Zwelakhe Sisulu 'a fighter for justice, freedom'

2012-10-05 11:50

Johannesburg - The Council for the Advancement of the SA Constitution (Casac) on Friday conveyed its condolences to the family of journalist and activist Zwelakhe Sisulu.

Sisulu died on Thursday, aged 61.

"He led the way in journalism in the darkest days of apartheid," the council said in a statement.

"A fighter for justice and freedom, his determination and endeavour contributed towards ensuring that the truth about the injustices of apartheid was revealed for all to see."

Sisulu had inspired a generation of journalists, and articulated and strengthened the media's role in a democratic society.

"The Sisulu name is an embodiment of the commitment to selfless struggle so that the dignity of all South Africans can be respected and enhanced," said Casac chairperson Sipho Pityana.

The African National Congress paid tribute to Sisulu earlier.

"The loss of Zwelakhe Sisulu is a monumental loss to our nation," ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said in a statement.

Champion of alternative media

"He has contributed in so many respects to the development of our country."

Sisulu was the son of late struggle veterans Walter and Albertina Sisulu, and the brother of National Assembly speaker Max Sisulu and Public Service Minister Lindiwe Sisulu.

Mthembu said in the 1980s Sisulu emerged as a champion of alternative media and freedom of expression, which saw him harassed and imprisoned.

He founded and became editor of The New Nation, which provided a platform for the liberation and mass democratic movement.

"He occupied a noticeable space in the mass democratic movement. When his brother Max and sister Lindi were in exile and his father was serving a life sentence in Robben Island, Zwelakhe together with his mother... were continually harassed by the security police."

He was arrested and detained for lengthy periods without trial. His harassment caused international media organisations to call for his release.

In 1994, Sisulu became group chief executive officer of the SABC. He also served as a media officer for former president Nelson Mandela.

  • johan.jacobs.33821 - 2012-10-05 11:55

    And finally found it.

      fussed.anderson - 2012-10-05 11:59

      Zwelakhe Sisulu 'a fighter for justice, freedom' When??

  • sagin.verity - 2012-10-05 12:07

    A fighter for justice and freedom? Where is it? Where is the justice in south africa? Where is the freedom? Frankly the place was better off before. This country is nothing to be proud of

      Nyembe Kaybee - 2012-10-05 12:39

      me Im free sagin is yo choice not 2 b free dis days. Shame on u johan n fussed 4 using a time like dis 2 tok nonsese. I

      James - 2012-10-05 16:34

      ^^^ WTF did you just try and type?

  • jannie.kotze.7 - 2012-10-05 12:53

    In South Africa there is no freedom nor justice. Much like a failed terrorist invaded country ruled by, you know what.

      bulelani.magwaza - 2012-10-05 17:05

      b coz u want slavery back!

  • wadee.ranoto - 2012-10-05 13:27

    it's strange when white people talk bad about South Africa when they have a choice to go to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe where they can continue to maintain the same standards they had when they colonised Africa.

      vlammie.pilot - 2012-10-05 15:17

      woody, we are staying here. You have a choice too. Serve your country and commit suicide today :)

  • vlammie.pilot - 2012-10-05 14:08

    This fortunate man was not murdered with a knife in his home. He died peacefully, not like other people tormented up to the moment they die. What a graceful exit, one less racist in our country.

  • stand.firm.50 - 2012-10-05 14:29

    Well if he was such a fighter why was he so silent on looting of state coffers. That said may he rest in Peace!!

  • bulelani.magwaza - 2012-10-05 17:03

    a sad loss 4the nation!

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