As it happened: Panayiotou employee reveals details of sideline business

2016-11-03 15:00

Day 17 of the Panayiotou trial started off with the nurse who handled the DNA kits in the investigation, followed by Jayde Panayiotou's father Derrick Inggs in the witness stand. The third witness of the day was an employee of Christopher Panayiotou's.


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03 Nov 15:18

Jayde's parents helped her and Christopher with money 

Jayde Panayiotou's parents gave her R240 000 toward paying off her car and helping toward the purchase of a new house that her businessman husband Christopher was buying for them, the High Court in Port Elizabeth heard on Thursday.

Prosecutor Marius Stander produced bank statements to assist with his questioning of her father Derrick Inggs over the flow of money between them and Jayde.

The first was a withdrawal of R40 000 which Inggs said had been to assist his daughter to pay off an account for her car.

The second was a payment of R100 000 from her mother Michelle and the third was another R100 000 that Derrick had given her, which he had accessed from a bond account. 

03 Nov 15:16

03 Nov 15:15

PD: I object, my lord! 

Chetty: I overrulled your objection 

PD: But you haven't even heard it yet 

Chetty: Let us hear it 

PD: This is the first time that I am being made aware that this evidence will be led and ask the matter to stand down [so] that I may prepare to state my case 

Chetty: Till when? 

PD: Tomorrow morning 

Chetty: Mr Stander? 

MS: No objections 

Chetty: Court is adjourned until 9:30am 

03 Nov 15:11

MS: Were you able to determine the address? 

SdB: Yes, the address was in Kolati Street 

MS: Does that fall under Zwide or Kwazakele? 

SdB: I'm not sure, but I have it under Kwazakele 

MS: Did you visit this address? 

SdB: Yes, it was on the 29th of August, in the early hours of the morning 

MS: Did you find the accused at the house? 

SdB: No, I did not 

MS: Were you directed to another address? 

SdB: It was just around the corner, in Pende Street 

MS: [How] could you find contact cellphone numbers for Accused Number 3? 

SdB: At the first address, I met with Accused Number 3's father... 

[PD Objects: Hearsay evidence is going to be led.] 

MS: I am going to ask for this hearsay evidence [to be put] onto the record, so that the State can show how proceedings led from there, to verify this information 

MS: We will not be asking the court to make a ruling on this specific number 

MS: We are merely asking that this evidence is accepted for the time being 

Chetty: You may continue 

03 Nov 15:03

MS: Am I correct that somewhere in September you were investigating a matter relating to one, Sinethemba Nenembe? 

SdB: That is correct, it was in August 2015 

MS: And you were in fact part of a team that was trying to find Accused Number 3 (Nenembe)? 

SdB: That is correct 

MS: And that matter has nothing to do with the matter in front of the court 

SdB: That is also correct 

03 Nov 15:00

MS: I wish to call Stephanus de Bruin (SdB) 

MS: Is it correct [that] you are a captain in the SAPS? 

MS: And currently attached to the gang unit? 

SdB: That is correct, for the past four months 

MS: And prior to that, you were a commander at Kabega Detective services 

SdB: That is correct 

03 Nov 14:57

TP: And were you aware that he had not even seen his wife's body? 

MB: No, I was not 

TP: I put it to you that when CP saw his wife, he cried, his father cried and that Derrick Inggs cried and they hugged each other. Can you dispute that? 

MB: No 

TP: No questions 

PB: No questions 

MS: No questions 

[Bekker is excused] 

03 Nov 14:54

TP: Mr Bekker, is it correct that you were married to Maritzio's sister and are now divorced? 

MB: Yes 

TP: And you were in business with him, and you are no longer? 

MB: Yes 

TP: Your comment, and I put it to you that you are gratuitous, that CP did not look very emotional 

TP: What are you trying to convey, are you suggesting that he was not upset that his wife was missing? 

MB: He didn't look like it 

[TP calls up aerial view of crime scene] 

TP: Were you where the cattle grid is? 

MB: Yes 

TP: And where you saw them, they were at the gate? 

MB: Yes 

03 Nov 14:48

MS: So you went home at around 2am? 

MB: Yes, we went home and we met at around 7am at Kempston Road and we started searching again, and we had received a call to say the body had been found 

MB: And we had ironically been searching in close proximity at that time 

MS: Where you had searched [the previous] night? 

MB: Yes, it was close by 

MB: When I got there, I saw Chris was with Demitri and Demitri looked quite cut up about it, but Chris, I don't know if he was in shock, but he was not very emotional.

MS: Did you offer a [reward]?

MB: Yes 

MS: I have no further questions 

03 Nov 14:43

MB: We assumed at that time it was a kidnapping situation for money and CP was at home in case of contact 

MB: We continued searching 

MB: The next day we decided to search a different area 

MS: I want to get back to the previous area, where did you and Claudio search? 

MB: Kwanobuhle, there is an area there where people are known to be dropped 

MB: There was a police officer with us at that time, as they felt it was not wise for us to be travelling through the townships on our own asking questions. 

MB: We went to different taverns in the area asking if they had any information and that there was a reward. 

MB: We searched until around 2am, but it was raining and the roads were muddy. 

MS: And leaving the area?

MB: We came down through Kempston Road 

MS: Were you in any way informed at the time that the card had been used elsewhere in the Kwanobuhle area? 

MB: The only thing I recall is that they were all in some area, think it was in Kempston Road, that there was a car, a possible car that was being investigated 

03 Nov 14:34

MB: I have an old detective friend and told him it was a possible abduction and he suggested we look at the old abandoned places and quiet roads, as that was standard modus operandi 

MB: I do recall at the time suggesting that Chris check her bank records and we spoke to a woman at the bank to see if they could activate the phone, and she said no, we would have to go to Kabega Park 

MB: We then got information that there was an ATM that had been used, it was probably around 1 or 2, and they said they were getting a photo. There were quite a few police there. 

MB: When we saw the photograph, I suggested to a police officer who I knew from school, can't the police offer a reward? 

MS: Obtaining the information, am I correct in saying the police were involved, the police were there? 

MB: Yes, they were, including Willem [van Heerden] and Phillip [van Wyk] 

MB: I asked that would it be okay if I gave a reward, then the information can go out quick 

MB: The police told us that this was a good idea, and the police had a connection with cellphone providers that once the reward was made available, the notice would go out. 

MB: Me and Claudio and a mechanic of mine continued searching 

MS: At the ATM, was CP there? 

MB: Yes 

03 Nov 14:28

MB: Me and Claudio were having breakfast at a coffee shop at around 8:30 and 09:00 

MB: A mutual friend called us and said had [we] heard anything about Jayde, he had heard about her disappearance via Facebook 

MB: I called CP [to ask] if it was true, or if it was a hoax 

MB: He confirmed it, so we left and went to CP's house 

MB: It was the first time I had been there. CP was there with his nephew and two sisters 

MB: I asked him, did they not perhaps have an argument, did she not perhaps just go for a walk? 

MB: He said no 

MB: I offered to look in the Greenbushes area, as I work in that area, and I suggested that they look nearby 

MB: Me and Claudio searched in the back areas of Greenbushes and we ended up near Kwanobuhle 

MS: Did you have any leads at that stage? 

03 Nov 14:25

[MS calls Matthys Bekker (MB) to the stand. Bekker is not on the list of state witnesses]

MS: Before we get into the role of your evidence; Accused Number 1, do you know him? 

MS: Claudio, do you know him? 

MS: Can you explain how this relationship works? 


MS: I want to take you to 21 April 2015, the day Jayde went missing, can you still remember that day? 

MS: Tell us, from how you [first] heard of her disappearance 

03 Nov 14:17

03 Nov 14:10

Christopher Panayiotou like a son, says Jayde's dad 

Jayde Panayiotou's father considered her husband Christopher a good friend and a good man, he told the High Court in Port Elizabeth during his son-in-law's murder trial on Thursday.

Derrick Inggs choked up when Prosecutor Marius Stander opened questioning gently, asking Inggs if he knew Christopher Panayiotou. 

"Yes, he was a friend," said Inggs, who has had to endure gruelling testimony of his daughter's final moments, crouching in a veld, before being shot twice in the back and once in the head. 

03 Nov 13:05

03 Nov 13:05

TP: My lord, I don't think that we have any questions, but if I may consult? 

TP: Aside to place on record that this statement was only taken in February my lord, we have no questions 

TP: We will argue relevance at a later stage 

PD: No questions 

MS: No further questions 

MS: May I suggest we take the lunch adjournment? 

Chetty: Court is adjourned 

03 Nov 13:02

MS: And if you say, 'not a lot', can you give an indication, and if not then that's fine 

LB: We had a float of R3 000 where some people would buy R50 cards 

LB: It wasn't very busy during the week, sometimes on a Friday and Saturday. It was the remaining cash that was collected 

MS: Do you know on average what was collected? 

LB: It varied, sometimes R3 000, R4000... 

LB: We kept the float at R3 000, because the premises was not safe 

MS: Who was the rent paid to? 

LB: Normally to Mike, or to Chris Junior 

MS: So this I-Net Lounge is based in the Cotswold Shopping Complex? 

LB: Yes 

MS: Last question, is it correct that Captain Swanepoel took your statement? 

LB: Yes 

MS: Were you at any time threatened to make a statement? 

LB: No 

S: No further questions  

03 Nov 12:58

MS: And what did you do with the cash? Did you pay it into a bank account? 

LB: Unfortunately I don't know what was done with the money 

MS: Let me ask you this way; the cash that was in the till, what happened to it? 

LB: At the end of the week, it was collected 

MS: And who collected it? 

LB: At first was it Chris, and after his arrest it was Donovan 

MS: Did you keep records of the income? 

LB: No, unfortunately not. 

MS: I know this is a difficult question, and if you can't answer it you can just say so 

MS: Do you know more or less how much money was made on a daily or weekly basis? 

LB: To be honest, it didn't make a lot of money 

03 Nov 12:54

MS: Looking at the rental, the amount varies from R3 100 to [R5 000], how was the rent paid? 

LB: It was paid in cash 

MS: And where was the cash found to pay the rent? 

LB: Usually out of the till that we were using 

MS: Just briefly, can you tell the court what the business was of the I-Net Lounge? 

LB: It was an Internet cafe, but people also came to gamble 

MS: The money that was taken by the business, in what form was it taken? 

LB: Can you explain what you mean? 

MS: Was it bank transfers, was it cheque, was it cash? 

LB: It was cash 

03 Nov 12:50

[MS calls up a document]: This is an invoice for the rental of I-Net Lounge, and I see your name is on this invoice 

TP: I want to raise an objection. Are we being charged with illegal gambling, are we being charged with fraud? 

TP: With all due respect, there is an attempt to paint my client with every dirty brush they can find. 

Chetty: Let me find out from Mr Stander 

MS: The allegation made by the State is that Accused Number 1 paid R80 000 to have his wife killed. During the bail application it was made [out] that he might not have access to the money from his revenue sources at OK Grocer and Infinity. 

MS: This is to show that CP had access to other revenue streams 

TP: My objection stands my lord, this is speculation. 

TP: You need to come up with more than speculation and blatant thumbsuck 

Chetty: Given the State's argument, I will allow the questioning, but keep it confined Mr Stander 

MS: Thank you 

03 Nov 12:45

MS: Do you know what the reason was for that? And if you don't know, you can tell the court as much. 

LB: I don't know 

MS: At that stage when you were working at I-Net Lounge, did you earn a salary? 

LB: Yes 

MS: I am going to read a cellphone number to you. 084 xxx xxxx, do you know who that number belongs to? 

LB: It's my number 

MS: Do you still use this number, or is it a number you used to use? 

LB: It is still my phone number 

MS: Does the I-Net lounge have a landline? 

LB: No, we used cellphones 

03 Nov 12:41

MS: We call Laurika Booi (LB) 

MS: Can you tell us where you work? 

LB: I work at Infinity 

MS: And before? 

LB: At OK Grocer 

MS: And can you tell us who your employer was? 

LB: Christopher 

MS: And, you worked at I-Net Lounge? 

LB: Yes 

MS: And what was this I-Net Lounge? 

LB: It was an Internet cafe 

MS: And who was the owner? 

LB: It was registered in my name 

MS: And why was it in your name? 

LB: Chris asked me to put it in my name 

MS: Is this now your employer, Mr Panayiotou? 

LB: Yes 

03 Nov 12:37

TP: Mr Inggs, there [are] probably very few people who knew your daughter as well as you did 

TP: I asked your daughter this as well, was she a spendthrift, someone who spent her money wisely? 

DI: My daughter was not an expensive person, if she wanted something expensive, she would save and buy it 

TP: My sympathies for your loss 

PD: No questions, my lord 

MS: When you arrived at Njoli Square with a certain Maritzio in a bakkie... 

TP: Clarify 

MS: Whatever bakkie Maritzio was driving at any stage, can you give me a description of it? 

DI: It was a black Mitsubishi, I know because I saw it in the day 

MS: Do you know if it's single or double cab? 

DI: I would rather not say, I'm not sure 

MS: No further questions 

Chetty: The witness is excused 

03 Nov 12:32

TP: Also says, and cellphone records back [this], that he called Toni Inggs at 1:30am to tell her, you can't confirm that 

DI: I don't know about that 

TP: You arrived with Andre 

DI: I can't recall if it was Rayno or Andre 

TP: You were looking at a car that may have been involved, and Andre had established the ownership of the vehicle 

DI: Andre, my friend? 

TP: Sorry, Andre the police officer 

TP: Andre Gouws 

DI: Yes, I remember something about a vehicle 

TP: CP says he arrived at your house at your invitation at around 5am and that he did sleep there 

DI: Yes, it was winter so the sun rose later, so I could be confused about the time 

TP: He says at around 6am you all got up for a cup of coffee and that you and Riaan had left to follow up other information 

DI: That is correct 

TP: He says he went to [the] OK Grocer as he had to email information to the police 

03 Nov 12:26

TP: So you can only say that at this point in time you cannot deny that he was there, merely that you didn't see him 

DI: That is correct 

TP: CP left just after midnight, he left with Gouws, Eksteen and a person he refers to as a black officer 

[TP consults with Griebenow] 

TP: I have put it incorrectly. At the time while at Njoli, CP got a call from a police officer Gouws, who told him that he was with police officer Eksteen and another officer [who] were at a Total garage in Uitenhage 

TP: [At] 00:31, CP called you to tell you what Gouws had told you and what had been said about the Total garage 

DI: I can't recall exactly how we came to know about the Total garage, but we did go there 

03 Nov 12:23

TP: Well, Maritzio, whom you know, accompanied CP to come and fetch you at the mall 

DI: They found us alongside the road, if there is a mall there, I do not know 

TP: And from there you drove behind them to the ATM at Njoli Square 

[TP shows slide] 

DI: I can't confirm, because it was at night 

TP: Apparently, when you came to a stop, Christopher's white Golf was standing there 

DI: I can't say. I wasn't looking at vehicles. 

TP: The reason I ask about the Golf is because according to Maritzio and CP and others who were there, Siyoni was leaning against the white Golf and was the only black man 

DI: I was looking at the people and looking at who I knew. [getting emotional] I was looking for my daughter. 

DI: To this day, I do not know what he looks like and I don't want to know. And in the dark, it would be very difficult to have said I saw him in the dark. 

03 Nov 12:17

TP: And the first time you have ever mentioned that

CP told you he was fetching Siyoni was today 

DI: It was the first time I was asked 

TP: Is it the first time you were asked by the prosecution? 

DI: No I told them that 

TP: For the record, it never reached our ears 

[TP goes back to CP records] 

TP: He goes to Njoli Square where he arrived just before midnight

TP: His cellphone records show he phoned you and said that they were at Njoli Square 

DI: It is possible he phoned me, we made a number of calls between each other that day 

TP: And he says you told him that you were at Kenako Mall 

DI: I don't recall ever having heard that word 

03 Nov 12:12

TP: At around 11:45, CP left to collect Mr Siyoni 

TP: Now the reason I raise this with you, is because there is no way that Mr Panayiotou could have been with you at the ATM at 10pm 

DI: My lord, Accused Number 1 sat with me in the vehicle behind me 

TP: What I am saying is that there was no chance for him to be there before midnight 

DI: That is why I said I cannot say the exact time 

TP: I don't want to cross-examine this witness for too long for obvious reasons, but I need to challenge the evidence he has presented 

TP: He never told you he was going to fetch Siyoni from Infinity 

DI: It seems that Accused Number 1 is the only one who is not lying... 

DI: He told me that he was going to fetch his bouncer and go to Njoli to look, because his bouncer knew the area 

TP: He would never have said that, because Siyoni doesn't work on Tuesdays 

DI: I do not know his staff arrangements 

03 Nov 12:06

TP: And that at one point your friend even went into a drain looking for the phone 

DI: That is correct 


DI: Was my cellphone there? 

TP: Please be patient Mr Inggs, you chose to testify and I have the right to question you, and I am going to 

DI: I apologise 

03 Nov 12:04

TP: The place where Boesman's vehicle was, is close to where CP stayed, and they went back to CP's home, where Cherise stayed until at least 16:01. 

TP: CP says that at his home, his family as well as your wife Michelle was also there. 

DI: I wasn't there so I cannot comment 

TP: CP left at around 18:34, where he remained in Kwanobuhle until 20:50 

TP: They then left and went to an area [called] KwaDwezi 

TP: They drove around and then went on to Linton Grange, where he met his father Costa, a Leon Eksteen and a police officer named Koen, a police spokesperson Sandra Janse van Rensburg and another officer met with yourself and Rayno 

TP: A search then took place with all of you on a field on Linton Grange 

DI: Yes I was part of that search, my memory is not as good as Accused Number 1's memory that I can remember all the names of the people that were there 

TP: And that the search was because your daughter had a contact at C Track and a ping had been recorded from Jayde's [phone] in the area 

DI: That is correct 

03 Nov 11:58

TP: And that at 13:31, Cherise and Chris and a man known as 'Boesman', who is your neighbour, that went through to Kwanobuhle 

DI: Yes 

TP: And that Boesman had a contact at Nedbank 

DI: I was not aware of that 

TP: Chris says from Kwanobuhle they drove to a grass patch in Linton Grange where Boesman's bakkie was parked, where he [Boesman] got a long gun and then went back to Kwanobuhle 

DI: I was not aware of this 

TP: Cellphone records will show that both Christopher Panayiotou (CP) and Cherise Swanepoel went back to the ATM at 14:30 

TP: They say they were there for a few minutes looking for papers. And from there went back to Boesman's car, which was at around 14:51 

DI: I have no knowledge of that, I have no access to the cellphone tracking 

03 Nov 11:52

TP: Is it possible that your times and places are incorrect? 

TP: I mean on the events of the 21st of April 

DI: On the date of the 21st it was a very confusing day, I have said I am not sure of any times 

TP: What I am going to be putting to you, what we have established from various cellphone records of other people, you suggested that you and Chris were in Kwanobuhle at around 10pm that evening, is that correct? 

DI: Yes, I said approximately, but I did say that I would not know exactly what time it was as I was in a state of confusion 

[TP consults with Griebenow] 

TP: It will be easier if I take you through Chris' day, according to his cellphone records. If you want to comment, please feel free to comment 

TP: Are you aware that the day when Chris and Cherise realised Jayde went missing, they got into the car and went looking for her? 

DI: I heard that 

03 Nov 11:46

TP: And that the statement was taken on the 18th of February 2016 

DI: Yes 

TP: And you confirm that that is exactly what you told Captain Swanepoel? 

DI: Yes 

TP: Having read through this statement, do you say anything about what happened on the 21st of April 2015? 

DI: I cannot recall 

TP: Let us look then 

TP: Paragraph 1 and 2, nothing... Can you see it goes about the bank loans and the work at Infinity, etc?

DI: That is correct 

TP: We have gone through cellphone records and I'm going to put it to you that your evidence is, and I'm going to be kind, that your evidence is inaccurate 

03 Nov 11:42

[DI takes to the witness box] 

TP: We apologise for the amount of time 

TP: Mr Inggs, I take you to the statement you made to Captain Swanepoel 

TP: First and foremost, did you only make one statement? Is that correct? 

DI: That is correct 

TP: I take you to the statement; is that your signature? 

DI: That is correct 

03 Nov 11:39

03 Nov 11:39
(Derrick Spies/News24) 

03 Nov 11:30
The packed court is abuzz as everyone chats and waits for proceedings to reconvene. The front row, where the Panayiotou family normally sits, is conspicuously empty.

03 Nov 11:14

Derrick Inggs, Jayde Panayiotou's father, in court in PE. 

(Derrick Spies/News24) 

03 Nov 10:53

03 Nov 10:51

MS: I am not going to take you to the date of 22 April, but are you aware of any ATM withdrawals made on Jayde's cards in Zwide? 

MS: I am talking about the evening of the 21st of April 

DI: At that stage I only knew about the three ATMs in Kwanobuhle 

MS: I have no further questions 

TP: I intend to ask very few questions of Mr Inggs, but he has said a lot that is not in his statements. I need a few minutes. 

Chetty: Court is adjourned 

03 Nov 10:49

DI: For quite a while, maybe an hour or so, there was no movement. I said let's go to Njoli Square and join you with that search party, and maybe there has been some movement there, and that's what we did. 

DI: We raced through, when we got to the New Brighton traffic lights, [we asked] where are you and he asked me what were we doing there, and he said that they were on their way there. 

DI: We joined up and I saw that it was mostly his family there. I felt very much in the way. I didn't know who his bouncer was. 

DI: I said we are just standing here, let us go look 

MS: So did you carry on searching? 

DI: That is correct, I got into my vehicle and everyone else got into their vehicles and left. We passed a police van and told him we were going to look. We carried on searching in that area and eventually passed the same police vehicle as we had got lost. 

DI: We drove up and down nearly every street in the area looking, but never saw anything. We never saw any of their vehicles again either. 

MS: Where did you see Accused Number 1 again after that time? 

DI: We decided at around 4am to go home to have a nap and I can't recall if he was there already or not, but when I woke up he was there. 

MS: Do you know where he slept that night? 

DI: He slept in my daughter's bed 

03 Nov 10:42

MS: When you say at the second ATM, where were you referring to? 

DI: The ATM number 1 is the one at the bottle store, and ATM [number] 2 was the one around the corner 

MS: So when you refer to ATM number 2, you are referring to an ATM in Kwanobuhle? 

DI: That is correct 

MS: So what happened from there? 

DI: We went to my house, had a cup of coffee and decided to go out again 

DI: Accused number 1 said he was going to leave in his vehicle, and collect his bouncer and he was going to go to Njoli Square, because he knows the area 

MS: And where were you going to go? 

DI: We went back to the same ATM 

MS: What happened further? 

MS: What happened during the rest of that evening? 

03 Nov 10:38

MS: We heard earlier that police went to some of the ATMs in Kwanobuhle the day of her disappearance, were you part of that? 

DI: Yes 

MS: And that search took place in the area, were you part of the search? 

DI: Yes I was, in the company of a friend of mine 

MS: I want to take you to a time slot roughly 10pm that evening (21 April) 

MS: Do you know where you were around that time? 

DI: We were sitting at the second ATM that day, hoping to see someone, I don't know who. I said at that time, 'Come guys, let's go have some coffee' 

DI: At that point in time, Accused Number 1 was with us 

03 Nov 10:35

MS: So the amount, is that relating to the house that was being purchased? 

MS: For transfer fees 

DI: Yes that is correct, Jayde told us they needed this money for the transfer fees and my wife and I decided to give it to her 

MS: And we have a further amount of R100 000 in your account, what was that for? 

DI: Jayde had approached me as I had a long-standing relationship with FNB and said was there not someone that I could speak to, to assist her with getting a loan. I told her I had some money that was in a bond that I was paying off, and that it would be easier for me to give it to her and they could pay us back. 

MS: So the R200 000 was for the house? 

DI: That is correct 

03 Nov 10:29

MS: I want to take you to three documents 

MS: The first is an extract from your bank statement [calls up an FNB account] 

[MS refers to a withdrawal of R40 000] 

MS: Do you recall what that amount was for? 

DI: Jayde had asked us for money for a car 

MS: And this money was for Jayde to settle her account? 

DI: That is correct 

[MS calls up another document] 

MS: This is an extract from your wife's account for R100 000, from your wife's account to Jayde's account 

[TP interrupts] 

TP: The need to show these bank statements on the screen is not necessary 

03 Nov 10:24

[court resumes] 

MS: I want to ask you, we have heard evidence of a potential business that was going to come off the ground, various slot machines business[es], they were going to apply for five gambling licences and five additional licences 

MS: Were you aware of the expansion, if I can call it that? 

DI: Yes. He did mention it to me and explained it a few times and he approached me to ask if I would be interested in investing in one of the businesses 

MS: And what was your decision? 

DI: I think my last discussion we had, there were no particular amounts discussed, I said I would be interested, but since it was something he was still working on, I might be interested yes 

03 Nov 10:20

MS: Did you know about the Infinity Lounge? 

DI: Yes, he told me what his plans were from the beginning 

MS: And were you involved? 

[DI describes how he helped to build the bar] 

DI: I never charged him for it, because he was my son 

[Nenembe puts his hand up] 

Chetty: Mr Daubermann, your client wants your attention 

PD: May I approach him, my lord? 

PD: May we have a short adjournment please, my lord? 

Chetty: Court is adjourned 

[court breaks very briefly for Mr Nenembe to use the men's room] 

[Derrick Inggs is standing in the dock, arms folded, waiting for proceedings to begin again] 

03 Nov 10:15

MS: I know this must be difficult for you, but prior to the disappearance of your daughter, can you describe your relationship? 

DI: Yes, he was a friend 

[DI chokes up] 

MS: Are you happy to proceed? 

DI: Yes, he was a friend and I considered him a good man 

03 Nov 10:12

MS: Is it correct that the deceased in this matter was your daughter? 

DI: That is correct 

MS: And I can accept that you know Accused Number 1 [Christopher Panayiotou] very well? 

DI: Yes 

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