AS IT HAPPENED: No unknown DNA at Van Breda murder scene, says forensic expert

2017-08-07 09:25

The murder case against Henri resumes in the Western Cape High Court in Cape Town with the State's forensic testimony.

News24 journalist Tammy Petersen is reporting from court. Follow her here.

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07 Aug 15:02
Court will adjourn until 10am tomorrow! 

07 Aug 14:59
Laundry door 'blood' was tested, but found to have not been blood.

07 Aug 14:55
Shower floor blood - Otto says because its a shower, the use of soap and detergents is expected. You would use soap and shower gel. Likely the DNA was blood, as it is more resistant to normal detergents.

07 Aug 14:50
If I wear full PPE - gloves, balaclava, - if I cover my body and I come in and leave, I wont leave a trace. The crime scene may leave a trace on me, but I wont leave a trace.

07 Aug 14:46
She explains the Locard principle: Every touch leaves a trace. That is a first law of forensics, Otto says

07 Aug 14:46
Galloway asks what are the odds of person entering and not leaving DNA? Botha objects.

07 Aug 14:46
Blood is more resistant to average detergent.

07 Aug 14:44
She didn't find any unknown DNA.

07 Aug 14:44
Blood on bottom of axe handle: could only identify Henri's blood, but other DNA is family members, but not unknown DNA.

07 Aug 14:42
Common cause that five people were attacked with axe in their own home. None of my DNA results were surprising.

07 Aug 14:42
We didn't struggle to get DNA. On the scene I suspect there must have been lost of blood. Samples were optimally collected, we didn't struggle to get optimal DNA, says Otto.

07 Aug 14:38
With this type of incident, there were obviously many blood stains

07 Aug 14:38
216 samples submitted, farm more than what they would usually do.

07 Aug 14:37
Upon request of defence, over 3000 pages of forensic evidence and SOPs handed to them by SAPS.

07 Aug 14:29
Otto says there are two kinds of proficiency testing - aside form being competent, analysts much do a proficiency test at least once a year.

07 Aug 14:27
Court resumes. 

07 Aug 14:10
PLEASE NOTE: Judge Desai has requested certain witness testimonies not be aired - the stream will be cut from time to time

07 Aug 12:49
Court breaks for lunch. Desai notes that there is a march commencing at 3pm.

07 Aug 12:46
Next swab taken from axe - Rudi and Teresa in mixture DNA. Stains from shorts: single profile of Henri could be detected.

07 Aug 12:44
Rudi's single profile is present on the axe. One is a mixture of Rudi and Martin.

07 Aug 12:42
Rudi: duvet cover. DNA of Rudi and Martin found in mixture result in duvet cover.

07 Aug 12:39
Single profiles. Third set of analysis. 

07 Aug 12:38
Now on third affidavit.

07 Aug 12:37
Another stain on shorts - Henri, Teresa and Rudi can be read on result.

07 Aug 12:37
Teresa and Rudi's DNA is a mixture stain on Henri's shorts.

07 Aug 12:35
Otto says DNA result of Henri's sample in mixture result on shorts.

07 Aug 12:34
Henri's single profile - shorts.

07 Aug 12:33
Marli's single profile - passage top floor and top floor in passage.

07 Aug 12:32
Teresa's single profile - passage top floor, blood spatter

07 Aug 12:31
Martin's profile - socks, shorts.

07 Aug 12:29
Rudi's profile was found (single profile); socks, swab from blood on door, on floor in loo, floor in bathroom in room 1, shorts.

07 Aug 12:27

07 Aug 12:27
Blood spatter results sample - Martin and Rudi matched.

07 Aug 12:23
Martin's right hand nail scrapings - only profile read is that of Rudi.

07 Aug 12:21
Swab with touch DNA form the handle of the knife. Profile is XY (male) only full result is that of Rudi.

07 Aug 12:20
Swab which contained blood from corner of shower floor. Rudi, Teresa and Henri's DNA can be read.

07 Aug 12:18
Touch DNA from axe found on stairs: DNA of Marli, Teresa and Rudi can be read.

07 Aug 12:15
Next mixture result of blood from the head of the axe - male and female DNA. Teresa and Rudi's DNA can be read.

07 Aug 12:13
Mixture result of blood on the bottom of axe handle - DNA of Henri can be read. There is additional DNA but not enough for her to confirm others.

07 Aug 12:11
Now refers to second report, which has mixture results. Nail scrapings from Henri's left hand have Teresa, Rudi and Henri's DNA.

07 Aug 12:09
Martin: XY - male. DNA on shorts.

07 Aug 12:04
Teresa: XX - female. DNA from passage top floor, and sock stain matches hers.

07 Aug 12:01
Marli: XX - female. blood spatter (two). Match probably 1 in every 35bn people

07 Aug 11:59
Henri: XY - male. DNA on 3 cigarette butts, socks, matches his reference sample. Match probability 1 in every 261bn

07 Aug 11:55
Match probability indicates how easy or difficult to find another person in SA who will leave the same DNA stain on the scene. Rudi's is 1 person in every 70bn people.

07 Aug 11:53
Refers to first report. Rudi's profile is XY - male - DNA result on swab on knife; headboard, wall. Wall above headrest, carpet, swab on floor in room, spatter on wall, wall by stairs, numerous stains, duvet matches Rudi's reference samples

07 Aug 11:51
PLEASE NOTE: Judge Desai has requested certain witness testimonies not be aired - the stream will be cut from time to time

07 Aug 11:43
Reference samples received were marked according to the victim or a post mortem number. Complicated during comparisons.

07 Aug 11:41
Lt Col Otto resumes her testimony.

07 Aug 11:39

Judge Desai has revisited earlier ruling and decided Lt Col Otto's testimony will be recorded and streamed.

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