Zwelithini defends KZN land claims

2015-01-15 08:43

Durban - Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini defended his blanket land-claim of KwaZulu-Natal and the existence of traditional courts, The Star reported on Thursday.

"These people accused us of destabalising [development] trusts by claiming our land," Zwelithini was quoted as saying during a speech to celebrate the traditional circumcision of 200 young men in Kokstad.

"This is shocking, because this land was not taken from the trusts, which are now popular in the country, but was taken from traditional leaders, and your fathers and mothers who were murdered."

He later said those who claimed traditional courts violated the rights of women and children were ignorant of how the courts functioned.

He said the Zulu nation had already "defeated" critics of the Reed Dance ceremony, who had claimed it violated the rights of young women by subjecting them to virginity testing.

"We defeated them and they disappeared," the king said.

He also said the kingdom had beaten those against the Umkhosi Woselwa (first fruit ceremony) in court, the newspaper reported.

Animal rights activists had claimed the ceremony perpetuated animal cruelty because during the ceremony men would kill a bull by twisting its neck.

  • Ray Priestley - 2015-01-15 08:47

    Circumcision in Cockstad?

      Hennie Cloete - 2015-01-15 08:50

      This Priest is sharp today.

      Heywood Ublowme - 2015-01-15 08:52

      One wonders just how much of the taxpayer's money is used annually to maintain these parasites.....

      Parry Nyte - 2015-01-15 08:54

      HENNIE Pity he never cut himself..

      Franky Mark - 2015-01-15 08:54

      He can't even manage millions that is handed to him on a platter - then come begging the government for even more. Give him all the land - he will be selling it bit for bit back to make ends meet.

      Made Inthe South - 2015-01-15 09:04

      I have read his full speech on another website.He said his regiment must be ready. FOR WHAT? IS THAT WHY WE SEE SO MANY FARM MURDERS? Zwelitini is nothing but a backward oxygen thief that survives on millions from the taxpayer,whilst millions don't have jobs.

      Scouter Four-One - 2015-01-15 09:22

      I somehow can't imagine Shaka ever having felt the need to beg - are you really a Zulu king?

      Blue*Reid - 2015-01-15 09:31

      Yes Jimmy, I agree... Please give us back our currency, clothes, roads, houses, electricity, cars and then with immediate effect stop using Western Banks, Hospitals, Education, Languages etc... See how stupid that request/demand sounds? Stop your racism mate, you guys got the Whole Country, do something constructive with it please and leave the white man/race out of it, rather say thank you for what you got today because of us and let us work together.

      Jannie Koekemoer - 2015-01-15 09:32

      let the fool generate his own income and buy land like everybody else ...

      Brad Herbert - 2015-01-15 09:37

      This idiot is not my king. so not getting any respect from me.

      Linds Ron-House - 2015-01-15 09:39

      @Shelly, Unlike amaXhosa, amaZulu don't go to a mountain for circumcision. The King reintroduced this custom together with the Health MEC in KZN. It is done in hospitals and clinics or dedicated centres by qualified health professionals. To date not even a single death has been reported. Circumcision reduces chances of contracting HIV by 60%. For different reasons, Muslims and Jews also circumcise all their boys.

      Scouter Four-One - 2015-01-15 09:57

      Linds, Circumcision nowadays can indeed be a safe and sensible procedure, thanks to 'civilised' practices ... need I ask where the 'civilised' part of the procedure came from?

      Dhavandran Palavar - 2015-01-15 09:57

      I tried doom but not strong enough. I am now forced to give to the COCKroaches nest and his 10 wives

      Yob Vas - 2015-01-15 09:58

      His argument is: I WANT His reason: I'M ENTITLED he's just following the example set by that other Zulu Monarch - Lazy JZ.

  • Jaapie Bopape - 2015-01-15 08:51

    Kingdom of Zululand.

  • PointBlank - 2015-01-15 08:52

    Who were murdered? A lot of land was legally bought by settlers, and not with shiny pieces of glass but with cattle and money. This King is bankrupt and is looking to enrich himself.

      Orige Oumatjie - 2015-01-15 09:07

      Indeed! The "traktate" between King Dingaan and Piet Retief are proof of that.

      Leroy Reynolds - 2015-01-15 09:26

      Well Jimmy, if you could use your leather shields and wooden sticks to chase away the invaders then maybe you would not be where you are today! Your ancestors were so far behind development, they were begging to be over run...don't blame those that wanted more and better lives for themselves. Land is only yours if you can defend it....

      Franky Mark - 2015-01-15 09:29

      Seems he forgot about the treachery of his granddaddy Dingaan - thanks to his murderous act, people have a hard time taking a Zulu on his word of honour. If you want the land for a Kingdom then you'll have to collect the taxes, supply your own power, build your own roads, hospitals and schools - or would it be back to the traditional days drinking beer and let the women work. Time that he earns his keep - maybe entertain tourist or pull a rickshaw !

  • Zumba - 2015-01-15 08:53

    Then maybe old defunct King you should ask only your Zulu subject to finance you lavish lifestyle.

      Bheki Dingiswayo - 2015-01-15 09:45

      I am a Zulu but would not contribute to maintain the Kingdom. It is my view that that it must be done away with. If the king continue claiming the land I fear that other clans that currently part of the Amazulu will be also claiming from the him their land which was also taken by force- blood and sweat. Shaka never bought a land but it was a matter of you fight, surrender or flight. The white people did not come with the new phenomenon of land grad by killing the occupiers, we were doing it before they arrive.

      Chez Kri - 2015-01-15 09:45

      Shaka took the land by force from the Bushmen so maybe this idiot, classless king should hand the land back to them!! either that or he should get off his fat @rse and at least do some charity work like the british royal family (over 400 charity type appearances a year EACH)

  • CraigJoseph - 2015-01-15 08:53

    Who died and made him king? While we're at it then, I officially claim Nkandla as my land. Selling it to a private buyer for R256m and giving the proceeds to the taxpayers.

      Brett Summersett - 2015-01-15 09:07

      you might get $1 million as a tourist resort, coming up short lol

  • Bradley Duncan - 2015-01-15 08:57

    This cr@p about land. When the Dutch landed here in 1652 there was no-one here except a few San Tribes. It was only towards the last 1700's and early 1800's that people from central parts of Africa were forced to migrate south to avoid the wars that were driving them southwards.

      Notorious-Negro - 2015-01-15 09:04

      You must've been really rubbish at history in school.

      Nigel Vos - 2015-01-15 09:29

      Bradley – 100 % correct. Negro – BS, you don’t know YOUR history. Angelo – What a confused garbled mess. What language is that Zinglish?

      Bheki Dingiswayo - 2015-01-15 09:46

      Duncan, that can not be true just follow logic. Think a bit, then write again.

      Bradley Duncan - 2015-01-15 09:50

      @Notorious - nothing to do with school history (got 87% by the way) but actual facts, not the facts written by a South African but pulled from the records of the people that recorded the history when they landed here, the European Dutch. Claiming otherwise is typical ignorant nonsense. @Angelo - you have got absolutely no clue what you are talking about and have even managed to confuse yourself and get your facts wrong, well done sir.

  • Jerome Peter Rothman - 2015-01-15 08:57

    And the Khoi and Bushmen will lay claim on South Africa. Where will it end ?

      Bradley Duncan - 2015-01-15 09:54

      @Jimmy - if you want to get technical then the "whites" AND "blacks" should leave South Africa as the San were here long before anyone else was. Fact is everyone migrated from somewhere at some point in their history. Should everyone be forced to go back to the starting point of the history of mankind and leave the rest of the world uninhabited? Stupid, isn't it.

      Nu Vérité - 2015-01-15 10:03

      Jimmy, we've won 99% of our wars against you, infact we're growing tired of whipping your behinds.

      Fourhundredkg Bobbejaan - 2015-01-15 10:12

      Who cares? They lost whatever they may think they had to the Europeans just like the American indians, Australian aborigines and New Zealand maoris, who all just sit around and complain because they got stuffed up hundreds of years ago. Now in Africa they are busy losing the continent to the Chinese, Indians and other asians while they try to steal the scraps. They are just losing again and again and just whine about it. Show some backbone, you lot.

  • Mike Lowry - 2015-01-15 08:57

    Zululand possibly but the whole of Natal - never - they had not moved that far down by the time the white man arrived and then the Pondo's also have claims.

      Blue*Reid - 2015-01-15 09:35

      Mike's minimum 65% pass rate or your 33.3% pass rate lol....

      Notorious-Negro - 2015-01-15 09:39

      Minimum pass versus actual pass??? hmmmm you just proved your own stupidity.

  • Jerome Peter Rothman - 2015-01-15 08:57

    The world belongs to all who live in it equally to share and benefit all

  • Alan Stewart - 2015-01-15 09:00

    Another parasite looking to live of other peoples hard work

      Puple LeMoo - 2015-01-15 09:31

      Jimmy - your parasitic king is paid by SA Tax. As long as he is on the SA payrole, we will talk about him as much as we please as we pay for his existence. If you want us to stop talking about him, pay for him yourself.

      Nu Vérité - 2015-01-15 10:05

      Jimmy, we care as much about your respect as we do about the neighbours dogs opinion of us.

  • Katrina Boudtjes - 2015-01-15 09:00

    Question. Wasn't land legally GIVEN to Retiefs Voortrekkers by Dingaan (Exhibit A: the document signed with Dingaans mark in The Voortrekker Museum)before he (Dingdong)treacherously murdered them and is that document signed in 1834 still legally binding? PointBlank eludes to a bankrupt monarchy and I got to agree. Not gonna happen Goodwill!

      Bradley Duncan - 2015-01-15 10:00

      @Jimmy - then you go back to central Africa which is where your ancestors came from and where you belong.

  • Walter Oldnal Latham - 2015-01-15 09:01

    I have read the full article in today's Mercury and cannot believe what this so-called educated King is advocating. Historically what has happened, has happened and history is a fact. To turn back the clock, which is basically his rhetoric, then the Nguni tribes must head back North and hand the land over to the "Bushmen" who the Ngunis drove out the area. Agricultural land must be completely destroyed, farm buildings raised to the ground and wild animals returned. All towns and cities built mainly by colonialist expertise must equally be erased including hospitals, schools etc etc. The constitution of this country, so admired by the rest of the world, should be completely destroyed and the Professor, who supports King Zwethini's renditions must be handed back a loin cloth, be defrocked and watch his university burn to the ground! Oh, and all people in this country - especially in KZN - must return to their countries of ancestry!!!!

      Grant Wright - 2015-01-15 09:04

      Jan van Riebeeck did not arrive in Cape Town. There was no Cape Town, there was no road, harbour, Castle of Good Hope, Parliament building, airport, Nkandla or KFC in sight. There was no infrastructure, there was no democracy or election. In fact, there wasn’t even a black man in sight. The southern tip of Africa looked pretty much as it did on the day of creation, because the few scattered groups of Khoisan people lived off the land and slept in minute little huts of reed which they would roll up and carry about on their backs when they moved on. In fact, mr Zuma, everything that you set your eyes on, was created by that civilisation which Jan van Riebeeck and the descendants of his people brought to this country. Of course, if you wish the country to return to the state of living in little huts of mud, wearing animal skins, not being able to read of write or in fact not even having had the capability of inventing the wheel, by all means – crawl back into your hut. But I’ll be damned if the civilised white, coloured and Indian population will follow you into that state. You belong in a hut, not me.

      Grant Wright - 2015-01-15 09:05

      As applies to where the problem started: The problem started when the weaker and more cowardly African tribes starting running for their lives in the region around the great lakes of Malawi and fled southwards ahead of the Berbers. As far as they went they murdered and raped and pillaged and stole the land from the rightful owners, the Khoi people. They met the white man around 1718 in the Eastern Cape. Those were your ancestors, mr Zuma,. And the problem started when your ANC decided it wanted to adopt Western concepts like democracy, government, multiculturalism. Unfortunately the African incapability of understanding abstract thought and hypothetical reasoning makes it irreconcilable, so you decided to imitate. Mr Zuma, a palace bigger than that of the former Czar of Russia, a fleet of BMW’s, the vote of the majority of non-reasoning people and a KFC meal and a Samsung with enough airtime is not sufficient. The world has recognised you for what you are: YOU are the problem!

      Margaret Anne Christie - 2015-01-15 09:08

      The very best comment by far. Perhaps someone could read a couple of old history books on natal to him, not the comic books he looks at.

      Mlandvo William Ndwandwe - 2015-01-15 09:11

      My fellow African, it's a fact that our land was stolen. We can't hide the truth.

      Walter Oldnal Latham - 2015-01-15 09:13

      Just a correction to your response, Grant, the article relates to King Zwelithini and for once has nothing to do with egg-head aka Zuma.

      Grant Wright - 2015-01-15 09:19

      @Walter Yes are right, However some "Darkies" as referred to by the ANC need to be reminded of their history and land that they stole.

      Walter Oldnal Latham - 2015-01-15 09:41

      Need to say one more thing...... all the tsetse fly that infested parts of Zululand before the dreaded colonialists invented the "Harris Trap", should fly back in their millions and spread the old "Nagana" in the Nguni cattle again!!!

      Walter Oldnal Latham - 2015-01-15 09:52

      And the very same to you, Mnyamama.... I do understand Zulu by the way.

  • Elvin Henry Coulter - 2015-01-15 09:02

    What else can you expect. He knows where the trough is, it's filled by the ANC. He sold his nation for money, but getting greedy. Now push the culture thing and grab what he can. Troughs drying up, too many Pigs, not enough Tax base food. Yum, yum, yum.

  • Hennie Barnard - 2015-01-15 09:03

    Why do we all pay for that king? He is not my king. He is not the king of the xhosa people, the sotho or venda or any other tribe. The zulus that want to should pay for his lifestyle and no one else.

      Genet Joobs - 2015-01-15 09:15

      I don't know if any of you remember many years ago, when the Kzn local govt had their opening of local parliament in Zululand, and this guy, Zwlethini went crazy and ran out of the sitting, jumping over chairs etc to get out. It was probably 20 or 30 years ago, when TV first cam out and it was actually televised and I saw it. It seems to have been very conveniently forgotten, but it was quite amazing to see. So don't beleive anthing this man says or does.

  • Carl Liebenberg - 2015-01-15 09:04

    Give him Zululand then he can get Nkandla as a bonus.

      Geoff Devantier - 2015-01-15 09:27

      Technically he already owns Nkandla since his trust owns the land it is built on.

  • Made Inthe South - 2015-01-15 09:05

    I have read his full speech on another website.He said his regiment must be ready. FOR WHAT? IS THAT WHY WE SEE SO MANY FARM MURDERS? Zwelitini is nothing but a backward oxygen thief that survives on millions from the taxpayer,whilst millions don't have jobs.

  • Timothy Tanzer - 2015-01-15 09:05

    That is interesting indeed, thanks for the info

  • Theo Martinez - 2015-01-15 09:07

    i just have no words for an archaic, macho, traditionalist, out of date, expired, woman abusing old fart

  • Parry Nyte - 2015-01-15 09:09

    Don't forget also that you Zulu's Colonised KZN , running away from Zimbabwe and the Shangaans.

  • Mlandvo William Ndwandwe - 2015-01-15 09:11

    That why I admire King goodwill Zwelithini. You are wise.

      Parry Nyte - 2015-01-15 09:31

      Yes he is a one eyed king in a blind man's land

  • Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg - 2015-01-15 09:15

    Our this, our that said the man living luxuriously thanks to the tax payers support.

      Parry Nyte - 2015-01-15 09:45

      Oh yes and he never once thanked the tax payer for the lap of luxury he enjoys.....always complaining like a little brat

  • dylan.mugabe - 2015-01-15 09:21

    Take it all. Burn it all. Steal it all. Anarchy.

  • Niel Annali Appleton - 2015-01-15 09:21


  • Hoosain Jacobs - 2015-01-15 09:24

    the blind leads the blind

      Deeked De Dose - 2015-01-15 09:59

      Jimmy, so when are you going back to the CAR?

      Nu Vérité - 2015-01-15 10:11

      Deeked, Jimmy' ancestors could not write so forgive him for not knowing where he is from.

  • Khutso Bokaba - 2015-01-15 09:25

    Can we share the land... Fairly

  • Wesselv - 2015-01-15 09:26

    Whahahaaha running this country like a Zoo.

  • Angie Swanepoel - 2015-01-15 09:31

    Unbelievable how they forget...their ancestors sold the land!!!!

  • Frank Persson - 2015-01-15 09:33


  • Jayden Sissing - 2015-01-15 09:33

    What happened to the Rainbow nation? What happened to reconciliation? My land...your land...this is South Africa for black and white. The world is moving on we fighting for land like we in the 1800s.

  • Richard - 2015-01-15 09:37

    Considering what he costs us and then he still asked for more last year - he deserves nothing. So what does he now want the whole KZN.

      Deeked De Dose - 2015-01-15 10:01

      Actually no Jimmy... if it wasn't for Europes handouts to Africa, the populations would be on the decrease.... (to hungry to breed....)

  • criticallyhonest - 2015-01-15 09:37

    Prehistoric thinking in a country gone mad already. The principles are very easu to grasp. Tribal, where the chief is all powerful and everyone else is nothing. Just how can those principles and modern concepts of democracy even function alongside each other, let alone become integrated into a functioning whole. OK, Europe has managed it, mostly by reducing the Royals to figureheads on welfare. Perhaps that is the route for SA?

  • Robert Keene - 2015-01-15 09:38

    So do we your highness! Ack Wikipediea The ancient history of the Nguni people is wrapped up in their oral history. According to legend they were a people who migrated from the north to the Great Lakes region of sub-equatorial Central/Southeast Africa.[1] They migrated southwards over many centuries, with large herds of Nguni cattle, probably entering what is now South Africa around 2,000 years ago in sporadic settlement, followed by larger waves of migration around 1400 CE. Nguni peoples are pastoralist groups, part of the greater Bantu group occupying much of the East and Southern parts of Africa. Many tribes and clans were forcibly united under Shaka Zulu. Shaka Zulu's political organisation was efficient in integrating conquered tribes, partly due to the age regiments, where men from different villages bonded with each other. The Nguni tribes kept similar political practises to those used by Shaka Zulu. During the southern African migrations known as mfecane, the Nguni peoples spread across a large part of southern Africa, absorbing, conquering or displacing many other peoples. Mfecane (Zulu pronunciation: [m?f?'k|a?ne], [note 1] crushing), also known by the Sesotho name Difaqane (scattering, forced dispersal or forced migration) or Lifaqane, was a period of widespread chaos and warfare among indigenous ethnic communities in southern Africa during the period between 1815 and about 1840.

  • Tom Nickel - 2015-01-15 09:43

    stoneage society

  • Koos Petoors - 2015-01-15 09:44

    Zwelithini, I, the uber-ruler genie in a bottle, hereby grant you your wish. You may have Kwazulu-Natal. Go forth, build an economy that will provide for you and your people. Use your own policeforce to keep your people safe, and use your own judges to uphold your own law. Build your own powerplants to generate electricity and import your own fuel and other commodities. Print your own money and trade with it in international markets. Invite countries to trade with you and big corporates to invest your country. Build your own educational system and teach your own people your own syllabus. Defend tour own borders with your own army, and build your own hospitals for to provide healthcare. And do this all with own goddamn money - good luck, you may have your land now!!

  • Chris Lock - 2015-01-15 09:44

    Return the land the Zulus siezed by conquest

  • Lesley Ganserer - 2015-01-15 09:53

    The man is just greedy. They stole the land from other tribes and now want to claim it as theirs. Do not give it to him!

  • Jurgen Eksteen - 2015-01-15 09:55

    Not all the land is his ... his ancestors sold some of it to the first white settlers that moved there ... and were promptly murdered after words (Dingaan comes to mind). A perfectly legal transaction between two parties where the second one dealt in bad faith. A deal is a deal as they say. Come to think of it, Dingaan and Zuma are mirror images of each other.

  • Dhavandran Palavar - 2015-01-15 09:55

    I tried doom but not strong enough. I am now forced to give to the COCKroaches nest and his 10 wives.

  • Andre Burrows - 2015-01-15 09:57

    It is rather the stench that offences, not the skin-colour.

  • Paul Van Vuuren - 2015-01-15 09:58

    why doesn't this useless lazy bugger get off his backside and work for a living

      Paul-Martin Fouche - 2015-01-15 10:50

      @Jimmy jim jim, you are getting boring. We will stay in OUR country and you should stop thinking that the world owns you anything.

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