Murray, I'm with you on this one. And it is Jonathan who did the insulting bit. No need to apologise.

      Ani MalFarm - 2015-02-11 17:09

      Takes a man to apologise.

      Murray Graham - 2015-02-11 17:14

      Takes a village to raise a child ;-)

      Ani MalFarm - 2015-02-11 17:21

      Power cuts (or repetitive comments) seem to be getting the better of some/most of us... :) Nevertheless the country seems to be at a tipping point, and should never be losing sight of the bigger picture.

      Boetie Van Zyl - 2015-02-11 18:24

      I agree with you Murray & DDP. Jonathan you need to get through to the other 62% who don’t have internet access, via other appropriate means.

      Boetie Van Zyl - 2015-02-11 18:31

      Ani Malfarm agree with you too.

      Made Inthe-South - 2015-02-11 19:27

      Guys,you don't know in how much &^%$ we are.My repeats the least of your concerns

      Boetie Van Zyl - 2015-02-12 07:25

      "Made" most of us agree with the gist of what you are saying. However historically most South Africans have a tribal mentality as evidenced by the govt, pre 1994.That is ,persons of Dutch/French Hugenot origin outnumbered those of 1820 origin. Hence the pre 1994 govt lasted +40 years. So it’s going to take a cataclysmic shift in the people’s mindset to get rid of the present govt. So it’s mainly about numbers that keep the present power.

      Jonathan Woods - 2015-02-12 11:38

      Boetie I do. Now that I'm retired I take every opportunity to educate, wherever and whenever the opportunity arises. And I have absolutely nothing to either apologise for or be ashamed of!

      Jonathan Woods - 2015-02-12 11:55

      Murray whether you were standing in front of me or miles away would not change my view of your comment. And physical threats should not be made when you have no concept of the consequence. Think yourself lucky that you are not standing in front of me. And in the spirit of what we should be doing I accept your apology for the threat, even though it might not have been directed at me. And I am sorry if being called a dweeb offended you.

  • Solv Ex - 2015-02-11 15:22

    Zille will never get dat ?, she can only dance

      Kaylin Minx - 2015-02-11 15:43

      dat? uneducated much?

      Roydon Frost - 2015-02-11 15:45

      maybe she wont but she is paving the way for the next DA leader who will that young man who represents them.

  • Theo Martinez - 2015-02-11 15:23

    JZ. The secret agent. The intelligence operative. The KZN peacemaker. The Zulu traditionalist. The womaniser. The baby maker. The Nkandla king. The corrupt one. The Teflon one. The Parliament avoider. The leader of the Zuma Inc. The Gupta friend. The Venda-women-praise loving one. The dog hater. The straight hair hater. The baby oil lover. The he-he-he soundmaker. The singer. The dancer. The machine-gun fan. Number 1. The Paris tourist. The cadre deployer. The reshuffle-er. The Scorpion killer. The Hawks hunter. The SABC's master. The traveller. The destroyer. The Deputy President. The President. The Luthuli House magician. The EFF disliker. The missing one. The one who claims not to be afraid. The spender. The lender. And of course the one with the stiff middle finger.

      DerpyHooves - 2015-02-11 15:31

      He hates dogs?

      Nick Garas - 2015-02-11 15:35

      You forgot the Saint!!

      Zip Reeper - 2015-02-11 15:36

      a bit harsh

      Jonathan Woods - 2015-02-11 15:46

      Derpy he hates them because they are a Western thing. And he hates them because all those that have them hold them in higher regard than they do him That is why he hates them. And Theo I think you almost missed one "the missing link" !

      Myrti Viridis - 2015-02-11 20:58

      And like Max du Preez said, the one-man wrecking ball!

      Clive Pops - 2015-02-12 15:44

      Of course he hates dogs Dogs have the uncanny ability to reveal and bite skelms.

      Ntro Mzwa - 2015-02-14 08:40

      u forgot to say the 'shower '

  • Made Inthe-South - 2015-02-11 15:23

    In a recent edition of the investigating newspaper on Fridays,i read an interesting article of exactly what the spytapes were. They were the result of a full blown SAPS Crime Intelligence operation,dating back to 2003,called Operation Destroy Lucifer,targeting around 45 people in the NPA and Scorpions like Leonard McCarthy and Gerrie Nel. Another interesting fact is that a former commander of Crime Intelligence,Mulangi Mphegho,at one point in the endless prosecutoral wars stated under oath that these phone intercepts reveal that the NDPP who decided not to charge Number One,Mokotedi Mpshe, had an affair with a prosecutor in Kimberley and that he alledgedly approved fraudulent travel claims by her in order to pursue the relationship with him.Nice blackmailing material don't you think? Mpshe is still an acting judge in the Land Claims court 4 years after he left the post of NDPP and has never appeared before the Judicial Services Commission,where difficult questions can be asked. In that article it is also clearly stated that Mpegho in 2007 approved an application to conduct phone and electronic intercepts of 6 targets on the basis that they are drug suspects.One of that suspects was Leonard McCarthy. A certain Richard Mdluli also approached a certain Prince Mokotedi,head of the NPA "Integrity" Management Unit in September 2007,to ask for help in his investigation of Gerrie Nel,Mokotedi referred him to a certain Nomgcobo Jiba

      Made Inthe-South - 2015-02-11 15:24

      Jiba of course had an axe to grind with Gerrie Nel,because he secured the conviction of her husband,an attorney by the name of Booker Nhantshi for theft of trust funds.She would later go to considerable lengths to procure an arrest warrant for Gerrie Nel.Jiba was also in frequent communication with a certain Lawrence Mrwebi,who provided an affidavit in support of Mdluli's investigation of Nel.Nothing came of any investigation of Nel,as we all know.Number One would later expunge the criminal record of Booker Nhantshi,and he was appointed to a government job. Jiba was internally charged for her actions,but after a labour court case,Mpshe approved an out of court settlement and she was reinstated. Off course Jiba took over as NDPP from Menzi Simelane,and Jiba and Mrwebi shielded Mdluli from prosecution even though a Hawks dossier implicated him in the theft of millions from the SAPS secret account. As should be clear by now Number One appointed Mxolisi Nxasana because he thought he could control him.That after the DA threatened with a court case if Number One did not appoint a permanent NDPP. When he turned out to be more independent and decided to charge Mdluli,his fate was sealed. One of the many questions now is,what does Mdluli know to ensure him this kind of protection?

      Murray Graham - 2015-02-11 15:32

      Pleeeeease stop bud! You're not winning friends. Less is more.

      Zip Reeper - 2015-02-11 15:38

      not a nice crowd

      Kenneth Maimane - 2015-02-11 15:39

      I thought those tapes were thrown away.

      watchman - 2015-02-11 16:20

      Murray the way you carry on it seems you may very well be in Zoomers pocket, do you do loss adjustment for the taxpayers so that 250 bar can be written off??

      Murray Graham - 2015-02-11 16:30

      Watchman, thanks for taking the time to view my profile. Regrettably, I couldn't be bothered to view yours. No, I'm not a Zuma apologist. He must stand trial! Just as an aside, I was wondering if you thought it more likely for trolls to hide behind anonymity, or to put their own names to posts?

      dewet.duplessis.90 - 2015-02-11 16:55

      Intresting read!

  • Kenneth Maimane - 2015-02-11 15:23

    I think helen is dreaming,jz will finish his term cyril will take over.we are not scared of a minority party cos we are the ANC.

      Made Inthe-South - 2015-02-11 15:24

      You ANC nothing yet

      Made Inthe-South - 2015-02-11 15:25

      When they eyes of the masses are going to open,they will come for you cadres.Be warned now

      Anton Bischoff - 2015-02-11 15:26

      With that you justify stealing from the poor

      Kenneth Maimane - 2015-02-11 15:36

      What has your little racist party done for the poor anton.the white areas very well looked after but the townships hulle moet toe sien.

      Kenneth Maimane - 2015-02-11 15:36

      What has your little racist party done for the poor anton.the white areas very well looked after but the townships hulle moet toe sien.

      Zip Reeper - 2015-02-11 15:40

      normal democratic process

      Maredi Mello - 2015-02-11 15:47

      You are ANC sycophants & cronies, we know that!

      Roydon Frost - 2015-02-11 15:48

      Kenneth the whites have done more for the poor people in SA than the ANC if you ANC is so good why are there still poor people in locations then,why dont they have proper house?why is there load shedding?why is the unemployment so high?dude wake up its not just the local people in SA that notice the corruption people and countries abroad do to and if nothing changes dont be surprised if sanctions come our way again.

      Reality - 2015-02-11 16:08

      > What has your little racist party done for the poor anton And what has your big racist party done for the poor, Kenneth?

      Jaapie Bopape - 2015-02-11 16:19

      The African National Catastrophe will be chased into the sea and again into exile, and then we will have the rainbow nation that Mandela envisaged.

      Charlene Beukes - 2015-02-11 21:08

      Kenneth, You have a very good point.Whoever runs the country has to look after the poor people as well, hopefully find a way to help them out of poverty as opposed to helping while their position doesn't improve. I voted for the DA but more to have a strong opposition, it bothers me that they have not managed to help the poor in the areas where they won . In other words why don't they show us what they are going to do IF they win BEFORE they win? To me THAT would prove that they are serious and also that they DO care. Also, they can't say its lack of money, surely if ANY party does the financial calculations for a sound idea for people that are in an ANC-majority township they could hand that plan to the ANC and if they ANC don't give the money OR follow the plan themselves then who will look bad and if they do, the poor people are better off and BOTH parties look good.

      Jaun Meyer038 - 2015-02-12 09:39

      @ Kenneth, "we are the ANC" - considering the state of things, I would be too embarrassed to make that statement if I were you. As for your entitled racist comment on white areas being well taken care of... if one has invested time and money in something, then one has pride in maintaining it. Not to mention the gargantuan amounts paid to rates and taxes that gives one the right to demand better services. People don't have pride in things they get for free. Maybe the so-called poor should develop some ambition, aspiration and pride in stead of expecting a handout. Drop the persecution complex Kenneth - it's very unattractive.

  • johan.nel.712 - 2015-02-11 15:24

    Zille no matter what you say, the DA will never rule this country, in any case not with you as leader. Unless you get a highly reputable african leader in the DA the masses will keep voting for their traditional leaders and we know to which party they belong. Having said that I think the DA is doing a good job in the Western Cape so I also give credit where it is due

      Pieter Labuschagne - 2015-02-11 15:43

      Johan ja dis soos hulle geloof

      johan.weakley - 2015-02-11 15:56

      Die DA sal wel nooit die mag oorneem nie maar stel jou SA voor sonder hulle in die politieke arena. Dit sal ongebreidelde chaos wees, ek sien die DA dus as n baie belangrike katalisator in hierdie land se politiek.

  • Tokolosh Nkosi - 2015-02-11 15:26

    Zuma's time 'running out' Amen

  • Nico Loubser - 2015-02-11 15:26

    I had it with ANC and DA.

  • Metsigho Mthembu - 2015-02-11 15:26

    Zille might be having an affair with his lawyers, she has paid a lot of money from her party to his lawyers and has never won anything.

      Made Inthe-South - 2015-02-11 15:38

      30 PERCENTER

      Roydon Frost - 2015-02-11 15:50

      Do you know thats deformation of character?

      Kuno Tschumi - 2015-02-11 16:00

      this article proofs that you wrong dear Metsigho. clearly the DA won the case regarding the spy tapes. and the would like to be president will be taken to task. Cant wait to see him in jail

      Reality - 2015-02-11 16:11

      Nah, he could'nt make it. Probably the same as Zuma, grade 3.

      Jaapie Bopape - 2015-02-11 16:21

      Metsigho are you having a bad brain day today? I bet you were up all night trying to come up that one.

  • Heinrich Adams - 2015-02-11 15:27

    The DA is so organized respectful and well mannered doing things according 2 the book well done 4 showing some parties how 2 be human!

  • Michael Boucher - 2015-02-11 15:27

    Laat die bliksem hard val!

  • Nelushi Linoni Munyai - 2015-02-11 15:29

    Zuma is in a big trouble.

      C'est moi - 2015-02-12 17:25

      But a snake can wriggle out of it.

  • Michael Mutsharini - 2015-02-11 15:29

    It is taking Premier Zille long time to understand President Zuma strength.

      Renee Marais - 2015-02-11 15:52

      bullies are actually scared pathetic people, Zuma is a bully and worse than that, hides behind people he think are loyal. If you pay someone for loyalty at some point some one else will pay them more to desert you. Always remember that tame dogs bites are the worst.

      Roydon Frost - 2015-02-11 15:52

      its taking time but when she strikes it will be straight through the heart of the ANC.

      Reality - 2015-02-11 16:12

      ..and his strength is stealing?

      Clive Pops - 2015-02-12 15:50

      Zuma's strength??? Are you referring to his spear? No? Ok then you are referring to the hold he has on his many, many dishonest useless cronies. The thing is Michael, if you are straight and honest then you have no reason too respect or fear Zuma's "strengths", because it's just like a pee in the sand.

  • Patrick Ndaba - 2015-02-11 15:29

    Shame even if tomorrow is election anc will win again and again

      johan.weakley - 2015-02-11 15:46

      Yes they will, because stupidity is a national disease.

      Roydon Frost - 2015-02-11 15:51

      Patrick the ANC time is running out people are not as dumb and stupid as you and the rest think they are.

      DerekMain - 2015-02-11 15:56

      Thanks to the clowns. Phansi c-ANC-er, phansi!!!

      Jaapie Bopape - 2015-02-11 16:25

      Patrick the best part about hitting your head against a wall is when you stop...because it feels so nice, one day the voters of this country will see past the lies.

  • Made Inthe-South - 2015-02-11 15:31

    Madam Mbete # Pay back the Gold Fields bribe

  • Laurence Weyers - 2015-02-11 15:31

    Solv ex and Muzi, are racists? Or is it that you just detest white people who try to act against a corrupt racist regime that only concerns itself about itself. They don't even care about you to guys. They only care about you when they need your vote. Then they will tell you how horrible white people are, oh and here is a food parcel and a t shirt

  • Thabo Seleke - 2015-02-11 15:31

    Helen you are toothless, you,ve been promising for the past 5 years, since Zuma was accused of rape and corruption, Eff has done a lot in just under a year compared to u, so sit down and let Eff drive

      Phillip du Plessis - 2015-02-11 15:48

      What has the Eff accomplished so far?

      Murray Graham - 2015-02-11 15:50

      Over a cliff?

      Roydon Frost - 2015-02-11 15:53

      Thabo please tell us what has the EFF done so far?

  • Kaylin Minx - 2015-02-11 15:34

    700 charges. omg. how is this animal not in prison yet seriously.

  • Aaron Vusi - 2015-02-11 15:35

    Oh no zille just give us a break course you are using black to fight back Maimane his work for you you use him as a face shield

      Shaun Cousins - 2015-02-11 15:38

      like zuma uses good old mac to fight his battles

      Roydon Frost - 2015-02-11 15:55

      Aaron no she is paving the way for Maimane because he will will sort out corruption and wait till Mazibuko returns from studying overseas then the DA will be even stronger.

      Adams Apple - 2015-02-11 16:51

      ur brain is fighting against u kid...go to school

      Coda - 2015-02-11 19:31

      Just showing your mentality Aaron

  • Otilia de Sousa - 2015-02-11 15:37

    Let us hope the lights stay on. I for one would like to see some fireworks.

  • Sthembiso Biyase - 2015-02-11 15:37

    Fix the toilet scandal Zille in WC,show black people respect&value them,the massive have spoken last year,Zuma 4 president for 5yrs,yes he is corrupt,by always focusing on it won,t get u nowhere,pity i won,t vote 4 ur party,u hate blacks so much

      Renee Marais - 2015-02-11 15:53

      you are a terrible racist, shame on you

      Roydon Frost - 2015-02-11 15:57

      Sthembiso if Zille hates blacks so much then why are there blacks living in the Western Cape?why are there proper blacks leaders in the DA like Maimane and Mazibuko man you are really a bad person you need to wake up boetie before you also end up standing in long queues just for bread like its happening now in Zimbabwe.

      Mark Smith - 2015-02-11 16:12

      I wonder why she adopted a black child.

      Reality - 2015-02-11 16:15

      > the massive have spoken.. Who is the massive? Is is Zuma's wives?

      Jaapie Bopape - 2015-02-11 16:29

      Sthembiso Biyase last time I looked no little children in the Western Cape had fallen into long drop toilets like the ones in Limpopo, so whats your issue? Pr*ck!

      Coda - 2015-02-11 19:32

      Feel sorry for are so blind !

      Mark Whittle - 2015-02-12 21:27

      Respect can only be earned

  • Michael Ntsako Mjayijayi - 2015-02-11 15:38

    Ok Prophet Zille!

      Jaapie Bopape - 2015-02-11 16:30

      Mike watch and weep its coming!

  • Pieter Labuschagne - 2015-02-11 15:41

    Said that long time ago he Runs down the Country and the ANC he should have been replaced long time ago

  • Khomba Zulu - 2015-02-11 15:44

    Like wise Sthembiso, I will never vote DA, and if need be I am prepared to preach the same gospel to other fellow black people around me. We must continue to to awaken the few that has fallen in the trap of the DA. The fact remains that DA serves the interest of whites only .They can try all they like , but black people are not that stupid, gone those days where if it was white it is superior and must be followed and listened to.

      Andrew Salies - 2015-02-11 15:47

      @Zulu. So you support corruption

      George Larkins - 2015-02-11 15:54

      Ja Zulu you are stupid

      Roydon Frost - 2015-02-11 15:59

      please tell me how does the DA only support white people?enlighten us I want to hear what you have to say.

      Morne Nagel - 2015-02-11 16:21

      And your ANC only serves the interest of black. You can argue all you want but black people are growing more racist than ever. Colour is still an issue for you guys. Its not about the qualification nor the ability to change this country. Its all about "as long as he/she is black, we will vote" I mean who else except Zimbabwe votes for a corrupt president? You can tell me your not stupid Khomba but if you can't see what is wrong with the ANC and can't see past colour the I'm sorry to say but you are stupid.

      Reality - 2015-02-11 16:22

      @Royden..that is what the ANC told him to regurgitate. He can't think for himself.

      Jaapie Bopape - 2015-02-11 16:31

      Khomba are you always so stupid or is today a special occasion?

      Kaylin Minx - 2015-02-11 16:47

      Another moron that only votes according to skin color. you are what's destroying this once prosperous country. Nothing worse than an uneducated racist.

      Coda - 2015-02-11 19:35

      Followers of the ANC support corruption, lies, deceit and no service delivery to their own people - shame on you all

      Ntro Mzwa - 2015-02-14 08:13

      ndabezitha dont b a moron bro dis zuma promic 500 000 jobs bt instead of dat millions of pple lost theire jobs so u a teling me dat I hv to vote for hunger ?

  • michael.kleber.376 - 2015-02-11 15:45

    Let's hope his time runs out before our tax money does we can't afford this man

      Michael Kleber - 2015-02-11 16:48

      They should open a special bank account where people who favour corruption like you kgothatso can pay money into for jacobs personal use

  • Deon Louw - 2015-02-11 15:48

    If we look at rest of Africa, Mr Zuma's next step will probably be trying to be Pres. for next 5 terms / till he dies. No other way will he escape jail.

      Smphiwe Mathonsi - 2015-02-11 21:20

      Wow u r so dumb give yourself around of applause

      Smphiwe Mathonsi - 2015-02-11 21:20

      Wow u r so dumb give yourself around of applause

  • Maphanga Khwaluba - 2015-02-11 15:49

    Our president and his friends they are all corrupt that is a fact

      Roydon Frost - 2015-02-11 16:01

      Maphanga Khwaluba so if they are corrupt why keep them in power,vote them out get rid of corruption there is no place for it in SA.

  • Jabu Mtshali - 2015-02-11 15:52

    "STOP ZUMA!" Doesn't this sound familiar to you? When? In March aunt Helen? Well, we will see about that.

  • Augustine Zingwe - 2015-02-11 15:52

    So its not corruption cause it perpetrated by a black person. Whites should close their eyes and ears? Then this liberation talk across Africa is hogwash. Everyone should account for bad actions (black or white) and equally appreciated for what is good!

      Murray Graham - 2015-02-11 16:12


  • Majuda Wisdom - 2015-02-11 15:53

    By the way yo name is Sthembiso.

  • Andrew Salies - 2015-02-11 15:54

    Those who support corruption please raise you hand if you man enough.

  • Auspicious Ndaba Sekoloni - 2015-02-11 15:54

    To black sheep, i want you to go and search what the history says about HELLEN ZILLE (not that im a da supporter) and you will see what she really is. She was instrumental in helping to topple the apartheid regime and i fully back her, i dont care about anc anymore not that i cared before we cant be oppressed by our own

      Roydon Frost - 2015-02-11 16:07

      may God Bless you for seeing what is right and what is wrong we need people like you in Parliament.

      Michael Kleber - 2015-02-11 16:52

      I will accept any president regardless of colour , as long as they are honest and put the countries needs above theirs , unfortunately this disqualifies jacob who we all know lied about nkandla , remember he first said that his family paid , then he said he had a bond , then a friend paid and the last lie was he knew nothing about the upgrades

      Smphiwe Mathonsi - 2015-02-11 21:19

      U are a puppet dats what u are

  • Majuda Wisdom - 2015-02-11 15:55

    And your friend is zulu that explains it's self .no further comment

  • mmmmTim - 2015-02-11 15:55

    The ONLY reason he has not already appeared in court is that he has unlimited access to the very best lawyers, who are making a fortune protecting him paid for by public funds. Despicable, spineless and utterly corrupt.

      Murray Graham - 2015-02-11 16:11

      They said of Berlusconi, that he was so crooked, he slept on a spiral staircase. Zuma redefines crooked!

  • Aaron Vusi - 2015-02-11 15:57

    No problem we can change the president but ANC obviously is a ruling party and no one else shall tell us what to do with our president we as a ANC we should decide VIVA ANC Zuma you are not going anywhere

      Shawn Truter - 2015-02-11 16:24

      You won't decide, the corrupt heads of ANC will, you have no say in the ANC.

      Reality - 2015-02-11 16:25

      > VIVA ANC Zuma you are not going anywhere ..except to prison.

      Arno Vlok - 2015-02-11 19:58

      Very democratic. Can see why your IQ represents the matrix pass rate

  • Pus Zomz - 2015-02-11 15:59

    It is about f......g time. Just get rid of this "plonk".

  • Jabu Mtshali - 2015-02-11 16:01

    True Zuma's time is running out. His term expires in 2019. Why is this a big issue for the DA? Are they planning to bring forward the general elections with their 40%?

      Reality - 2015-02-11 16:25

      By that time it will be 60%

      Michael Boucher - 2015-02-11 16:30

      It will be soon 65% in 2016 for the DA and 75% in 2019.

  • Russell Kirsten - 2015-02-11 16:01

    personally i dont care who runs this country, whether its the anc , D.A white black colourd etc if that person can be like my president Mandela and build our nation and not destroy it then thats someone that i could follow but are we padt that point of no return yet , i certainly hope not.

  • Khomba Zulu - 2015-02-11 16:02

    @ Salies, I don't support corruption, if Zuma is corrupt he must go to jail for his wrong doing but the matter of fact is that the DA doesn't have the interest of blacks at heart. They just want to use them to rule the country and take us 20 years back. I just don't trust DA , from judging the way it's supporter's comment here

      Reality - 2015-02-11 16:27

      > DA doesn't have the interest of blacks at heart ..and you know that because the corrupt #1 told you so?

      Iaan Burden - 2015-02-11 16:47

      You should stop believing ANC propaganda, and look outside. Stop trying to see colour against colour and start seeing integrity...

      Charlene Beukes - 2015-02-11 22:39

      Khomba it might help you if you go to the DA's website and ask questions there. I really don't think one should judge any party by it's supporters comments, one would be more accurate in making judgement if one judged any party by its actions

  • Magoji Snash Mabhula - 2015-02-11 16:05

    Fact of life....Helen Zille will never be the president of South Africa or any white man for that matter...u can talk, crack ur heads, the reality is that no oppression will ever be engaged by any europeans or white man on this great nation *throw me a banana and I will eat it*

      Roydon Frost - 2015-02-11 16:08

      Magoji Snash Mabhula maybe she wont but she is paving the way for Maimane who is far better than any other leader in this country.

      Patrick Gardner - 2015-02-11 16:17

      Maybe she is not after the status of being president, but simply trying to save this country, like she was when she was fighting the apartheid regime in her student days, as an activist. Open your eyes...... don't be foolish!

      Neo Anderson - 2015-02-11 16:19

      No Maimane will ever run this country, forget it

      Alton Small - 2015-02-11 16:24

      @magoji remember one think you idiot, black people are not the only ones living here in South Africa we all do no matter what religion color or back ground this country does not belong to you nor does it belong to me, it's our creator that put us on this earth for a reason, if you're ignorant brain wants to stay with load shedding then that's fine, but I will not have my children suffer for you and the rest of the ignorant people that feel that Zuma is doing a good job in this country, you peanut brain allows you to feel that oppression will resurrect again then that's also your perogative, if you have so much hatred for a white person then with that device that just allowed you to place your comment here why do you have so much love for it, made by a white man, most of you people hate white s but you choose to go stay next to them, are you so ashamed of where you grew up that your community shames you, everyday things get worse in this country please do tell me how are you free from oppression, because you still live unhappy I see it every day, black people are very lazy where I live they love free things, always pleading poverty, make every excuse not to go work, your sisters and mothers and aunts dig in bins hoping to find something that we threw away,you tell me how is that free.

      Reality - 2015-02-11 16:28

      > No Maimane will ever run this country, forget it That's what they said about Hitler.

      Jaapie Bopape - 2015-02-11 16:34

      Magoji keep talking dude! One day you will say something intelligent

      aubrey.k.masola - 2015-02-11 17:04

      @Magosha did she say she want to b a president?? jst bcos she's tired of ur president lying to poor pple it's wrong??

      Ntro Mzwa - 2015-02-14 07:57

      oh my gosh u mabhula u a racist u change a statment zille didnt say she want a white person to b d president so take of yo head off yo ass cz it seems lyk it stuck somewhere

  • Allen Gumbi - 2015-02-11 16:06

    the programme and manifesto of the da : zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma racism zuma zuma zuma zuma unfair zuma zuma courts zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma zuma and more zuma. go ahead and marry the president since he gives you such sleepless nights.

      Arno Vlok - 2015-02-11 19:55

      A few zumas less than the ANC manifesto

      Smphiwe Mathonsi - 2015-02-11 21:17

      Hahahaha! They love him very much

  • Brandysos Randy - 2015-02-11 16:07

    Zille I wish you could help all our coloureds with the same passion you have to fight Zuma.It seems for the last few years now you are mostly focused on pleasing the whites which is a minority then coloureds on the western cape.Remember we are 70 percent off your votes and like many friends and families I am now tired of your promises and lies.I voted for you to help our region and community and you have done nothing.As a pastor I with say I am no racist and this is not a attack on any group.Down with DA down with ZILLES LIES AND PROMISES.

      Charlene Beukes - 2015-02-11 21:19

      Brandysos perhaps at some point you can list those unkept promises, so the rest of us who don't live in the western cape can read through that list before we vote next time.

  • Neo Anderson - 2015-02-11 16:07

    Zuma or no Zuma...ANC will rule till Jesus comes!!!

      Michael Boucher - 2015-02-11 16:31

      Short sighted. It sad!

      Michael Boucher - 2015-02-11 16:31

      Short sighted. It sad!

      Arno Vlok - 2015-02-11 19:54

      More likely until satan comes

      Smphiwe Mathonsi - 2015-02-11 21:16

      Yes...! Well stated n said...!

      Charlene Beukes - 2015-02-11 22:54

      Phemelo a government GOVERNS (or is supposed to) a king RULES. The CURRENT anc governemt appears to not be governing (in other words MANAGING a country.) All they seem to be doing is finding ways to get more money out of the people to spend on their own personal lives. In my opinion, if the government lets say decides to build a bridge/road/school/hospital etc, the people in the community where this will be done, should be first on the list for the work, and most certainly included in the tenders. It should not be a cadre that is payed millions for a shabby job that really costs only one million rand to do (profits included).

      C'est moi - 2015-02-12 17:42

      Please Lord, come soon.

  • Philip Hanafey - 2015-02-11 16:07

    The bells of justice are tolling - can you hear the bells tolling? jz?

  • Rudolph Gurovich - 2015-02-11 16:10

    Mooi gegooi theo

  • Ewald van den Heever - 2015-02-11 16:10

    Good luck, I would be very surprised if this case is ever heard in front of an impartial court of law.

  • Thami Ngwenya - 2015-02-11 16:10

    Dankie neo...enuff said..