AS IT HAPPENED: Zuma accepts commission of inquiry, not dictation by Public Protector - Maenetje

2017-09-12 09:55

The DA and President Jacob Zuma will battle it out in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on whether Zuma can legally delay establishing a commission of inquiry into state capture.

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12 Sep 16:37
Judge Makume says he needs time to to reflect on submissions before making a judgement and adjourns for the day.

12 Sep 16:34

12 Sep 16:30
#StateCapture Maenetje says Zuma accepts the commission of inquiry just not the dictation by PP.

12 Sep 16:30

12 Sep 16:25

12 Sep 16:23

12 Sep 16:08

12 Sep 16:07
Katz says Zuma is the one asking for a restraining order is Zuma, not the DA.

12 Sep 16:03
If Zuma doesn’t want the Chief Justice to appoint a judge then he should let the deputy president or speaker do so, says Katz.

12 Sep 16:01

12 Sep 15:59
#StateCapture Katz reiterates that Zuma has already accepted that remedial action is binding.

12 Sep 15:58

12 Sep 15:55

12 Sep 15:52

12 Sep 15:48

12 Sep 15:47

12 Sep 15:46
Judge asks why the president waited until June to bring the counter-application. Semenya says the facts of the matter don’t open themselves to find an interdict, even if he waited 180, it doesn’t apply.

12 Sep 15:44

12 Sep 15:42

12 Sep 15:38
#StateCapture Semenya refers to the recent secret ballot Con Court ruling about the separation of powers.

12 Sep 15:37

12 Sep 15:32

12 Sep 15:31
Dealing with the Ethics Act, Semenya says an appointment by the president of a commission of inquiry, full dictation is unlawful.

12 Sep 15:24
Semenya says it is troublesome that the public protector introduces processes that are outside of the Constitution.

12 Sep 15:22

12 Sep 15:21
Semenya - The Public Protector does not have the powers to order the president to institute a commission of inquiry without preconditions.

12 Sep 15:10

12 Sep 15:02

12 Sep 14:53

12 Sep 14:49

12 Sep 14:49

12 Sep 14:49

12 Sep 14:48
Semenya is a former acting judge of the High Court, and he completed his Bachelor of Law in 1983 at the University of North

12 Sep 14:48
Ishmael Semenya is an executive member of the General Council of the Bar in South Africa and is the deputy chair of Gauteng Gambling Board. He is also the non-executive director of the Gauteng Gambling Board, Pretoria and assistant commissioner of Ellis Park Stampede.

12 Sep 14:47

12 Sep 14:44

12 Sep 14:43
Public Protector has made no findings on maladministration, says Semenya

12 Sep 14:42

12 Sep 14:39

12 Sep 14:39
Semenya casts doubt of the office of the Public Protector, labelled as a "functionary"

12 Sep 14:38

12 Sep 14:34

12 Sep 14:32
Semenya says DA and Public Protector are mistaken: "In law, context is everything"

12 Sep 14:30
Opposition's principle's good, but completely out of context, argues Semenya

12 Sep 14:27

12 Sep 14:27

12 Sep 14:25
"Who must we interdict?" says Semenya

12 Sep 14:24
Ishmael Semenya argues opposition transposes legal principle out of context

12 Sep 14:21

12 Sep 14:15
Judge Motsamai Makume worked at law firm MSMM alongside Judge George Maluleke, Judge Legoabe Seriti, and Judge Ntendeya Mavundla where they helped to draft South Africa's Constitution and reform the judicial system of both the higher and lower courts

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