OVERVIEW: 'Why are you sarcastic?' candidate slated during #NDPPInterviews

2018-11-15 09:51

The second day of interviews for short-listed candidates in the running for the vacant NDPP position has adjourned in the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

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15 Nov 18:48
The interview with advocate Manaka ends. The session has adjourned. 

15 Nov 18:43
Asked about how she would eliminate divisions in the NPA, she responds that she'd establish "objective facts", and then try to come up with solutions around that. 

15 Nov 18:32
When asked how is she going to help the NPA as an NDPP if she doesn't know the issues that the institution is faced with, Manaka says she'll have to "find a way" to improve staff morale at the NPA. 

15 Nov 18:29
Notyesi says Manaka appears to be clueless about the running of the NPA. 

15 Nov 18:27

Notyesi is also criticising Manaka for failing to pronounce his surname correctly. 

She says her tongue "is rolling", and rather asked to refer to him as "Sir", because she can't pronounce his surname. 


15 Nov 18:24
Manaka was criticised by Notyesi for avoiding his question. He asked her why is she being sarcastic. 

15 Nov 18:20
Manaka says it was not easy for her to accept the nomination for the NDPP position, because she is "running a very successful practice", adding: "I, however, decided to accept because I have grown tired of complaining from the outside which is futile."

15 Nov 18:09
She says, as an NDPP, you need to appreciate and reward good work. She also says that poor performance need to be "punished".  

15 Nov 18:07
Manaka says that good values in the NPA are affected by corruption.

15 Nov 17:59
Manaka says the NPA is seen as being isolated. She says that the public needs to know more about the institution. The public need to know what the NPA can do for them. 

15 Nov 17:35

Questions raised over whether Jaap Cilliers should have recused himself from NDPP interview

Concerns have been raised around whether advocate Jaap Cilliers SC should have recused himself from the interview of prosecutor Andrea Johnson for the position of National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP). 

Interviews are currently underway at the Union Buildings, with 11 candidates being canvassed by a panel headed by Energy Minister Jeff Radebe. 

15 Nov 17:31
Advocate Naome Manaka - the final candidate to be interviewed today - starts with her interview. 

15 Nov 17:21
The panel concludes the interview with DPP Noko.

15 Nov 17:19

15 Nov 17:06

15 Nov 16:52
Noko tells Cilliers that she wanted to appeal but acting NDPP Ramaite (who also interviewed for NDPP post) told her not to.

15 Nov 16:51
Jaap Cilliers SC now deals with Gauteng Judge Aubrey Ledwaba's ruling. Ledwaba said at the time that Noko was not a good witness and did not execute the duties reasonably expected from a DPP in the Patel matter.

15 Nov 16:38
Notyesi says Noko doesn't have a security clearance - it lapsed in 2015 but she is handling sensitive cases.

15 Nov 16:35
Notyesi tells Noko about the embarrassment caused and reminds her that the judge even had to resign because of her decisions. 

15 Nov 16:28
Notyesi tells Noko that the State had to pay R900 000. He asks why she wants to be appointed as the NDPP because "you can't take decisions".

15 Nov 16:28
Notyesi tells Noko that she is responsible for all the decisions to prosecute - he says Noko is confusing them. He says Noko did not exercise any independent powers in the Patel case. Noko defends herself - she says she exercised her powers.

15 Nov 16:19
Patel sued Noko and the NDPP after being charged with crimen injuria relating to an incident in his chambers with a stationery clerk in 2013 Noko explains how she handled the case.

15 Nov 16:17
Noko: I made the decision and when the matter went to court it was withdrawn because there were reasons to withdraw.

15 Nov 16:17
Notyesi to Noko: You took a decision to charge the judge but when the case was eventually taken to court - you were nowhere to be found.

15 Nov 16:14

15 Nov 16:13
Notyesi asks Noko about retired KZN judge President Chiman Patel's case. Patel was awarded damages of R900 000 in his claim against Noko for malicious prosecution and reputational damage.

15 Nov 16:06
Noko defends herself - she says there are two cases media says she withdrew and shouldn't have withdrawn but there was nothing wrong with her decision.

15 Nov 16:05
NoTyesi talks about what has been reported about Noko -  he tells her that if she were to be appointed then the office would be brought into disrepute.  

15 Nov 16:00
Noko says she has devised a plan to visit all the clusters to understand the strategic direction of the NPA. She says prosecutors must understand why they must be "victim focused".

15 Nov 15:56
Noko says she has been a victim of lack of accountability from senior management. She says when one is accountable, they should also be comfortable with their decisions even though they are criticised.

15 Nov 15:51
Noko tells panel about challenges in KZN which includes crime hotspots, racism in the NPA and also says senior managers also have people they prefer.

15 Nov 15:46
Noko tells panel that she runs a big and unique province. She says she has analysed and identified crime hotspots in KZN. "If you are working and not focusing you look like you are not making any positive impact," Noko says.

15 Nov 15:31

15 Nov 15:28
KZN DPP Moipone Noko is up next. In 2013 Noko was behind the withdrawal of charges of intimidation against one of the former president's wives, Thobeka Madiba- Zuma.

15 Nov 15:20
Stay tuned. 

15 Nov 15:19
Thanks the panel for engagement, time and opportunity given.

15 Nov 15:17

15 Nov 15:12

15 Nov 15:09
You don't know the extent of the problems, you don't have a single plan of action for the ongoing problems in the NPA, a panelist tells De Kock.

15 Nov 15:04
My first intervention would be with the staff, let us put everything on the table. 

15 Nov 14:56

15 Nov 14:55

Commenting on the topic of divisions and factions: Says he is very unhappy about things and activities that are behind-the-scenes. If people have issues, be matured enough to out your issues on the table.

 I want people to take responsibility for their actions. 

15 Nov 14:45

15 Nov 14:43
If society works together, it will win, he says.

15 Nov 14:32

Says there are "challenges" in the NPA.

It's about the consultation, engagement, participation and working towards a common vision. 

Try to address those issues collectively and formulate a common vision through engagement.

15 Nov 14:29

De Kock elaborates on his role in anti-corruption, says he has been involved for eight years.

The office focuses on a number of issues, he says, which include violence against women and children and well as gang violence.

15 Nov 14:13

15 Nov 14:08

NDPP hopeful Andrea Johnson believes not even the pope can save the NPA

Advocate Andrea Johnson, who was part of the teams that prosecuted former police chief Jackie Selebi and Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, says she will not allow any president to influence her if she is appointed National Director of Public Prosecutions.

15 Nov 14:02

News24 previously wrote advocates who have worked with Western Cape DPP Rodney de Kock describe him as "fair-minded" and "independent".

While he’s lauded as a very capable manager, he is not known for his litigation skills and is said to rely heavily on Zuma prosecutor Adv Billy Downer for guidance in complex legal matters. Having said that, he is very experienced in the role of DPP as he’s been in his office for nearly fifteen years. 

15 Nov 13:47
De Kock kicks of the interview by answering a case study which was provided to candidates -  the scenario in the case study relates to a Russian business man. 

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