AS IT HAPPENED: 'Would've been better for them to shoot me than burying me alive' - coffin victim

2017-08-04 10:17

While under cross examination, assault victim Victor Mlotshwa told the Middelburg Magistrate's Court that it would have been "better" if the accused shot him than to bury him alive after being forced into a coffin by two men.

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04 Aug 14:39

04 Aug 14:34

04 Aug 14:33
Molokoane says the video is still in Oosthuizen's phone and asks which phone she had requested from him.

04 Aug 14:32
Prosector Robert Molokoane asks Bahula if she knows about another video which is 2 minutes long. 

04 Aug 14:32
Bahula says she obtained the video that went viral from Mlotshwa's younger brother.

04 Aug 14:30
Bahula says she wanted to check out the video that shows Mlotshwa being forced into a coffin.

04 Aug 14:30
Bahula says she wanted to check out the video that shows Mlotshwa being forced into a coffin. 

04 Aug 14:29
Bahula say she was told that Oosthuizen's cellphone was with his wife & stolen in town, Jackson's phone was brought by father-in-law.

04 Aug 14:23

04 Aug 14:17
Bahula says the accused said they didn't know anything about the knobkerrie and that they had burnt the coffin.

04 Aug 14:15
Bahula says she asked the accused for the knobkerrie which was allegedly used. 

04 Aug 14:15
Bahula says in Mlotshwa's statement he said the pair used a knobkerrie to assault him.

04 Aug 14:09

04 Aug 14:07

04 Aug 12:50

04 Aug 12:49

04 Aug 12:49
Molokoane asks Mlotshwa if he went back to the accused after the incident to fetch his shoes -  he says no. 

04 Aug 12:43

04 Aug 12:42
Gibbs: Oosthuizen said when he asked who Mlotshwa was, he searched him and found only R10 - Mlotshwa denies this.

04 Aug 12:39

04 Aug 12:39
Basson: "Accused 2 (Jackson) will testify that the manner in which you described they assaulted you is not true."

04 Aug 12:39
Basson tells Mlotshwa that he has been doing civil cases for more than 40 years now.

04 Aug 12:38
Basson says by refusing to show his scars, Mlotshwa is lying to the court.

04 Aug 12:38
Basson says Mlotshwa should show the lawyers his scars in private - he says he is not comfortable.

04 Aug 12:38

04 Aug 12:37

04 Aug 12:37
Basson says Mlotshwa testified that Oosthuizen  kicked him and pressed him into the coffin - Mlotshwa says he never said that.

04 Aug 12:35

04 Aug 12:34

04 Aug 12:34
Basson shows Mlotshwa a photo and wants him to identify any marks and also blood on his nose - says he doesn't see blood. 

04 Aug 12:23
Basson says Mlotshwa mentioned that the pair assaulted him and he allowed them to tie him. 

04 Aug 12:22
Basson says Mlotshwa said he was hit on the head whilst lying on the ground - Mlotshwa agrees to this.

04 Aug 12:20
Basson is now describing the incidents Mlotshwa was assaulted. 

04 Aug 12:20
Basson says Jackson would deny he ever assaulted Mlotshwa in any manner he had mentioned. 

04 Aug 12:17
Basson says Mlotshwa saw Jackson again close to a shooting range - Mlotshwa says he doesn't even know the place.

04 Aug 12:11
Gibbs says Jackson would testify that Mlotshwa assisted him to offload the coffin. Mlotshwa denies this.

04 Aug 12:10
Basson says Jackson would testify that Mlotshwa was not tied with cable ties or anything else. 

04 Aug 12:08

04 Aug 12:06
Basson: 'My instructions are you also speak Afrikaans very well'- Mlotshwa says he doesn't understand this.

04 Aug 11:59
Basson wants to know how he was going to carry the grocery back home - Mlotshwa says he was going to hire a car.

04 Aug 11:58
Mlotshwa says there are a lot of shops in Middelburg and he remembers his mother wanted him to buy wors.

04 Aug 11:56
Basson wants clarity on where Mlotshwa was supposed to buy groceries before he was forced into a coffin. 

04 Aug 11:55
Basson says Mlotshwa's memory is good in relation to the incident but soon as something doesn't suit his version he denies things.

04 Aug 11:54

04 Aug 11:54
Gibbs says Mlotshwa's evidence is not reliable.

04 Aug 11:53

04 Aug 11:41
Gibb: 'Why did you not file a complaint immediately after the incident?' Judge asks Gibbs not to repeat questions.

04 Aug 11:39
Gibbs says Mlotshwa's summons corroborate the accused's versions that there was no assault. 

04 Aug 11:35
Gibbs asks Mlotshwa if he told the prosecutor that he wanted R400k from the accused.

04 Aug 11:32

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