AS IT HAPPENED: Timol inquest ends after Adv Bizos asked to question the witness

2017-08-01 10:02

The inquest into the death of anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Timol has been adjourned after advocate George Bizos said he would like to question former security policeman Jan Rodrigues in relation to the contents of his book.

News24 journalist Amanda Khoza has been reporting from the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria. 

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01 Aug 16:09
Court adjourns until Wednesday 10:00. 

01 Aug 16:09
Adv Bizos and Adv Varney will consult on the matter. 

01 Aug 16:08
The court says it would not be proper to cross examine another witness. 

01 Aug 16:07
Adv George Bizos stands up and says he would like to question Rodrigues in relation to what is in his book.

01 Aug 16:05
Both Adv Prestorius and Adv Varney have accused Rodrigues of fabricating his statement. 

01 Aug 16:05
Judge Mothle says he does not think an inspection in loco with Rodrigues will help if he cannot remember much. 

01 Aug 16:04

01 Aug 16:02
Rodrigues says he had never seen Timol before. "All three men in that room drank the coffee."

01 Aug 16:01

Adv Varney: There were three ante-mortem injuries.

Rodrigues: "I cannot say that I saw swelling on his jaw." 

01 Aug 16:00
Rodrigues: "I am not a specialist, I can only answer on what I saw." 

01 Aug 15:59
Adv Varney says the doctor said there were injuries that would have been noticeable before the fall.

01 Aug 15:59

Adv Varney: the injuries are irregular and around the body.

Rodrigues: "I cannot comment on that submission."

01 Aug 15:56
Adv Varney, reading from another post-mortem report, says prior to the fall, an observer would have seen injuries on Timol's head. 

01 Aug 15:53
Rodrigues again says he is certain that there were no injuries on Timol's body.

01 Aug 15:53
Adv Varney tells Rodrigues that it is a pity that the inquest is sitting now, it should have sat then.

01 Aug 15:53
Rodrigues: "I am trying my best to remember the details, we are talking about an incident that happened 46 years ago."

01 Aug 15:52
Rodrigues remembers Timol wearing long pants, a shirt and shoes. "But I cannot give the finer details." 

01 Aug 15:51

01 Aug 15:49
Rodrigues says Timol was sitting doing nothing when he walked into room 1026. 

01 Aug 15:48
Rodrigues: "The only time I can remember was when the other person came into the office, he only looked at me then."

01 Aug 15:47
Adv Varney asks Rodrigues about Timol's dark eyes. "I saw him from the back when I entered." 

01 Aug 15:47
Rodrigues: "He was not fat at all. He looked dark in the face and the eyes. Fairly short hair."

01 Aug 15:46
Rodrigues: "Timol looked like a small little chap."

01 Aug 15:45
Rodrigues says when he was told to guard Timol, he was told that he was a valuable suspect. "Nothing else." 

01 Aug 15:44
Rodrigues says he does not know what was contained in the envelope.

01 Aug 15:42
Rodrigues says when Gloy asked him to stay, he was in the process of opening the envelope.

01 Aug 15:42
Rodrigues says he entered the room with the tray of coffee, he put it on the table then gave Gloy an envelope.

01 Aug 15:41
The magistrate found then that Rodrigues had spent about 20 minutes before Mr X walked in

01 Aug 15:40
Rodrigues says he cannot remember how long he was in the room before Mr X walked in.

01 Aug 15:40
Adv Varney turns to the initial inquest finding.

01 Aug 15:39
Rodrigues asked if room 1026 is one of the smaller offices. "I never got into other offices to compare with 1026."

01 Aug 15:39
Rodrigues struggling to remember room 1026. "This happened long ago, it is 46 years ago."

01 Aug 15:38
Rodrigues: "I cannot remember whether I immediately went back during the inquest of 1972."

01 Aug 15:38
Rodrigues: "I cannot remember if I ever went there in 1972. I have never been there in the last ten years."

01 Aug 15:37
Rodrigues: "I cannot recall how long after the death of Timol but I went back there because I needed to demonstrate."

01 Aug 15:37
Rodrigues has never been to room 1026 since the incident happened.

01 Aug 15:37
Rodrigues: "1026 was a long room with a table on the right. A bigger table was next to the window with three chairs."

01 Aug 15:36
Adv Varney is still cross examining Rodrigues. 

01 Aug 15:20
Rodrigues recalls that someone on the 9th floor gave him permission to go to the 10th floor. 

01 Aug 15:17
Rodrigues says he never worked with secret/classified documents, "That was not my job." 

01 Aug 15:15
Rodrigues confirms that Gloy and Van Niekerk trusted him.

01 Aug 15:14

 Sometimes Rodrigues forgets that he is testifying in Afrikaans.

At times he speaks in English.

"Jammer," he says. 

01 Aug 15:11
Rodrigues: "We who worked in the administration section did not carry pocket books, only investigating officers." 

01 Aug 15:10
Rodrigues says in 1971, he unfortunately did not keep a pocket book.

01 Aug 15:09
Advocate Varney is going through Rodrigues' statement. The court is taken through every detail. 

01 Aug 15:07
Rodrigues: "I respected them [Gloy and Van Niekerk] because they were officers and I was a sergeant."

01 Aug 15:07
Although Rodrigues knew the men's families, they did not have contact with each other. 

01 Aug 15:06

Adv Varney asks Rodrigues if he knew the families of Gloy and Van Niekerk.

"I knew them well," he says. 

01 Aug 14:58

01 Aug 14:58

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