AS IT HAPPENED: Dagga case adjourns after heated arguments on apartheid legislation on cannabis

2017-08-14 10:40

The dagga case in the Pretoria High Court has adjourned after heated arguments on apartheid legislation on cannabis were presented.

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14 Aug 15:59
Court adjourns until Wednesday morning 

14 Aug 15:55
Peterson says he doesn't know how many people used cannabis in pre-colonial times because no census was used

14 Aug 15:52
Peterson says he wouldn't call it part of African culture, that it was widely used in many various ways 

14 Aug 15:51
Doctors For Life asks Peterson if the smoking of cannabis was African culture

14 Aug 15:46

14 Aug 15:45
Doctors For Life talks about the land that was taken away from black people during apartheid 

14 Aug 15:39

14 Aug 15:37
Peterson says cannabis has always been used 

14 Aug 15:24
Doctors For Life argue that colonisers arrived with cannabis and introduces its use in South Africa; but also argues that cannabis was already in South Africa before colonisers arrived 

14 Aug 15:22
Doctors For Life argue that colonisers only prohibited the use of cannabis to black people, but whites were allowed to use the green plant

14 Aug 15:20
He says that social Darwinism allowed for the separation of certain racial groups 

14 Aug 15:18
Doctors For Life now turns to social Darwinism 

14 Aug 15:17

14 Aug 15:13
Doctors For Life argue asks Peterson about illegalisation of dagga during apartheid 

14 Aug 15:08
He says there's no race that's superior to another

14 Aug 15:07
He defines racism as a belief in the hierarchy of races  

14 Aug 15:06
Doctors For Life asks him on the issue of racism

14 Aug 15:05
He says society has a role to play in "good law making" 

14 Aug 15:05
Peterson agrees that he is not a lawyer and he has never participated in "good" law making

14 Aug 15:03
He says that he is there to testify as a historian 

14 Aug 15:03
Peterson says that he doesn't need to be a scientist to testify on scientific matters. 

14 Aug 15:02
Doctors For Life asks Peterson if he is a scientist. 

14 Aug 15:01
Peterson says that tests were not needed

14 Aug 15:00

14 Aug 14:55
Paterson now faces another cross-examination

14 Aug 14:54

14 Aug 14:54

14 Aug 14:53

14 Aug 14:53
Paterson repeats that he won't argue against science questions: "I'm a historian"

14 Aug 14:49
Now debating Paterson's work for the UN

14 Aug 14:47

14 Aug 14:46

14 Aug 14:45
State says history of Cannabis is irrelevant

14 Aug 14:44
Paterson now keeping his answers short and sharp as State counsel continues to pressure him

14 Aug 14:43
State has Paterson read a paragraph in a science report that shows the harm Cannabis causes

14 Aug 14:41
Mahon doesn't defend Paterson in this conflict

14 Aug 14:36
It's open conflict between State counsel and Paterson

14 Aug 14:35
I'm not qualified to say that prohibition should be lifted, says Paterson

14 Aug 14:33

14 Aug 14:33
Paterson gets hot under the collar as State counsel asks him about the Timbuktu manuscripts

14 Aug 14:32

14 Aug 14:30
History is about context, Paterson insists and things get heated between himself and the State counsel

14 Aug 14:28

14 Aug 14:28

14 Aug 14:25

14 Aug 14:24
State says to Paterson: You are not an expert in any shape or form

14 Aug 14:23
Paterson's voice tone goes up as State puts him under pressure

14 Aug 14:21
State pressing Paterson: "What have you published?"

14 Aug 14:20

14 Aug 14:20

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