AS IT HAPPENED: 'It is an all or nothing situation' - final arguments heard in Timol inquest.

2017-08-24 10:55

The inquest into the death of Ahmed Timol has concluded its final arguments presented in the Pretoria High Court, where Judge Mothle has reserved judgment on whether any party will be held accountable for the death of the aparthied activist.


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24 Aug 15:05
Mothle: It is going to take me a while.

24 Aug 15:05

Judge Mothle: I need to come back with an answer these four questions:

1. Identity of deceased not in dispute

2. Date of death

3. Cause of death and the manner in which it occured.

4. Whether any person can be held liable for the death. 

24 Aug 15:04
Coetzee concludes final argument.

24 Aug 14:58
Court needs to bring a conclusion that is inconclusive, says Coetzee.

24 Aug 14:58

Even if he jumped, suicide is not the only inference we can make, he could have wanted to escape. Not realising that he was on the 10th floor.

Mothle: I won't make that kind of finding. Evidence not here.

24 Aug 14:54
Coetzee: Court can't ignore that events took place 46 years ago.

24 Aug 14:18

24 Aug 14:15

24 Aug 14:13

24 Aug 14:10
Coetzee: No description of injuries as photos are faded.

24 Aug 14:08
Advocate Stephanus Johannes Coetzee for security branch officers presents closing argument.

24 Aug 14:08
Court back in session.

24 Aug 13:07
Court adjourns until 2.

24 Aug 13:03
Express gratitude to those who made trial happen,to reopen trial.

24 Aug 13:02
Approaching the conclusion.

24 Aug 12:59
Rodrigues should be investigated for murder.

24 Aug 12:58

24 Aug 12:57
If it was in the morning, that would've given security branch some time to put fabricated version together so that later the afternoon everyone was on the same page. 

24 Aug 12:56
Doesn't matter if it was the morning or afternoon, we can only speculate, says Varney.

24 Aug 12:56

Non-police witnesses put the fall in the morning.

Police witnesses put evidence in the afternoon.

24 Aug 12:55

In light of evidence before the court, Varney presents possible probabilities.

24 Aug 12:51
An ambulance should have been called immediately after someone had jumped, this did not happen, he was moved from the garden, says Varney.

24 Aug 12:47
Varney: what was security branch covering up? The torture and no suicide. If it was not suicide it must have been murder. 

24 Aug 12:46

24 Aug 12:45
According to family investigator's evidence, it was carried out sloppy and in a manner to conceal the truth.

24 Aug 12:44
Can be safely concluded that the investigation after Timol's death can only be a cover up, says Varney.

24 Aug 12:41

Looking into SACP publications:

Evidence that typewriters were ceased

Reference to suicide in two documents happen to be at the end and at the bottom of pages. Easy to adjust, says Varney.

24 Aug 12:34

The following testimonies suggest Timol had no reason to commit suicide:

Religious beliefs

Timol loved life

He was in love with his girlfriend

24 Aug 12:28
Scenario 1 and 2 of possible landings from jump being dealt with.

24 Aug 12:24
Varney truns to trajectory evidence. Highlights as extremely important. 

24 Aug 12:23

24 Aug 12:19
These were the security officers who guarded Timol, sometimes saw him almost naked, impossible not to have spotted injuries, says Varney. 

24 Aug 12:17
No background check into Van Niekerk and colleagues, which revealed multiple complaints of assault.

24 Aug 12:12
Medical report contradicts police version of no assault.

24 Aug 12:11
Doctors concluded it was difficult for Timol to talk, eat due to injuries.

24 Aug 12:08

24 Aug 12:07
Looks to how injuries were previously discribed by Dr Shakeera Holland and Dr Steve Naidoo.

24 Aug 12:04

Varney: Post-mortem report and official photograph indeed based on facts and data.

Puts it beyond question that Timol was tortured before he died.

24 Aug 11:56

Varney: To believe that Timol was not tortured is almost laughable, if it was not so tragic. 

Why would security treat big fish (Timol) with respect but torture Salim Essop (detainee)? 

24 Aug 11:51
Presents court with the names of those who were tortured by the police during similar time period.

24 Aug 11:49

24 Aug 11:48
"manifestly false", says Varney.

24 Aug 11:47
According to police version, Timol feared prison sentence. Would rather commit suicide.

24 Aug 11:46
Varney: Police noted no injuries, he (Timol) was cheerful, moved about easily.

24 Aug 11:45

24 Aug 11:44
Police version as to how Mr Timol met his demise presented to court.

24 Aug 11:44
Varney: I would've taken the court through certain enteries made in order to connect the dots, if time permits I will do so.

24 Aug 11:41
Vernay continues.

24 Aug 11:41
Court is in session.

24 Aug 11:22
Court adjourns for tea.

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