AS IT HAPPENED: 'Dagga couple' case - unheard of for anyone to die from dagga, says expert

2017-08-04 10:00

'Dagga couple' Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke are making a court bid to change South African law so that dagga can be legalised.

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04 Aug 13:19
Court adjourns

04 Aug 13:00

04 Aug 12:53

04 Aug 12:53

04 Aug 12:45

04 Aug 12:44

04 Aug 12:40

04 Aug 12:35

04 Aug 12:34

04 Aug 12:31

04 Aug 12:30
David Nutt has published the book Drugs - Without the Hot Air: Minimising the Harms of Legal and Illegal Drugs (2012)

04 Aug 12:27

04 Aug 12:26

04 Aug 12:26

04 Aug 12:24

04 Aug 12:21

04 Aug 12:20

04 Aug 12:14

04 Aug 12:13

04 Aug 12:08

04 Aug 12:08

04 Aug 12:05
On social media, some are fans: "I'm all in favour of legalising marijuana, but I am? not for the banning of alcohol. Prohibition does not work. Also, I love beer." - YouTube commenter

04 Aug 12:00
Alcohol scores more highly than cannabis on every measure of harm

04 Aug 12:00
Virtually unheard of for anyone to die from smoking or consuming cannabis, says Nutt

04 Aug 11:57
Two drugs that most concern the case are alcohol and cannabis, says Nutt

04 Aug 11:50
Alcohol came out on top in terms of damage to society

04 Aug 11:43
Alcohol presents a burden of £30bn in the UK

04 Aug 11:41
Weighting harms to society is relevant because societies are very different

04 Aug 11:41
Nutt explains weighting of harm to others in society

04 Aug 11:38
Back in session with Nutt

04 Aug 11:31

04 Aug 11:18
Court adjourns

04 Aug 11:17
Nutt says he believes that cannabis cannot cause schizophrenia, based on the data studied

04 Aug 11:10
Cannabis not associated with any deaths in the UK, alcohol associated with 8 000 deaths over the same period

04 Aug 11:09

04 Aug 11:08
20 fold increase in the number of cannabis users in the UK over 30 years

04 Aug 11:07

04 Aug 11:07

04 Aug 11:06
Ethanol (alcohol) increases the risk of a road traffic accident eight times

04 Aug 11:06

04 Aug 11:05
Driving under the influence of cannabis is likely to double the likelihood of you having a road traffic accident

04 Aug 11:00
Nutt: "There is no safe dose for alcohol"

04 Aug 10:59

04 Aug 10:58

04 Aug 10:57

04 Aug 10:57
Cannabis is one quarter as harmful as tobacco in the long term

04 Aug 10:57
Half of all people who smoke cigarettes will die

04 Aug 10:56
Heroin users have a life expectancy of 20 years less than the rest of the population

04 Aug 10:54
"Drug related mortality" is the extent that life is shortened through the use of the drug

04 Aug 10:53

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