Council agrees to hold new Trollip vote within 14 days - AS IT HAPPENED

2018-03-29 16:00

Nelson Mandela Bay has reached a compromise to postpone a special council sitting to debate a motion of no confidence in Mayor Athol Trollip and other mayoral committee members, to be held again within 14 days.

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03 Apr 16:33

In summary,

The Nelson Mandela Bay council was meant to hold a special council sitting on Thursday to discuss the future of mayor Athol Trollip, as well as various others in the metro's leadership.

The process however was stalled, delayed and disrupted repeatedly for approximately eight hours by opposition councillors.

The DA had a 61-59 seat edge going into the vote, all things being equal.

The proceedings were initially adjourned indefinitely before noon after a scuffle broke out between a DA and EFF councillor.

Opposition parties wanted the vote against Trollip to go ahead, while Lawack ruled he had adjourned the meeting.

As at 14:00, the DA seemingly changed its mind and wanted the agenda to go ahead, while the opposition now wanted a postponement of 14 days, as allegedly "agreed" at a multi-party whips meeting.

At 16:00, the council agreed to postpone the motion against Trollip and others to be held again within 14 days.

This so that the council could vote on its new budget before the Easter break.

29 Mar 16:22

From 08:00 this morning, eight hours, there was no movement.

In the last 15 minutes, an agreement was reached to postpone all the motions of no confidence, and 15 agenda items were agreed to on the adjustments budget.

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29 Mar 16:16

It seems the council is moving on to ordinary council business including passing their adjusted budget.

The council agrees to deal with three items.

This means that the motion of no confidence in Trollip and the rest of his mayoral committee will happen within the next 14 days.

Speaker Lawack will have to set the new date, likely to be after the DA's federal congress on the weekend of April 7.

29 Mar 16:14

Council has returned after the adjournment.

ANC's Andile Lungisa addressing council.

29 Mar 15:56
They adjourn for 10 minutes.

29 Mar 15:47

EFF chief whip Vena says what was suggested by Mayor Trollip, should have been introduced by Speaker Lawack himself three hours ago.

Trollip's "compromise" was what they agreed in the multi-party whips meeting at lunch.

29 Mar 15:45
UDM seconds the ANC's suggestion.

29 Mar 15:44

"I therefore recommend that we continue with the people's business.

"We all participated on Human Rights Day [rallies]. I believe we need to put this agenda first."

ANC says it will agree, but wants a ten minute break to discuss.

29 Mar 15:42

Trollip says there are two agendas, political items and administrative items.

With regards to the political agenda, they've seen every trick in the book to stop the political motions to go ahead.

"It's been really shameful," he says.

Other issues however need to go ahead today, including passing a draft budget.

Trollip suggests that the political motions of no confidence be taken within 14 days, while they pass the administrative items today.

29 Mar 15:40
Trollip is now going to address council with a suggestion to get out of the stalemate.

29 Mar 15:38

And the Speaker is back for round number six.

Almost eight hours in, the council has yet to deal with any of the items on both the special and ordinary council sittings.

29 Mar 15:25

29 Mar 15:10

Things have now calmed down. Speaker Lawack is still out of the chamber.

The irate ANC councillor has been consoled enough. PA's Marlon Daniels is on the phone. EFF's Vena is nowhere to be seen, and no one is talking about KFC as a derogatory term anymore...

Councillors wait for return of the Speaker.

Still up in the air whether proceedings will continue today before the long Easter weekend.

The opposition looks intent on disrupting proceedings until the DA agrees to a postponement, seemingly recognising that the DA has the numbers to sruvive the motion against Trollip and co.

29 Mar 15:01
The KFC term is meant to be a derogatory reference towards Cope councillor Siyasanga Sijadu.

29 Mar 14:52

Back to the angry ANC councillor. Colleagues have to console him.

Speaker Lawack adjourns, for approximately the sixth time today, for 30 minutes.

29 Mar 14:51

WATCH: Council comes to a standstill to watch EFF chief whip Vena and PA councillor Marlon Daniels argue in front of everyone. They sit next to each other. Speaker Lawack does not intervene.

The words "KFC" are banded about.

The KFC term is meant to be a derogatory reference towards Cope councillor Siyasanga Sijadu.

29 Mar 14:50

29 Mar 14:42

29 Mar 14:38

PA councillor Marlon Daniels raises the most salient point of the day.

"Speaker, after all the hours we have spent here today (six-and-a-half to be exact), we have not even dealt with item 1 on the agenda."

Lawack agrees, and says he has suspended the special council issue. They will deal with ordinary council issues first.

"NOOOOOO," EFF MPs shout again.

"Speaker you have changed the meeting. You agreed to 14 day postponement," EFF's Vena contends.

29 Mar 14:36

Vena also takes umbridge at Lawack referring to Vena's EFF colleagues "troops".

"You cannot call us troops! Then what, you just apologise?" Vena shouts.

29 Mar 14:34

Bobani is still in the chamber too. He has not left.

"One of your councillors made a sign language of 'killing'. I need you to protect me," says an ANC councillor. 

"You're protected," says Lawack.

Bhanga now addresses the issue and withdraws and apologises.

"I love all of you here, I would never threaten any of you," Bhanga says.

"What is the consequences?" shouts EFF chief whip Vena, once again without being acknowledged.

29 Mar 14:31

The perfectly sane suggestion is not dealt with immediately and the council moves on to other issues.

EFF and ANC councillors want to go back to the "hand signal" gesture made by DA councillor Bhanga, which he himself withdrew.

29 Mar 14:30

ANC councillor Rory Riordan suggests that they possibly move on to the general council matters, including passing the adjustments budget.

29 Mar 14:22

Bobani does it again.

"Speaker!!!" he shouts from his seat without being acknowleged.

"Please leave the chamber," says Lawack.

If a member is deliberatly contravening the council rules that leads to disrupts, the Speaker can eject them for the day, Lawack says.

"In light of that, I'm requesting councillor Bobani to..."

He is drowned out by opposition objections.

"You are interrupting your own councillor, your chief whip," Lawack says.

29 Mar 14:19

Bobani says the decision to hold a special council was decided on by a majority of councillors.

"We will stay here until we decide," Bobani declares.

"Let's do it!" some DA councillors say while clapping.

Bobani likely means he wants the council to come to consensus on postponing the programme.

"You can't chair this meeting, you are out of order. Maybe you should go and sleep now," Bobani tells Lawack.

Lawack ignores the jibe.

29 Mar 14:14

Lawack suggests going ahead with the agenda as is.

"NOOOOOOOO," opposition councillors say in unison.

Hands shoot up in the EFF benches.

29 Mar 14:13

UDM councillor Bobani wants to get the attention of the Speaker again.

"Speaker! Jissis!" he shouts.

His mic goes off again.

29 Mar 14:10

For one of the first few times this morning, mayor Athol Trollip speaks up.

"I don't know what Councillor Bhanga did, but I did hear him say he withdrew," says Trollip.

"But before the adjournment I also heard singing that threatened others too.

If we want to investigate things like a hand signal, we must investigate all things.""

Must we not sing here?" shouts EFF chief whip Vena.

29 Mar 14:07

Lawack returns.

Before proceedings kick off again, an ANC councillor alleges that the DA's Nqaba Bhanga "threatened him" with a sign in the presence of DA leader Mmusi Maimane.

He accuses the same of DA councillor Ryno Kayser.

The councillor wants the council to deal with the matter first.

29 Mar 13:56

Lawack has once again left his seat, leading to adjournment of council.

Things have gone topsy turvy here in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Having initially postponed the special council sitting "indefinitely" on Thursday, the DA now wants to forge ahead and finish the business.

The opposition, having initially wanted to push through and accused Speaker Lawack of bias, now want to postpone by 14 days.

29 Mar 13:47
While proceedings are halted yet again, read a wrap of the morning session on News24 here:

29 Mar 13:43

29 Mar 13:41

29 Mar 13:38

29 Mar 13:38

The EFF and smaller parties have broken out into song. 

This is leading to another inevitable postponement.

29 Mar 13:34

29 Mar 13:33

UDM councillor Mongameli Bobani says the Speaker himself suggested the new date in 14 days time.

He accuses Lawack of changing his mind after speaking to the leadership of the DA, including Mmusi Maimane, Trollip and provincial leader Nqaba Bhanga.

"We were there. We agreed."

Opposition pushing hard for postponement. DA seemingly pushing hard to let proceedings go ahead.

However, the contestation is around what was agreed in a closed-door meeting during lunch at a multi-party whips meeting.

29 Mar 13:30
"We shall not subject the people of this city to further dates. We are not going to slit throats," Daniels says in rebuke of the EFF, after party leader Julius Malema said they would "slit the throat of whiteness" with Athol Trollip.

29 Mar 13:29

PA councillor Marlon Daniels says they have discussed the future of #TrollipVote as a party.

It's in the best interests of the people of Nelson Mandela Bay for the proceedings to progress, the Patriotic Alliance resolved, he says.

29 Mar 13:26

EFF councillors now going at Cope councillor Siyasanga Sijadu, who said the meeting was not a formal multi-party meeting.

"You were not there!" they shout at her.

The roles have seemingly reversed.

The DA looks ready to hold the motions today, and the opposition wants a postponement.

They argue the multi-party whips meeting agreed to a 14-day postponement.

29 Mar 13:20

AIC councillor Buyeye says they never had a decision of the whippery. They discussed and agreed and the 14 days came from the Speaker himself.

Councillors of the DA were leaving in a week over Easter.

"I suggest Speaker you stick to what you agreed with the multi-party."

29 Mar 13:19
The opposition parties, having first been unhappy with an earlier adjournment, are now pushing for the Special Council to be adjourned.

29 Mar 13:18

29 Mar 13:17

29 Mar 13:13

Various parties met for a multi-party whips meeting during lunch.

They are now relaying the discussion to the broader council.

29 Mar 13:12

The Nelson Mandela Bay council is back.

Councillors are now discussing how the matter got to where it was, with the special council to debate various motions of no confidence being postponed indefinitely.

The council is also discussing the possibility of a new date for a special council.

29 Mar 12:33

29 Mar 12:33

29 Mar 11:55

Council sitting adjourned for lunch

Lawack makes a very quick announcement, and not one the council was expecting.

"We will now adjourn for lunch. We will be back at 13:00. Meeting is adjourned."

The whips and the Speaker have clearly not finished their talks.

News24 will be taking a brief break from the Live Update, and reconvene ahead of the resumption of the meeting.

29 Mar 11:54
Looks like the council is set to reconvene. The Speaker has taken his seat again.

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