OVERVIEW: I can't forgive Doorewaard and Schutte, #Coligny mom tells court

2019-01-30 10:16

The Coligny murder sentencing continues in the North West High Court.

Farm workers Pieter Doorewaard and Phillip Schutte

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30 Jan 14:33

Stealing Sunflowers | A News24 Documentary

News24 explores the events surrounding the death of 16-year-old Matlhomola Mosweu and how it changed the small North West town of Coligny forever.

30 Jan 14:33
#Coligny The matter adjourns until tomorrow at 12:00. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 14:33
Smit is done with cross-examination. Defence says they will not be calling witnesses. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 14:29
#Coligny Smit says according to his client Schutte, he could not have approached Moshoeu's parents to express his condolences because he did not know them. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 14:22
#Coligny We are back after lunch adjournment. Adv Smit for Schutte says he has few questions to ask Moshoeu's mother. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 13:00
#Coligny we adjourn for lunch. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 12:55
Farm workers Pieter Doorewaard and Phillip Schutte are seen at the Mmabatho Magistrate's Court during sentencing proceedings for the 2017 murder of 16-year-old Matlhomola Mosweu. (Tiro Ramatlhatse, Gallo Images, Sowetan)

30 Jan 12:53
#Coligny Zwiegelaar: They still would like the opportunity to meet with you and the biological father of your son and to tell you why they are only doing this at this stage. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 12:51

#Coligny Zwiegelaar: They also appreciate that what ever they say or do won't bring your son back to you.

Moshoeu's mother: My only request is that the State should perform it's duty. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 12:50

#Coligny Zwiegelaar: The mothers of accused 1 and 2 would also like to tell you (Moshoeu's mother) that as mothers they know what you are going through.

They would also like to have the opportunity to try and support and assist you. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 12:46
#Coligny Zwiegelaar reiterates that the accused wants to express their condolences to Moshoeu's parents. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 12:42

#Coligny Zwiegelaar says the accused have asked to come and apologise.

But Moshoeu's mother says she doesn't agree because "my child is not here". @J_chabalala

30 Jan 12:41
#Coligny Moshoeu's mother says it's too late (for the accused to apologise). She says the accused did not come to apologise after the incident happened. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 12:37
WATCH: Two farm workers accused of killing Coligny teen found guilty

30 Jan 12:37

#Coligny Zwiegelaar says yesterday there was a discussion between the parties.

She says the accused requested a meeting with Moshoeu's family to express regret. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 12:34
#Coligny Moshoeu's mom: I cannot not forgive them (Doorewaard and Schutte) because I can't see my child and their family can see them. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 12:30
#Coligny Moshoeu's mom: I just want to tell you one thing. I am not feeling well. If it was you counsel would you feel good? @J_chabalala

30 Jan 12:25

#Coligny Agnes: They can regret what happened, but where is my child?

Zwiegelaar says the family of the accused would have been present at the meeting with the aim to convey their condolences. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 12:24
#Coligny adv Zwiegelaar to Agnes: After their conviction the accused instructed their attorney...to address a letter to the NW DPP to allow them to approach you to express their condolences - also to express they regret the death of the deceased. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 12:13
#Coligny Zwiegelaar: The two accused were arrested on 25 April 2017. At the time when they were arrested the identity of the deceased was not known. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 12:12
#Coligny We are back after short adjournment. Moshoeu's mother is still on the stand. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 11:31

WATCH: Coligny key witness says he heard child screaming - 'mommy please help, I'm dying'

30 Jan 11:30
#Coligny We take a short adjournment. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 11:30
Judge tells Zwiegelaar that the court is "busy with procedure of sentencing (and) nothing to do with maintenance of the deceased". @J_chabalala

30 Jan 11:30

#Coligny Zwiegelaar: Did you receive social grant for the deceased?

Agnes: Yes.

Zwiegelaar: Also at the time of his death?

Agnes: No.

Adv Molefe says the questions are too personal and irrelevant. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 11:26

#Coligny Zwiegelaar: Is Saki (Moshoeu's father) also the biological father of your six children?

Agnes: I have four children with Saki.

Zwiegelaar: And the other kids?

Judge says the questions are not relevant. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 11:18
#Coligny Moshoeu's mother tells court that she couldn't go to the police station to report her son missing because "it was bad...we could not pass the streets". @J_chabalala

30 Jan 11:16

Paul Morule, a preacher from Mahikeng claims that Coligny case witness Bonakele Pakisi had admitted to him he had lied and that he could no longer stay silent about it on January 19, 2019 in Coligny.  

Pakisi, who is the only eyewitness in the infamous Coligny murder trial against two white men convicted for throwing a teenager from a bakkie, reportedly admitted to lying when he testified against Pieter Doorewaard, and Phillip Schutte, who were found guilty of the murder of Matlhomola Moshoeu in April 2017. (Elizabeth Sejake, Gallo Images, Netwerk24, file)

30 Jan 11:13
Zwiegelaar is still trying to establish when Moshoeu's mother heard the news that her son was killed and also what steps she took when she didn't see him for two weeks. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 11:05

Adv Zwiegelaar: Did you take any steps to establish the whereabouts of your son?

Moshoeu's mother: The people who took more steps than me was Mr Mnyakama and others. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 10:58

Adv Zwiegelaar: What was the time period since you saw your son for the last time and when you received the report about his death?

Moshoeu's mother says two weeks. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 10:50

Coligny case witness Bonakele Pakisi denies lying in court during an interview on January 19, 2019 in Coligny.  

Pakisi, who is the only eyewitness in the infamous Coligny murder trial against two white men convicted for throwing a teenager from a bakkie, reportedly admitted to lying when he testified against Pieter Doorewaard, and Phillip Schutte, who were found guilty of the murder of Matlhomola Moshoeu in April 2017. (Elizabeth Sejake, Gallo Images, Netwerk24, file)

30 Jan 10:49

Adv Zwiegelaar: Did they (colleagues) tell you it was your son?

Agnes: They also didn't know. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 10:45

Judge Hendricks: When you received the message about your late son where were you?

Agnes: I was working.

She says she heard her colleagues talking about a child who was killed. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 10:44
Court is packed for what is expected to be the final day of sentencing

30 Jan 10:31
WATCH: How the family of the Coligny teen was found

30 Jan 10:30

Adv Zwiegelaar tells Agnes about her son's birth certificate and asks if she can read.

Agnes: I can only read Tswana. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 10:24

I lied, no I didn't! - Coligny murder witness changes his story... again

The self-proclaimed eyewitness in the Coligny murder case claimed he was intimidated into "confessing" to lying in court, the Sowetan reported.

30 Jan 10:24
State is done. Adv Cecile Zwiegelaar cross examines Moshoeu's mother Agnes. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 10:23
"I am still in pain," says Moshoeu's mother. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 10:22

Adv Rapula: You lost your child for a sunflower and no approach in terms of ubuntu was made by accused to say we sympathize for your loss?

Agnes: Nobody. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 10:21

Coligny murder case: AfriForum's Gerrie Nel and advocate Barry Roux to help convicted men after reports that witness 'lied'

Lobby group AfriForum has decided to help pay for the legal costs of the two men who were found guilty of murdering a teenage boy in Coligny, its CEO Kallie Kriel told News24.

30 Jan 10:19

30 Jan 10:19
Moshoeu's mom Agnes tells the court that she was heartbroken when she heard that her child was killed. @J_chabalala

30 Jan 10:17

30 Jan 10:17

30 Jan 10:17

Mmankhibidu Mosweu and Saki Dingake are seen during an interview about her painful life after the killers of her son were found guilty on November 27, 2018 in Coligny.  

The family of 16-year-old Matlhomola Mosweu are devastated that two Coligny farmworkers found guilty of killing their son want to spend the festive season outside jail. (Tiro Ramatlhatse, Gallo Images, Sowetan, file)

30 Jan 10:17

Coligny murder: Mom weeps as she tells court of son's 'unnecessary' death over a sunflower

The mother of slain Coligny teen Matlhomola Moshoeu broke down in the North West High Court on Tuesday as she spoke of the heartache she endured when she discovered that her son had been killed because of a sunflower.

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