AS IT HAPPENED: 'Dagga couple' case - Judge dismisses strike out application

2017-08-03 09:49

'Dagga couple' Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke have argued for the legalisation of cannabis for adults along with regulation for use and cultivation.

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03 Aug 12:05

03 Aug 11:55
Judge Ranchod takes a short adjournment in order to give his decision

03 Aug 11:51
Willis concludes

03 Aug 11:48
Court is back in session, continued argument on experts and summaries

03 Aug 11:27

03 Aug 11:21
"I've tried? all drugs, most addictive is coffee, sugar and alcohol," claims YouTube commenter

03 Aug 11:20
"They must legalise it for medical and religious use? and a certain licence must be given to all those who want to use it." - YouTube commenter

03 Aug 11:18

03 Aug 11:17
There is no disagreement and obstruction in this minute, says Willis, rejecting suggestions that there was deliberate obstruction from Doctors for Life

03 Aug 11:15

03 Aug 11:15

03 Aug 11:14
This application is taking far too long - Judge Ranchod tells Willis

03 Aug 11:11
YouTube commenters showing frustration at the technical arguments in the case: "Come on! Let's get to the? real arguments!"

03 Aug 11:10

03 Aug 11:08
While most social media chatter in favour of dagga being legalised, this comment is against: "It should not be legalised otherwise no future. Crime? is high and corruption and this will be an added problem which the government is failing to control."

03 Aug 11:06

03 Aug 11:04

03 Aug 11:01
Judge Ranchod doesn't look happy when Willis says he still has much to say

03 Aug 11:00
Willis gets advice from Judge Ranchod on what to discuss next

03 Aug 10:56

03 Aug 10:55
Willis discusses the principle of constitutional avoidance

03 Aug 10:54
Laughter in court as Willis struggles with a traditional African name

03 Aug 10:51

03 Aug 10:38
Approach of mudding the water and putting up a ruse is pure deflection, says Willis

03 Aug 10:33
There's been a large degree of co-operation between the parties, says counsel for Doctors for Life Reg Willis

03 Aug 10:28
Question of costs should be reserved for a later time - State

03 Aug 10:26
Judge doesn't want a further delay

03 Aug 10:23
State: Time has been allocated to a large number of documents that have no relevance to this case

03 Aug 10:22

03 Aug 10:21

03 Aug 10:09
Debate on the strike-out application, lots of files dominate the proceedings

03 Aug 10:02
Judge Ranchod says the meeting with the parties was not a pre-trial meeting

03 Aug 09:57
Watch live video of the case here

03 Aug 09:54
Debate on the value of experts continues

03 Aug 09:53

03 Aug 09:50

03 Aug 09:50

A couple's trial to have dagga legalised for use, cultivation and distribution is yet to begin in the North Gauteng High Court.

The State, after arguing about the rights to live-stream the trial for two days, has brought an application arguing that the evidence summaries were irrelevant and were compiled incorrectly.

03 Aug 09:50

The so-called 'dagga couple', Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke, will head back to the Pretoria High Court on Wednesday in a bid to have marijuana legalised.

The couple believes the banned substance is not a gateway drug to other narcotics.

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