eNaTIS to combat cross-border vehicle theft

2011-09-07 16:05

Johannesburg - Tasima, the developer and operator of the Electronic National Traffic Information System (eNaTIS), said on Wednesday there were plans to roll out the system into other South African Development Community (SADC) countries, following its successful introduction and adoption in SA.

Tasima CEO Tebogo Mphuti said progress was already being made to introduce the system in Namibia and Lesotho, with Mozambique and Botswana also in the early stages of considering eNaTIS.

The system aims to modernise the management of vehicle and driver registration and licensing details and sharply reduce the incidence of cross-border vehicle theft.

However, the implementation is still subject to regional inter-governmental negotiations.

"Due to the critical security aspects embedded in the system, it would be critically important for Tasima to be involved in implementing eNaTIS in other SADC countries, he said.

"Based on our experience over the past few years in SA, we firmly believe that eNaTIS would sharply reduce cross-border theft of vehicles in the SADC region and also provide member countries with a state-of-the-art vehicle and driver registration and licensing system."

The Johannesburg-based company has been operating the system through a public-private partnership with the national department of transport since 2007.

  • Counter-spin - 2011-09-07 16:56

    Well i can only hope this project is better planned than it's first roll out in SA. Maybe they can appoint some competent people to manage it, rather than failed redeployed cadres or other ANC connected cronies.

  • fb - 2011-09-07 17:00

    Who paid for eNaTIS and who gets the revenue when it is sold to other countries?

      nadine1402 - 2011-09-08 09:21

      The revenue is received by Tasima's top management and their corrupt connections within the Department of Transport.

  • Agent - 2011-09-07 17:03

    Oh a nother ANC joke any side bets.

  • - 2011-09-07 18:05

    eNatis system is a joke. I had lost, misplaced my car regitsration document and needed a replacement. After filling in the documentation was told could only receive duplicate after a 3 day time interval. Firstly, you hand in application wait 45 minutes then given note to collect in 3 days time. This all before 11:00am on returning 3 days later and a further wait of nearly 55 minutes duplicate issued at a cost of R264 for printing this document. A total rip off for an A4 size paper. Where on earth do you pay this sort of money for accessing a so called top system.

  • Verdade - 2011-09-07 18:27

    Waste of time, first get rid of corrupt knuckle dragging, tree swinging, silver back cops at ports of entry (Borderposts)

  • P-JB - 2011-09-07 18:51

    If eNaTIS is so good, why can't this systems help recover vehicles still in South Africa?

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