OVERVIEW: #Statecaptureinquiry | 'I was tasked with counting out cash for bribery and corruption,' says Agrizzi

2019-01-23 10:08

The marathon testimony of former Bosasa chief operations officer turned whistleblower Angelo Agrizzi before the state capture commission of inquiry enters its sixth day.

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23 Jan 15:58
Inquiry adjourned until Thursday at 10:00

23 Jan 15:53

23 Jan 15:52

Gavin Watson, Joe Gumede and Ishmael Dikane made payments to the following correctional services officials following Mti's resignation in 2007 until approximately end of December 2016:

Josiah Maako - R15k

Maria Mabena - R10k

Shishi Matabela - R10k

'Mkabela' - R10k

Dikeledi Tshabalala - R15k

Zack Modise - R20k

Mollet Ngubo - R15k

(According to Agrizzi) @CowansView

23 Jan 15:47

Bosasa destroyed 40 000 documents to stymie SIU probe - Agrizzi

Bosasa deleted 40 000 documents implicating the company and its executives in corruption from its servers days before investigators from the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) could access them, according to Angelo Agrizzi.

23 Jan 15:45
From approximately 2009 I was tasked by Gavin Watson to become involved in arrangements regarding obtaining, handling and delivering of cash for purposes of bribery and corruption. @CowansView

23 Jan 15:41
And that's it on the SIU report, back to Agrizzi's main affidavit. @CowansView

23 Jan 15:41

23 Jan 15:37

23 Jan 15:28

In effect, we have not actually heard much evidence from Agrizzi today at #StateCaptureInquiry.

We have basically been read a conclusive 2009 SIU report which had already established how corrupt Bosasa was.

The SIU investigators led evidence today, in spirit. @CowansView

23 Jan 15:21
Bosasa even paid for a place at a retirement village for Gillingham's father

23 Jan 15:21

What is becoming patently obvious as we go through the Bosasa SIU report at #StateCaptureInquiry, is that the NPA really have zero excuse for not having taken this case to court years ago.

It's a slam dunk! @CowansView

23 Jan 15:10
The SIU found in respect of the benefits to Gillingham paid for by Bosasa that considering the R1.5bn in tenders awarded to Bosasa and its subsidiary companies, and the role Gillingham played in these contracts = improper and corrupt. @CowansView

23 Jan 15:08
Gillingham was also given rugby tickets, travel paid by Bosasa, cars, cars for his children and a house. @CowansView

23 Jan 15:05
The SIU report lists several cars Bosasa bought for Gillingham and Mti, and for their family members. @CowansView

23 Jan 15:04

23 Jan 15:02

23 Jan 15:01

Thirteen days after the contract was signed with Sondolo, Bosasa invoiced DCS for R106m and this was paid on 23 March 2006.

At this stage Bosasa had not delivered or installed a single television. SIU found this amounted to fiscal dumping. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:58
Bosasa televisions tender: Awarded to Sondolo IT on 3 March 2006. Value of R60m over 5 years. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:57

SIU: No bidder scored high enough in the televisions tender to actually win the bid.

But Bosasa got it! @CowansView

23 Jan 14:52

Panic stations at Bosasa? Staff instructed not to speak with Zondo commission without company lawyer

Employees of African Global Operations (AGO), formerly known as Bosasa, have been instructed to "remain calm" and immediately inform a director of the company if they are contacted by any member of the state capture commission of inquiry.

23 Jan 14:43
Phezulu received 90% of the fencing contract before any fences were built

23 Jan 14:40
Agrizzi: It got out of hand, actually. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:38
Agrizzi: I was vehemently opposed to the R100m, I told them to stop putting in variation orders. It was just growing and growing, it was going to attract attention. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:38
Subsequent 'variation orders' amounted to a further R100m on this contract paid to Bosasa. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:37

Now the fencing tender:

Awarded to Phezulu Fencing on 29 November 2005. Inner fences and CCTV at various correctional centres, value approximately R486m. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:37
Crucially you will notice that Gavin Watson is not named in respect of this tender, ties in to Agrizzi evidence that Watson "never signed anything". @CowansView

23 Jan 14:35

23 Jan 14:33

23 Jan 14:32
SIU: Competitive bidders not allowed to visit the sites (prisons) while Bosasa was given free access before the tender was even advertised. The validity time period for bids was only 21 days, making it very difficult for other bidders to submit. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:28
SIU: Sondolo had an unfair advantage comapared to other bidders. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:24

PP: The flow of bid specification documents flowed from Bosasa to Gillingham?

Agrizzi: That is correct. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:24
Looks like the lucrative fencing tender was set up from March 2005, with Gillingham recommending that the budget for security fences and security measures be budgeted and funds allocated before end of March 2005. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:20

Number next, the access control tender.

Awarded to Sondolo IT in April 2005, value of R236m.

Tender published 4 February 2005, closing date 25 February 2005. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:19

23 Jan 14:19
PP: The recommendations, civil, criminal proceedings, and DCS co-operate with NPA in prosecution of persons mentioned. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:18
PP: The evidence gleaned by the SIU clearly indicates that Gillingham benefitted from award of tender to Bosasa. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:18

Short summary of benefits received by Gillingham and Mti:

Clear SCM deviation

Gillingham played criticial role

Bosasa participated in drafting specs

Documents were shared between yourself, others from Bosasa and Gillingham @CowansView

23 Jan 14:17
Pretorius summarises Agrizzi's testimony

23 Jan 14:13
Judgment found Bosasa kitchen contract to be corrupt, says Agrizzi

23 Jan 14:09

23 Jan 14:09

Again, no feasibility or costs analysis was done by Correctional Services.

They colluded with Bosasa, awarded the tender to them all without checking if the tax payer would be getting fair value, in contravention with numerous regulations. @CowansView

23 Jan 14:07

23 Jan 14:06

We're back.

Straight into it.

SIU report continued... Catering contract for prisons was extended with no tender process, increasing value by 30%. @CowansView

23 Jan 13:08

We adjourn for lunch.

When we return, Agrizzi is set to unpack about how the relationship between Gillingham and Bosasa came about, as there is still some uncertainty in his affidavit whether Agrizzi established a relationship with Gillingham prior to his involvement with Bosasa.

Proceedings set to resume at 14:00, stay tuned.

23 Jan 12:57
Surprisingly similar MO used between Gillingham/Bosasa with anonymous email addresses to share confidential and privileged documents to how Guptas and Eskom execs utilised the 'Business Man' email account. Old tricks. 

23 Jan 12:56

In fact, the email address kobus@bfn.co.za actually belonged to Bosasa, paid for monthly between August 2004 and March 2005.

Agrizzi: It does make sense. 

23 Jan 12:51
Confidential documents were mailed between Agrizzi, Danny Mansell and Gillingham using this email address. 

23 Jan 12:50
Malan, the cyber forensic expert, managed to recover a document titled "Checklist" which contained info that no bidder should have had, as it provided how the tender criteria was weighted. 

23 Jan 12:48
Here's what the SIU report has to say about Gillingham in general, and how Mti promoted him shortly before Bosasa won its first tender.

23 Jan 12:46
According to an interview by SIU of a member of Bid Evaluation Committee, the entire tender process was managed by Gillingham. Agrizzi confirms. 

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